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Archive-name: School/asiaa_1.txt


Archive-title: Amy, the Thai Tease

Chapter One

Dr. Robert Allyn walked quickly down the hall to his 8 am class.  Not 

because he was late, for he always arrived a few minutes early to be sure 

to start his class on time.  He enjoyed teaching and especially liked early 

classes, him buzzing from three cups of coffee and half the class waking 

up to jolt of his lectures.  Another thought putting spring in his step was 

the image of the lovely young women who took his class.  Faces fresh and 

beautiful were always there, sometimes with the added bonus of sexy fashions.  

Occasionally blouses with an extra button left undone or a top with a scoop 

neck cut a little too low woke him up during his first-of-the-day class, but 

more often the thin or tight fabrics revealed the shape of lacy bra.  

"Women's liberation has won, at least here on campus.  Why are the bras 

still around?  By all rights they should be in the dustbin of history," he 

thought, remembering the bra burnings of the sixties.  "But what we've lost 

up top, we've gained down below."  Today's fashions ran to short skirts and, 

the most popular, tight, thin leggings that looked sprayed on.  Watching 

young women walking in the halls or across the campus was a unique pleasure 

that gave each day at work its own little fantasies.

This morning's class, however, had its own special attraction.  While all 

classes had some women with curvy legs or soft breasts or sensual lips, it 

was rare to find that perfect fantasy woman who, wherever your eyes or 

imagination roamed, slipped past your thinking, concious mind and moved 

directly into the lair of animal reflex that grabs and shakes the libio 

awake.  Amy was one such woman.  As Dr. Allyn entered the classroom and 

greeted the early students, he noticed she hadn't yet arrived.  Laying out 

his notes, he found images of her flashing through his mind.  Her face was 

fascinating; although she came from Thailand, her features were a mix of 

Asian and European with eyes not quite round, and a nose just bit broader 

than most.  He wasn't sure if her dark brown hair was natural or tinted to 

fit in better with the rest of the students.  Her fair skin covered a soft, 

lushly padded, petite body.  Often she wore skirts, knee-length or shorter, 

that displayed curved calves and soft thighs.  This perfect hourglass shape 

was accented by a larger than normal bustline.  Two of her outfits in 

particular had low scooped necklines that showed cleaveage worthy of the 

finest pin-ups.  Many times since the semester began, the good doctor found 

himself at home, gripping his cum-smeared dick in pleasure as he ran through 

every fantasy he had ever had, and some he didn't know he had, placing Amy 

in the role of his personal succubus.

Amy walked into class just as he was about to start.  His "Good morning" was 

returned with a smile as she took a seat near the front of the room.  

Starting up his lecture, he thought that today was a *good* day.  The lovely 

Amy was wearing a neat charcoal-grey jacket and matching short skirt that 

showed plenty of leg and a silvery scoop top with a bra that pushed her 

bosums up and together.  As he talked, he tried not to look at her, being 

uncomfortable with his feelings for her.  He was afraid that his attraction 

to her would show in front of the class.  Either he would favor her with 

looks, or stumble in his speech or find a bulge growing in his trousers, so 

he conciously avoided looking at her, treating her seat as if it were empty.  

But eventually he always felt that by totally avoiding her, he was being 

unfair to her as a student, and this avoidance might in itself signal his 

fantasies.  Today, as usual, this unconcious game of "Do I? - Don't I?" 

played under the surface of his mind until his eyes finally turned to her.  

The first time, her head was down taking notes, so he moved his eyes from 

the tops of her breasts peeking out of the shimmering silver top to her 

shapely legs and thighs visible under the desk.  The dark stockings she wore 

outlined the curve of her calves, and a lacy pattern of interlocked diamonds 

and circles ran up the outside of each leg and thigh.  Unable to stare when 

in front of the class, he turned his gaze away.  The next time he looked, 

her head was up, and her dark brown eyes were looking into his, not looking 

away as most other students did when his eyes found theirs.  She must have 

noticed when his eyes wandered down to the wide expanse of her full breasts 

and back to her face, but never gave a sign. 

Midway through the class, Bob gave a few questions for the students to work

on using concepts just discussed in class and walked around giving help and 

encouragement.  At Amy's desk, he saw an error and reached down with a pen 

to point it out.  "Think about this a little bit more," he said, looking 

down her blouse at tops of soft breasts with black lace peeking up the sides 

and the smooth valley in between rather than the paper he was pointing at.  

Suddenly, his hand, inches from her breasts, jumped as if from an electric 

shock when her hair slipped off her shoulder and fell across his knuckles 

and fingers as she turned her head to look at him with a small smile and 

questioning eyes.  He felt a wave of dizziness and his vision flashed red 

as the sweet scent of her perfume suddenly filled the room.  He made some 

encouraging grunts in response to her look and walked back to sit at his 

desk, the image of her breasts, the scent of her perfume and the soft, silky 

touch of her hair rolling into a wave of arousal that he couldn't control.  

Sitting at his desk, his groin swelling and throbbing, he stared at his 

notes, but his eyes were pulled to the place under her desk where her 

crossed legs poured out of a skirt that reached only a quarter of the way 

down her thighs and filled the dusky stockings that ended in shiny black 


Bob managed to finish the class by having the students present the solutions

to the problems, never calling on Amy.  Focusing on other students, he

gradually felt his body cool down and his head clear.  He did look at her 

once and got a smile and sparkling eyes.  He didn't look again.  It was too 

dangerous; he felt out of control and dangerously public.  Never did he want 

his secret fantasies made public, or even revealed to one student.

After class, the shaken doctor sat in his office, his mind, more calm now,

turning the images and feelings over, arousing himself once more.  Female

students had always been a side attraction, a hobby if you will.  It had 

never interfered with his work or affected his relationship with his 

students.  But never ever had he been so completly overwhelmed by one of 

his little fantasy objects in public.  

He unzipped his trousers, brought out his rigid pole and began rubbing the 

swollen head and stroking the shaft.  He'd only done this at school once 

before, late in the day when few people were around.  The excitement of 

doing the forbidden and the novelty of the place had attracted him before.  

This time he was reacting to something deep inside him that needed release.  

He imagined stroking Amy's silky mane as her full lips were wrapped around 

his cock, her tongue massaging the sensitive head.  Pictures of her breasts 

forming a tunnel for his hard rod, of her legs wrapped around his waist as 

they joined together, of her jiggling ass being bathed in sperm, these and 

many images more raced through his mind, emerging from past fantasies and 

being given power by the contact he had had today, pushing him to orgasm.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Wha-! Who-who's there?" he said like a little kid caught by parents.

The latch snicked - he hadn't locked it!?! - and the door swung open.  

Closing the door behind her, Amy clicked in on her heels, calves taut, 

kneecaps sliding, thighs flexing as she walked towards the chair he kept on 

the opposite side of the desk for students. "Hi Bob," she said beaming as 

she sat down.  "I need to see you for a minute.  Are you busy?"  Her voice 

was high, even a bit squeaky, but lent a little girl innocence to the young 

woman.  This sweet, soft voice often whispered encouragements and cried out 

obscenities in Bob's fantasy sessions at home.

As soon as the door latch had clicked, Bob had rolled his chair forward, 

jamming his stomach against the desk and effectively hiding his engorged 

member.  Now, with Amy seated, her angle of view was limited by the desk 

between them, and he could relax and push back a bit.  "Well," he said 

clearing his throat, "What's your problem?" 

"I forgot to do part of my homework, and I want to turn it in now.  Last 

night I got a call from my girlfriend when I was answering the questions. 

We talked for one hour, and then I studied my math.  I forgot that I didn't 

finish your homework.  Now I was looking at my notes and I found this one."

She pulled out a piece of notebook paper with notes scribbled on it and 

layed it down on the desk.  "I want to copy it now and give it to you," she

finished, her eyes wide below straight cut bangs in a face framed by long, 

straight hair running down to her chest.

"Oh, sure.  I haven't even looked at the papers yet. Let's see..."  Bob 

picked up the ragged pile of papers on his desk and leafed through till he

saw her name, "Amy," written in the curlicue-filled hand that she'd learned

at school in Thailand.  "Here it is.  Just add on what you need to," he said

handing her the paper across the desk.  Amy slipped off her jacket, fished

a pencil out of her pocketbook and set to work.

Bob, on the other hand, now found his hand gripping something as hard as a 

pencil, but quite a bit larger.  He had wilted quickly when Amy walked in, 

but as soon as the immediate danger of discovery had passed, he felt his

stiffening penis bumping against the cool metal of his desk.  After passing 

her the paper, he had reached down to tuck it between his legs.  On touching 

his engorged member, a second wave of passion rolled over him.  His 

awareness was narrowed to his throbbing penis waving in the air under the

desk and the beautiful woman sitting across from him.  As the world outside

disappeared, so did any control he had over the desire his heart pumped to

his pounding brain and to his twitching cock.  His hand began stroking his 

cock rythmically, bending at the wrist only to keep the action secret.

Amy was sitting across from him, the chair sideways against the desk, her 

upper torso twisted towards him and bent forwards writing.  Although only

the top edge of her legs was visible, Bob had a good view of her tempting

bosum.  Nipples pushed out bumps on the silvery top, and the jutting

mounds of flesh tembled slightly with the action of her writing.  Erasing

produced a quivering in the flesh that fed heat to Bob's rigid penis and

began a building surge in his balls.  He watched the curled ends of her

hair brush back and forth across the tops of her tits tracing patterns

that his tongue longed to follow.  He stared at her cute lips coverd in a

bright pink lipstick, the lower lip full and pouting, the upper a beautiful 

bow shape.  As they pursed to ponder the spelling of a word, he imagined 

brushing the head of his cock back and forth over them, smearing lipstick 

on the shinny helmet.  His breathing struggled to become deeper as pressure 

ran up from his balls to his hard shaft bobbing in his hand a few inches 

below Amy's form, bent over her work.  In turn, he struggled to maintain an 

outward calm while the most incredible waves of pleasure spread over his 

body.  The more effort he put into remaining composed outside, the stronger 

the urges created by his own stroking until any and every detail of the sexy 

girl sitting three feet away made him want to leap up and writhe in 

masturbatory passion in front of his student.

Then, Amy layed her pencil down with a click, and brought her hands up to 

her nipples.  Her thumbs pressed first one nub, then the other, and as they 

snapped back to attention pushing the more insistently at the material of 

her top, she picked up the pencil and continued her work, never raising her 

eyes to look at Bob.

The proud nipples coaxed out the cum that had been building in Bob since 

his first class.  The first spurting jet lanced straight for the cleft

displayed by her low cut top, stopped only the half inch of desktop between 

them.  Surge after surge followed, Bob's gaze still locked on the nubile 

Thai coed seated across from him.  

After the heat had poured out of his body, Bob was left with a sticky mess

cooling in his lap and soaking into clothes - and a rising panic that set

his heart pounding again.  He had just jerked off in front of a student!

Tenure or no tenure, stuff like this could get him fired.  How could he

possibly face her in class?  What must she think of him?  But, incredibly, 

Amy continued writing as if she had noticed nothing.

Amy finished writing and put the papers on her lap.  Then she opened her 

purse, dropped the pencil in and reached for the stapler on Bob's desk.  

Again, her smile lit up the room, her bright pink lips framing white

teeth, and Bob was startled to find himself stirring again.  "Can I use 

this?" she asked while she stapled the sheets together and leaned across

the desk to stuff them into the middle of the pile of assignments sitting

next to Bob.  "I don't want you to see it.  I'm afraid it's not good."

Bob quickly snugged himself against the edge of the desk.  "Could she use

this?  She can use more than that!"  Bob thought, again looking at her 

gorgeous cleavage.  But even as the thought came to mind, conciousness of 

his dangerous position took charge.  Keeping his gooey right hand hidden in 

his lap, he replied, "I'm sure it's fine."  This was certainly true.  Her 

grades were always amoung the top 5 or so in the class, but he hoped that 

she didn't notice the quiver in his voice.  He couldn't believe that she 

didn't notice his flushed face or ragged breathing.  Yet, she acted as if 

this were a normal visit with her professor.

"Bye.  See you later," her high voice tinkled as she gathered her purse and 

jacket, turned and walked to the door.  Her heels tapped out each step, and 

her stockinged legs set her rear twitching provacatively.  She shot a last 

beaming smile at him as she closed the door.

If Bob had not just cum, her pulsing butt would have been enough to pop

his cork.  He stared at the closed door, stopped trying to control his

breathing and thought about what had just happended.  Had he imagined her

touching her nipples?  He had been trying like mad to control his outer

reactions, but when he had shot his load he hadn't been very aware of what

was going on.  Was her smile a sign that she knew, that she'd blackmail him

for grades or money or both?  Yet, nothing in her manner suggested this.

Bob used a handkerchief to mop up the stickiness on his hand, pants and 

crotch.  Then he got some paper towels and cleaned the underside of his 

desk, the floor and his chair.  He couldn't believe how much he had cum.  

Or rather he could believe it.  He simply could not recall a time when he'd

felt more sexually charged.  While this was not exactly living out one of 

his fantasies of bedding a nubile student, it was a close as he was ever

likely to come to it.  Certainly it was closer than he had ever wanted to

be.  Nowadays, charges of sexual harrassment would destroy a person's 

career.  Even if he survived legally, it being her word against his, the

reaction of colleages and students to such charges would make it very

uncomfortable, to say the least, to stay at the university.  Was sexual

harrassment strong enough to describe what he'd done?

When his trousers had dried out, Bob left his office and drove home.  At

home he continued to ponder the morning's events, alternately feeling 

aroused and disgusted with himself.  So, it wasn't until that evening that 

he got around to correcting the students' assignments.  When he got to 

Amy's paper, he found, stapled between the two sheets of paper, a card.  

The card said:


                 |                             |

                 |       Admit One Free!!!     |

                 |     Cat Dancer Playhouse    |

                 |        69 W. Main St.       |


On the back, in script with more circles and florishes than normal, was a

short note:       


                 |                             |

                 |    Please come and enjoy!   |

                 |                             |

                 |            *Amy*            |


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