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Archive-name: School/librian.ffm


Archive-title: Librarian, The

Chapter One:  The first day on a new job.

     Miss Jane started her first day at the school library with

some trepidation.  She'd only just graduated from her university

course and didn't have much experience.  This was her first

serious library job, except for a few short stints of work


     As the job was at the local Catholic High School which was

run by an order of Nuns, she had chosen to wear a tailored suit

instead of her normal, comfortable, casual jeans.  The suit she

felt showed  off her figure rather well, and hopefully wouldn't

upset the Nuns too much.  In addition she'd pulled her beautiful,

natural blonde hair back into a tight bun.  However she hadn't

been very happy with the image she thus presented as a

conservative almost dowdy librarian and had decided to wear some

lingerie.  Just so that she'd feel a little more like her normal

sexy self, although no one else would be able to tell under her

clothes.  She chose a nice silk camisole and french knickers and

donned them before putting on the rest of her clothes.  The feel

of the silk against her skin made her feel a little more alive

than the severe clothes by themselves would have.  She checked

herself out in the mirror before going out to the car quite liked

the effect, even if it made her look, she thought, far too

serious for her age of only 21.

     She turned up to the school at 9:00am on the dot and parked

her car and went to the library.  There she met the head

librarian, Sister Mary.  She would have preferred to have called

her by her first name but she appeared so fierce and

uncompromising in her severe, starched habit.  Sister Mary didn't

appear all that much older than herself, yet there was something

intimidating about her manner which made Jane think she must be

at least in her forties or fifties.

     Sister Mary showed her to her desk and outlined her duties. 

Her desk was behind the loans counter and her duties seemed to

consist mainly of checking the books that the students wanted to

borrow, out of the library computer system and accepting them

back when they were returned.  She was also apparently expected

to reshelve them when she had a spare moment.  She wasn't very

happy about this, but realised that she had to start at the

bottom and work her way upward.

     Sister Mary then asked with as slight smile, "All right now

Jane, do you think you can handle all that?"  Jane realised that

when Sister Mary smiled she seemed much younger than she was, but

it was also obvious she didn't smile all that often.  Jane

replied, "Yes, Sister.  The system is pretty standard and well, I

suppose that I can cope.   If I have any problems is it all right

if I ask you for help?"

     Sister Mary just narrowed her eyes slightly, smiled again

and said, "Certainly you can ask anytime my dear.  My office is

just over there behind the filing cabinets.  Its door is always

open for you."

     Jane realised that Sister Mary was attempting to make her

feel a little more welcome and was thankful for that.  She then

noticed a young girl at the counter looking expectantly at her

and she said, "Oops!  My first customer, I suppose I had better

look lively then, hadn't I Sister?"

     Sister Mary just chuckled and replied, "Certainly!  I'll

leave you to it then," and walked off into her office.

     Jane walked to the counter and waved the magic loans barcode

reader wand over the book the young girl and placed on the

counter and checked it out of the library computer.  Her first

customer smiled at her and simply said, "Thanks!" As she skipped

quickly out the door.

     She then settled down to a steady routine of loaning books

out, and accepting books which had been loaned back into the

Library.  After a few hours she found that she had a couple of

trolleys of returned books and started to reshelve them.  As she

wandered the library looking for the right shelf for the right

book she was amazed at how well disciplined the students were. 

All were hard at work studying and no one was making any

unnecessary noise.

     Her first day at work finally ended.  She was returning the

last couple of books to their shelves and thinking about going

home when she realised that all the students were gone.  She

returned to her desk to get her purse and leave.  As she picked

it up, she noticed Sister Mary looking at her from the door of

her office.

     "Did you enjoy your first day Jane?" Asked the Nun.

     "Yes, thanks," replied Jane.

     "Not too hard...or boring, I hope?" The Nun asked, showing

Jane one of her smiles which brightened up her stern looking face

framed in its starched veil.

     "No, it was fine!" Answered Jane.

     "Look, why don't you come into my office.  I have a small

bottle hidden here for special occasions.  I think celebrating

the completion of your first day with us qualifies," said Sister


     Jane followed the Nun into her office.  She looked around it

and found that it was quite large, and its walls were covered in

large travel posters from assorted airlines.  There was also a

large poster of two young women, sitting on a small wooden pier. 

They appeared to be friends, in deep conversation and were

dressed in loose casual clothes.  She found herself wondering at

the way in which one of the two girls was looking at the other. 

It was obvious that the girl had an expression of what appeared

to be almost love in her eyes.  Suddenly her regard of the poster

was interrupted.

     "Interesting picture isn't it?"  Sister Mary asked, "I

always think it shows the true type of feminine love that can

only exist between two women.  Now sit down and tell me some more

about yourself."  She motioned to the couch which filled one wall

of the office as she handed Jane her drink.  Momentarily their

hands brushed and Jane felt a strange little spark of feeling

shoot up her arm from the contact.  She felt her eyes open a

little wider as she looked more closely at the Nun, realising for

the first time that she was in fact quite pretty despite the

plainness of her garb.

     Jane sat down and found herself opening up to the Nun,

telling her of her hopes and aspirations.  Of working in school

libraries and helping students as much as possible.  Sister Mary

had handed her a glass of whiskey which she found a little strong

for her, but as she drank it she found herself loosening up a

little more.  After about half an hour Sister Mary suddenly

announced that it was time for Evensong and that she would see

Jane in the morning.

     Feeling a strange mix of emotions ranging from

disappointment at not being able to continue talking to this

intriguing woman, to elation that she had been able to talk to

her and discover that she wasn't quite as daunting as she first

thought.  Off she went home to her little flat where she lived. 

It was small, but it was cheap but it was large enough for her

purposes.  She started a hot bath.  She felt like a long soak to

relax her a little.  As she undressed she surveyed her lithe

young body in the mirror.  She let her hair loose from its

confines and shook it down around her shoulders, framing her

face.  She reached up and pulled the camisole off of her upper

body and then slipped the french knickers off.  She looked in the

mirror, admiring her own body.

     She took in at a glance her large, firm breasts, with their

big nipples, her flat stomach and her sparse patch of reddish/

blonde coloured pubic hair where it formed the junction of her

long, slim legs.  She did a small pirouette and arched her back, 

thrusting her firm bum out and admiring the effect in the mirror.

     Smiling she entered the bathroom where the tub, partly

filled steamed gently.  She stepped in, feeling the heat of the

water entering her bones already, up feet into her legs.  She

slowly eased herself into the water.  It was just a touch too hot

for comfort, but the pleasure she was expecting to receive from

total relaxation cocooned in the water made her grin and bear it

as her body became used to it.  Finally she was lying up to her

neck in the steaming, hot fluid, feeling it warm her whole body

up and her muscles completely relax.

     As she lay there, she started to doze off slightly as she

relaxed.  As she sank slowly into her reverie her mind began to

wander back over the events of the day.  She remembered how she

had felt when she had awoken that day, a little worried about

starting a new job.  However she also remembered how she had felt

physically.  The previous night her boyfriend had visited her and

before he went home they had fucked furiously.  He had really

given her a workout, fucking in nearly every conceivable

position. He started out by kissing her, and then he moved from just a

normal kiss to something a little more passionate.  As they had

sucked on each other's tongues for a while, his hands had started

to wander all over her body.

     He had then cupped her breasts and squeezed in that special

way he had.  It had started to drive her crazy with passion, her

juices had really started to flow when he had rubbed her nipples

into aching erection.  As she lay in the bath, she felt the heat

of the water against her open loins become replaced with the

internal heat from her own body.  She remembered how his hands

had found her bum and began to squeeze and knead her buttocks,

pulling them apart and running his fingers up and down the crack

of her bum, pushing her clothes against her cunt and little brown


     She then recalled how she had pulled his cock out of his

jeans and grasped it tightly, feeling it throb in her hand.  How

she had then bent down and taken it into her mouth, feeling its

width force her mouth delightfully open, making her stretch wide

to take it all in.  She had licked its length and breadth,

running her tongue around the large purple head which seemed to

throb with the beat of his heart.

     They'd then pulled each other's clothing off in a frenzy of

lust which brought a slight smile to her lips as she remembered

it.  Naked she had mounted his cock, feeling it slide between her

wet, willing pussy lips, reaching deep inside her cunt to scratch

that mysterious little itch which only a hard dick could


     As she remembered the antics of the night before her hands

had subconsciously crept towards her breasts and had cupped them

in imitation of her memories.  She remembered how after fucking

up and down on his cock for a few minutes she had felt her first

orgasm building and when he has suggested they try a little,

"Bow-wow," their special name for "doggie" position, she had

answered with alacrity and placed herself on the edge of the bed,

on all fours with her curveaous bum thrust lewdly into the air,

awaiting its spearing with his shaft of love.

     Ah!  As she remembered how his cock had sank easily and

deeply into her tight cunt with one thrust of his hips, her hands

crept down to cup her pussy and to pull it open to feel the heat

of the water.  She had felt like she was being impaled by a rigid

spike of steel and had loved its feeling as it went deeper and

harder into her than in nearly any other position.  She loved it

when he squeezed and kneaded her bum cheeks, pulling them apart

so that he can see his hard cock thrusting in and out of her

cunt.  She loved it even more when he played gently with her

bumhole, gently feathering the tight little hole with his

fingers, slick with her spilled love juices.

     Suddenly as she recollected how her orgasm of the night

before had suddenly burst over her washing her with waves of

pleasure, so did another smaller one as she lay in the bath

playing with her own pussy.  She suddenly began to thrash and

writhe as she rubbed her clitoris all the harder, trying to

remember how it had felt with her cunt impaled on her boyfriend's

large, hard cock.

     As she lay there, in an after orgasm state of pleasurable

delium she also remembered how she had sucked him off after he

had given her at least half a dozen more orgasms, each more

powerful than the last and she had finally had to cry, "Enough!" 

In order to spare her now tired cunt and slightly sore clitoris. 

She remembered the feel of his cum sliding down her throat as

with each jerk of his cock it had filled her mouth to overflowing

and some of his sperm had spilled out onto her breasts where she

had rubbed it in.

     Lying, nearly dozing off after her orgasm her mind began to

wander.  She went back over the events of the day.  In particular

her mind kept filling with a picture of Sister Mary and she

wondered what she would look like outside the starched cloth of

her habit.  She wondered if she would be as pretty as she thought

she would be and she also remembered the flash of feeling she

had, had when their hands had accidently touched.

     As she lay there she began to construct an intricate fantasy

of how she and Sister Mary became very close friends and then,

for the first time in her life, she wondered what it would be

like to be loved by another woman.  To feel under her hands the

curve and heft of another woman's breast, to rub her hands over

the lovely curve and shape of another woman's backside.  To feel

the gentle touch of another woman on her own body.  To actually

suck on another woman's breast, to feel her nipple harden under

her tongue.  She also suddenly found herself wondering what it

would be like to lick another woman's pussy, to give her pleasure

and to receive it back in that special embrace only lovers can

give to each other in what is known as a `69'.

     While her mind wandered into unfamiliar territory, her hands

once more retraced the path they had followed many, many times

before.  First her large, firm breasts with their large pink

nipples which were tingling from not only the heat of the water

now, but the tiny aftershocks of her small orgasm.  She cupped

and squeezed them as in her mind Sister Mary did it for her, she

actually hefted one up and licked the nipple with her own tongue,

tasting the warm water as it trickled off her breasts.   Her

hands then left her breasts and moved down her body and found her

cunt at the top of her long legs, which were now spread open as

wide as the bath would allow.  Her fingers, rather than making a

beeline straight for her aching clitoris, instead teased her

pussy lips which were hanging open, engorged and throbbing with

blood.  She ran her fingers first up one side and down the other

as in her mind Sister Mary stroked her pussy.  Then she pulled

her cunt lips open wide, letting the hot water rush into her

cunt, heating her already superhot clitoris to even greater

heights of pleasure.

     She thought of Sister Mary doing that, and of her head

slowly bobbing down to lick at her cunt.  Of her finding her

clitoris and starting to suck and lick at it and drinking all the

juices that flowed out of her cunt and covered her face and lips. 

Suddenly she felt her orgasm building again, much greater in

intensity though, than the last time.  She visualised Sister Mary

swinging her body over hers, placing a leg each side of her head

and presenting her with a perfect view of her cunt, hanging over

her head.   She thought of how nice it would be lick those large,

red cunt lips which were glistening with the Nun's pussy juices. 

As in her mind's eye she reached up to pull the Nun's cunt to her

face to taste those juices she started coming.  It exploded from

her clitoris and washed over her body in superheated waves of

pleasure and filled her mind with light and brightness the like

of which she had very rarely experienced before.

     She nearly fainted with the intensity.  She then seemed to

drift off into a very confused doze.  When she finally awoke

properly she realised that the bath water had actually cooled

quite a lot and that she had spread water from one side of the

bathroom to the other with her thrashing.  A little embarrassed

when she remembered what she had been thinking she climbed from

the bath and dried herself off roughly, almost as if she wished

to expunge the guilt of her fantasy from her mind.

     As she cleaned the bathroom up she wished her boyfriend was

there to help her get over her strangely mixed feelings.  However

he was off on a trip on business and wouldn't be back for over a

month.  After finishing mopping up the spilt water she pulled on

a dressing gown and settled down to eat a sandwich in front of

the TV before going to bed.

Chapter Two: A night out

     The next morning she had forgotten all about her fantasy

about Sister Mary until she met her the next day at work.  When

she first caught sight of the young Nun she had gone bright red

as she remembered what she had been thinking the night before. 

She had simply stammered a brief "Hello" before starting to

reshelve the books which had been left over from the day before.  

As she worked amongst the stacks she calmed down somewhat and

told herself she was just being quite stupid about the whole

thing.  "Anyway," she thought to herself, "Sister Mary wouldn't

understand the matter at all, being a Nun and having dedicated

her life to religious service."

     During the day she managed to talk to Sister Mary on a few

procedural matters without any more trouble, although once she

found herself watching Sister Mary walking around the Library and

wandering what she looked like under her habit.  She guiltily

stopped that train of thought however before it had gone much


     The novelty of the work quickly wore off and she settled

into a habit of arriving on time and then going home to her

lonely flat by herself.  Suddenly it was Friday, the end of the

week!  Sister Mary had attempted to be friendly throughout the

week to her, but Jane worried a little by her feelings for the

Nun had kept her slightly at arm's length.  However, just as she

was packing up late on Friday afternoon, ready to leave, Sister

Mary appeared at her elbow and started talking to her about her

plans for the weekend.  The Nun asked her, "What she was planning

to do that evening?"

     When Jane replied that, "My boyfriend is out of town at the

moment and I wasn't planning anything special at all this

weekend.  I was going to spend it at home most probably curled up

with a good book."  The Nun had then replied, "You work all week

with books Jane, come on, how about you come out for a drink this

evening with myself and some of the other Nuns?"  Apparently a

group of the younger Nuns played squash on Friday nights and

often rounded the evening off with a few quiet drinks in the

local Pub.

     Jane was a little surprised at the invitation and as she

wasn't looking forward to a boring friday night home alone, she

accepted.  They agreed to meet in the front bar of the Pub at

8:00pm after Sister Mary and her friends had finished their

squash game.

     Jane went home and had a quick dinner, showered and changed. 

She had rejected wearing her "normal" Friday night raging style

of clothes such as her leather mini-skirt and silk top as being a

little too "racy" for the company she was going to be keeping

that evening so instead she just put on a pair of jeans and a t-

shirt as it was still warm out.

     She entered the bar a few minutes after 8:00.  It was smoky

and crowded and she couldn't see Sister Mary or any other Nuns. 

As she surveyed the room she realised that this wasn't the sort

of place she would normally have expected to see some Nuns in

having a quiet drink together (not that she had, before meeting

Sister Mary, ever really imagining Nuns drinking alcohol at all). 

She thought that she must have misheard Sister Mary's invitation

and in fact she had meant the Lounge Bar so she started to work

her way through the crowd towards the doorway into the other,

more genteel bar.

     Suddenly she heard her name called and she looked around for

the source.  Seated in one of the corner nooks was a group of

about four or five young women all dressed in tracksuits.  She

saw one of them, with bright red hair waving at her and beckoning

her over.  As she came closer she realised that it was in fact

Sister Mary.  She was literally rather stunned.  Sister Mary had

revealed herself to be a quite beautiful young woman only about

five or so years older than Jane herself.

     "Hey!  Hey, Jane!  Over here!"  Called Sister Mary as she

motioned for her to come and sit down.  Jane sat down in a slight

state of shock as she realised that all the young women around

her were not much older than herself.

     "OK, Jane let me introduce you to the rest of the gang. 

This is Josephine, Maria, Susan and Ursella,"  said Sister Mary

as she pointed to each young woman in turn.  "So, what do you

want to drink?"

     "Errr, Ummm, a Vodka and Orange will do thanks,"  replied

Jane, attempting to cover her confusion by saying the first drink

that jumped into her head.

     "OK, Maria that will be three beers, a Vodka and Orange, and

a Rum and Coke."  instructed the Nun to her compatriot who was

already standing ready to proceed to the bar.

     "You look a little surprised when you first caught sight of

us Jane.  Whats wrong?  Expecting us to be wearing our habits?" 

Joked Sister Mary with a large grin on her face.

     "Err, yes I was.  I just hadn't quite thought what Nuns

would be wearing when they visited the Pub, thats all," replied

Jane confusedly as she looked around at the other Nuns.

     Maria, who had just left to go to the bar was a small, dark

skinned woman in her mid-thirties.  She looked Italian and had

long black hair.  Josephine who was seated on her left was a

tall, blonde woman about the same age as Jane, with short hair

and large grey eyes.  Susan was a petite woman in her mid-

twenties with shoulder length brown hair pulled back into a pony

tail.  Ursella on the other hand, was perhaps the oldest in her

late thirties but she was a slim, tall woman with brown hair cut

in a short pageboy look which made her appear younger than she

was when looked at closely.

     Of them all the greatest surprise though, was Sister Mary. 

She had been transformed by removal of her habit into a young

woman in her late twenties with long, lustrous bright red hair

which framed her face and transformed it from merely "handsome"

to quite beautiful.  Jane could also make out much more of her

body shape through the tightly hugging tracksuit and realised

that Sister Mary had quite a good body.  Her breasts were not

overly large, and her hips were quite pleasantly sized.  Her legs

appeared muscular and shapely from as far as she could tell.

     "Whats wrong Jane?  Did you expect us to play squash and

come drinking in those heavily starched habits we wear during the

day?  We've largely caught up with the rest of the 20th century

apart from our `uniforms'," said Sister Mary.  "By the way, you

don't have to call us `Sister' either you know."  Sister Mary

said with a small wink at Jane.

     Realising that Sister, no that should be just plain, Mary

was only attempting to make her feel a little more at ease, Jane

answered knowing that she was licked, with a smile of

resignation, "OK, so how was your squash game?"

     Mary and the other women lapsed into talking about their

squash games and how Maria was a cheat, which of course raised

howls of indignation from Maria who had returned with the drinks

on a tray.  Quickly Jane felt quite at home and without realising

it had quite forgotten that she was talking with a group of Nuns.

     She related how her boyfriend was away for the next month

and how she was bored without him.  The Nuns also listened

intently as she related her first week in her new job, although

she felt a little unsure of herself giving her impression of the

work in front of someone who was basically her boss.

     The other women gossiped to Jane about the other, older Nuns

and the goings on in the convent.  All the while Jane was

conscious of Mary's eyes on her face, looking at her intently. 

As the evening wore on Jane had her share of drinks and bought

her rounds as well.  She was quite relaxed and feeling quite

happy to have made some new friends.  Suddenly Mary looked at her

watch and reminded the other Nuns that it was late and that they

had better get going.  When Jane stood though, she realised that

she had a little too much to drink and swayed slightly on her


     As they left the Pub, Mary with some concern asked her if

she was, "all right to drive home.  You haven't had too much have


     Jane suddenly felt a little queezy and replied, "No, shats

OK, I'll walk home and leave the car here at the Pub.  Isssh 'ot


     Mary said to the other Nuns, "Look you lot go on ahead. 

I'll take Jane home.  I feel a little guilty at getting her into

this state and then having her walk home alone.  I'll walk with


     As they walked towards Jane's flat the moon was bright and

the night warm and comfortable.  She could smell the scent of

Boronias and Wattle on the air and it made her hanker for her

absent boyfriend.  Mary chatted to her about the school Library

which was both the love and hate of her life.  She obviously had,

had enough to drink and was also feeling rather relaxed as they


     Eventually they made it to Jane's place and Mary was saying

good night when Jane on an impulse asked her in for coffee.  Mary

accepted and they entered Jane's flat.  Mary exclaimed with

delight at the way in which Jane had decorated the flat.  She

particularly like the colonial style pine furniture and the small

kitchen nook.

     While Jane prepared the coffee, Mary sat at the table and

chatted about decoration and how in many ways she regretted

entering the order as the only thing she got to decorate now was

the school library.  She wasn't allowed any decorations in her

bare, small cell.  Jane stood and listened and watched, glad for

the chance to see Mary so different from when she wore her habit.

     As they sat and had their coffee Jane asked her, "Whats it

like being Nun?"

     Mary replied with a small smile on her face, "Its fine. 

About the only things I miss are the chance to decorate my room

as I want and perhaps some of the other aspects of personal life

which we have to deny to ourselves on taking our final vows."

     "What sort of things do you mean?" Asked Jane little


     "Why men of course, but we take a vow of chastity and I

suppose the feminine company makes up for that to large degree"

replied Mary again with that small smile on her face.

     "Thats terrible, you mean you can't?" Answered back Jane a

little impulsively.

     Mary just reached across the table and took Jane's hand in

hers and said, "Don't worry, what you don't have you can't miss. 

Anyway, there is more than one way to skin a cat, you know."

     As their hands touched, Jane again felt that small spark of

electricity leap between them.  Mary suddenly stood and drew Jane

up to her and she put her arms around her and said, "And what

about you?  Do you miss not having a man around you all the

time?"  Before Jane could reply she felt Mary lean forward and

kiss her.  The little electric spark which had cross when their

hands touched felt like a massive bolt of lightning now.  It

literally took her breath away as she felt Mary's arms go around

her and hug her tight, their breasts touched through their

clothing and she couldn't believe the feelings she felt as her

nipples scraped across Mary's breasts.

     Mary's hand's roamed up and down her body, hugging her first

tightly and then loosely, feeling all the curves of her slim

figure.  Then as her breathing became more ragged she felt the

tip of her tongue invade her mouth, followed by the rest of her

tongue and her head swam with the sensations.  She began to feel

herself responding, her body moulding itself into Mary's

delightful shape.  Her own arms came up and began to return the

hug, drawing Mary closer and closer.

     She felt Mary's hands find her breasts and cup them.  It

felt much better than even when her boyfriend did it.  Mary

seemed to know exactly the right pressure to exert and she felt

her juices starting to flood her pussy, making her wet and

excited.  She began to return the kiss, thrusting her tongue deep

into Mary's mouth.

     The kiss seemed to last forever.  She could hear her blood

pounding in her ears and it was perhaps the most passionate kiss

in her life.  Mary was pulling her t-shirt up, out of her jeans

and rubbing her hands across her bare back and sides.  Every

where she touched small electric shocks seemed to run themselves

all over her body.  She felt Mary reach up, under her t-shirt and

undo her bra, releasing her breasts. which by now were feeling

tightly confined.  As she felt her breasts take up their own

weight, freed from the bra a small moan escaped her throat.

     Their tongues continued to spar with each other, in each

other's mouth, it felt wonderful as Mary's hands moved around on

her t-shirt and bra to the front and cupped her bared breasts for

the first time.  When Mary squeezed her nipples it seemed like

she was in heaven from the sensations which shot from them

straight to her clitoris which was being rubbed against Mary's

cunt mound.

     She just seemed to melt into Mary's arms and gave herself

completely up to the sensations as she felt her begin to undo the

snap on her jeans and push them down over her hips.  It seemed

that Mary knew exactly the right places to caress and just how

long which was necessary.  Even her knickers joined the jeans

down around her ankles and she was almost completely undressed by

this demonic creature which seemed to know what she needed and

how she needed it.

     Suddenly Mary broke off their kiss and moved her head

downwards towards her breasts and took first one nipple and then

the other gently into her mouth, laving them with her hot tongue. 

It felt like her pussy was going to catch alight, she was that

hot. Mary's hands wandered even more freely over her body, cupping her

breasts, presenting them to Mary's mouth for her to suck and

nibble on each nipple.  Suddenly one of them cupped her mound and

she thrust her hips forward, so great was her need.  A finger

traced her pussy lips feeling how wet and swelled they were, and

a deep groan issued forth from her mouth as she nearly collapsed

with the pleasure that was generated.

     Mary manoeuvred Jane backwards in her arms to the couch and

knelt between her legs.  She pulled her jeans and kickers off

completely, and looked up at Jane from between her thighs.  She

then slowly bent forward and began to lick and suck on her

breasts, and running her hands up and down her thighs.  It drove

Jane even higher into ecstasy and when Mary began to move her

mouth down between her breasts and then down her stomach to the

top of her pubic hairs, Jane reached out and slowly pushed her

head even lower, deeper into her crutch, to her pussy with its

pouting lips.

     When Mary's questing tongue however avoided her cunt and

instead licked first down one thigh, and then up the other Jane

almost screamed in frustration.  However Mary then pulled away

from Jane's grasp and stood up.  She then proceed to slowly

remove her t-shirt and tracksuit, revealing a beautiful, tanned,

well muscled body with small firm breasts and a bright red thatch

of pubic hair.  She smiled at Jane and simply asked, "Do you like

what you see?"

     Jane in frustration, wanting her even more now than ever,

turned on for the first time by the sight of another naked

woman's body said, "Yes, yes, YES!  Please, come here!  I want

you so much!"  Jane had given in completely to the needs of her

horny body and wasn't shocked in the slightest by the words which

seemed to spill from her mouth without any forethought.

     Mary moved back to her position between Jane's thighs and

slowly bent forward.  Again she traced with her tongue the curve

of the inside of first one thigh, and then the other, coming

closer with each upward movement to Jane's cunt.  Mary could feel

the heat emanating from there on the cheeks of her face and could

smell the heady smell of a woman on heat.  She could see the

juices almost flooding out of Jane's cunt and leant forward to

taste them.

     Jane's hips thrust upwards in answer, her hands grasped

Mary's head as she ground Mary's face into her juicy cunt.  She

could feel Mary's tongue licking all over her pussy lips and then

darting inside to taste her juices as they trickled out.  When

Mary finally got around to licking her clitoris she was nearly

crawling the walls.  When her tongue finally flicked across her

erect love bud, she had a tremendous orgasm which suddenly burst

upon her without warning, sending stars shooting through her

brain.  With Mary's hands finding and squeezing her breasts, the

pleasure reached almost unbearable levels.

     Suddenly she was rocked by another orgasm, and then another

as Mary proceeded to concentrate on her clitoris with her tongue,

playing with her breasts with one hand and then finger fuck her

with the other.  Jane fainted.

     When she awoke she found herself in Mary's arms on the bed. 

Mary was looking deeply into her eyes and said, "Did you enjoy

that?"  "Mmmmmmm, yes.  I've never had such intense orgasms

before," she replied a little dreamily.

     She could feel Mary's hands slowly stroking her back and

when she leant her head forward Jane welcomed the kiss on her

lips and their tongues slowly entwined in each other's mouth. 

The passion had decreased, but the love had intensified as they

slowly made love.  Again Mary sought out her breasts and slowly,

lovingly brought her nipples to erection.  The pleasure that

emanated from that was so still as intense, yet it was the sort

that comes after a crashing orgasm, a pleasure which is like a

fine Port after a sumptuous dinner.  Mary slowly progressed down

her body to her cunt once more which had its lusts reawakened and

her heat was once more rising.

     This time though, Mary instead of moving down between her

legs, lay beside her.  Her pussy was level with Jane's face and

she could smell a tantalising perfume of a woman on heat.  As

Mary began to lick and suck her own cunt she reached for Mary's

hips and pulled her towards her face.  She looked for the first

time at another woman's cunt in close up.  She saw a pink slit,

wet with its own juices, the lips engorged with blood, surmounted

by a mop of bright red, curly, wiry hair which glistened with the

juices rubbed into it.

     Mary moved her legs so that one was now each side of her

head, her cunt was now over her face, only inches from it.  She

reached up and traced its outline, smearing the juices on her

fingers.  She could see Mary's bum cheeks, framed against the

ceiling and reached up and grasped them.  She could hear Mary

moaning against her cunt as she licked and sucked the juices from

it, giving her redoubled pleasures.

     Suddenly she felt Mary stop her efforts and say muffled by

her own legs, "You don't have to do it if you don't want to." 

However this simply spurred her on and her own tongue reached out

and flicked over Mary's cunt lips.  Upon tasting the sweet nectar

of another woman Jane knew she was hooked and she scooped up

another mouthful of juices and swallowed it whole.  Her tongue

began to explore Mary's cunt, and her efforts seem to spur Mary

to redouble her own against Jane's pussy.

     So a positive feed back circuit was established.  When Jane

licked Mary's cunt and brought her pleasure the effort was

returned by Mary who licked Jane's cunt.  As her face became

covered for the first time with another woman's juices her tongue

sought out all the hidden nooks and crannies which only another

woman can know about.  Her tongue teased the little nub of

pleasure which excited Mary to new heights of endeavour on her

own clitoris.  Pleasure built to new heights with each new thing

attempted and answered by Mary's own tongue and fingers.

     She experimented, and began to finger fuck Mary as she

licked her clit.  Suddenly Mary went completely rigid, her cunt

gripped her fingers as they explored the velvety insides of her

vagina and a muffled moan escaped from her mouth.  Jane was

pleased with herself, she had managed to return some of the

pleasure she had received from her new lover.  It took Mary only

a few seconds to recover and she redoubled her efforts on Jane's

own cunt.  Suddenly Jane felt the waves of her own orgasm wash

over her own body as it exploded from her cunt and gripped her

tightly in its embrace.

     Mary moved back and around until they faced one another

again.  They kissed, intermingling the flavours of each other's

cunt juices, their tongues licking the wine of their orgasms from

each other's faces.  They slowly fell asleep, secure in each

other's arms, their bodies snuggling tightly together.

     During the course of the night Jane awoke and began to make

love to Mary, who lay beside her, their bodies entwined.  She

started by slowly kissing and licking her ears, moving down her

neck, across her shoulders to her breasts.  Tasting, teasing

another woman's nipples into erection for the first time.  Her

tongue and mouth fully explored the valley between her firm small

breasts, bringing goose bumps to the skin.  She began to explore

lower and lower, across her small flat tummy to that delightful

little navel.  Her tongue roamed around and over her belly

button, tasting and smelling the special smell of a woman who is

becoming sexually excited.  She moved lower, finding the small

bush of wiry pubic hair which covered the top of Mary's sweet

grotto of love.

     She stopped for a moment, before continuing her explorations

to simply allow her sense of smell to experience the messages

that Mary's sex was delivering to it.  She then impulsively leant

forward and thrust her tongue between Mary's cunt lips and tasted

her juices as they slowly began to bubble forth from her pussy. 

A small moan escaped Mary's lips and her hands reached up and

stroked her hair.  Mary chuckled and said, "My, my you are

getting to be quite a cunt lapper Jane, oh!  Yes, yes, thats it

lick my twat, taste my juices you beautiful woman!  Fuck me with

your tongue, lick my clit!  Oh, god!  Thats sooooooooooo


     Jane redoubled her efforts at this encouragement and Mary's

voice quickly dissolved into a low series of groans and moans as

she relished what Jane's tongue was doing to her.  Her hips began

to buck against Jane's face as her long tongue began to thrust

deep into her pussy.  She felt Mary's hands tighten their grip on

her head and hold it in place as she tongue fucked the beautiful

nun, thrusting her tongue deeper and deeper into her hot cunt,

tasting the juices which rolled out, down her tongue into her


     Mary suddenly stiffened and Jane felt her tongue embraced by

the force of her orgasm.  It seemed to last forever, until Mary

collapsed in a heap.  She reach down with her arms to Jane's

shoulders and slowly pulled her up until they were lying, one

atop the other and their tongues slowly entwined once more.  Mary

began to rub her cunt against Jane's and they just seemed to fit

together.  Jane's cunt was already hot from what she had been

doing to Mary and she felt their pussies mash even more tightly

together.  Their clits touched and rubbed and she felt an orgasm

explode over her, her cum drenching both of them with its

intensity.  Mary quickly moved down her body and licked her pussy

clean.  When she returned, Jane could see even in the dim light

the grin which was on her face as they kissed once more.

     Again they fell asleep entwined in each other's arms.  This

time when Jane awoke she was alone, and it was late morning. 

Beside her on the pillow was a note, it read simply, "See you

Monday.  I have to hurry back to the convent for morning prayers. 

Last night was fantastic.  Love Mary."

     Jane worried that last night had all been a dream, yet she

could feel the well satisfied feeling which she only felt after

she had, had a good fuck session.  Her cunt seemed to glow and

she felt well satisfied.  The note confirmed what had happened. 

As she lay there she felt herself again grow wet as she dwelt on

what had happened.  She looked forward to what adventures Monday

would bring her.



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