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Archive-name: School/

Archive-author: Sean L. McLane

Archive-title: Blind Passion

copyright 1991

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  Any similarities between the

             characters and any person living or dead is pretty damned neat,

             but is pure coincidence.

     I turn the corner and walk through the doors into the library.  I stop

and listen for any familiar voices in the general area.  No one.  Pushing the

button on my watch, I listen for what time it is.  "Seven twenty-four, p.m."

Good, I'm early.  I walk to an empty table, fold up my cane, sit down and wait.

     Five minutes later, I hear someone walk up to my table.  Hello, Tom.  Been

waiting long?"  It's my study partner, Christine.  I'd recognize that silky 

voice anywhere.

     "No, I just got here."

     We get out our books, and I put my tape recorder on the table.  After 

about a half hour of studying, I hear noise coming from one of the small public

rooms.  I ask Chris if she could see what it was, and she leaves the table to 


     "It's a science fiction club.  They meet here every Thursday," she says 

upon returning.

     "Oh.  Well, their movie is too loud for me to concentrate.  Perhaps we

could find somewhere else to study."

     "Hmmm.  Well, my roommate has her boyfriend over tonight.  Not the best

atmosphere for studying right now,  How about your place?"

     I think for a second, trying to remember how clean my apartment is.  "I

guess that'll work.  I live three blocks from here."  

     "Ok, let's go."  We pack up our stuff and leave.  "Would you like me to

lead you?"  she asks as I start to get out my cane.  I gladly accept, and we

begin walking down the street.

     The feel of the skin on her arm under my fingers is strangely stimulating.

I've never felt such soft smooth texture.  She quickly notices the way I'm

touching her.

     "Ooh.  What are you doing?  That feels good."

     "I'm sorry.  I was just noticing how smooth your skin is.  I'll stop."  I

start to lift my fingers from her arm, but her other hand stops me.

     "Please, don't stop.  It really feels good.  You've got such a light 

touch.  I bet you give one hell of a massage."  I feel the skin on my face 

tighten and get warmer.  "You're blushing!" she points out.

     "Yeah, well I, um... I just haven't had a lot of... physical contact 

with... um... other people."  I feel myself gettting even more flushed.

     "Oh, I understand.  Would you mind giving me a backrub anyway?"  Unless

I'm mistaken, I hear a little bit of mischief in her voice.

     "Um, sure, I guess.  I really won't know what to do.  Turn right at the 

third building. That's mine."

     We turn to enter my building as she says, "I'm sure you'll be able to 

figure it out."  This time, I _definitely_ hear a mischievous tone.  We go up 

to my door, and I unlock it.  I walk in, but notice that Christine stopped 

before she got onto the carpet.

     "Is anything wrong?"

     "Well, Tom, it's sorta dark."  Oops!

     "I'm sorry.  I forgot."  I walk over and turn on the light switch.  I hear

the hum of the fluorescent bulb on the ceiling starting up, as Christine walks

in and closes the door.  She walks up close to me.  Very close.

     "Now, how about that massage?"  She runs her hand down my chest, and I 

take a sudden breath.  Chris takes my hand and leads me to the couch.  She lies

down on her stomach, and I sit next to her.

     I put my hands on her back and find my way to her shoulders, feeling the

different muscles moving beneath my fingers.  I apply a little pressure with my

fingertips to the places where I sense tome tenseness, and gently rub with the 

palms of my hands.  I figure that I'm doing okay as she lets out a moan.

     "Oh, Tom.  My God, that feels good!"

     I continue what I'm doing and work my way down her back and up her sides.

One of my fingers gets caught in the folds ov her shirt, and i let out a growl

in frustration.

     "Stop," she says, "Let me do something to help you."


     "Just wait a minute, and you'll find out," she taunts.  She gets up from

the couch and I hear the cloth of her shirt rustling.  There is a pause, then

a second, more quiet rustling.  I figure that she has bunched up the loose 

cloth onto the front as she lies back down on the couch.

     I place my hands on her back again, but gasp and jerk them back as I feel

her bare skin instead of her shirt.  I fall over as I try to stand up, and I

feel my heart pounding in my throat.  I also notice an uncomfortable feeling in

my pants.

     Chris gets up and comes over to me.  "What's wrong?  Are you ok?"

     "I--  I was just startled."  She helps me stand up.  "I wasn't expecting

you to--"

     "Shhhh!"  She puts her hand over my mouth, then steps forward and wraps

her arms around me.  "Hold me."  I bring my arms up and place my hands on her 

back.  She starts rubing my back, and I do the same to her.  She takes in a 

deep breath as my fingers slowly move up her spine, and I note that she isn't

wearing her bra anymore.  That must have been the second rustling I heard.

     We stand there in each other's arms for a few minutes, then she pulls away

slightly.  I feel her breath on my face, and smell wintergreen.  I figure that

she is aout two inches shorter than my 5'10", has a slim build, and long, soft 

hair.  She continues to (I assume) look at me for a minute, then says, "Kiss


     My mind races, as does my heart.  I lean my head forward and her lips meet

mine.  Her mouth opens slightly, and I open mine as well.  Our tongues dance 

together as I trace patterns on her back with my fingers.  She releases a low

moan and holds me tighter, grinding her hips into mine.  Her closeness has all

four of my senses in a tailspin.

     Suddenly, she breaks the kiss, and whispers in a husky voice, "I want you.

Take me now!"

     I am completely stunned.  "You mean...?"

     "Yes," she hisses.  "Make love to me."

     My mind lurches into fast forward, and my mouth tries to follow suit.  

"I've never... I don't know... We don't have any... Mmffl!"

     She quickly silences me with another kiss.  "Don't worry.  I'm protected.

And I'm... clean."  She begins to unbutton my shirt.  "And I am so _hungry_!"

With this, she starts to nibble on the base of my neck.  Whatever resistance I

might have had crumbles.

     I stop her from undoing my shirt.  "This isn't the best place," I whisper.

"Follow me."  I turn to go into my bedroom, and she follows close behind, her

arms around me, and her breath hot on the back of my neck.  her hands slowly 

rub my chest, and I feel her breasts pressing into my back.

     Walking into my room, I turn to face her.  "I'm sorry there's no light in

here.  I don't--"

     "Shh!" she says, "I don't need it either.  Not now."  Chris pulls me close

to kiss me again.  I return the kiss passionately, and notice an odd scent 

coming from her... a scent that is quite arousing for some reason.

     She breaks the kiss, moving about a handspan away, and resumes unbuttoning

my shirt.  I use this oppurtunity to run my hands up her sides.  Chris pauses

with a shudder, and moans quietly.  She finishes with my shirt, and I let her

take it off.  Again, she hugs me, and I gasp when her breasts touch my chest.

I use my fingers to trace down her spine, and she arches her back, pressing

closer to me.  I lower my head and kiss her on the neck.  She says, "Mmmmmm,"

as she leans her head back to expose more of her throat to me.  I take her up 

on her offer, and start nibbling along the side of her windpipe.  The scent I

detected before is even stronger, and is driving me crazy.

     In a sudden burst of inspiration, I pick her up and walk over to my bed.

She leans her head against my chest and seems to purr.  I set her down on the

bed and stand there foe a moment, unsure of what to do.  I feel her hand grasp

my belt and pull me forward.  I move with her, getting into bed next to her.

She puts her arms around my neck and pulls me close.  Wrapping her legs around

one of mine, she squeezes her hips against my thigh, and rubs back and forth.  

I push that leg into her, and my own hips rock, seeming to move on their own.

     I pull away slightly, and kiss Chris's neck just behind her jaw.  Once

again she moans, and she grinds her hips into mine again.  Her leg rubs against

my hardened member, and I can't help but shudder for a few seconds.  I realize 

that I want her as badly as she wants me.

     I take a long, deep breath to bring myself under control, then release it

by blowing on Christine's neck where I had just kissed her.  I start giving her

kisses down her neck, each one about a fingerwidth lower than the one before 

it.  By the time I get down to her collarbone, she is squirming and letting out

little squeaks. (which I assume means that she likes what I am doing)

     "Urk!"  I say suddenly when I feel her hand grab me between the legs.

     Her lips brush agains my ear as she whispers, "Playtime is _over_!"  She

takes my earlobe in her teeth and tugs gently as she squeezes my crotch.

     I gulp.

     Chris stops moving for a moment, and I sense some confusion from her.  

"You _are_ new at this, aren't you?"

     "Yes," I reply.

     Her hand releases me and she hugs me gently.  "Oh God, I'm sorry, Tom.  I

thought you were experienced in this, as handsome as you are."

     This confuses me.  "I'm handsome?"

     "You have got to be one of the best looking guys on campus.  Oh-- you 

wouldn't have noticed that....  I mean--  Oh geez."  This time it's my turn to

silence her with a soft kiss.

     "No, I haven't done anything like this before," I explain, "but I want you

to be my first."

     "You do?"

     "Yes.  Make love to me, Christine."  I pull her body next to mine again, 

and our lips meet as we dive into the most passionate kiss I have ever 

experienced.  After what seems like hours, the kiss ends, and we lie there with

our faces next to each other, breathing hard.

     I slowly bring my hands around to her sides, my fingers barely touching 

her skin.  She shivers slightly as she begins moving her own hands down my 

back, to grasp my bottom and give it a squeeze.  When she does this, I take a

sudden breath.

     Christine chuckles a little.  "What's good for the gander is good for the

goose," she says as she squeezes my buttocks again.

     I let my breath out with a long sigh.  My hands slip forward and caress

the soft skin of her breasts.  I feel her body shiver as my thumbs brush over 

her nipples, so I take each one between the thumb and forefinger of each hand

and rub ever so gently.  To say the least, the reaction I get is unexpected.

Chris moans rather loudly, pressing her hips into mine.  I also feel her back

arch while she digs her nails into my back.

     Her scratching hurts a little, but is stimulating in an odd way.  I 

realize that my desire for Christine at this moment is more intense than 

anything else that I've ever felt.  I cup my hands around her breasts, keeping

my fingers in motion, and lean forward again to kiss her.

     Chris meets me halfway, taking hold of both sides of my head and pressing

her lips to mine hard to give me another deep, passionate kiss.  She puts her 

mouth next to my ear again, and flicks her tongue against it.  Her hands go 

down to my waist and unbuckle my belt, as she whispers, "Now."

     "Yes," is all I am able to say in reply.

     I let one hand slip down her side, over her hip, and along her thigh.  I

note that she's wearing shorts as my hand caresses smooth, bare skin.

     Her tongue flicks against my ear again, as she pulls open the button of my

pants and unzips the fly.  Chris's hands slip in and around to rub against my

ass under my pants.

     I hear two soft thumps from the direction of the foot of my bed, then feel

her bare feet playing with my shoe laces.  I take the hint and kick off my 

shoes, kissing at the side of her neck again.  Together, we manage to get my 

socks off as well, with a little struggling, and a lot of giggling.

     I put my arms around her and squeeze.  "Mmmmm," she moans.  "What was that


     "Because I felt like it, " I answer playfully.

     "Good enough for me," she giggles asn she squeezes my butt again.

     I put my hands on her waist and hook my thumbs over the waistbands of her

shorts and panties.  Chris grips my own shorts as I start pushing downward.

Very soon, we are lying naked next to each other, warming ourselves with our 

own heat.  I feel my heart racing as my skin tingles where it contacts her

flesh.  I let my hands skim along her body, as she does the same to me, and I

revel in the scent that I now know comes from her sex.

     "I want you so much, Christine..."

     She senses the hesitance in my voice.  "But...?"

     "But... I'm not sure what to--"  She puts her hand on my lips, and i kiss


     "Shh.  I'll show you what to do, Tom."  I can't help but hug her again.  

I'm suddenly amazed at how close I've become to the persone whom I thought of

only as my study partner a little while ago.  I also kow that I want to be


     "Show me," I whisper, kissing the edge of her ear.

     Chris rolls onto her back then pulls me over to lie on top of her.  "Put

your knees between my legs," she instructs, and I do so.  She slides one hand

down along my belly, then gently takes hold of my member and pulls me forward.

I feel the tip of my cock press against something soft and moist as she 

releases me.  "Just lean forward and slide into me," she says, "then let your

body take over."

     I do as she tells me, and push forward.  At first there is resistance,

then I slide in.  The warm feeling that surrounds me is impossible to describe,

but I want the sensation to go on forever.

     It is altogether too soon that she rocks her hips back, and I feel myself

sliding out of her.  Oddly my own hips pull back almost until I am out of her

before I thrust back in, crashing my hips into hers.  Once again the sensations

are overwhelming.  All my senses are being overloaded.  I let out my second 

growl of the evening, this one a growl of pleasure.

     I keep pulling out and thrusting, the movementsof my body keeping rhythm 

with those of her body.  Then I notice that I'm not alone in my moans of 

pleasure.  Chris is writhing beneath me, grinding her teeth.  I run my fingers

down her sides as I speed my hips up a little bit.  I'm not exactly sure which

does it, but she starts shaking and lets out a small scream.  I feel more 

sure around my length, and her legs coil around mine, pulling me into her.  At

the same time she holds me tight with her arms, and claws into my back.

     I am unable to bear this for more than a few seconds.  I start thrusting 

uncontrolably, pressing into her even more insistently.  Pressure suddenly 

builds up inside me, and I feel my balls tighten up.  I try to hold still to

keep from getting out of control, but her hips and legs keep me moving.

     I let go, and start pumping up into her. My head is literally buzzing as

my body thrashes of its own accord.  After what seems to be an eternity, I

regain control of my body.  Slowly I stop moving, and she does as well.

     We lie there for a while, just holding onto each other, out of breath.

All sorts of thoughts run through my head.  I roll off of Christine, and pull 

the blanket from the foot of the bed to cover us up.  We snuggle in our own 

warmth, the sweat of our bodies mingling.

     One thought runs across my mind again, but I dare not say it, lest I 

ruin everything.  Instead, I give her a squeeze and a soft kiss.

     When the kiss ends, she whispers into my ear, "I love you, too."


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