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Archive-name: School/great1.txt

Archive-author: Baron

Archive-title: Great Adventure, The


I'm was staying in a hotel in Princeton, NJ while registering

for classes at Princeton Univeristy when I noticed a small petite

woman at the ice cream counter located next to the pool. She was

suggestively eating a vanilla ice cream cone. Dressed in

jeans, a tighly fitting t-shirt that showed off the treasures

that mother nature gave to her in abundance and seemed to be equal

to a set of measurments equal to 38C-30-34. I knew I was onto a

good thing since she was there the afternoon before and was

obviously alone, like me.

I started to chat with her and find out that her name was

Amber. She dropped a comment that she'd like someone to mend

the plug on the hair-drier in her room. I offered to do it.

She asked me to wait down at the bar while she wanted to

phone someone from her room and to asked me to give her ten

minutes. The next ten minutes dragged by as I start to

anticipate what undressing this cute woman would uncover.

I look at my watch about 5 times, ordered another drink

for courage, and got to the elevators like the building was

on fire. The tenth floor seems a mile away, with the whole

world getting on and off at each floor.

I got out of the elevator and found her room number 6900 and

knocked on the door, somewhat apprehensive.

She opened the door. Imagine my surprise to see her standing

there dressed only in her pink teddie. She looked fantastic as

she motioned for me to come in.

"Thanks. Where's the drier", I ask.

"I'll get it for you," she says. She went to the dressing

table and handed it to me.

I played along with it for a few seconds. "I can't see anything

wrong with it," I said, not having a clue; "but there might be

a loose connection in the plug. Have you got a nail file?"

"Here," she replied, giving it to me. "While you fix it I'll

just take a shower."

So there's me fiddling away with the nail file, undoing the

plug, while she showers within feet of me, this gorgeous

female I've never met before, In fact, the wire was loose and

it was easily mended. She came out of the shower clad only in

a large bath towel, drying herself and looking so sexy that I

could have jumped on her there and then.

"I've fixed it." I say proudly.

"Thought you would," she smiled; "now let's see if it works."

Without a blink she threw the towel on the floor and

stretched out naked on the bed.

"Perhaps you'd like to try it out here." she says, pointing

to her pubic hair.

I don't need asking twice. I'm was on the bed playing the

current of warm air over her fanny and gently running my

fingers through her hair before she's finished asking. The

warm air soon began to have the desired effect and she

started to breathe heavily. Her legs open slightly, and she

started to caress her breasts.

"It's too hot," she moaned after a while. "cool me down now."

I took my cue from her and , getting down between her legs, I

got down on her fresh pussy and cooled her hot, aching clitoris

with my wet tongue.

"How's that?" I asked, raising my head for a moment. But she

was in another world.

Within seconds I'm nuzzled her sweet-smelling pussy again and

caressed her little knob to a climax. Her body writhed as

she clasped her thighs so hard around my head I think she'll

screw it off. It was such bliss that I kept on tonguing her

more and more as she tossed from side to side, trying to push

my tongue deeper into her pussy. The wetness of my tongue and

her juices mingle as we roll together, moaning and wallowing

in one another.

She moved out from under me and got into a submissive kneeing

position on the bed with her back to me. I climbed behind her

as my hands moved all over her behind and I started to put my

fingers into her pussy just teasing the outside of the pussy

wet lips.

"I hope you hands are clean," she remarks quietly, without

turning around. And I'd like something a bit larger than your

fingers while your at it," she said.

I noticed that next to her bed was a purple dildo sticking out

from under her pillow and I took it in my hands and ran it

over the cheeks of her ass. She pushed her hips back against

the dildo and started bucking her hips trying to get me to rub

her clit with the toy. I teased her for a few minutes like

this and told her to put her head on the bed and raise her ass

into the air.

I parted her lips be inserting the dildo into her pussy and

while I was doing this she opened her legs winder as she pushed her

hips back towards the oncoming object in my hand. It was rather

thick for her, but after some resistance she got it in and

looked over her shoulder with a smile of delight.

"I'm ready for you, sir," she murmured, after awhile." Fuck me

with the real thing."

I move up behind her and after moving out the dildo from her

wet pussy, slid myself into her wet, juicy hole with no

resistance at all.

"This is what you get for being such a slut, you little

tease," I told her as I pounded in and out of her pussy.

She smiled at me and told me, "I've been planning this since

the first night I saw you at the bar".

Fucking her at a fast pace caused her to make little crying

noises and I knew that she would be cumming soon. I bent down

and picked up her panties noticing that they were wet with

her juices probably from before her shower. Shoving her

panties in her with mouth was no problem. At first she

resisted opening her mouth until I grabbed one of her

breasts. A gentle massaging of it caused Amber to opened

her mouth to cry out and I quickly shoved part of her wet

panties into her open mouth. She looked like a tasty tart

asking to be taken for a ride.

Both of us come at almost the same time as she squeezed

me even from inside. I was all the way into her and noticed

all her juices were running out of her pussy and down her legs.

I moved away from her after a few minutes and layed her down on

her back and snuggled next to her as a smile appeared on her

face.  She put my hand on her wet pussy and then brought it up

to her mouth and sucked her wetness off of my hand.

She looked over at me with a grin on her face and said," What

are you doing tommorrow night, sir?"


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