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Archive-name: School/mikebamb.txt


Archive-title: Mike and Bambi

        Late one night, I was sitting in my dorm room agonizing over our latest

defeat at football.  To make matters worse, I had suffered a knee injury in the

second quarter and wasn't very effective after that.  I changed into my robe and

limped down the hall to the bathroom to take a shower and reflect on next week's


        I stepped into the shower area and took off my robe after closing the

curtain and stepped into the shower.  The rush of hot water coming out of the

shower head was exhilerating!  I stood there for an eternity, just letting the

water splash on my face.  After a while, I got enough strength to wash my body

and limp out of the shower.  After drying off and shaving, I walked out of the

bathroom feeling like a new man.  I walked to my room and saw a note on my

message board.  It said:


                Saw you walking into the shower room so I'll be back in

                a half-hour.


        Bambi?  What does she want?  I guess she just wants to see if I'm OK or

not.  Bambi is a freshman cheerleader from California.  Her long, straight

blonde hair cascades down to her shoulders and her naturally tanned skin make

her look like the stereotypical blonde that I like to joke about at times.  She

is a very beautiful woman of 20 and her curves are in all the right places.  All

of the players love to look at her on the sidelines when we're not in the game

and it's not very hard to see why.  But I like her because of her intelligence

and our frequent conversations at the Abbey on a variety of subjects.

        I'll still never forget the first time we really talked.  We had smiled

to each other in the training room as we had our ankles taped before practice

every day.  One day, I was on the VAX during a break between classes and she

approached me for help on something, like all freshmen and freshwomen do at the

beginning of the year.  Most of the time, it's in the manual so it irritates me

when they don't bother reading but they'll bother other users.  But with Bambi,

I didn't mind at all and after I got her problem solved, she hugged me and

kissed my cheek in gratitude.  My face became a beet red, but fortunately,

nobody was around to embarrass me about it.

        I was just sitting on my bed and reminiscing about this when my light

flashed.  In all that, I had forgotten to change out of my clothes, but looked

through the peek-hole to see Bambi standing outside.  I stuck my head and one

hand out to tell her that I would be with her in a minute.  She asked, "Are you

naked?"  I said, "No, but I am in a robe and was about to change clothes."  She

said, "As long as you're dressed, I don't mind.  After all, I've seen your bare

feet in the training room," giggling.  So I let her in and offered her a drink.

She accepted and I grabbed two Budweisers out of the refrigerator.  Being the

gentleman I am, I opened her beer before handing it to her.

        We both sat on my bed (In Benson, by the way) and talked about the game.

After talking about it a while, my disappointment must have shown because she

compassionately looked into my eyes and told me that she was proud of me.  This

got me thinking and I finally asked, "Bambi, with all the team and most of the

student body wanting to take you out on a date, why are you so interested in

little ol' me?"

        Bambi said, "Mike, you are the nicest guy I have ever met and I know

that I can trust you with anything.  Plus, you're funny as hell!"  I grinned at

the last part and she told me that she was wondering what I was planning for the

night.  I told her that I was going to try to get some studying in because I

have a test on Monday.  She said, "That's another thing.  Most of your teammates

are only here to play around and chase skirts, but you care about your education

and want to make a difference in this world."

        "I doubt if I really *can* make a real difference in the world the way

the world is built as it is," I replied.  "Well, I know my world has changed

since I met you," she said with a shy look on her face.  It seemed that she

wanted to make a move, but was afraid to.  But I was afraid, too because I asked

myself, "What if I'm wrong?"  I decided to try a hug and see how it goes.  As I

outstretched my arms, she melted into them and rested her hed on my chest and I

gently held her like a little baby.  She looked up, giving me an opportunity to

stare into her eyes.  Slowly, like in the movies, our lips approached and I gave

her a soft, tender kiss.

        After what seemed to be an eternity, we broke the kiss and she looked at

me.  "I've wanted you ever since we met but didn't have the nerve to ask."  I

said, "Really?  Well, it looks like you might not have to ask now."  And with

that, we charged into each other and gave a long, passionate French kiss.  I

held her waist as we poured our passion to each other and she grabbed my hands

and put them on her full breasts covered by her cheerleader's sweater (She

hadn't changed clothes since the game ended).  I rubbed her chest with great

enthusiasm and moved down to kiss her neck.  This move made her go crazy with

lust and she broke off momentarily to remove her sweater.  As I suspected by my

rubbing, she wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were there in all their glory.

They were as big as I like, but also firm and capped by rosy red nipples.  I

tenderly placed my fingers on them and rubbed them slowly and sensuously as I

went back to sucking on her neck.

        I could feel her groans of pleasure at my manipulations and I laid her

flat on her back and flicked the very tip of my tongue on her nipple.  She

shivered in ecstasy.  I then began to suck on her nipple like a little baby

taking in the nourishing love she had to offer.  Though she was getting much

pleasure, she managed to slide off her skirt and panties and I got up to remove

my robe and shorts.  When I tossed them aside, she traced the outside of my

cock with her fingernails which sent spasms of electricity through my mind.

I was so lost, but she woke me up by saying, "Can I suck this?"  I looked at

her pussy and said, "OK, but let's 69 so I can do you, too."

        So I laid on my back to allow her to be on top and smother my face with

her juices as she lowered her womanhood onto me.  My tongue accepted her

eagerly as I playfully flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit.  I

lightly rubbed her butt cheeks while I feasted on her sweet pussy, drinking in

all her love juices.  I could feel her body begin to shake and I pressed my

face as deep inside her as I could, nuzzling my cheeks across her labia and

furiously licking her clit.  She began to hump my face and I could tell that

I would be tasting the full force of her very soon so I added the extra charge

of lightly nibbling on her clit and it blew her mind as she had a tremendous

orgasm.  I greedily swallowed all of her juices and laid my head back.  It was

then that I became aware that I was still getting my knob polished expertly by

her sweet lips as she sucked furiously.  I concentrated and bucked my hips

slightly, forcing more of my cock in her mouth.  She didn't mind and started to

suck harder and harder until I couldn't take it anymore and filled her mouth

with my cream, which she swallowed.

        After relaxing for a minute, she turned around and kissed me tenderly.

I could only smile as she started to rub my cock again to get it hard.  "I

want you inside me," she said seductively.  I said, "Never argue with a lady."

We manuvered around (The beds in Benson are great, but still too small!) so

that I could be on top of her and asked her if I needed protection.  She said,

"No, I'm on the pill."  So I lightly rubbed the head of my cock against her

clit, using it like a big finger and rubbing circles around.  Finally, I

inserted the head inside her hot, wet, waiting pussy and slowly pushed it in.

I looked into her face and could tell that she felt good with it and I slowly

rocked back and forth, giving her wave after wave of pleasure.  She said, "It's

so good!  Fuck me!"  I continued my motions and she pleaded with me to go


        So I speeded up my rhythm a little and began to push myself with more

authority.  She moaned and groaned in pleasure as she cupped my ass cheeks to

help push me in harder and deeper.  Sweat was beginning to drip down my forehead

and she kissed it off for me as I drove myself deep inside her.  Bambi started

to scream (with signs o' course), "OH YES!  I'M CUMMING!!!"  And as she started

to erupt in orgasm, so did I and I filled her hot, tight hole with my seed to

meet her juices.  After that, I was spent.  I collapsed on top of her and held

her, hoping that I could have her forever.  I kissed her cheek and said, "You

were wonderful and I love you."  She smiled, "I love you, too," and kissed me

softly on the lips.  With no roommate (Is that fantasy or what?), we just laid

there and fell asleep in each other's arms.

                                                To be continued (?)


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