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Archive-name: School/alison.txt

Archive-author: John Krzesinski 

Archive-title: Seduced by Alison

When I was at school,I used to sing in the choir.  The reason was

quite  simple to the average horny boy - 25 girls to 10 boys  and

the sexiest teacher in the school in charge of it. My lust at the

time  was for a girl called Alison who just happened to be in the

choir as well.  We used to get on famously but I always seemed to

lack  the courage to ask her out.  She was sixteen (same  age  as

me), brown hair and eyes,  5'4",  had all her curves in the right

places and whenever she smiled she sent me wild.

Anyway one night we had a concert not too far from were she lived

and after it was over,  being the chivalrous type,  I walked  her

home. Can't remember what we talked about now but it was probably

something  stupid  like homework or who randy bandy  Leslie,  the

class slut, was having that night.  When we arrived at her house,

she  asked  me  in for a coffee and of course  I  said  yes.  Her

parents had quite a nice house - what little of it I saw on  that

occasion.  She showed me through to the lounge, put the TV on and

disappeared into the kitchen or so I thought.  When she came back

she  had changed out of her school uniform (always worn at  choir

concerts)  and was wearing a tight pair of jeans,  a thin  blouse

through which i could see the lacy outline of her well filled bra

and in her hands were two steaming cups of coffee.

She  sat down on the settee and we chatted and drank our coffees.

All  the  time  I could feel her getting  closer  until  she  was

snuggling  right up to me.  I turned to say something to her  and

was  immediately  silenced  by  the look  in  her  eyes.  I  felt

irresistibly drawn to her lips and before I knew it she was in my

arms and we were busy snogging away. I couldn't believe my luck -

and  I  wondered how long it would last.  She really knew how  to

kiss with those luscious lips of hers. Suddenly I felt her tongue

bursting  through  her lips and I had the pleasure  of  my  first

French  kiss.  While  I was busy lapping up the pleasures of  her

mouth and tongue she had been busy with my tie and shirt and  now

had  her hands all over the place.  I counter attacked by  easing

open  her blouse and fumbling with her bra.  It was at about this

moment that we slid off the settee and landed with a gentle  bump

onto the carpet. I landed partially on top of her and then rolled

off so that we were lying side by side. It was so comical that we

both stopped and burst out laughing.

The  laughing  didn't last long.  The sight of her  firm  breasts

sticking out through her partially open blouse made me come to my

senses.  I undid the rest of her blouse and then I put my hand on

her stomach and started lightly caressing her. All the time while

my  hand moved up towards her tits she looked straight at me  and

then she suddenly moved. I thought that was it - blown my chances

- but  she  was releasing her bra.  I started kissing  her  again

while my hand slowly moved up and cupped one of her breasts. They

felt soft,  warm and firm and as I moved my hand I could feel her

nipple  grow.  I couldn't resist pulling my mouth away  from  her

lips  and  fastening it on her slowly rising nipple.  I moved  my

hand to her other breast while I made a pig of myself sucking and

chewing at her nipple. By now I was virtually on top of her and I

could feel her starting to writhe.  I moved my free hand down  to

her  jeans and began wishing that they weren't quite so tight.  I

undid the button and the zip and could feel my target through her

thin knickers but apart from that things were awkward.  I slipped

my  hand down the front of her knickers and felt my  way  through

her  luxuriant pubic bush till I reached her slit.  I could  feel

that  she  was wet and every time my finger passed over her  slit

she  moaned and wriggled.  I decided on an all out attack on  her

luscious  body so I broke loose from her,  grabbed her jeans  and

her panties and pulled them off.  I then thought fair's fair  and

undid  my trousers and pulled them and my 'Y's down.  I was about

to lie down beside her when she suggested we adjourn to her  room

in case her parents returned early.

We  picked up our clothes and trooped up the stairs to her  room.

It's  really  difficult concentrating on walking when you  got  a

pretty bum and an erection in front of you.  Once in her room she

closed the door and jumped onto the bed. I climbed on as well and

we  hugged and kissed for a bit.  She then stopped and said to me

"The  girls were talking about cock and cunt sucking  today.  I'd

like to try it some time." That was a hint if ever I heard one so

I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the cock sucking. She wasn't

having that so I volunteered to give her a cunt sucking as  well.

Having decided what we were going to do the problem was doing it.

We  finally  manoeuvred ourselves in to a  satisfactory  position

with Alison at crotch height.  I could feel her warm breath on my

prick and was wondering what she was going to do next when I felt

a hand reach down and grab my cock.  Alison then waggled it about

a  bit  and then pulled her hand down.  This had  the  effect  of

pulling my foreskin back to reveal my knob. She seemed fascinated

by  it  and she held her hand there for a few minutes.  She  then

started to gently wank me while she used her other hand to fondle

my balls.  I was getting really aroused when I felt her kiss  the

end  of my knob.  It was an indescribable sensation that made  me

want to yell out as loud as I could. She kissed my prick more and

more and the she started to lick it.  She started at my balls and

worked  her  way up to the top.  I was getting into a  frenzy.  I

looked down at Alison in time to see her open those glorious lips

and   close  them  round  my  tool.   That  was  enough  for   my

inexperienced balls,  the sight and feeling of those lips closing

on my glans was enough to make me spurt my seed.  I could feel my

hips lunge upwards,  smashing into her face and releasing my warm

offering into her mouth.

After  my  spasms  finished I apologized for letting  go  in  her

mouth. She looked up and smiled at me.  Somehow I don't think she

was worried.  She crawled up my body and we lay there kissing and

cuddling for a bit. I then decided it was now or never and worked

my way down her body,  kissing and stroking her smooth skin as  I

went down towards her crotch.  I stopped when I reached her pubic

hair.  I  stopped and took in the sight of her mound and her slit

poking through.  I rubbed a finger down her slit and it opened up

slightly.  I then pushed a finger up her slit - she moaned and  I

could feel her muscles tightening.  I started moving my finger in

and  out  all  the time watching her hairy slit  opening  up  and

pouring  out its juices.  I pulled my finger out again and rubbed

her  slit  a  few times before pulling her  lips  apart  with  my

fingers.  I  stared  at her cunt for a few minutes,  watching  it

bubbling  away,  and her hole pulsating.  I lowered my  head  and

licked  her slit from bottom to top.  She tasted quite nice so  I

kept at it. While I was doing this I found her clit. I flicked my

tongue  over  it and it sent her into raptures.  She  moaned  and

groaned like she was demented and I could hardly keep hold of her

she  was moving so violently.  I moved my tongue down and stuffed

it in her hole. I could taste the and feel the juices pouring out

as I slurped at that juicy hole.  I moved my mouth back on to her

clit,  stroking it and kissing it. Alison started to get more and

more  heated till finally she let out a long  groan,  jerked  her

thighs  violently then slumped back down onto the bed.  I crawled

back up the bed and lay beside her fondling her breasts. I felt a

hand  move across to my prick and start playing with  it.  I  was

almost hard again.  She turned, looked at me and said "Fuck me!".

I  kissed her fully on the lips while I fondled her tits.  I then

climbed aboard her.  She guided my prick into her hole and I  let

out  a deep moan as I pushed deep into her.  I stayed there for a

while  soaking up her juices and feeling her muscles kneading  my

prick.  I then started to move gently up and down.  I could  feel

her coming up to meet my thrusts,  her hips clearing the bed.  We

kept  at it,  the pace increasing all the time.  I could feel  my

juices  welling up and I was getting close to blast off.  I could

tell that Alison was pretty close as well. Her face was a picture

- mouth open,  eyes closed and a look of ecstasy.  Her pussy  was

working  overtime gripping and sucking my prick deep into her.  I

managed  to mutter "I'm coming!!  Are you safe?"  Luckily she was

for  seconds  later  she  let out a  loud  scream  and  I  almost

immediately  thrust deep into her and released my spunk deep into

her pussy.

I lay there for a few moments enjoying the sensations and feeling

my prick soften in her lovely warm haven. I turned over looked at

my prick, looked at her and then kissed her. Just then a clock in

the house struck eleven.  We'd been at it for two  hours.  Alison

turned to me,  her face suddenly whiteand said "My GOD!!  Mum and

Dad  will be back any minute.  Quick get dressed." I  reluctantly

got of the bed and pulled my clothes on.  Out of the corner of my

eyes  I could see Alison dressing,  her nipples still erect and a

little dribble of my spunk on the inside of her succulent thighs.

We  kissed goodnight at the door and I went for the elevator (she

lived  in  a  high rise).  The doors opened and  out  walked  her

parents.  I  got in the lift,  the doors closed and all  I  could

think was that I'd been very lucky with my timing tonight!


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