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Archive-name: School/classrm.txt


Archive-title: Classroom Teasing

    Jim walked into his classroom the first day of classes, and  promptly

turned around.  Everyone was a girl!  He began to  think that he was in the

wrong place, so he left the room - or  tried to at least.  The teacher called

after him, "Can I help you?"

    Jim shrugged as everyone in the room looked right at him.  "I'm

looking for room 306," he said.

    The teacher, a pretty TA, waved him in.  "Come in," she said. "This is


    Jim walked in, and shuddered as all of those eyes watched his every

movement.  As he walked up the stairs, he  made eye contact with a few of the

girls who stared at him.   About halfway up, he noticed one girl who had the

eraser of her  pencil in her mouth.  Her eyes never strayed from his, as she 

snaked her tongue around the red eraser, her saliva causing it  to shine in

the flourescent light.  Jim gulped, and continued  onward to the back.  As he

passed her row, he heared her giggle  with her friends behind his back.

    Jim decided he didn't want to be conspicuous, so he moved in the very

last row.  There were two girls there, and  they offered the seat between them

to him.  He accepted, and  sat down between them.  The one on the right

introduced  herself as Rhonda, and the one on the left told him that she was 

Kristen. Soon, Jim found out that they were best friends, and did  EVERYTHING

together. He wasn't quite sure what they meant by  that; whether or not they

were teasing, or proposing, he couldn't  tell.

    Then, Rhonda dropped her pencil.  It rolled between Jim's legs, and he

started to bend over to get it, when she stopped  him.  "Oh, no.  That's ok.

I'll get it."  She placed her left hand on  Jim's thigh, and reached over to

get the pencil with her free  hand.  Her breasts brushed against his knee, and

she squeezed  his thigh.  Jim knew his imagination was taking over, and he 

knew that his underwear seemed awfully tight.

    Rhonda sat up, and smiled at Jim.  Then, without saying  anything

else, she went back to taking notes, as if nothing had  happened.  Jim started

retaking notes, and trying as hard as he  could to concentrate on what the TA

was saying. Just then, he  saw a pencil fly over his leg again, this time from

the left.  Kristen smiled sheepishly and said that she would get it.  She 

placed her hand even higher up on Jim's leg, and bent over to  get her pencil. 

This time, she mleaned on his leg, and one  breast fell on either side of his

knee.  As she sat up, her hand  'slipped,' and stroked his hard prick through

the fabric.

    Poor Jim.  His was both relieved and frustrated as she  touched him so

briefly.  He honestly thought he was going to  split his jeans.  That's when

Rhonda leaned over to him.  "Did  she touch you?"

    Jim looked at her, but before he could say anything,  Kristen

retorted, "Yes.  I put my hand on his leg to get my  pencil."

    "I don't know.  I thought you put your hand here."  With  that, she

reached down between his legs, and placed her palm  on his fly, and applied a

little pressure.  Jim began to grow very  uncomfortable, and tried not to

fidget in his chair.

    "Right here?"  Kristen moved Rhonda's hand and replaced  it with her

own. This time, however, she began to stroke him through the denim fabric. 

    "Yeah.  Right there."  Then it was Rhonda's hand again, rubbing him up

and down through the jeans.  "However," she  said.  "I think you should do it

right, if you are going to do it at  all."

    "What do you mean?" asked Kristen.

    "Watch and learn," Rhonda said.  She deftly unzipped Jim's fly, and

released his swolen member from his underwear.   Her hand swiftly yet gently

stroked him up and down.  Jim, for  his part, could not believe what was going

on.  However, he  wasn't about to stop either one of them now.  He was too


    Kristen appeared to watch with keen interest.  "Oh, I see now.  You

mean I have to perfect my up and down motion, like  this."  She took Jim's

hand, and placed it on her own slit, after  lifting up her miniskirt, and

moving his hand up and down.

    Rhonda smiled widely.  "Exactly!" she whispered.  She then took his

other hand, and did the same.  Jim got the idea,  and slipped his hands

underneath their panties, and fingered  their slits.  Kristen reached between

his thighs, and began to  stroke his balls.  Rhonda's hand was still stroking

him, as the TA  droned on in the front of the class.

    Kristen and Rhonda's hands switched places, so that  Rhonda was now

kneading his balls and Kristen was pumping him with her hand.  Jim's eyes

began to roll back into his head,  and his breathing grew heavy.  Rhonda

leaned over to whisper  to Kristen.

    "Do you want it?  'Cause if you don't I do."

    Kristen looked back at her best friend.  "No, I like this  just the

way it is.  You can have him."  Rhonda smiled, and  mouthed the words 'Thank

you' to Kristen.  Kristen smiled back,  and leaned her head back against the

wall. Jim's fingers were  mesmerizing her, and she was on the brink of coming. 

It was  all she could do to prevent herself from screaming out loud.

    Rhonda never moved back to her seat.  Instead, she  lowered her head,

and took his member into her mouth.  Her  warm, moist mouth took Jim by 

surprise, and he opened his  mouth quickly, the shut it just as quickly, so as

not to alert  anyone.  He could feel the rushing sensation from his balls, and 

looked down to see exactly what was going on.  He saw Kristen's  hand pumping

him into Rhonda's mouth, with Rhonda  carressing his balls.  The sight was to

much for him.  He began  to squirt his load into Rhonda's mouth.  Rhonda's

sucking grew  insistent, as did her carressing.  Kristen also sensed his

coming,  and began to pump him faster, forcing the come into her best 

friend's mouth.

    When Jim was completely dry, Rhonda sat up, and a small amount of come

ran from her lip.  Kristen leaned over, and  wiped it with her finger, and

then promptly put it in her mouth.   Jim wanted to return the favor, and he

began working on the  two girls.  Kristen was a lot farther along than Rhonda,

and  came quickly.  Jim could feel her pussy muscles contract about  his

fingers, almost trying to draw them further and further into  her.  As she

finished, she let out a small whimper.

    Rhonda came soon after, her hands grasping the armrests  of the chair

in order to keep under control.  Her knuckles  turned bleach white as the full

force of her orgasm hit her, and  then she collapsed in her chair as it

subsided.  Her chest heaved  from the effort to keep quiet, or from the orgasm

itself.  It was  hard to tell.  Just then, the bell rang.  Quickly, all three

adjusted  their clothing, and Kristen and Rhonda invited Jim back to their 

room for a study session.


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