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Archive-name: School/fantasy.009


Archive-title: The Letter

 A letter from my college days written almost 8 years ago to 

 a former lover: 



 My darling  I'm missing you and my thoughts drift back to 

 all those wonderful moments spent in your strong arms.  I 

 remember awaiting your presence with mounting desire.  By 

 the time you arrived I was ready, wet and willing. Your 

 smile and your warmth was just the beginning turn-on for me. 

 You would kiss me and I would just melt.  I would feel 

 my crotch start to burn with desire for your touch.  You 

 always seemed to know what I wanted without my ever having 

 to tell you.  I remember your touch as if it were yesterday. 


 You never seemed to miss a spot.  You had such a way with my 

 breasts  and you always paid great attention to my nipples. 

 Your mouth was hot and sensuous, kissing me everywhere.  You 

 would bring me to heights I had forgotten I could reach. I 

 remember how anxious and desirous I would be to have your 

 beautiful cock enter the depths of my dripping pussy. 

 Pleasure would rush through my body when you penetrated me. 

 Oh, how I love that feeling and the closeness I felt with 

 you at that moment! 


 You would kiss my mouth with such passion as your hands 

 found their way to my always-excited breasts and nipples. 

 The passion in my body would reach the point of no return, 

 my climax sending me into an explosion of ecstasy beyond 

 compare.  I would become wild and uncontrollable.  My 

 fingernails would mark your back with all the passion you 

 had built within me.  It was as if I was losing my mind. 


 I would cry out all those loving and nasty words you came to 

 know so well.  I would feel your pride, your joy and the 

 power you derived from making me feel helpless and totally 

 yours.  Your desires reaching the bursting point, would 

 culminate in an extended and deep climax of your own.  Then 

 we would lie exhausted in each other's arms. 


 I never knew I was capable of such extremes.  I would 

 tremble in your arms, feeling and enjoying my helplessness. 

 Oh, how I miss those times with you, your touch, your kiss, 

 your beautiful body. 


 Our time together was destined to be short, as we both had 

 lives elsewhere, but memories of you will burn in my heart 

 forever. I wish you peace, happiness, and love always. 

 Always remember you are a beautiful and sensitive man. 


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