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Archive-name: School/fantasie.txt


Archive-title: Fantasies Come True 

"Yo, that has to be the hottest babe in the department."

"I heard that.  You can't touch that, though.  You know what the deal

is.  Faculty don't do the wild thing with undergrads."

"I got to have FAITH, though."

"Drew, you got to have more than that.  Babe like that, you know she

can get it when she wants.  You got to come real good to get some of


"Well, I better get my act together on this algebra.  Check you on the


"Later on, homeboy."


Andrew went back to the seemingly impossible task of his algebra

homework, but happened to catch a glimpse of his algebra professor as

she pushed open the entrance door to the Math/Sciences building.  He

marveled that even from a distance, she could look as good as she did.

A thought crossed his mind: the two of them together on the couch in

her office, him on the bottom, stroking her luscious breasts as she

rode him up and down.  "Too bad", he thought, "I ain't never gonna get

no chance".  He watched the door close, then with a sigh attempted

another algebra problem.


Andrew loved algebra and was quite a stellar student.  "Not what you'd

expect from a jock-type", as he'd seen himself described on  At 6'6", blessed with a lean but well-toned frame, he

could do a lot of things, from slam dunking on the Venice courts to

flagging down drives hit to the deepest part of Twin Creeks.  However,

since becoming a math major, he'd had to give up most of the time he

used to spend on sports.  His competitive spirit was just as equal to

the task of solving math problems as it was for sports, as indicated

by his latest Dean's List performance.


However, the sight of a gorgeous woman could still drag Andrew away

from his books.  And when he noticed women, women noticed him.  With

just one flash of his smile, he could hook just about any woman he

wanted.  Few women could resist his warm smile, which highlighted his

deeply tanned face.  And when he spoke in his deep baritone, rarely

was a woman unmoved.


Despite all his good looks, Andrew had only been with a handful of

women.  For unknown reasons, not even to him, he rarely got to the

killing ground, even though many women would have been happy to take

him there.  "Good looks aren't enough ... you've got to have a

PERSONALITY" ... that's what he read on  Maybe that was

it ... maybe not.  The problem at hand, tougher than computing the

next Galois group, was getting Tanya to notice him.  Tanya, the

algebra professor, the hottest thing to hit the math department since

the new prime factorization algorithm.


Tanya paused by the front door to her office to admire her printed

name on the door before she opened it.  "Dr. Tanya Crowne, Assistant

Professor", she smiled to herself, as she opened her office door.

After closing the door behind her, she stopped to admire herself in

the full-length mirror she had owned for years, even before she went

to Berkeley.  "I'm very proud of myself, the way I've taken care of

both my body and my brain", she thought as she gazed into the mirror.


She had every right to be.  Tanya had been acclaimed as one of the

brightest young mathematical minds to be produced by Berkeley's tough

mathematics department.  Her dissertation had received world

recognition, and she'd been named a Presidential Young Investigator.

Not only had she captivated the attention of mathematical minds all

over the world, she'd captured a few hearts along the way.  Her

heart-shaped face was set off by shoulder-length dark brown hair.  The

hours she spent in her study breaks on the tennis courts and in the

pool had paid off well, resulting in a firm, but shapely body.  Her

narrow waist and long, lean legs had been both the envy of women and

the dream of men throughout Evans Hall.  She also sported a pair of

round, full breasts.  "My ta-tas", she murmured, as she paused to

trace a circle around a nipple and felt it harden at her touch.


It would have surprised many of Tanya's friends and colleagues alike

that she had not had very much romance in her life.  Like many very

attractive, very smart women, she suffered from the "guys don't ask me

out" problem.  The truth be told, many guys, although dying to make

love to her, rarely had the nerve to even ask her to lunch.  "Too

afraid they'd get turned down", is what she'd remind herself, any time

a guy she was attracted to wound up with another woman.  "Their loss."

In the hours that she spent alone, while many of her friends enjoyed

romance and sex, she kept company with math textbooks.  What had

started out as a way to kill time not spent with men had turned into

an amazing success story, as she developed a keen insight into some of

the deepest problems in math.  She learned to live for the pursuit of

mathematical knowledge and her own physical fitness.  However, she

could not completely submerge her sex drive, and so, as she did in the

break times during her study sessions, she indulged herself in her own

body, tracing rings around her nipples, massaging the insides of her

legs, losing herself in her own orgasm.


Andrew woke up the next morning with a great hard-on.  He had been

dreaming about Tanya giving him the best head he'd ever had.  In his

dream, she had taken his cock deep into her mouth, licking and sucking

it, making it grow rock hard.  He had become beside himself with

pleasure, as he began to thrust deeply into her mouth.  He had come

very strongly, with every thrust pumping his release into her mouth.

She began to swallow his semen greedily, while at the same time

motioning for him not to let up.  At the point where he thought he'd

spent himself, the dream ended.  "That was some good shit."  He

started to rub his cock slowly, then increased speed, while he thought

about it inside of Tanya's mouth.  He was about to come again, when

the clock radio boomed out the voice of M.C. Hammer.


"Can't touch this."


"No shit, the Hammer is right, I won't get to touch that" he thought.

Nevertheless, he got himself up out of bed and dressed in a hurry,

because he didn't want to be late.  Algebra was his first class, and

the thought of Tanya urged him on.


As Tanya prepared her algebra lesson for the day, she thought about

how long it had been since she had a man.  "One year and counting",

she reminded herself.  Her prospects did not look too good for the

coming year, either.  The transition from graduate student to

university professor did not do much for the sex life, she mused.

Not only were men afraid to approach her for fear of rejections, there

were strong taboos against any student-faculty or faculty-faculty

involvement.  In fact, she'd heard rumors that former faculty members

had been kicked out of the department when engaging in sexual

relations with other students and faculty.  "Such a big deal over such

a little thing", she thought, "but not much I can do about it".  But

the urges had been growing stronger over the past few days, as she

was nearing her period.  "I just have to have somebody soon, or else

I'll BURST!  But who?"  Her eyes fell upon the stack of exam papers

she'd graded the night before, and the name on the top paper.  Andrew

Richards, the brightest student in the class.  A thrill went through

her body as she thought about what it would be like to be held by his

strong arms, to be kissed by his soft lips, and to be stroked by his

smooth hands.  An idea came to her mind.  She took his exam paper off

the top and stuck it into her desk, stuffed the rest into an envelope.

and ran out the door.


Andrew shifted nervously in his seat while Tanya handed back the exam

papers.  He was still thinking of Tanya and what she'd done to him in

his dreams last night.  He didn't want to look at her, because he was

sure she'd be able to read his mind.  "Probably thinks I'm one of

those dirty sex-fiends."  As Tanya continued to return exams, his

thoughts shifted to the exam.  It had been difficult, but he thought

he'd done well.  "Maybe I did fuck the shit up after all", he muttered

to himself.  His concern increased when she had finished handing back

the exams, then proceeded to the lesson without giving him a glance.


At the end of class, Tanya waited for Andrew to ask her about his

exam.  She had avoided meeting his eyes on purpose, in case he could

tell from the expression on her face that she had big plans for him.

"His eyes just look right through me", she thought.  "Oh, I hope this

plan works out!"  After all the other students had left, Andrew rose

from his seat and approached her.  As tall as she was, she only came

up to Andrew's shoulders. "Gotta keep cool", she thought, and started

it off.



"Professor Crowne?", he responded in a deep, but slightly unnerved


"About your exam.  We have to talk."

Andrew looked nervously around the room, unable to meet her gaze.


"Not here.  In my office."  With a swish of her skirt, she turned and

walked out the door, her heels clicking on the floor.  Thinking to

himself how ironic it was that of all things, he'd be alone with his

fantasy woman only to be bitched at for screwing up an exam, he



Tanya paused before opening the door to her office.  The halls were

empty, since it was rather late in the day.  "Safe", she thought.  She

opened the door and gestured Andrew to enter, lightly guiding him

inside with her hand on his rear.  She paused for a moment to check

the halls again, and finding them empty closed the door behind her.


"So ... what's the deal about my exam."

"Andrew ... I hate to break the news to you ...", Tanya started,

noticing how his face fell as she spoke, "... but you were the highest

student in the class.  Again.  I'm very pleased."

Relief flashed across Andrew's face, and the smile that turned women

on came back.  "Awww, it wasn't much.  Just tryin' to do the work,

that's all."

"You know," Tanya replied, edging a bit closer to him, "there are

rewards for good students like you."

"You mean, like scholarships?"  Despite the low tuition of state

education, Andrew still had occasional problems getting the money in

on time.  "Anything you could do to get me some cash, I'd appreciate


"Ummm, I was thinking of something a bit more ... personal.  Let me

show you."  With that, Tanya pulled her blouse over her head to reveal

her two bountiful breasts, nipples erect.


Andrew was shocked.  On the one hand, here *she* was, giving him what

he'd fantasized about as long as he'd known her.  However, he'd read

about manipulative women on the net, how they'd set guys up and then

cry rape.  He wasn't about to get himself in any trouble -- certainly

there was enough of that where he'd come from.  He turned to leave.

Tanya's words followed him to the door.


"Andrew", she smiled seductively at him, "don't you want your reward?"

"I think it's a bit more than I can handle at this point."

"Don't tell me you're afraid of me."

"No ... but I've heard some stuff around, you know.  I ain't havin' no

rape charges slapped on my ass."

"Now, do you think I would have invited you back here to my office if

I wanted to get you in trouble?"  Tanya sat down on the sofa in her

office and crossed her legs.  "I like you Andrew.  I always wanted

you, right from the first time I saw you.  I know you want me too.  I

can see it in your eyes when we're in class."


Andrew was having a difficult time deciding what to do.  His eyes kept

shifting from Tanya's inviting body to the door, as he considered his

options.  "If I don't go for it, I might not get the chance again" he

thought. "Then, on the other hand, if she tries to pin some shit on

me, I'm fucked."  Then, the irony of the situation hit him.  "Either

way I'm fucked, so I might as well enjoy it while I can."  He turned to

face Tanya, and knew he couldn't turn away, because it was the one

thing he'd wanted to do all along.


"Fuck me, Andrew.  Fuck me good, the way I know you can."


Andrew knelt beside Tanya on the sofa.  He took her face in his hands

and kissed her very deeply.  Her tongue met his with great force.  He

then kissed her neck, and her ears.  In response, Tanya arched her

back, and began to breathe heavier.  She reached for his crotch, and

found his cock to be stiff.  She began to stroke his cock while he

kissed her ears and neck.


"Andrew ... it's like I thought it would be ... you're so good ..."

"It gets better babe."


Andrew began to suck Tanya's breasts.  He took each one in his mouth

individually, then pushed both together so he could put both nipples

in his mouth at the same time.  Tanya began to moan with pleasure.


"Andrew ... give it to me ... now ..."


Her hands reached for the zipper to his pants, undid the zipper, and

felt around for his cock.  She managed to get his cock from outside

his briefs.  It was long and hard.  She teased the head of his cock,

watching it move at her touch, then began to massage it with both her

hands.  Andrew took his cock and moved it backwards and forwards

between Tanya's breasts.  Tanya began to squirm with pleasure.  Her

vagina was beginning to get wet, and she knew she was ready for him.


"Now, Andrew.  Do me now."


Andrew rose up from the sofa.  He dropped his pants to the floor to

expose his muscular legs.  At the same time, Tanya removed her skirt

and undergarments.  When Andrew took his shirt off, Tanya ran her

hands across his wide chest, and kissed his nipples.  She then laid

down on the sofa and motioned for Andrew to come to her.


Andrew spread Tanya's legs.  He began to kiss the insides of her legs,

working his way up towards her moist vagina.  The feel of his lips on

her legs sent shivers all up and down her body.  She felt the first

wave of orgasm rippling through her body.  It had never been quite

like this before, even with her best previous lover.  "And we haven't

really even got started yet!" she thought.  She grabbed Andrew's head

and pressed his face against her wetness.


Andrew found Tanya's clit and licked it with his tongue.  Tanya let

out a scream.  Pleased with himself, Andrew continued to lick it,

producing more screams and moans.  "Better than in my dreams," he

thought, "she's so hot, so hot."  He was dying to get inside her, but

he wanted to wait, because Tanya's moaning was as much of a turn on to

him as the thought of putting his cock inside her.


"Well, what are you waiting for?"  Tanya panted.  "Fuck me.  I can't

wait anymore."


Andrew laid down on top of Tanya and gently slid his cock inside

Tanya's vagina.  She let out a gasp of delight.  His cock was so big

and wide, it filled her entire tract.  He began to move his cock up

and down, sometimes sideways, sometimes thrusting deeply and other

times almost pulling out.  Each different movement produced a

different sound of delight from Tanya.  "It's like me playin' her like

she's an organ."  He was starting to get very excited as well, and

began to pump harder.


In response to Andrew's accelerated thrusts, Tanya began to writhe

underneath him.  She knew he was about to come, and felt she was about

to come as well.  Her orgasm, the strongest she'd ever had, rose out

of her, as big as she felt Andrew's cock inside of her.  She felt like

she was on fire.  In the midst of her climax, Andrew came.  His semen

shot into her like a bullet.  She grabbed his butt and pushed him

deeper into her, as if to push every ounce of come out of him.  For more

than a minute, they went at each other, lost in the midst of their

ecstasy.  Finally, Andrew gave one last heave and pulled his cock out of

her.  He then took both her hands in his, kissed them, and held them for

a minute.


"Thank you, Andrew.  That was very thoughtful."

"You mean, like what we just did?"

"Everything.  Especially at the end.  I was very touched.  It shows a

man cares for *me* when he touches me affectionately after our

lovemaking, not just that he wants to fuck me."

"I was happy to please you."  (You'll never know how happy, he


"It seems like the math honors student is a scholar of love, as well.

Maybe *I* should be taking lessons from you."


Andrew thought about this for a while.  "This could be interesting."


"You mean, we could do this again sometime?"

"Anytime you want.  You're the best lover I ever had, you know.  This

I could get used to."

"No shit.  To think, all this time I was fantasizing about you, you

wanted me too.  If I'd only just asked, instead of just thinking about

it all the time."

"It only matters now that we are together.  Also, it was worth the

wait, and all the sweeter."  She played with his cock while speaking.

"I can think of lots of things we could do to amuse ourselves.

There's only one catch, however."


"Uh oh, here it comes" he thought.  "Now, I got to pay the price."


"You must NEVER tell anybody about this.  Not your friends, not your

family, NOBODY.  They will take my job away; they will kick me out;

you won't see me anymore.  If you don't want to see that happen; if

you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you, then you MUST

keep our affair to yourself."


Andrew pondered it for a minute.  He was not a braggart, but he had

prepared a summary of what he was going to tell his friend afterwards.

But the thought of going without Tanya didn't seem worth it.  He

nodded his head in acknowledgement.


"There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"  She began to massage his

cock again, which had started to grow hard again.  "Trust me, you will

not regret this."  She laid Andrew down on the sofa, bent over and

began to lick at his cock.


Andrew felt like he was dreaming again, but this was *no* dream.

Tanya's tongue was a dart, a serpent winding its way around him.  He

arched his back in ecstasy, feeling the waves of pleasure flow through



"Take me inside you, baby."


Tanya took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it.  Like in his

dream, her mouth was so big he thought she would swallow it.  She had

the way of using her tongue to make him think he was inside her warm

vagina.  He became excited again and started thrusting inside her

mouth.  Tanya continued to expertly suck and lick his cock, savoring

the taste, anticipating the jewels that it would produce.  He began to

convulse wildly beneath her, screaming in delight.  He came inside her

mouth.  Tanya wanted to feel his come on her breasts, so as he

continued to come she took his cock out of her mouth and squirted him

all over her breasts.  She then motioned for him to lick the come off

of her breasts.  Andrew bent down and sucked at her breasts, licking

them until he felt her nipples grow hard.  He then took his finger and

traced circles around her nipples, which produced moans from Tanya

again.  She was getting moist again, and wanted him inside her.


"Fuck me again, Andrew.  You want to fuck me, right?"

"Yo, baby, I'll do anything you want me to do."


At that moment, two shadows appeared outside the door, followed by a

voice and a loud knock.  "Yo Professor Crowne!  Open up!  It's



Tanya's face turned from pleasure to shock.  "My career!" she thought.

She quickly got up and hastily dressed.  Andrew did as well, thinking

to himself that even if they got in trouble, he'd never forget this

experience.  They both gave each other a look as if to say that it was

all worth it, no matter what the cost, then opened the door.


It was two other students from class, both with that "knowing" look on

their faces.  "We just came by to get the homework", one said.  "Sorry

to interrupt your ... tutorial", the other said, then they both ran



With a sigh of relief, Tanya closed the door, fell into Andrew's arms,

and spent the rest of the afternoon with him.


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