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Archive-name: School/dormk.txt

Archive-author: Gekko the Great

Archive-title: Dormroom Dreams

       Biology wa so boring,  if were'nt for the sights to bee seen in

class I probably never would have gone.  It was a big class, 200-250

students, which meant that there was always someone to stare at for

the 60 minutes.  I usually picked out one girl, who was wearing

something that caught my eye when I walked in, sat near enough to

observe her whole body, and then stared for the whole time.  On this

particular day, I sat down so I could see Kim, I knew her name because

she was in my lab clas s, and also in the dorm across from mine.  As

class started I started watching her, she was wearing a white Polo,

light blue jeans, and as she shifted her weight her tits swayed in her

shirt.  She had dark brown hair, medium length, and big blue eyes .  I

think she caught me watching, she kind of shot a smile and went back

to writing, my dick rising in my pants.  After class, Kim came up to

me and asked if I had done my lab work, I told her I had, and would be

glad to bring it by her room.

       Later in the day, I went to Kim's room, she was wearing the

same clothes as earlier.  As we talked, I could see her nipples start

to get hard through her shirt.

`"are you cold.." I said

"no..not really" she said as Kim looked down and started blushing.

We talked a little more about class, and then I asked her if she

wanted to go to dinner.  She said no,

"I really would like to, but my boyfriend would'nt like it too much"

We started talking about her boyfriend and she told me he was from her

hometown, and she went home a lot or he came to campus to see her.

She also told me that outside of her roomate she really was'nt

friendly with anyone, and that she really would appreciate just being

friends, studying together and so on.  I said it would be my pleasure.

Kim and I studied quite often after that, and got to know each other

quite well.

       About two months later, I got this call at 2:00 am, Kim was on

the other side, it sounded as if she was crying.

"Can you come over..I need to talk"

"Okay I'll be right over"

When I got over to her dorm, she was waiting in the lobby, her eyes

were red, and her hair a mess.  We went into the rec room, sat down on

the couch, and then it poured foward.

"he broke up with me...he's been dating someone at home"

I put my arm around her, and just held her, we continued talking till

4:00 am, I had early class, so I walked her up to her room, kissed her

forehead and left.

       The next day as we were walking home from class, Kim told me to

come over and pick her up for dinner.  As she walked away from me, I

watched one of the best looking asses on campus.  I knocked on Kim's

door at six,

"come's open"

As I opened the door, I could'nt see Kim, but as I walked in she was

at her desk, working on her face, she was wearing a red silk robe.  I

sat on the bed, and looked through a magazine.

"I'll be all ready in a minute.." she said.

I was still looking at the magazine when Kim stood up walked over to

 me, and slid her robe off, she was wearing a black lace bra, french

 lace black panties, black garter belt, and black stockings, we had

 once talked about how much this type of outfit turned me on.

"you like..I'm all were so nice last deserve


She did it all perfectly,  her panties over the garter straps, easy on

easy off.

"I love it...let me see your ass"

Kim turned around, sticking her ass towards me, I ran my hand over the

soft material, squeezing the fullness, I gathered the material

together, exposing the cheeks of her ass, pulling her backward,

kissing and licking each mound.  Her legs parted, I ran my hands up

her long legs.

Kim sat down in my lap, kissed my neck and whispered

"don't you like my tits" \Kim ran her hands over her breasts

"Uhmm..I love them" I said as my hands covered hers and pressed them

 into her tits.  Kissing her mouth muffling her low moans, I unsnapped

 her bra in the front, her tits springing foward, they were perfect,

 small with big erect nipples that stuck out about two inches, curving

 upward towards the sky.  They fit into my hands perfectly, I squeezed

 and rubbed them, Kim's moans escaping down my throat.  I rolled her

 nipples in my fingers, her ass pressing against my crotch.

"I can feel you getting hard under me..uhmm"

I moved her hair away from her ear, and licked and sucked her lobe.

"uhmm...that feels so good..uhmmm"

Kim's hands were around my neck, her whole body arched backward as my

hand roamed up and down her.  I rubbed her cunt, it was so wet, I

brought my hand to my mouth and licked her juices off.

" taste sweet.."

I laid back pulling her with me.  Kim pulled my pants down as I took

off my shirt.

"I've been thinking about sucking you all day..Ummm.." Kim started

licking and sucking my dick, she could'nt quite get the whole thing

down her throat, but was doing quite a job, jerking up an down with

her right hand as she sucked.  I pulled her kne es on either side of

my head, slid her panties down,  looking up at the prettiest pussy I

had ever seen.  I spread her lips open and licked up and down her

slit, finding her clit I sucked it like a single strand of spagehtti,

her hips humping up and down on my face.

"uhmm...uhmmm..yess..yess.." Kim siad as she continued jerking my cock

with her hands.  Kim stopped jerking me, as I ate her snatch, she

slipped a rubber over my cock.

"fuck me..I need you so bad.."

I slid out from under her, and as she started to roll onto her back I

stopped her, kept her up on all four, and stuck a finger up her snatch

from behind, then eased my dick into her, her cunt feeling like a

velvet vise-grip,

"I'm not going to last long" I said

"neither I am I" Kim said as she thrust back taking my cock deeper in

her pussy.  My fantasy for the last few months was coming true, I took

a hold of her garter and started pumping in and out like a piston.

Kim was moaning loudly now, and started b iting the pillow to stop

from screaming out, I continued pumping her cunt, I leaned over her

grabbing her tits, pulling on them, squeezing roughly. My balls

slapping against the back of her ass, I spread her beautiful cheeks,

watching my cock disappe ar into her cunt This set her off, waves of

heat hit my dick, her cunt spasmimg around it. I came immediately,

filling the condom to the bursting point.  I collapsed on her, and we

fell asleep for an hour or so.  Whe we woke back up, we kissed lightl


"I have been attracted to you from the first day we met..but with

Tommy around..well you know.."

"yeah..I know..but that's in the're all mine now..."


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