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Archive-name: School/

Archive-author: Stan Kiley / Marlboro Man

Archive-title: Making the Grade - Lisa's Story

This is an absolutely true story.

I'm a liguistics professor at a prominent Southern California University 

(I've used the pseudonym of "Stan Kiley" here to protect me from possible 

legal problems).  Although every professor dreams of having his young 

female students offer him sex for grades, it had never happened to me, 

or anyone I knew, until last year.

Lisa T. was a freshman student, one of many in an overcrowded intro 

class I was teaching.  The class is designed to serve as an overview to 

the science of linguistics, to give the students a chance to decide if 

they want to major in the field.  Most professors teaching this section 

see it as their job to scare away the timid by making the intro class 

fairly tough.  Linguistics is a demanding, tricky field.  We want to 

make sure a student is extremely serious before he or she decides to 

choose it as a major.

I noticed Lisa right off, for several reasons.  The strongest reason was 

her body.  She was the quintessential beach bunny; she had long blonde 

hair, obviously natural in color, a cute, pixieish face, and a body that 

defined what wet dreams are all about.  Large, firm looking breasts, a 

slender waist (just the right size to make you imagine your hands around 

it), tight, round hips and ass, and long, slender limbs.  She also had 

fullish lips, akin to those seen on women like Michelle Pfeiffer, and 

stunning emerald green eyes.  Lisa always dressed in a sexy way, but not 

sluttishly so.  She usually wore tight T-shirts that stopped just above 

the navel, and flared skirts, usually pleated, with brown penny loafers 

and rolled down socks.  A patched demin jacket, one size too big, 

completed the look; trendy, but individual enough to make her stand out.

Lisa also was a standout in her attitude.  She was extremely ambitious,

crashing the class successfully even though there were far more who

wanted the class than we had room for.  People just seemed unable to

say no to her, and many of the male students stopped pressing for

admittance, to give her a better chance.  I'd never seen such a thing


All during the first half of the semester she dominated my thinking, and 

especially my fantasy life.  I would often find myself hard in the 

morning, recalling dreams that were full of her nude and spread out on a 

bed, taking me into her or sucking me off.  Such fantasies are harmless 

enough, and not infrequent for a single man (or even a married one, I'd 


But four weeks into the semester it was obvious that Lisa was not doing

well.  She had fluffed several of the assignments, and her first two

papers did not show any kind of grasp of the material.  When the

midterm came in the fifth week, I was not too suprised to see her

barely score a C, even given that I probably had a predisposition to

give her the benefit of the doubt - it's hard not to let your personal

lust influence your grading.

One sunny spring afternoon, during the time I reserved to see students, 

I heard a knock at my door.  This was not suprising; I usually had a few 

students drop by after midterms.  Nothing like the deluge right before 

finals, but I often saw as many or five or six.

"Come in," I said.  It was Lisa, dressed as I had never seen her before.  

She was wearing skintight white shorts, a white shirt tied below the 

breasts, exposing her midsection and showing off her cafe au lait tan, 

and sandals.  The obvious little nubs of her nipples showing through the 

cotton shirt made it clear that she wore no bra.  She was wearing some 

very subtle perfume, and though I could not identify the smell I did 

respond to it.  I was glad I was sitting behind a desk, let me tell you.

"Do you have a minite, Dr. Kiley?" she asked, tilting her head 


"Sure," I said.  "Close the door and sit down."

She turned to close the door, and dropped her book bag as she did so.  

When she bent to retrieve it, I could see the gentle curve of her ass 

through the leg holes of her shorts, the rounded flesh joining beneath 

that thin material.  I could just convince myself that her puffy pussy 

lips were straining against the seam of her crotch.  I had to tear my 

gaze away as she turned and sat opposite me.

"What can I do you for?" I said, trying to sound clever, but obviously 


She smiled a little.  "Well, it's about LE110.  I have this feeling I'm 

not doing too well."

"I'm sorry to say that's true," I said, thankfull for something 

businesslike to talk about.  Maybe I could get myself to stop tracing 

her nipples with my eyes.  "The midterm is 40% of your grade, and you 

barely pulled a C.  That combined with your other work puts you at a C- 

at best."

"Damn," she said, biting her lip and brushing her hair back with one 

hand.  Somehow she made the gesture seem sexy.  "I was planning on 

majoring in linguistics."

"I doubt you'd be accepted if you get less than a B in the intro class.  

The department is small, and we can only take so many majors.  Maybe 

this is just not your field.  Have you thought of that?"

"No," she shook her head, "I'm sure it is.  I've just been... distracted 

this semester.  Moving in, meeting people, and I guess I've been sort of 

intoxicated by your beautiful beaches."  She shook her head, smiling a 

charming smile and looking out my window.

"Well, I don't know what to tell you," I said, "I doubt you'd be 

accepted by Dr. Darrigton with just a low C in 110.  Maybe you should 

take an incomplete and retake it this summer."

"Yes, I suppose I could do that."  She turned and looked me straight in 

the eye.  I must admit that I had to struggle a bit to not lower my 

gaze.  Those fiery green eyes were hard to stare into, and the fact of 

my hardening cock did not help either.  This was a student!  Probably 19 

years old at the most.

She leaned forward, resting her elbows on my desk, batting her eyes.  "I 

had another thought, though."

"Oh?"  My throat was suddenly very dry, and my voice barely made a 


"Maybe some... extra credit work?  You could replace some of my early 

grades with new ones, if my work was good enough."

I was a little crestfallen.  I really did not expect anything else, but

now it was clear that she was just asking for a break, like so many

students had.  And my answer would have to be the same to her as it

always was to them.  "Well, you see that's just not fair to the other

students.  I mean, they had to sink or swim based on their work, without 

any second chance.  If I give you a second crack at it, this means you're 

getting more than they are."

She sat back in her chair and smiled.  "Well, that's true.  But I'm 

willing to do things they probably are not, in terms of the extra credit 


"I wouldn't even know what to assign you.  My class plan includes all 

the basic elements of the science.  What would you do?"

"Some special things," she said, standing.  Again, she locked her gaze 

into mine, and I could not look away.  I was aware, however, that her 

hands had moved to the snaps on her shorts.

Snap!  The first one went, parting her shorts and drawing my eyes to the 

gap it created.  Her skin was whiter there, but still smooth and 


"You see, Dr. Kiley..." 

Snap!  Another snap, and the gap grew.  Now I could barely detect a few 

wisps of her blond pussy hair, making it clear that she wore no panties.  

I tried to speak, unsure of what I would say if I could have, but my dry 

throat would not cooperate.  

"...I have a lot to offer the department..."

Snap!  Three of four.  Her hands applied constant pull to the flaps of 

parting material, so her pussy hair was completely exposed now.  It was 

fine, blonde, and curled into a little twist.

"...and especially a professor like you..."

Snap!  All gone now.  The pussy hair ended a finger's width above the 

beginning folds of her nether lips.  She shifted her hands, slowly, and 

began to pull the shorts down over her hips.

"...who might take me under his wing."

The shorts dropped to the floor.  Her pussy mound was simply delicious; 

fine and delicate and small, yet rounded and ready.  My eyes were fixed 

upon that perfect cunt, when she sat back in the chair and our eyes 

locked again.

Seated in the chair, her gaze full of fire and lust, she began to spread 

her legs, draping one over the arm, revealing her pussy and allowing the 

lips to part slightly, her dew glinting in the light that came through 

my blinds.  Her hands her working the knot in her blouse now, and before 

I could try and speak the blouse came away, her large, full breasts 

swaying into view.  Her aeriolas were large and bright pink, the nipples 

erect and intensely suckable.

Now she was nude on my guest chair, her legs spread and her tits rising 

and falling with her breath.  She ran her tongue over her full lips.

"I am willing," she began, her voice a soft, sultry whisper, "to let you 

fuck me in the pussy or the mouth, as you wish, as often as you wish, 

for the rest of the semester."  Her hand had moved to her pussy now, and 

she was stroking the area around her clit with a long fingernail.  "For 

a simple grade of B+, I will become your sex slave.  What do you say, 

doc?"  She smiled, and I found myself smiling in return.

Up to this point I had been too stupified to speak.  This young girl had 

a simply perfect body, and here she was, offering it to me, for five 

weeks.  But something in her smile told me she was pretty desperate, and 

something in me, a wolfish thing, responded.

"So, that's your proposition, is it?" I said, a commanding tone 

asserting itself in my voice.

"Um, yes," she said, lowering her leg and clasping her hands together.  

She was obviously suprised that I had not simply fallen at her feet.  

Maybe others had.  I almost had.

"Well, how do I know what I'm getting if I agree?"

"I've shown you everything," she said, a slight whine in her voice.  

"What more do you want?"

"Well, you're a fox, no doubt, but you might be a lousy lay.  No, I think 

a little demonstration of your sexual technique is in order.  You do a 

good job, and I think we have a deal."

Her smile returned, and she ran the tip of her tongue over her upper 

lip.  "No problem, doc," she said.  "I'm sure I can satisfy."  She 

stood and walked around to my side of the desk, her hips shifting as she 

walked, that cute pussy drawing my attention away from her lovely tits.

"You'd better lock the door," I said, scanning her body up and down as I 

pushed my chair back from the desk.

She knelt in front of me and began tugging at my zipper with one hand 

while she massaged my hard cock through my pants with the other.  

"That's what I did when I droppped my bag," she said, then giggled a 

little at my suprised look.  

She freed my aching dick from the confines of my pants, and began to 

jack the shaft slowly as she blew a little stream of air at the head.  

The effect was awesome, especially combined with the anticipation I was 


"Nice cock, doc," she said.  "Would you like me to suck this nice cock 

for you?"  Her eyes shined in the sunlight streaming through my venetian 

blinds.  I was thankfull for a fifth-floor office.

"Yes," I said, mesmerized.

"Yes?  Shall I lick it and suck it, until you cum in my mouth?"  She bit 

her lip, her eyes dreamy, her blond hair just barely brushing the 

insides of my thighs.

I nodded, unable to speak now.

"Oh, I can't wait to feel your cum in my mouth, warming my throat as I 

swallow it..." She was obviously turning herself on with the hot talk, 

but I doubted she could be as ready as I was.  Her soft tongue snaked 

out from between those full lips and stroked the glans wetly as her hand 

continued to jack my dick shaft.  I grunted at the hot sensation, and 

she smiled, opening her lips and taking the head of my cock into her 

sweet mouth.

She applied a light suction as her tongue bathed the head of my dick 

with slow, wet, lingering strokes.  Her lips were amazing; as they 

wrapped around my cockhead, I felt little caresses encircling my cock, 

all from the massaging movements of her lips.  I had to concentrate 

carefully to avoid cumming right then.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth and blew another stream of air over 

the now wet head.  The coldness was startling, but when she immediately 

took my cock back into her mouth, the contrast made her mouth seem so 

fiery hot.  She took the head deep into her mouth now, allowing her 

tongue and lips to slide farther down the shaft until about half my cock 

was inside.  This she did slowly, carefully, her lips and tongue never 

ceasing their small movements.  Again she withdrew her mouth and blew on 

the wet flesh of my dick, then quickly took it back in, warming it and 

sucking it.

She began to suck more quickly, her head bobbing as she took my shaft in 

and out of her mouth, my cockhead never leaving.  On each downstroke she 

took me fractionally deeper, her tongue occasionally reaching out along 

the underside of my dick, past her lips, stroking the shaft with long 

writheing licks.  This girl's mouth was made for sucking, that was clear.  

As a single, fairly well-off and attractive man I have had my fair share 

of blowjobs, but this redefined the art for me.  Her small, wet mouth 

was like a sucking machine.  I felt her warmth and her caresses along 

every inch of my cock.

As I felt my cum beginning to percolate up from my balls, she finally 

reached the base of my cock, her strokes never ceasing, and now as she 

was taking me all the way into her mouth and down her throat, she began 

to twist her head from side to side, the rotation adding a third level 

of stimulation to my dick.  I was going to cum any second now, and I 

knew it was going to be a massive orgasm, perhaps the biggest of my 

life.  My head was swimming.

Then she pulled her mouth away and smiled at me, her green eyes 

flashing.  She went back to just her hand jacking the shaft.

"Wanna cum, doc?" she asked, tilting her head and assuming a look of 

total innocence.

"Yes, please," I said, my cock farily vibrating with the need to cum.  

She was jacking me just enough to keep me on the edge, but not enough to 

push me over.

I tried to move my hips, to force out dick faster through her hand, but 

she just slowed her strokes to compensate, and I could not cum.  "Sure?" 

she said, a mischevious grin on her face.  "Don't you want to fuck my 

pussy first, to slide this nice hard cock into my tiny wet hole?"

This talk was driving me insane.  All I wanted to do was cum, somehow, 

anywhere.  "Later," I said.  "Suck me, make me cum."

"Mmmmm," she said, closing her eyes and taking my dick back into her 

mouth.  She liked hot talk too, obviously.  She began to suck me deeply 

again, her lips and tongue squeezing and stroking, and I came.

The first spurt felt like a firehose had been turned on, my cum pouring 

from me in a thick pulse.  I was suprised that she swalloed this with no 

strain.  But then my cum starting to really pour out, spurt after spurt, 

more cum than I thought I could possibly produce, and soon I overwhelmed 

her mouth.  Thick strings of cum began to squeeze out of the corners of 

her mouth, and her tongue strained to catch them.  Soon I felt cum 

dripping onto my balls, mixed with her hot saliva.

When the spurting had stopped she gave my shaft a last, long, hard suck,

then began licking the cum from my thighs and balls.  My vision had gone

"sparkly" for a moment, and she looked like a fairy, her face and tongue 

darting over my groin, licking and kissing.  When she was done, she 

moved up and straddled me, sitting facing me on my lap, her legs folded 

and her knees on the arms of my chair.  I could feel her wet pussy 

pressed up against my deflated cock.  Her big tits were hovering in 

front of my chest and I watched them rise and fall as she breathed.

"So, doctor Kiley, is a semester full of blowjobs like that worth a B 

plus?"  She licked her lips suggestively then blew a cool stream of air 

at my face.

"If your pussy is half as good as your mouth we have a deal,"  I said, 

amazed that I had the strength to ask for more when I would have 

willingly died for five weeks of blowjobs from her.

"You mean this pussy?" she asked, and I felt her pussy flex as she 

tensed her muscles.  "This little pussy?  I think you'll like it."

Then an incredible thing happened.  As she moved her pussy muscles I 

felt the head of my soft cock being drawn up into her, as if her pussy 

was sucking me in.  She moaned and drew my right hand to her left 

breast, and as I rubbed and thumbed her hard nipple, I felt my cock 

begin to rise.  She looked suprised too - she was not expecting this to 

work so well - as my cock grew into her.  My the time I was fully hard 

again I was buried in her buttery cunt, and the feeling of her soft 

pussy enveloped my cock and seemingly my whole body.

This sensation obviously turned her on greatly.  I felt her pussy 

getting warmer and wetter by the minute as she began rocking her hips.  

I leaned forward, bringing myself to my feet and laying her back on the 

desktop, all my papers and things pushed onto the floor as I slid her 

onto the desk.  

I was standing between her legs now, and I could see her small pussy

stretched as I began to pump in and out of her.  I looked at her face

and her eyes her were closed tightly, her head slowly turning from side

to side as I fucked her.  I could not believe how hard I was so soon 

after having just cum.  It was like I was fucking her with a steel pole, 

and she loved it.  Her hips were churning and snapping and I could feel 

her heels in my back, pushing insistently as we fucked.

"Nice pussy, Lisa," I said, and she moaned.  "So tight and hot.  Do you 

like my cock in there?"  She grunted in the affirmative, and I doubled 

my pace.  She hissed in a long breath and began rubbing her nipples.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she was chanting just under her breath.  I started a 

circular motion in my pumping, the feel of her pussy walls driving me 

mad, and she responded with circles of her own.  Suddenly her pussy 

tensed, gripping me like a fist, and I could feel her cum.  Her face was 

rock still, and she seemed suspended there, her body a tense, vibrating 

thing as her orgasm grew.  Then she hissed again, and drew herself up on 

her elbows.  She stared right into my eyes as she came, high whines 

coming from the back of her throat, the hot slick wetness pouring out of 

her, around my throbbing, pumping cock, and dripping onto the floor.  

Her hips were really bucking now, and I felt my cum begin to rise.  Not 

knowing if she was on the pill or not, I thought I should warn her.

"Gonna cum, Lisa."

"Cum in me.  Just cum in Lisa's pussy," her voice was breathy and wild, 

and that combined with the sensation of her hot pussy drew another 

massive orgasm from her.  The dripping cum doubled in quantity as my 

seed spilled out of her crack each time I pumped into her.  My cock was 

pusling like a giant vein, and I felt feint.  Soon I collapsed forward, 

driving her flat on the desk, kissing her tits wilding and sucking her 

nipples.  She was still cumming, but the waves were fading, and I felt 

my cock slip out of her.

We laid like that for several minutes before she licked my ear and said 

"That was great.  We have a deal?"

"We have a deal," I said.  "Same time every day."

She pulled her head away and looked suprised.  "Sure you can handle 

that," she said, a sly grin on her face.

"You bring out the best in me, girl," I said, and showed her that my 

cock was only semi-soft.

"Tomorrow," she said, laughing.  "I gotta get to class..."

Lisa's Story - Part Two:  Motel Afternoon   -  By Marlboro Man

I continued meeting Lisa in my office every day for the next

week where she repeated her 'audition' performance, and sucked

me off before letting me fuck her wet pussy.  

I got tired, however, of having to screw her in my chair or over

my desk, and arranged to have her meet me at a the local "No-Tell"

Motel near the campus where we could have a more serious fuck.

I left a note in her locker that instructed her to arrive at the

room just after her last class.  I had prepared the room for her 

earlier in the day: I set out a strawberry flavored douche and a 

razor set in the bathroom that she was to use to shave her pussy

hair and prepare her slit for my attention.  There was also 

a slutty teddy and garter belt waiting for her.  The note then

told her to put on the outfit and wait for me on the bed with her

legs spread wide apart, and to watch the porno movie I had cued up

in the VCR.  She was encouraged to masturbate if she felt like it, 

only she had to tell me exactly how many times she came.

I arrived shortly after my last class and found her furiously rubbing

her slit while watching two lesbo sluts on the TV eating each other

out.  She barely noticed me as I came in the room and sat down near

her on the bed.  Her fingers danced over her clit, first stroking it

from side to side, and then sliding up and down her pussy lips, bringing

up pussy juice up from her hole.  

She had placed the pillows under her ass, and was on her back, spread

eagled, and totally nude except for the garter belt.  She was stroking

her pussy hole wih one hand, while playing with her left breast 

with the other.  Her twat was milking her fingers and her clit was fully

erect and begging for stimulation.  Lisa obliged and gently frigged 

herself.  Her cunt was lubricating double-time and it was all gushing down

her crotch.  

On the screen the two women were in a 69 position.  The camera showed 

a close up view of one woman's cunt with the other women licking away.  

"Ooooh, baby, that feels so good," the woman kept saying.  

"Lick me, come on baby, make me come.  Oh yea, keep licking."  The woman 

then brought her finger toward her cunt and stuck it in her hole.  

"Ooooh, yea, make me come.  Stick it in deeper.  Make me come," she 

kept saying.  Then, after a couple of minutes, She started to scream 

out, "Ooooh, I'm going to come.  You're going to make me come.  Oh, 

that feels so good."  Her screams got louder and louder as she started 

nearing her orgasm.

Lisa watched all this breathlessly, her knees pressed back against her tits.

Her back arched as she moved her clit in circles with her finger. 

She felt the juice from her vagina oozing out and down her ass cheeks and

onto the silky soft pillows under her.  She started breathing harder and

harder and moving her sensitive clit faster and faster.  Lisa felt herself

getting closer and closer to an orgasm which was sure to be quite intense. 

As she felt herself rising, she arched her pussy even more and began

bucking it into the air against her wickid finger.

The blonde TV bimbos had found a double-ended dildo, and were busy

pounding into each other.  Lisa's eyes were glazing over with lust

She could feel her hard clit throbbing and pulsing with each increasing 

heart beat.  Her crotch was spasming hard and she darted the fingers 

of her free hand deep into her cunt to feel the amazing spasming and 

to relieve the pleasurable aching feeling that had begun deep inside.  

It was unbelievably hot in there.  Lisa moaned louder and louder

with the inevitable orgasm and suddenly, her supple body tensed incredibly

hard.  Lisa let out a yelp, she had no control.  Her pussy spasmed and she

went rigid with amazing pleasure.  

She cried out "Oh my god, I'm cumming so hard!!! and felt herself convulsing.

Lisa's orgasm was so intense that her pussy actually squirted

her hot juices out with each spasm.  She was cumming like a volcano! 

This beauty continued thrusting her fingers up her twat as her shuddering

continued for a good 30 seconds.  She moaned over and over.  Lisa just 

lay there for several minutes enjoying her sexiness and the wet feeling

between her legs.  Her twat still belched forth its lubrication and 

Lisa loved feeling it ooze down her crotch.

She smiled and turned to me.  I began taking off my clothes as Lisa

took some tissues and wiped up the puddle of juice between her thighs.

She said that she thinks she came 6 or 7 times before I showed up.

I took a closer look at her cunt and saw that it was all clean-shaven

and berry-scented, as I had ordered.

While calming down from her climaxes, she began to tell me about her

other sexual adventures of the recent past.  Lisa had several boyfriends,

each in separate dorms.  On a good day she would visit each of their

rooms after classes and spread her legs for them.  Jim liked to lick

her pussy until her cunt cream was dripping down his throat.  Bob just

wanted to fuck her wet snatch while she sat on his lap, her tits bouncing

in his face.  Steve loved Lisa's sloppy wet blowjobs, and Chris liked

to fuck her tits.  She would press her breasts together while he sat on her

chest and pounded his cock between them until he spurted his wad onto

her face.  The sight of her slutty face, with cum dripping from her lips

and nose, was enough to make him hard enough to fuck her again - which

he would do doggy-style, grabbing onto her tits while he slammed his cock

up her cunt from behind.

Lisa had several girlfriends as well.  It was not surprising that this

horny slut liked a little pussy of her own.  Lisa had clearly been turned

on by the lesbian action on the tape.  She told me that she had been

licking other cunts since she was twelve.  An older girl had gotten Lisa

alone in the shower room in summer camp.  At first she just suggested

that they wash each other's hair.  It wasn't long, however, before she

the two hot pre-teens were in a 69 position on the shower floor, licking

out each other's creamy boxes.

That summer Lisa also lost her virginity to a male counselor who 

couldn't resist the lucious lure of twelve year old pussy.  By the 

end of the summer, she had slept with almost every girl in her bunk, 

with five of the male counselors, and three of the women.  As a slut, 

Lisa was unstoppable.

Lisa's roommate Kathi was her first lesbian partner at school. They 

had discovered each other's sexual appetites soon after moving in 

together, and when they weren't busy eating pussy, they were sharing 

their boyfriend's and girlfriend's sexual favors.  Their favorite

weekend activity was to suck each other's cunts in their shower before

going to the college frat parties.  They had a race to see who could

lure some football stud or blonde cheerleading slut back to the room

first. The winner got to fuck both 'catches' first, before the two nymphos

would swap and share their sex partners.  When their conquests left for

the night, Lisa and Kathi would snuggle up to each other's cunts and 

fall asleep.

With so much fucking going on, it was hard to imagine Lisa actually

having the time to do any classwork, so I was not surprised to learn

I was not the only faculty member in the school who was enjoying Lisa's 

favors. It seemed that she was breezing through her classes by sucking 

off almost half the teaching staff.

To her annoyance, there was one teacher who had not yet joined her 

club: her English Poetry teacher, Ms. Smith.  

Apparently Lisa had been trying to seduce Ms. Smith for over two weeks

now, but to no avail. "I even wore my short-shorts with no panties," 

Lisa whined while stroking her clit, "but she didn't even look my way!"

I was not surprised that Lisa had made the attempt to seduce Jenny 

Smith. She was a hot young thing, only one year out of grad school

with a body that was curvaceous and unordinarily top-heavy.  All 

the male teachers in the school had made a play for her at one time

or another and, rumor had it, so did several of the women.  There 

was something very sluttish about her face, that made me wonder how 

the boys in her classes managed to keep their attention on something 

other than imagining how her mouth would feel on their cocks.  

The faculty scuttlebutt was that she had been asked to leave her last 

job at a girl's boarding school because she had been caught with her 

tongue in a co-ed's pussy, and with another's fist up her ass.  I had 

often fantasized of Jenny Smith with another woman, and the idea of my

Lisa sucking off her slit made me hornier than ever.

It was clear that Jenny was taking no chances with her job this time,

and was determined to keep her hands (and tongue!) out of the student

body.  The school had a new president who was very strict about what

he called 'moral issues.'  He had clamped down on student drinking and

partying.  One fraternity member had been expelled for giving alcohol

to a minor, and more recently, another had been charged with the statutory

rape of a naked, stone drunk high school girl during a frat party.

I could only imagine how the school would react to charges that a female

faculty member was seducing her co-eds.  The fact that Jenny That was 

able to resist a tasty piece like Lisa showed her determination to remain

above board.  She must really need the job.  This gave me some ideas.

"How would you like me to help you get into her panties?" I asked Lisa.

"Mmmmm" said Lisa. "If you can get me a piece of her cunt, you can

have me for the rest of the year!"  This was what I had hoped to hear.

Lisa smiled at me, and stretched herself out on the bed invitingly.

I reached for her knees, and spread her creamy thighs until they were

flat against the sheets.  Her slit continued to ooze.  I got between

her legs and placed my rock-hard cock against her twat.  Like warm

butter, her lips parted to let me in.  I had never been in a pussy

so warm and wet.  She grunted as I hit bottom, and grabbed my ass with

her hands, pulling me even closer.  Clearly she still had many cums

left in her creamy slit.  

Lisa wrapped her legs around my waist, her soft thighs clutching at my

side.  I could feel her pussy grip me from inside as I plunged in and

out of her box.  With every out-stroke my cock would bring out more of

her creamy lubrication.  Soon the base of my cock was covered with her

juices, which became almost foamy as we churned away.  Lisa's cum started

slowly, but built and built until she was grunting with pleasure, pulling

my hips towards her pussy so that my cock would go even farther up her

creamy slit.

"Unh! Unh!  Yesss!  Oh God, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! C'mon!  Ohhhh!

OOHHH!!!.....Oooohhhh!....Mmmm...yesss!"  Her thighs clutched at my

sides as she came, drenching my cock with even more creamy juices.

I kept pumping as she caught her breath, and soon could feel the cum

building up in my balls.  Lisa locked her legs around mine, and pulled

me in tight.  I thrust into her in short, hard jolts, and came wetly

deep in her slippery pussy.

It was a good afternoon.

Lisa's Story - Part Three: Lisa's Punishment    -   By Marlboro Man

On Tuesday, Lisa was late.  

I arrived at the room after school had ended, expecting to find 

Lisa in the shower.  My instructions for that day told her to stay

in the stall after showering, shaving and douching, and to use the 

shower's massage head to masturbate her clit until I arrived.  I was

annoyed with her, and decided I would teach her a lesson.

She appeared in the room 15 minutes later, all out of breath.  She was

wearing a nice outfit - clearly not her regular school clothes.  For

one thing, she was wearing a bra, and you could not see her pussy

lips through a ratty pair of short-shorts.  This was one of those

Sunday-Go-To-Church outfits, with bright ribbons, a broad-rimmed hat,

high necklines and low hemlines.  She explained that she was meeting

her parents outside in ten minutes to go to her grandmother's 85th 

birthday party.  

Hoping to get away with a quick blow-job, she got on her knees and began

to unzip my jeans, but I moved away and angrily told her that she had

not asked permission to skip a session with me, and that if she wanted

to leave she would have to accept my punishment.  With little choice in

the matter, she gulped and said she would do whatever I asked.

"Good," I said, "Now, take off your panties and give them to me.  You'll

have to meet your family with your cunt exposed."  Shaking, Lisa removed

her underwear and handed them over.  The unmistakable scent of hot pussy

juice told me she was getting turned on by my discipline.

"Since you have to leave in a few minutes, I'm going to postpone most of

your punishment until tomorrow, but for now, I want you to continue what

you started."  I stood before her kneeling body and pulled her hands to

my crotch.  Willingly, she undid my belt and pulled my cock out.  She

put the head in her mouth and started to suck, but I suddenly grabbed

her head, and held it in place.  "Now listen, slut.  You're going to be 

punished."  She tried to move her head away, but I held her firm to

my cock, and put my thumbs over her eyes and pressed lightly. "Don't

get any ideas, cunt, or I'll start to push in harder." That calmed

her movements.  She now waited with my cock pressing against the back

of her mouth as I considered my next move.

"OK, Lisa, here's the deal.  I'm going to start pissing now.  If you

don't want it all over your new dress, you better not let any spill

out of your mouth." Once again she tried to jerk her blonde head away,

but I held her firm, and pressed against her eyeballs until she stopped

squirming.  Slowly, I began to fill her mouth with piss.

I would let a few short pulses of urine go, filling her mouth.  The first

time she paused for a few seconds, the hot acrid liquid stinging her

bulging cheeks.  Then she gave in, and swallowed the load.  I filled

her up again.  I could see tears seeping out of the corners of her eyes 

as, with each new mouthful, she gulped and swallowed.  This was not 

something she had bargained for when she offered her cunt to me for a 

passing grade.

She was good, and not a drop escaped from her soft lips.  Looking down, 

I could see that the little slut had one hand up her dress, fingering 

her clit furiously.  The smell of pussy juice wafted up.  The little 

tramp was really turned on!  With her other hand, she was pinching her 

nipples through her dress.  Gradually, my bladder was emptied and her 

belly was filled. I let go of her head, but she kept her lips around 

my cock, and slowly began to pump it in and out.

A car horn honked outside. "Your parents are here, my little pussy" I

said to her.  Pumping faster, she pulled me to orgasm, and I came down

her throat.  She stood up, licking her lips.  Her eyes shined with lust.

I could tell she hadn't cum from her masturbating fingers, so I pulled her 

dress up to her waist, and pushed my cock inside her slit.  She wrapped

her legs around me,and pulled me inside as I started pounding into her.

The car honked again, and I could hear her mother calling her name as

she moaned into my ear, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...Ohhh...Ohhh...

OOOHHHH!!!!"  Cumming against my cock, she slumped against me.

I pulled my cock out of her slippery cunt, and pushed her towards the

door.  "I'll see you tomorrow, Lisa, and you better not be late!"

She just smiled at me, and licked a drop of cum from the corner of her

mouth as she staggered out the door.

The next day she was right on time, but I hadn't forgotten that I

still owed her more punishment.  She was clearly hoping that it had

slipped my mind because she tried to start our usual afternoon session

by stripping off her clothes and going into the bathroom to douche and

shave her pussy lips clean.

I followed her into the bathroom and watched her shower off.  Smiling

at me, she began to massage her pussy.  She sat on the edge of the tub

and spread her legs wide.  Her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart,

exposing her throbbing clit. "Mmmmm!" she moaned.  "Looks good enough

to eat, huh?"

She flipped her clit back and forth with her fingertip, looking up at

me and hoping I would join in, and give her pussy a tongue bath. But

I would have none of it, and just watched her drift slowly towards her

first orgasm.  "Unh, unh unh!" she grunted as her fingers brought her

closer to cumming.  Just as I could see her thigh muscles begin to tense

up, telling me that her cunt was about to cum, I grabbed her hands, and

pulled her into the bedroom.

"Oh, please, let me cum!" she begged.  "I'm so hot, I need cum! I need

cum!"  "Shut up!" I shouted.  "Your punishment is going to begin now,

and you're not allowed to cum unless I say so!"

I pushed her down on the bad on her back, and roughly pulled her arms over

her head.  I attached her wrists to a pair of leather restraints I had

fixed to the headboard.  Pulling her thighs apart, I tied them down with

more leather straps, spreading her pussy lips wide open.  I could see her

juice running out of her slit, down into her asshole.  The slut was more

turned on than ever.

With her body securely tied down, I crammed a pillow under her ass, lifting

her crotch off the bed, and making her cunt even more open for my inspection.

"Please, let me cum" she begged again.  Tiring of her pleas, I gagged her

mouth with a rubber ball gag.  She looked on with panic in her eyes as

I pulled out a few more leather items.  I first stopped up her ears with 

special rubber plugs, and then tied a leather blindfold over her eyes.  

Then I slid a leather hood over her entire head, holding the mask, gag and 

plugs firmly in place. A small hole over her nose allowed her to breath.  

Lisa was now shut out of the world.  She could neither hear, see or

speak.  Her naked body was securely tied down, and she was entirely 

dependent on me.  I let her situation sink into her mind for a few

minutes.  She began to wonder what I was going to do.  Would I leave

her there?  What if someone else came into the room?  Would she know

if some stranger was fucking her pussy?  How long would she lie there,

her cunt all spread open and wet?  She squirmed uncomfortably in

her bondage.  For perhaps the first time in her sexual life, she was

not in control.  Inexplicably to her, the situation was turning her on

more than ever.  Her need to cum increased with each passing second.

I played with her by holding her nose for a few seconds until she began 

to squirm and thrash about for lack of air.  I held it shut for a few 

seconds longer, just to let her know the absolute power I had over her.  

When I let her nose go, I could see her tits heaving as she struggled 

to regain her breath.  Droplets of sweat began forming on her body as

she began to feel panic.

Reaching ino the nightstand drawer, I took out a pair of clothespins.

Opening one, I placed it against her left nipple and slowly let it close

on her tender skin.  She immediately reacted, arching her back in a

futile attempt to avoid the clamp on her nipple.  When she had stopped

moving for a moment, I clipped the other pin on her right breast.  I

watched for a few minutes as she writhed in pain on the bed before me.

When she slowed down her thrashing, I yanked on the pins to bring her

pain level back up.  Holding one pin closed, I pulled up her right tit

until it was pointing like a cone straight up, and then let it go.  I

repeated this with her left tit, then repeated the process.

When I sensed that her breasts had become numb, and were no longer

feeling the pain of my manipulations, I unclipped her nipples and quickly

clipped one pin on each of her pussy lips.  Her body went almost rigid

with pain.  Her thrashing got even more severe, and I had to hold her

legs down to keep her from falling off the bed.  I took one clip off

her left pussy lip, and she paused for a moment as she thought I was 

letting her go, but instead I pinned the clip onto her protruding clit,

which was slick with lubrication.  Lisa went almost rigid with terror,

her mouth opened over the ball gag in a silent scream.  Still, her pussy

leaked its slick potion onto her thighs. Even through her pain, her sexual

excitement could not be stopped.  Maybe the pain even increased it.

She jerked her hips back and forth, moaning through the mask.  Not 

wanting to damage her tender vaginal flesh, I soon unclipped her and

gently massaged some baby oil into her inflamed cunt.

Soon her breathing returned to normal, and I felt that her punishment

was over.  I slid down her soft body, nibbling on her neck and ears.

She began to sigh and relax, and once again her pussy started leaking

juices.  I worked my way down to her nipples and gently nibbled on them

She twisted her chest from side to side to encourage me to suck harder,

but I just kept licking and teasing her swollen nipples gently.  Even 

through the ball gag and mask, I could hear her muffled moans.  Finally 

I moved down across her belly, towards her cunt.  

She arched her back, forcing her cunt off the pillow towards my mouth,

but I pulled back just out of reach.  I breathed hot air onto her dripping

slit so she knew just how close I was.  Her clit was fully engorged and

swollen with lust.  She squirmed even more as I slowly brought my tongue

towards her pussy lips.  I lazily let my tongue slide up and down her

outer lips, tasting her fragrant juices.  She had been right before, it

was good enough to eat.

Once again, I brought her to the edge of an orgasm, and then pulled back.

Her thrashing got so intense, I had to add a leather strap across her

belly to hold her down.  I pulled a vibrator out of a bedside drawer,

and let it hum against her tits.  I slid it down towards her box, and

let it just tickle her outer lips until I could see her pussy start to

throb so hard that her juices were almost pouring out.

She had gone all afternoon without cumming once, and her pussy was so

sensitive that a single lick would take her over the edge.

She was ready.

I left the vibrator on low poking just inside her outer cuntal lips.

I could see her straining her hips to bring it in contact with her clit,

whimpering with desire.

I pulled a camcorder and tripod out of the closet, and set it up at the 

foot of the bed.  I pulled Lisa's leather hood off, and took off her

ear plugs and ball gag.  Still blindfolded, she could not see the camera

pointed between her spead-opened thighs.  I uncuffed her left hand from 

it's strap and placed it on her pussy. "OK Lisa, I'm going you let you 

cum now."  

I'd never seen a woman masturbate so intensely before.  Lisa's fingers

flew across her cunt lips, moving so fast they were just a blur in the

camera lens.  Her hips pounded up and down as she fucked her fingers.

"Ohhh..Ohhhh...fuck...fuck...fuck..Ohhh..Mmmmmmmm.....yessssss, yessss,

nnnnnnn!" Lisa was almost babbling with lust, and I was catching it 

all on tape.  She must have cum three or four times before I leaned forward

and passed her the vibrator.  Grabbing it quickly, she thrust it into

her pussy and turned it on high.

"Aiiiiiieeee!  That's sooo gooood! Ohhhh! Unnnnnnh!" Her hand pounded

the plastic cock up her twat faster and faster.  I just sat back and

watched this smooth-skinned hardbody pleasure her pussy again and

again.  I panned the camera up and down her body, recording each bead

of sweat hanging off her nipples, and every panting breath she drew in

time with the thrusts of her hand jamming the vibrator into her cunt.

Lisa kept going almost 15 minutes before she slowed down, and let

her arm fall to her side.  I put the camera away and tucked the tape

into my jacket pocket.  I knew it would come in handy someday.

I leaned over her and kissed her while pulling off her blindfold.

I pulled her leg and belly restraints off and she sagged into the

mattress.  Her eyes were still glazed over, but she slowly focused on me.  

"Wow!  That was the most intense cum I've ever had."  

Her face shined up at me, and I could see that she was already prepared

for more.  God, this girl was horny!  I let my fingers play over her

cunt lips, and watched as her clit budded up again.  "Don't you *ever*

get enough?" I asked.  She just giggled and pulled me on top of her,

her creamy thighs parting once again. It was going to be a long night.

Lisa's Story - Part Four: Licking Jenny's Slit    -   By Marlboro Man

The next day I sat with Jenny Smith in the cafeteria during our

mid-morning coffee break.  She was eyeing me suspiciously.  She

only knew me slightly, and think she suspected I was just another 

horny faculty member trying to get into her pants.  

I played the part of the typical scatter-brained academic, and got

her lost in some linguistic psycho-babble about the origins of language,

so she pretty soon got the impression that I was harmless, and gradually 

let her defenses down.  Soon she was leaning forward, trying to ignore

me and read the paper.  As she craned her neck I could see her generous 

cleavage shifting in  her blouse.  Her tits were practically bulging out 

of her bra, like that exaggerated cleavage in that Dangerous Liasons movie, 

only these were real!  

I sat back in my chair and sipped my coffee.  She kept reading her 

paper just as some co-ed in a tube top and gym shorts walked by.

Jenny tried to act casual, but I could see her eyes following this 

little juicy bitch across the room. It was getting on in the semester,

and she must have been pretty horny by now, being exposed to all these 

sweet young cunts, and not being able to dip her tongue into any.

She was staring with undisguised lust. I caught her eyes and she

started and blushed.  I told her not to worry about it, and that I

also appreciated the benefits of working on a college campus full

of such beautiful girls.  In confidence, I leaned forward and told

her that even though the college president had a strict policy about

students and faculty "fraternizing", I knew how to get around it,

and had been screwing one of my freshman co-eds all semester.

Jenny was surprised that such a seemingly bookish person like me would

be breaking school rules in such an outrageous way, but I could see

her mouth begin to water as I described Lisa's smooth body and

voracious sexual appetite.  She squirmed in her seat as I told her

of Lisa's recently administered punishment.  The more I talked about

Lisa's slippery pussy and perky tits, the wetter Jenny became.  Soon

she just had to have Lisa. 

"Do you think that I could, well, catch some of this action?" she asked.

"I don't know, Jen" I said (getting familiar with her right away), "I

don't think Lisa likes to...I mean, with another woman and all."

Jenny looked disappointed.  "Isn't there any way I know?"

The sexual frustration in her voice was intense.

"OK, I'll tell you what.  Meet me in this hotel room at 2 o'clock, and

we'll see what we can do." I handed her a key to the room and got up to

leave. "I have an idea that might work."

"I'm looking forward to it!" Jenny said, her eyes sparkling with renewed

lust.  At last, some fresh pussy!

I arrived at the room at ten of two, to find Jenny already there.  The

bitch was so hot she couldn't wait!  I told her to get into the closet

and be still until I came to get her.  She hid her coat and handbag, and

closed the closet door just as Lisa came into the room.

Lisa hopped in the shower for her usual shave and douce after kissing me

hello.  As she dried her hair I said that I wanted to try some more

experimenting with the bondage stuff from her punishment.  Lisa's eyes

lit up, and she rushed to the bed, giggling like a little girl.

"Oh, yeah!  I love it - tie me up again!" she begged.  I tied her arms 

over her head to the bedframe, and used the leather straps to hold

her thighs wide apart.  She looked just like she did when I was punishing

her, only her face was now bright and eager.  She was ready for some

major fucking, and her pussy had already juiced up.  Even across the

room I could feel the heat of her cunt, and smell her fragrance.  I'm

sure that Jenny could also smell it, kneeling in the dark closet as she 

was, getting wetter and hornier as she listened to Lisa's pleas for sex.

I slipped the leather mask on over her eyes, and opened the closet door

so that Jenny could see.  Her left hand was inside her skirt, fingering

her pussy with urgency.  I made a motion for her to come out, but to

be quiet.  She came around to the foot of the bed, and silently slipped

her skirt and blouse off.  I had to catch my breath at the sight of this

well-formed goddess disrobing on front of me.  Jenny was even more 

voluptuous than I had imagined.  Her huge tits sat upright on her chest,

which tapered to a narrow waist, which in turn flared out into her

broad hips.  Soft, downy hair covered her pussy mound.  As she stepped

out of her panties I could see the juice shining on her cunt lips.  This

woman was hot!  If only the lust-light shining in her eyes was directed 

at me.  I could get into spending a month or two between this slut's thighs.

Unfortunately Jenny's attention was firmly directed towards Lisa's 

quivering body tied to the bed.  I was just a tool she was using to 

get her share of the student body, but seeing her soft twentysomething

shape made me forget about all that.  There is something different

about a slightly older woman that is incredibly erotic.  Jenny didn't

have the enthusiastic, "just-opened" look that little Lisa had, but

rather had a sophisticated and experienced appearance that told me she

would know exactly how to drive Lisa crazy with her tongue!

"C'mon, Doc!" Lisa whined. "What's taking so long?  Lisa's pussy needs

some attention!"  She squirmed on the bed, twisting her hips back and

forth and arching her back so that her tits bounced on her chest.

I motioned for Jenny to go ahead, and she slowly crawled onto the bed,

sliding between Lisa's legs.  She was careful to not touch Lisa's thighs,

since the feel of Jenny's soft hands would give her away.  Jenny leaned

forward and breathed softly onto Lisa's cunny.

"'s about time" Lisa said. "Lick my pussy. Please,  make me 

cum!  I need it so bad.  I was watching this hunky guy in gym class. 

He was so hot.  I grabbed his buns and pulled him under the stands and

sucked him off, but the period ended before he could get me off, and

I'm still horny!  C'mon, stop teasing, stick it in!"

Jenny toyed with Lisa's pussy.  She was in no hurry, and was savoring

every moment, and every drop.  Touching Lisa only with her tongue tip,

Jenny probed and licked her outer cuntal lips.  Lisa started moaning as

Jenny's tongue circled her clit, dancing around it, and flicking softly

at its tender top.  She nibbled on one pussy lip at a time, sucking it

into her mouth and running her tongue up and down its length.

"Oh wow!  This is great" Lisa moaned.  "You're even better than yesterday!

Mmmmm...yessss......lick my clit....higher...higher.....yes, there!  Ohhhh!"

Jenny picked up her speed, now lapping at Lisa's cunt like a dog.  The

slurping and sucking sounds were turning me on, and I wished I'd brought

my tape recorder.  Just listening to the sound of this beauty eating pussy

would get me through some lonely night.

Lisa's hips churned on the bed.  Jenny's tongue lapped away at Lisa's clit,

poking and probing until Lisa began gasping with pleasure.  Jenny was on

her knees in between Lisa's thighs.  Her ass waved in the air, pussy

juice leaking from her slit, and running down her legs.  I could see

her ass hole open and pucker as she rammed her tongue up Lisa's cunt.

Her pussy lips were swollen and pink.  With a free hand, Jenny rubbed

her clit back and forth, but she couldn't move much for fear of her tits

bumping into Lisa's legs.

"Oh, yes. I'm gonna cum! Gonna cummmmm!  YESS!  Lisa's cumming!"  Her

hips pounded up and down into Jenny's face.  Pussy juice poured down

Lisa's thighs, and Jenny carefully licked it up, not letting a single

drop hit the bedsheets.

Jenny pulled back off the bed, her face showing how happy she was to have

eaten out this succulent piece of student snatch.  She gave me a quick

thank-you kiss before skipping into the bathroom to dress.  I grabbed the

vibrator from the nightstand, and plunged it into Lisa's cunt with the

setting on 'high'.  Lisa shrieked with surprise, and began heading for

another orgasm, her hips fucking an imaginary partner.

I peered into the bathroom to find that, as I had suspected, Jenny was

jerking off over the sink.  One hand was furiously slipping back and

forth over her clit, while the other was pinching her fabulous nipples.

She stared into the mirror with lust as her hands brought her to climax.

Her frustration of not being able to fully make love to this teenaged

slut must have been so frustrating to her.  Soon Jenny's moans blended 

with Lisa's.  Her cum was long and messy.  Surrounded by so much 

luscious pussy flesh, I could no longer hold back my need to fuck one 

of these sluts.  

I pulled the vibrator out of Lisa's slit, and jumped on top of her, 

thrusting my cock deep into her wet hole.  

"It's about fucking time!" said Lisa, meeting my thrusts with her hips.

Jenny slipped out the door as Lisa and I continued fucking. The smell of 

sex was still strong around Jenny: both Lisa's and her own pussy juices 

were covering her body.  I smiled as I imagined how her afternoon class

would react to these slutty smells coming from their professor.

I reached up and let Lisa's arms loose.  She grabbed my hips and pulled 

me even closer, gripping me tighter with each thrust.  It wasn't long 

before I felt my cum building up, and pounded into my little slut so hard 

that the bed frame shook.  

"Cum in my pussy, lover!" Lisa whispered in my ear as I showered her

cunt with cum.  

Lying back, we both rested for a moment and caught our breath.  Lisa did

not suspect that Jenny had been there.  She told me again how good her

pussy licking had been, and snuggled close to me.  I had never seen Lisa

so, well, affectionate.  It was almost like she had been looking for a 

man who could eat cunt that good, and now that she had found one, she

intended to keep him.  I saw no reason to alter her impressions.

I brought Jenny back to the hotel room for the next three days.  Each 

time Jenny would lick pussy until Lisa screamed.  With each licking,

Lisa became more and more enamored of my abilities.  Meanwhile, Jenny

herself became more and more horny.  Her bathroom masturbation was 

evidently not enough to satisfy her sexual longing.  When she started

out it was clear that she wanted cunt, and cunt only.  Now, however, I 

could see her eyeing my cock as I slammed into Lisa.

On the fourth day I rented out an adjoining hotel room, and prepared

it with additional sex toys, like more leather straps, double-ended 

dildos and flavored oils and jellies.  My masterpiece was a camcorder 

hidden in a briefcase that I hid in a corner.  It was like one of those 

secret cameras you see used on 60 minutes, and could run for two hours, 

recording whatever action my two beauties could dream up.

I told Jenny to wait in the second room instead of the closet.  I had 

unbolted the door connecting the two rooms so we could go back and forth 

without using the hallway.  I watched as she got ready, and stepped out 

of her clothes.  I admired once more Jenny's lush shape and bouncing 

jello-like tits.  The scent of her pussy filled the room.

With a quick movement, I pulled Jenny onto the bed.  She thought I was

trying to fuck her, and clamped her legs together.  However, getting a

piece of her tasty cunt was not my plan just yet.  I grabbed her arms

and locked on a pair on handcuffs that I had chained to the head of the

bed.  I next strapped her belly to the bed with a thick, padded leather

strap.  Her legs were free to move, and her arms had two-foot long chains

attached to her cuffs.  The arrangement was such that she could move 

about, but not reach her pussy with her hands.  If she reached as far as

the chains would allow, Jenny could just reach the top of her bush.

She was stunned but excited.  I could see lubrication start to build 

up on her pussy lips.  Without explaining anything, I left her alone 

in the room, horny, but unable to touch her vagina.

When Lisa arrived, I told her that I was tired, and that we would begin

in a little while.  In the meantime, I suggested we watch the porno

movie on the VCR.  Lisa pouted a little, but soon warmed up to the hot

action on the tape.  I could almost sense Jenny's frustration in the

next room.  I turned up the volume loud to make sure she could hear the

actress's moans of pleasure.

Lisa lay on her next to me, absently fingering her clit as we watched

the film.  Whenever her speed increased and she neared a cum, I pulled

her hands away.  She giggled with the sexual frustration I was building

up in her. 

"Gonna fuck you hard, after all this!  Lisa's pussy needs some hard

fucking!"  I always loved the way she talked about her cunt in the

third person.  "Mmmmm, look at that bitch suck that guy's prick!  She

really knows her stuff.  See?  She's holding his balls while she

tongues his shaft.  Now she's lapping up his pre-cum.  That guy's

gonna cum real big.  You can tell he's about to spurt....Look!  There

he goes - what'd I tell ya?"  Lisa had called the actor's climax to

within 3 or 4 seconds - she was truly a connoisseur of cocksucking.

After 15 or so minutes Lisa's horniness was almost uncontrollable. I

had to hold both her arms down to keep them from fingering her cunt

to orgasm.  She squirmed in my arms and begged me to let her cum.

Jenny must have also been climbing the walls in the other room, her

hands tied just inches from her dripping slit.  I envisioned her swollen

lips and engorged clitoris, begging to be fingered and licked.

I turned to Lisa, who thought I was going to fuck her at last and

almost yelped with glee.  Once again I bound her arms and legs to the

bedframe, and masked her.  God, I was getting good at this!

Lisa's body writhed from side to side, her cunt lips wide open and 

dripping.  I went into the other room and made my pitch to Jenny.  If

she wanted me to untie her, she would have to agree to give Lisa a 

passing grade in her class.  In exchange I would arrange for her to

get all the poontang she wanted.  I even hinted that some of Lisa's

hornier friends, like her sluttish roommate, Kathi, might be persuaded

to join in.  My only condition was that I would have to be informed

of all encounters between this lesbian coalition, and be allowed to

join in if I wanted to.

It took Jenny all of half a second to give in and agree to give me

control over this virtual harem.  I leaned forward and untied Jenny.  

The bitch pushed me aside and rushed into the bedroom.  She jumped on 

the bed and thrust her tongue up Lisa's cunt in one motion, and began 

licking, munching and slurping away.  Lisa cried out with lust and 

quickly climbed to the first of many cums.

Jenny's throbbing cunt was leaking pussy juice down her thighs like

a punctured waterbed.  Her clit was erect and so hot I could almost

see it steaming.  Her free hand tried to frig her cunt, but I stepped

in and pulled it aside.  With frustration, Jenny ate away at Lisa's

slit with even more vigor.  Lisa was in heaven, and came so intensely

she had trouble catching her breath before another orgasmic wave took

her over again.  Tears were dripping down Lisa's face as Jenny kept

up her tongue onslaught.  

Soon I had to pull Jenny away before Lisa passed out from exhaustion.

She clearly wanted more pussy and tried to break away and plunge her

had back between Lisa's creamy thighs.  I grabbed her arms firmly and

pushed her back into the other room, shackling her arms back to the bed.

She cried out for me to let her go, her hands frantically trying to

reach her glistening clit.

I returned to Lisa and pulled off her mask.  She smiled up at me and

begged me to fuck her cunt.

Holding her arms down above her head, I pushed her thighs apart with 

my knees, and slowly pushed my cock into her hole.  She sighed with

pleasure as I slid my entire length inside her in one stroke.  Her cunt

was creamy and wet, and I could feel it clasping at my cock as it began

to plunge in and out.  The softness of her thighs was like butter.  Lisa's

cushiony breasts squished up against my chest as I lay on top of her, and

I could feel her hardened nipples.

Lisa grunted as I hit bottom with each stroke.  She stared into my

eyes with a blank gaze.  Her hands held onto my shoulders as I slammed

my hips into hers.  Her breathing got shortened as she neared her cum.

Digging her nails into my back, she pounded her hips up into mine.  I

felt her pussy spasm and lubricate all over my plunging cock. She gave

out a final moan as she came, and sank back onto the bed.

"Now, my little slut," I told her, "I have a surprise for you.  Only

you have to remember your promise that if I could get you Jenny Smith's

cunt, you would be mine for the rest of the year."

Lisa said she would stand by that promise, and I went to the door and

opened it, revealing Jenny, straining at her chains, begging for someone

to give her relief and suck her pussy before she exploded with lust.

Lisa's eyes lit up.  She gave me a huge kiss in gratitude.  I untied

her and let her walk into the other room.  She slowly circled the bed,

keeping her firm, young ass just out of reach of Jenny's grasp.  Jenny

cried out with frustration.  Lisa walked over the the desk, and picked

up a dildo and some cherry-flavored lube in one hand, and a wide leather 

whip in the other.  With her eyes sparkling, she approached the bed. 

I glanced into the corner to make sure that my secret camera was 

recording all this, and closed the door behind my two cunts.  I would 

let them freely make love as long as they wanted.  My turn would come 


It could only get better.

This is the final part of this series.  Look for Jenny's Story.


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