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Archive-name: School/lab-guy.txt

Archive-author: Sheena

Archive-title: Sheena's Lab Guy

Yesterday afternoon's lab class was pretty boring, but the lab

instructor was such a sweet piece of meat that it made the class

enjoyable.  Ever since the semester started I knew that I wanted pussy told me so.

He's six foot tall ( I love tall men ) and blonde hair, and great

blue eyes.  I was eager to find out if the hair next to his cock

was as blonde as his hair.  The thought of finding out excited me.

I decided that I would fuck him.  How could I resist this 24 year

old stud, who I knew couldn't resist me.  I made up my mind that I'd

fuck him last night.

After the lab I waited until everybody left....I screwed around putting

my things away very slowly.   He always stayed until every student left

because we're not allowed to be in the labs alone.  I went up to him and

asked him a few mundane questions which he answered.  Right in the middle

of one of his answers I told him point blank.  "I want to fuck you". 

You should have seen the look on his face.  He didn't know what to say.

I continued "Let's got to your office".  Surprisingly, he agreed.  It

was just upstairs and it was about 5:10 so all of the secretaries were


We stepped into his office and he shut the door behind him.  I pounced

on him and he responded quite eagerly.  He grabbed my ass and was rubbing

it quite frantically.   He pushed me onto his desk and then unbuttoned my

shirt and feasted on my breasts....fuck did his tongue ever feel good!

He chewed was chewing on my nipples and I could feel the dapness between

my legs increase.  I pushed him off me.

I went dowm on my knees and undid his belt and unzipped his fly.  Out

sprang my reward.....fuck was it huge.  Needless to say I grabbed that

toy and stuck it into my mouth and sucked on it like it was an all day

sucker.  I've had quite a few cocks in my day, but I gotta tell ya, this

one was one of the biggest.  He finally became more verbal and was telling

me how good my tongue and mouth felt.  I sucked harder and caressed his

balls.  I looked up at his face and I could tell he was in some serious


I stopped and ordered him to get undressed in front of me.  He was a bit

shy but he complied.  Nice body.  I asked him if he worked out and he said

all the time.  I could tell.  I knew he would make me cum.

I slid out of my dress and laid on his desk.  I spread my legs exposing

my love hole and told him to come and get it.

He fucked me so hard until I came and came until I thought I was

going to pass out.  His thick shaft stretched my pussy walls,

aching for his manhood.  Then I could feel his cock twitch and

his moans were getting louder and his rhythm increased then he

yelled in pleasure as he rammed me and spilled his precious cock

juice into my eager hole.  He was good.  He laid on top of me for awhile.

I pushed him off and quickly got dressed.  I told him if he wants more

sometime...let me know.  He nodded.

Next time I hope he talks a little more.  But as long as he is a good

lay....who needs to talk?

I'm planning to get an A on my chem lab.

Lustfully yours,


P.S.  Yes, his pubes were blonde.  How exciting!

The end.


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