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Archive-name: School/frat2.txt


Archive-title: Frat Party - 2

Keywords: 3plus

Saturday night and the usual routine in the house.  The

pledges were getting the kegs ready in the basement and I was

setting up my room for a night of pleasure.  As the night

progressed the basement filled up pretty well.  The girls were

mostly freshmen and sophomores, these were the ones not yet

conquered.  I cruised around the basement, talking to a few

friends here and there, and then I saw a girl that made my jaw

drop.  She had brown hair about shoulder length, green eyes and a

fabulous body.  She was wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt.

She was standing with a number of other girls talking.  The room

was pretty crowded as I made my way over to her.  She said her

name was Trina, and when she spoke the room seemed to light up,

her eyes sparkling.  I asked her to dance and went out to the

dance floor.  As she moved on the dance floor I got a better view

of her legs, they were long and well defined, as my eyes roved up

and down her she looked at me and smiled.  After a few dances we

went to get a drink, since the bar was so crowded, I suggested we

go up too my room, she said great and off we went.  I grabbed her

hand and led her through the crowd.

When we got to my room, I turned on some music and got her a

melonball, these seem to hit women like a ton of bricks.  We sat

on my couch and talked for a while, Trina was telling me how

much fun she was having at school and how many nice people she

had met.  As we talked my arm slipped around her shoulders and I

started lightly rubbing her upper arm through her blouse.  As I

rubbed she slid closer to me, and leaned her head on my chest.

I could see the swell of her breasts as the material of her

blouse moved over them.  Trina looked up at me and slowly kissed

me, her lips parted and she stuck her tongue into my mouth.  We

continued to kiss, our tongues becoming entangled.  My hand

moved up to her neck, I moved her hair away from her neck, and

slowly kissed her neck.

"Uhmmm... that feels good"

Her hands were rubbing the back of my neck.  As I kissed her

neck my hands roamed up and down her back. My cock was rising

rapidly, her hands running through my hair.  My hand slipped

around her waist and up to her tits, I traced the outline of her

bra through her blouse, her nipples becoming erect under my

touch, Trina started to speak, but I covered her mouth with

mine.  Trina then took my hand off her breasts and broke away

from my kiss.

"I really like you and am having fun but I need to know you


I usually don't like to hearing this, but with Trina it seemed

okay, I told her that we should go back downstairs before I got

too worked up.

When we got back downstairs  Trina's friends said that they

were leaving to go to another fraternity party.  I told Trina to

drop by the house tomorrow before dinner and we would go

together.  We kissed good-bye and she left.  After she left my

dick had not resided, I knew I had to get laid.  I scanned the

room, and caught the attention of a young looking blonde girl.

She was about five foot seven,  blue eyes, and had curves in all

the right places.  She was wearing a yellow tank top and a white

miniskirt, not the tight kind, but the loosely fitting kind.

Her beer cup was half empty, so I went over and asked her if I

could get her a refill.  I went behind the bar and filled her

cup up and when I got back a few other girls had joined her.  I

introduced myself to all of them, and found out that the

blonde's name was Kelly.  I noticed that she was a little tipsy,

as we talked, after a few minutes her friends went to dance,

Kelly was leaning against the wall and I noticed that she wasn't

wearing a bra, she looked so good standing there, my cock

started getting harder.  I suggested that instead of standing

around we should go sit down.  We went over to a  picnic table

and sat down.  We started talking about a bunch of things, and

as we did Kelly put her hand on my leg, as I looked up at her

she licked her lips.  Kelly continued talking like nothing was

going on, as she continued to run her hand up and down my thigh,

this continued for five minutes or so, and then she started to

rub and massage my growing bulge.  Kelly leaned forward and

whispered in my ear

"let's get out of here, I'm so hot for you"

I put my arm around her and rubbed her back, as she licked my

ear and bit my lobe.

We got up and went upstairs, as we walked through the dance

floor I noticed her friends were gone too.

When we got to the second floor landing, I turned to Kelly and

kissed her, her hands went around my neck, and our tongues

played with each others, lashing each other.  Kelly's hands were

running through my hair, and I slid my hands down her side,

coming to rest on the small of her back.  I backed Kelly up

against the ledge of a window on the landing, and started

grinding against her body.  Kelly's body responded, her hips

gyrating against me.  Her tits pressed into my chest, they felt

so good and full.  Kelly's hand slid down the front of us and

unzipped my fly, she started rubbing my cock in my jeans.

"Uhmm.. it feels so big and thick"

My hands travelled up her sides and slipped into the arm holes

of her tank top.  I squeezed and rubbed her tits, her moans

escaping down my mouth.  Kelly had my cock out now and had it

wrapped in the material of her skirt, she was jerking it up and

down...  the feeling of the up and down motion and the material

on my dick was doing the trick.  I pulled the material of her

tank top to the middle of her chest, and her tits fell out, the

sight of her tits hanging out of her shirt was a sight to

behold.  My hands rubbed her tits together, her nipples getting


"Oh.. uhmmm...  that feels great"

I started rolling her nipples, pulling on them, kissing down

her neck, her tits were so beautiful, I leaned down and started

kissing and licking her nipples, first the right and then the

left.  Her hands pulled my head closer and I started sucking her

tits, trying to suck the whole thing into my mouth.  My hands

parted her knees, and ran up her thighs.  Kelly parted her

thighs, and I could feel the heat from her snatch.

"I'm so hot.. ummm... bite my nipples... harder"

I started doing what she wanted, biting her nipples, pulling

them with my teeth, stretching them out.  My hand was tracing

up her thigh, and came to rest at the bottom of her panties, I

gently traced her slit with a single finger.

"Oh.. oh... stop teasing me.. please"

I rubbed a little harder, feeling the wetness between her

legs, my tongue still licking her tits, her moans were getting

louder, my hand started rubbing her slit faster, the material of

her panties being pushed up her pussy.  Kelly brought my face up

to hers and kissed me deeply.

"I want you so badly... please fuck me"

I sat Kelly up on the ledge, opened her legs, and started

rubbing her cunt again.  I pulled the material aside, and stuck

a finger up her twat.  My finger was pumping in and out, her

hips gyrating wildly, her clit was throbbing as my thumb played

with it.  Kelly lifted her skirt, and I could see her wet and

shiny pussy lips.

"Oh... see how wet you got me.. please fuck me now"

I couldn't wait, I pointed my dick at her hole, and slid in.

She was like velvet, I was so worked up I just started pumping

like a madman. Kelly had both hands on the sides of the window

steadying herself, her legs spread wide open, and I was fucking

her like crazy.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah... that's it fuck me.. fuck me"

I kept on pumping her, and looking at her perched on the edge

of the window, with her tits hanging out of the sides of her

shirt started the cum building.

"Jesus you are so big.. Jesus fucking Christ"

I could feel the insides of her cunt tighten, and then a rush

of wetness.

"Oh..I'm cuming oh... oh... yes.. yes.. that's it that's it"

That was enough for me, I pulled out and shot my wad all over

her tits and  the front of her shirt.

I kissed her slowly sucking her tongue into my mouth, pulled

her skirt back down while she  She fixed her shirt. Then I led

her up to my room.  We fell on the bed and I fell asleep.

I awoke sometime later to a wet feeling on my cock.  Through the darkness

I could see Kelly's head bobbing up and down over my shaft.  Her warm 

mouth encased my cock, taking it in in deep long strokes...sucking 

strongly on each up bob and slurping on each down bob.  I pretended to 

stay asleep thinking to myself this little thing can't get enough.  

Kelly continued sucking my dick, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I 

could see her on her hands and knees, her ass was right in front of my 

face, and I could see she had removed her panties.  Kelly started 

running her tongue up and down the shaft, stopping to suck my balls into 

her mouth, my cock was getting hard in a hurry, swelling up.  Kelly 

looked back at me for a second, and I quickly closed my eyes.  She went 

back to work on me, and then she reached her hand down and started 

fingering her cunt.  I could see her hand rub her puss through her legs, 

moans started coming from Kelly, and as she increased the pace on my 

cock, she increased her hand movements.  Kelly stuck two fingers up her 

twat, while grabbing hold of my cock and pumping me with her mouth.  A 

loud moan escaped her mouth, and she suddendly stopped, and looked back 

at me, I thought she caught me watching her, but she just scooted foward 

over me, and sank down on my cock.  She was so wet that I could hear a 

sloshing sound when she impaled herself.  She was fucking me, up and 

down she went, her moan started again and so did her pace, I decided 

that I could take no more. Seeing Kelly humping me, her skirt gently 

tickling my stomach on every down stroke made me grow another inch in 

size.  I pushed up the back of her skirt exposing her ass, and massaged 

each cheek.

"I wondered when you'd wake up"

"I was just enjoying the show"

I spread her cheeks wider, allowing better penetration, she felt so good

"Oh..oh..that feels sooo good"

Kelly kept on doing all the work, and I just laid back and enjoyed her 

hot twat.

Then Kelly swiveled on my dick to face me, reached up and pulled off her 

tank top.  Those tits looked as good now as they did earlier, and I 

reached up and pulled on her long nipples.  Kelly leaned down over me 

and stuck her tits in my face, she grabbed the right one

"suck it..while I ride your cock"

I licked the nipple lightly at first and then started sucking it harder, 

I was thrusting up her cunt at a frantic speed now and could feel the 

cum building up in my balls.  I reached behind her and spread her ass 

cheeks wide open, fingering her asshole for a minute.

"oh yes..oh yes..that's it suck my tits..suck it harder"

I could feel a rush of wetness a second later.

"jesus I'm cuming..oh yes..that's it"

Kelly's whole body tensed up and she sat straight up grinding her cunt 

against the base of my cock, as I shot my load up her cunt.

As I looked out the window I could seethe sun coming up, and as we fell 

asleep again I knew that this little firecracker would be mine for 


The next day as I was walking to class I ran into Trina, we 

started talking and I asked her if she wanted to to go to dinner with 

me.  We agreed on a time and I picked her up at her dorm room.  She 

looked even better today, she was wearing tight faded blue jeans, and a 

yellow half-shirt that ended below her tits.  I could see the outline of 

her panties through her jeans, they were the french cut type.  We went 

to dinner and talked and laughed, when I got her back to her dorm room 

her roomate was there, Becky was'nt ugly but was'nt a knockout either. I 

asked Trina if she wanted to go to the house, and before she could 

answer, kissed her deeply, and ran my hands up her legs, she returned my 

kiss, pulled me closer and whispered in my ear

"I want to but don't feel right...stick with'll be worth it",

She licked down my neck, and returned to my mouth.  I pulled away and 

told her I would call her the next day.  When I got back to the house I 

tried calling Kelly, but she was'nt home.  I relaxed at the house and 

went to sleep early.

I called Trina the next day and we met at dinner again, the same 

story again that night.  When I got to the house Kelly was waiting for 


Kelly geeted me with a wet kiss

"I've missed you over the last three days"

I drew her closer slowly running my hnads down her back, lightly tracing 

the outline of her bra straps, my hands coming to rest on her ass.  I 

started grinding against her, forgetting where we were.  The applause 

briught me back to reality, as the guys in the house were cheering me 


"let's go upstairs"  

As Kelly walked in front of me I got a good lokk at her ass, her panty 

lines were visible through her jeans.

I walked as closely behind her as I could get, leaning over every so 

often to kiss her neck from behind.

"I want you so bad "..."I've been thinking of fucking you for the last 

three nights"

" pussy has been wet everytime I think of you"

As soon as we walked into my room, I closed the door and came up behind 

her. My hands wrapped around her midsection, pulling her toward me.  My 

mouth went to her neck, kissing down her neck to her shoulder, her ass 

pressing back into my crotch.  My mouth worked its way up to her ear and 

my tongue started tracing the outline of her ear, occasionally 

penetrating her open earhole.  My hands moved up to her breasts, gently 

cupping them in my hands.  Kelly had her hands wapped around my head, 

slowly running her fingers through my hair.

"uhmm...that feels so good...I'm getting so wet"

Her nipples hardened under my touch, and my gentle cupping began to get 

harder, squeezing her tits in each hand.  I was squeezing and massaging 

her tits, pulling them along with the fabric of her shirt and bra.

Kelly started gyrating her hips harder now, her ass grinding into my 

crotch, my cock getting hrader with each circular movement.  My right 

hand pushed her shirt fabric into her bra, grabbing her nipple betwwen 

my fingers and rolling it in the fabric.  My left hand traveled down to 

her thigh, and I slowly ran it up to her crotch.  We were arched over, 

Kelly's left hand  on the back of my neck, her right hand tracing over 

my mouth, putting a finger in and letting me suck it in.

" know exactly how to work tits are so sensitive"

My right hand moved under her shirt and grabbed her nipple thorugh her 

bra, it was as hard as a rock, and I rolled and pinched it in my 

fingers.  Mt left hand started to moved over her crotch, rubbing a 

little harder, I could feel the heat from her cunt through her jeans.

I straightened up and brought my left hand up and pulled her shirt over 

her head.  Kelly started to turn around to face me, but I stopped her 


"Just stay just like you are...I want to enjoy you from behind for a 


My hands moved to her tits, they felt so good encased in her silk bra.

"squeeze them...they need hands are'nt as strong as 


I contiued to squeeze Kelly's tits, alternating from pulling them away 

from her body and pinching and rolling her rock hard nipples.

Kelly had reached behind me and pulled my shirt off, and I pressed my 

body into hers, feeling her hot skin against mine.

I kissed her shoulder, working my way up her neck, finally coming to 

rest at her mouth, our tongues intertwined, my hands working harder and 


"Oh god...I've never been this turned on in my life"

Kelly brought her hands over mine and started following my every move.  

She pressed my hands into her chest harder and started moaning

Her left foot started running up my right calf, exposing her crotch area 


Kelly brought her hands down her stomach to her crotch, her right hand 

disappearing between her legs, and I could feel her tracing the outline 

of my cock. Her fingers started pressing harder, against my cock, and 

soon she was rubbing and massaging it through my jeans.  As she was 

massing me her wrist was rubbing agisnt her crotch.  She was following 

her wrist every move, pressing foward agisnt her arm.

I pulled own the front of her bra expsoing her tits, her nipples 

standing out at atttention.  My hands continued downward, unbuttoning 

her jeans and pulling her hand from between her legs.  Her zipper 

followed, and I ran my hands down the back of her pants, grabbing each 

ass cheek.  My hands started working in circles over her ass, slwolwy 

causing her jeans to fall to her ankles, the feeling of her silk 

panties, tightly encasing her ass was wondeful.

Kelly tried to turn around again, but I stopped her and stood her up 

stright, sticking my tongue in her mouth, my hands coming to rest on her 

soaking wet cunt.

"oh..yes..uhmmm..that feels good"

I undid my pants and stepped out of them, my cock standing at full 

attention.  My hand went back to her tits, pulling each nipple as hard 

as I could, Kelly started arching again.

"Pull on my nipples..yes...yes...they're so hard"

My cock was now between Kelly's legs, I could see it sticking out from 

the front, pressing up against her pantied laced cunt.  Kelly's hands 

immediately went to it, and she started rubbing it across the front of 

her panties, her juices soaking through onto my cock, her moans getting 


"it's so hard..oh..ohh."

Her hand was also becoming soaked with her juices, and she brought it 

up to my mouth, I licked it clean, she tasted so good.

Kelly started increasing the pace, frantically rubbing my cock against 

her cunt.  I slwowed her down and moved down her back with my mouth 

licking and sucking every inch of her skin.  When I came to the toip of 

her panties, I spread her tsance out, turned my slef around and tsuck my 

head between her legs.  I kissed her stomach, sticking my tongue in her 

bellybutton, slowly licking my way down her right thigh, my mouth moved 

over her cunt, I breathed very heavily into the material of the panties.

"oh..that feels good..are you going to tease me or eat me"

I sucked in the panties getting a good taste of Kelly's juices, my hands 

wrapped around her ass pulling her cunt closer to my mouth.  I licked 

her thigh, inching closer to the material covering her cunt.  I 

flattened out my tongue and pressed it into her pussy, pushing the 

material against her wet cunt.  Kelly's hands were pressing my head into 

cunt, her pussy grinding against my mouth.  I pulled the material of her 

panties to one side and stuck my tongue between her slit.  My tongue ran 

up each lip, sucking each one into my mouth.  I continued running mny 

tongue in a circular motion over her pussy, sucking and biting exh lip 

as I went along.

"oh..oh..uhmm. eat my pussy..stick your tongue in"

I stopped and spead her lips open, her clitoris standing like a hard 

eraser.  Thge tip of my tongue entered her pussy, her juices running 

down my chin.  My fingers squeezed her clit, rolled it in my fingers, my 

face buried as deep as it could go in her cunt.

"oh...yesss...oh..yess..jesus feels so good"

her hips were gyrating wildly, pushing my face into her cunt, Kelly's 

hands left my head and moved to her tits, she was squeezing her tits, 

pinching her nipples.  her body tensed up and a flow of her juices ran 

into my mouth, tasting like sweet honey.

Kelly stood up and removed her panties, dopped to her knees, her cunt 

inches away from my cock.  I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, 

exposing her asshole to my gaze.  Kelly reached down and grabbed my 

cock, rubbing it along her pussy.  I could'nt stand it any more and 

forced her hips down, her pussy eveloping my cock in wet warmth.

"let me do all the work"

Kelly started rising up and down on my dick, she started out slowly, 

moving up and down, Kelly increased the pace and sson was bouncing up 

and down at a frantic pace.  I reached up and grabbed her tits, pulling 

Kelly back, her back on my chest.  She arched her back, and I started 

pumpimg her cunt wildly.  My hands traveled down to her cunt, I started 

rubbing her clit, my hand becoming wetter with each stroke.

"oh..yes..fuck me...rub my clit..fuck me"

As she said this, her cunt muscles started convulsing around my cock, I 

could'nt take it any more, my cock exploded into her cunt, shooting my 

cum deep into her canal.

We fell asleep in each others arms.

About a week later there was a message on my machine from Trina. 

She wanted me to meet her for lunch.  I had been seeing Trina almost every other

day for dinner so lunch was a surprise for me.  Everytime I saw her I would 

leave with a raging hard-on and would call Kelly for some release.  I met Trina 

at 12:00 in the dinning hall near her dorm.  She as usual looked so sexy, that I 

wanted to eat her out instead of eating food.  She gave me a kiss hello.

"I'm glad you could make lunch"

"I would'nt miss it "

Trina was wearing  black linen pants and a yellow silk tank top shirt.

I could'nt help but notice her nipples becoming errect as my hand reached across 

the table to hers.  Our conversation throughout lunch was light and mostly about 


"I'm going to get you want anything" Trina asked

"No...I'm trying to watch my weight"

Trina disappeared for a minute and then came up behind me and whipsered in my 


"Watch me eat may be next"

As Trina came around and took her chair I saw that she had a creamsicle in her 


Trina unwrapped the ice cream and started licking the bar with teh tip of her 

tongue.  She had a seductive look in her eyes, as the bar became more and more 

phallic looking.  She was sucking the whole bar into her mouth, her red lips 

surronding the bar, causing a drop of cream to trickle down.

Mt cock was getting extremely uncomfortable watching her.  I took her hand and 

squeezed it.

"let's get out of here"

"Okay...let's go back to my room"

We took our trays up to the dishwasher, and headed back to her room.

My arm was arounbd her as we walked, I was running it up and down her back, I 

could feel she was braless.

As she was opening the door, I pressed against her ass and kissed her neck.

She opened the door and we walked in.

Trina turned around, put her arms around me and kissed me passionately.  Her 

hands ran up my neck as our tongues played a rythmic tune.  My hands were on her 

ass, lightly tracing the roundness of her cheeks.

Trina's breathing was quickening....I backed her up to the edge of the bed.  Her 

hands were running up my chest, teasing my nipples through the fabric of my 

tee-shirt.  Trina started kissing down the front of my shirt...her hands pulling 

the shirt from out of my jeans....her hands now running inside of my shirt.

My hands had increased in intensity the massage of her ass...I pulled her closer 

to me, her crotch coming into contact with my raging cock.

Trina sat back on the bed, trailed her hands down to my crotch and started to 

trace the outline of my cock through my jeans.

"Have I done this to you" she said with a wicked smile

" I guess I can't say no to you anymore"..."after doing this to you"

She was looking up at me..her hands moving fatser and pressing against my dick

I took her head in my hands and brought her mouth aginst my cock...she mouthed 

my dick through the material of my jeans and started breathing very 

heavily..forcing her hot breath through the material onto my dick...her hands 

started undoing the button and down came my hands were lightly 

touch her breasts...but my mind could not focus on cock was twitching 

with excitement...she slid my jeans down around my ankles and pulled my dick out 

through the fly of my boxers.

"Uhmm...I've been thinking of this for a while"...she took my shaft in her left 

hand and slowly started stroking it up and down...her pace was quickening with 

each stroke...Trina brought my cock to her lips and ran it in a circular motion 

over her lips...the warmth and slight wetness was driving me crazy...she slowly 

put just the ghead into her mouth...running her tongueover the head...her mouth 

opened and she sucked in about half of my dick...

"'s so hot and thick...."

Trina started to take more and more of my dick into her mouth....opening her 

mouth to let it in and then sucking smoothly to let it hands were 

forcing her heads towards my groin as her pace quickened...herhead was moving 

back and forth now, her mouth staying open and me just moving her head back and 

forth..I was fucking her mouth without abandon....

Trina suddenly resisted and looked up at me...letting my cock fall from her 


"I'm getting so hot doing taste so good"

as she was saying this she was licking the shaft of my cock,.... from the base 

to the tip....

:lay back for's your turn"

Trina layed back, and I could see her tits move backward under the silk tank top 

she was left hand pulled the strap of her top offher shoulder 

exposing her left tit, her nipple was errect like an right hand 

moved between her legs, feeling the heat from her pussy...myt hand ran over her 

mound causing her to raise her hips..I bent down and kissed her sucking her 

tongue into my mouth...

"take off my with me...I'm soo hot..please play with my puss"

I undid her pants..pulling her slacks down her legs...her matching black panties 

had a large wet spot in the right hand cupped her left hand 

ran up her thigh coming to rest on her mound....Trina had pulled my boxers down 

and had turned her head so that she could suck my cock again....I was determined 

to concentrate on her now...I pulled her panties from the top so that they 

disappeared into her other hand  opened her lips open facilitating 

the fabric to fingers were running up and down her lips..

"oh yes..that's with my puss" she moaned between sucks...

one of my fingers slipoped into her pussy...I was pumping her pussy..Trina's 

legs were spread wide apart..her hips rising up with each of my thrusts of my 

hand..then two fingers...

"oh..yes..uhmm...fuck me with your hand..fuck me "

I kept fingering thumb finding her clit through teh fabric of her 

panties...she had stopped sucking my cock..and her eyes were closed..her hands 

squeezing her tits..pulling on her nipples...her hips started moving up and down hand was still..her cunt thrusting back and forth..beads of sweat 

were gathering on her forehead...

"yess..oh..yess..jesus..I'm cumming"

Her pussy convulsed and  my hand became soaking wet with her juices...

I moved to teh foot of the bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge.

I raised her legs over my shoulders, and rubbed my cock over her pussy


"well I; don't know...this feels good but I realy should know you better"

as I was saying this, I pulled aside her panties and started sliding in, my cock 

was felt the heat of her pussy artound it... slow strokes at first..

"this is what you want me to fuck you"

"yess..fuck my hot puss..fuck me "

My strokes started to get faster..Trina was bucking up to meet my every 

stroke...I reached down and pulled her shirt over her hands around her 

calves...pushing her legs closer together...increasing the tightness of her 

cunt...I grabbed her nipples and rolled them in my fingers...

"Oh...oh...faster..fuck my cunt faster..yess...yess"

I was pumping her as fast as I could..the bed frame hitting the wall behind 

it...the pressure in my balls was too intense as I stroked in and out at a 

frantic pace...

"I'm goign to cum..."

"no...not yet...I want to taste your cum..cum in my mouth"

I grabbed my cock at the base...came around to Trina's side and put my dick on 

her lips...she opened her mouth and my hand stroked my cock covered with

Trina's juices and started to shoot my cum down her open cock was

jerking and some of the cum hit Trina in the face instaed of going down her 

mouth...Trina carefully licked my cock clean...and pulled me to her...I fell on 

the bed next to her.

When I got back to the house, Kelly was waiting for me.  As sonn as I 

saw her my cock started to get hard.  It was'nt that Trina had'nt satisfied me, 

just the opposite, I wanted to stay with Trina and fuck and suck all afternoon, 

buit her roommate had come home and I did'nt think she appreciated us being in 

the room together.  I gave Kelly a kiss and escorted her upsatirs.  She had on a 

a blue tailored business suit, the kind wqith a skirt and a jacket and that was 


"I had a formal luncheon at the sorority rush"

"I did'nt know youy were rushing"

"yeah...well..I thought it might be fun"

I told Kelly I was going to the bathroom and I would be back.

She walked up to me, stuck her tongue in my mouth and said

"Hurry up...and drain that thing..I want to put it in me"

as she said this she was grinding her whole body against mine.

I went to the bathroom and when I returned, Kelly was laying face down on the 

bed.  I came up behind her and sat on her ass.  My hands started to massage her 

shoulders, brushing her hair away from her neck.

"Uhmm...that feels good"

I slid down and started to massage her back making my way down to her ass.  

I took each ass cheek in my hands and started ro rub them through her skirt.

My hands roamed up and down her ass...I raeched her zipper and pulled it down.

The top of her ass came into view and I could see she was wearing blue 

pantyhose.  I lifted her hips and slid the skirt down her legs.  As I moved her 

skirt down further, I could see each cheek encased in the hose and Kelly had no 

panties on.  My hands slid down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy 

through teh pantyhose.


My hand was getting wet with her juices...I brought my mouth down against her 

ass and started kissing and licking her thighs.  Kelly spread her legs wider, my 

tongue flattening out and running up and down her encased cunt.  Kelly arched 

her ass up, and I slid the top of her pantyhose down over her cheeks, letting 

the elastic of the hose hold it in place.  I spread her ass cheeks apart, and 

ran my finger around her rosebud.

"Oh..uhmm..that feels good...lick it"

I brought my face down between her cheeks, and ran the tip of my tongue over her 

asshole.  Kelly's hip[s were rything against my face..her cunt getting wetter 

with each pass of my tongue.

"UHmm...I need you inside of me..please fuck me"

I pulled Kelly up on all fours and slid her pantyhose all the way off..I leaned 

over and kissed her neck.

"just stay in that position"

I took of my pants and got behind her, and slid my cock up and down the crack of 

her ass.  I slid in to Kelly with one swift stroke, and started to pump in and 


"yess...yess...fuck me ...fuck me"

My hand slipped down to the top of her ass and I pressed my thumb against her 


"what are you doing..."

" will feel so good"

My thumb slipped in and Kelly went crazy

"oh my god...oh...that feels so good...oh..oh"

My cock pumping into her cunt and my thumbs slowlsy moving in and out of her 

ass.  I increased my pace in both holes, her pussy soaking my cock with 

her juices.

Kelly fell flat on her belly, I took my cock out of her pussy, drawing 

some of her juices up towards her ass and pressed my dick aginst her asshole.

"go slow..please"

I pressed foward, her sphincter giving way slowly.  I sunk down very 

slowly into her ass, she was so tight I could hardly move or feel my 

cock.  I withdrew  inch by inch.

"Oh...jesus...that feels so good..I never felt so good"

I thrust my dick back into her ass with a little more force, feeling her 

shpincter muscle relax, my thrusts got faster and faster.  Kelly was 

gripping the sheets with her hands and squeezing the sheets in her 

fists, clenching her teeth.

"fuck my ass harder..please..oh..oh"

I grabbed her cheeks and spead them wide open, her jacket was starting 

to show the perspiration from her back.

I kept on pumping her widly, my ock sliding easily in and out of her 

ass, my balls started to ache and I had to cum.  I pulled otu of her ass 

and shot my load all over her ass, watching some of the drops slide down 

her exposed asshole.  I rolled Kelly over, and slid into her cunt.  My 

cock was still semi-hard, and I placed one of her legs over my shoulder 

and pumped her as hard and fast as I could.  My groin was banging into 

her cunt, the expression on her face told me she was cumming.

"Yess..jesus..yess..fuck me hard..I'm cumming"

After Kelly came, I kissed her deeply.

"thank you for doing that to make me feel so good"

I now had the perfect situation, Kelly was insatiable in bed, 

and Trina was finally letting me satisfy her.  The next few days were 

slow with Trina and Kelly as mid-term exams were being given.

However, the night before my 

last mid-term, I was in the library studying.  I had sat down in the 

back of teh library at a small table.  I had been studying for about two 

hours very intensely.  I looked up and saw that someone had joined me at 

the table.  I had seen her around in one of my classes, but really never

noticed her, she had flaming red hair, and as she sat there I noticed 

that she was attractive.  She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt, and 

gym shorts.  I gave her a quick smile, and returned to my book.  Abotu 

15 minutes later I noticed she was stretching, arching her back over the 

back of the chair, and I saw that she also had extremely large breasts,

as the fabric stretched over her chest.  She caught me staring at her, 

and just smiled at me.  She then got up and walked around to my side of 

the table, sat down next to me.

"I noticed your studying for the same exam as I am"..."My name is Andrea"

I introduced myself and we started talking about the class and the exam.

After about 10 minutes, Andrea started telling me about how nervous she 

was about this exam, her knee bumped into mine, and she did'nt move it, 

she just started to move it up na down against my leg.  Andreas took 

one of my hands and put it on her bare knee.  She moved up to my ear and 

whispered "When I get nervous there is only one thing that can help"...

"Please get me off...please" with that she guided my hand down to her 

crotch, my hand rubbed the fabric of her shorts, and I could feel the 

heat from her cunt.  "I love having my cunt rubbed" My hand increased 

its tempo, running up and down her crotch, my palm rubbing against her 

cunt, slowly getting wet with her juices.

"Oh..yess..faster..rub it faster"  

Andrea's eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip, and was 

crouched over the front of the desk.

"Turn around towards me"  Andrea slid around so she was now facing me, 

slid to the edge of the chair, and thrust her cunt up towards my hand.

My hand started moving faster, up and down the fabric of her shorts.

"Oh yes...oh yess...keep going..keep going"

I turned my hand sideways, and started sawing between her legs, that was 

all for her.

"Jesus christ...jesuss..I'm cumming..I'm cumming"

Andrea's hips were grinding up against my hand, as she came.

Andrea leaned over and kissed me, "Now its your turn"  She reached down 

to grab my hard cock and rubbed it through my jeans.  Just then the 

lights started flashing, indicating the library was closing.

"let's go back to my sorority house and finish working off our 


"Sounds really good to me...I want to take out my tension on these"

With that I cupped one of her tits, and watched a smile come over her.

When we got to her house, she led me up to her room, her 

roommmate was not there,like I really cared.  The minute the door closed 

she was kneeling at my feet, unzipped my pants and pulled them down, her 

lips wrapped arounbd my cock, slowly sucking it into her mouth.  Andrea 

sucked it in a rythmic motion, alternating between the left and right 

side of her mouth, the head of my dick pressing against the inside of 

each cheek. She was slow and deliberate.  I reached down and pulled her 

shirt over her head, and pulled each tit from her bra.  They hung there 

shwoing off her tan lines.  Andrea continued sucking me, increasing the 

pace and then slowing down, bringing me to the dge and then cutting me 

off. I pulled her up to me, kisssing her, sucking her lips into my 

mouth, I grabbed her ass, and pulled the material of her shorts between 

her legs.  I backed up and sat down on the bed, she kneeled down again, 

and started sucking me off.  I took her nipples in each of my hands and 

started rolling them in between my fingers.  Andrea leaned up and kissed 

my chest, letting her tits rub against my cock.  She took my ock and put 

between her tits, and started moving up and down.  The feeling of her 

smooth skin against my hard hot ock was amazing.  She bent her head down 

and licked my dick in on each downward stroke.

"Is this what you want...uhmm...your cock feels so hot"

I could'nt take anymore, I pushed Andrea onto her back, and straddled 

her chest, my cock wedged between her tits.  I pushed her tits together 

and started pumping as fast as I could.  Two pumps and my cock exploded 

all over her be continued


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