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Archive-name: Affairs/younglv5.txt

Archive-author: Huggy Bear

Archive-title: Young Love 5 - Bobby's Friends

In the morning, I wake up with my nose itching.  I try to move my hand to it

but it won't move.  Neither will the other one!  Am I paralyzed?  I look over

at Bobby.  He is gone.  Looking up at my hand, I see that it is tied to the

headboard of Bobby's water bed.  The blanket is over me, but I feel my legs

being held apart.  Bobby has tied me spread-eagle on the bed!

"Good morning, Mom", Bobby cheerfully remarks as he walks into the bedroom.

He is already dressed, wearing cut off blue jean shorts and a tank top.

"Bobby, untie me, now!"

"Not just yet, Mom.  I am not finished yet."

He pulls the blanket all the way off the bed, exposing my naked body to the

bright room light.  I am so embarrassed, I want to hide, but can't.  Sitting

on the bed beside me, he grasps one of my bare breasts and shakes it.

"How are your lovely titties doing this morning?"


"And your cute little nipples?"

He squeezes one and shakes it.


"Is your pussy feeling sexy this morning?"

He slaps my wide open pussy several times, harder than I like.  It hurts and

my body flinches with each whack, creating waves on the water bed.

I begin to sob, "Please don't, Bobby, darling."

Bobby lays on the bed beside me, cuddles up close to me and rubs my breasts.

He sucks on a nipple and his hand drifts down to my crotch and he massages my

very responsive zone.  My juices instantly begin to flow.  He slides several

fingers inside me.

I cannot put my legs together, because they are tied to the foot board on the

bed.  I try to struggle free, but the ropes are securely tied.  I am helpless

and at Bobby's mercy.

Bobby stands up and removes his clothes and straddles me, sitting on my tummy

with a knee on each side.  He roughly kneads both my breasts at the same time.

"You really have nice titties, Mom."

I blush.  I am so embarrassed and humiliated.  My only son is sitting on my

stomach, roughly groping my breasts.  Knowing that he is trying to decide what

to do to me next, I try to struggle free one more time.  It is hopeless.

Bobby shifts higher and straddles my head with his knees and sits on my chest.

"I think I want you to lick my balls."

"No, Bobby, Please........"

He reaches behind him and tightly squeezes my breast.  I hurts so bad!  I

stick my tongue out and lick his balls.  The hair on his balls tickles my nose

and chin.

"Ohhhh....................yes, Mom............ that feels so good!!"

As I continue to lick, he reaches further back and pokes his fingers inside me

again.  My pussy instantly gets very drenched in my juices.

"Take one of my balls into your mouth."

I do as instructed.  Tied up like I am, I am helpless and  can't stop him from

doing anything he wants.

"Now, lick it while it is inside."

I maneuver my tongue all around his ball inside my mouth while he continues to

molest me between my outstretched legs.  He pinches my clit between his

fingers.  It is too rough and doesn't feel good.

"I want to cum now, Mom.  Suck me off."  He sticks his hard penis in my mouth

and I immediately begin sucking.  He tastes so good that I don't mind sucking

him, if he just wouldn't be so rough with me.

He slides his dick in and out while I suck him as good as I can, and I think

that is pretty damn good.

"OOOHHHHHH.........MOM...........YOU ARE ......... A GREAT ...............


Just as he says that, he fills my mouth with his jism.  He crams his fingers

into my pussy and then places them on my lips.

"Lick your pussy juice off my fingers."

Again, being helplessly tied, I do as instructed.  I lick my juices from his



The doorbell.  I freeze.  Who could it be.

"Bobby, untie me, quick, someone is at the door!"

Bobby, putting on his shorts and shirt replies, "Don't get excited, Mom.  I

called some friends and invited them over while you were still asleep.  It's

probably just some of them."  He walks out of the room.

I hear him open the door.  I hear voices, but can't tell how many.  Listening

real close, I discover they have some beer and they are sitting in the living

room talking.  I am real quiet, still tied spread eagle on Bobby's water bed,

struggling to free myself.  I soon discover to my horror that it is hopeless,

I can't get loose.  It is about midmorning and very bright in the room.  I am

surprised that these boys are up so early.  Usually Bobby sleeps til noon on

Sunday.  I look at the door and to my horror, I notice that Bobby left the

door wide open.  Anyone walking down the hall can see me laying naked on the

bed.  I don't know how to get out of this mess.

"Hi, Penny."


It is one of Bobby's old high school classmates.  He has never called me by my

first name before.  He walks over to the bed and sits beside me.

"God, Penny.  You're beautiful."  His eyes roam over my entire body,

helplessly exposed before him.  His eyes are wide as he visually explores

every inch of me.

"Jimmy, Please untie me."  I blush as he continues to examine me with his


"I can't do that.  The other guys would kill me."

"Jimmy, I have a hundred dollars.  You can have it and I will meet you one

night next week and you can do anything you wish to me.  I will be your slave

for a night."

"I can do anything I want to you right now."

He reaches over and cups my left breast in his hand.

"Uuuhhhhh ................. No, Jimmy, don't."

He very lightly moves my tender mound in circles.  He tweaks my nipple and

then watches it as it quickly hardens.  He is very gentle and moves very

slowly.  He leans over and sucks my nipple into his mouth.

"Oooohhhhh .......... Please don't ........."

His hand roams down to my widely spread crotch.  He very delicately explores

my outer lips with his fingers.  I feel myself getting wet.  No!  I don't want

to get wet.  It will just encourage him.  He will think I am getting turned


"Please untie ............. me .................. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

 His finger slides between my lips and into my drenched cunt.  Jimmy fingers

me for several minutes.

"Penny, You're so wet!  You are REALLY turned on.  Steve was right, you really

are a hot woman."

Damn that Steve!  He has told the whole world that I am "putting out".  That

son-of-a-bitch probably gave a blow by blow description of his night with me.

"No, Jimmy ................. It's not true ................. I'm not hot ....

please, please ............ untie me ............... and let me up........"

"No, you're so hot, your pussy is on fire.  I've got to fuck you NOW."

Jimmy stands up and takes off his pants, kneels between my legs, and places

the head of his dick at my opening.  I am defenseless.

"No, Jimmy ............. Please don't .............. do this............ to me


He enters me and pumps with long slow strokes.  Oh, God, it feels good.  His

penis is smaller than the others I've had recently and feels so good sliding

slowly in and out.  My pelvis soon unconsciously starts to hunch with him.

His hand reaches to my breast and begins to massage it once more.

"Oh, you have nice tits, Penny."

Man, I've heard that before, but Jimmy is expert at handling breasts.  And the

way he pumps his penis in and out of me with such long slow strokes feels

incredible.  I feel an orgasm approaching.

"Ohhhhh ............. Jimmy ..................... keep fucking ............

me, just ................ like you .................are ................. it

feels .................. so good! .............. I'm gonna ...............

cum....... oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh .............. yyyyeeeeeeeesssssssss .......


I feel Jimmy's cock spurting its load inside me.  Sweat drops off his head

onto my face.  When he finishes, he lowers his head and sucks my nipple just a

few more minutes then gets up, gets dressed and leaves the room.

"Jimmy, don't leave me like this.  Please, please untie me."

"Hi, Penny."

It's Don, another of Bobby's high school buddies.

"Don, Please untie me.  I will do anything you want."

"I don't think I want to untie you just yet, Penny.  Damn, your body's sexy.

I always thought you were the sexiest mom around."

Now its Don's turn to visually examine every inch of my naked defenseless

body.  He sits beside me on the bed and his hand immediately reaches for my


"I love a hot pussy, and you have one of the hottest.  I always knew you were

a hot mom."

I know it is useless to fight these boys.  "Well come on and fuck me, big boy.

Show Mama what you've got."

Don waists no time in getting his clothes off.  His cock is already hard.  I

know they have been sitting in the other room drinking beer and talking about

fucking me.

Don lowers himself on me and his large dick slides easily inside my soaking

pussy.  He pounds me much harder than Jimmy did.  I start hunching back.  Don

sure has a lot of self control for a young man.  He fucks me for about thirty

minutes and shows no sigh of cumming.

One of the other boys gets impatient and pokes his head in the door to see

what is happening.

"Come ....... on .......... in ........... yes ............ fuck me ........

oh yessssss ............. I'M CUMMMMMMMMIINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!"

I don't recognize the other boy, but he accepts my invitation, strips and

straddles my face.  His penis is flaccid, but he lowers it into my waiting

mouth.  His entire soft dick fits easily inside my mouth and I begin to suck

it, still enjoying Don pounding his hard rod into my pussy.  The strange boy's

dick begins to grow inside my mouth.  I hear others coming into the room.

Someone unties my right wrist and places my hand on his cock.  My left hand is

untied and placed around another hard dick.  I stroke them both.  The other

boy's dick begins to grow down my throat.  A hand strokes my left breast and I

feel another hand on my right one.  Someone licks my clit.  By the softness of

the face, I know I must be a female.  She licks my clit for a few seconds then

moves to Don's shaft still pumping in and out of my pussy.  Then she returns

to my clit, then back to Don's dick, then again on my clit.

I hear voices talking.

"Hurry up, Don, I want to fuck her."

"No, I'm next."

"I just want to fuck her mouth!"

"Look at her fuck!"

"Man, she has great tits."

"Look at that spread out pussy!"

I explode into a monstrous orgasm.  I have never felt so many sensations in my

life!  Don rams my pussy, while some young lady licks my clit.  Two people are

fondling my breasts while I jack off two young studs and suck another.  My

orgasm triggers one in the young man I am sucking and he explodes a ton of cum

into my mouth.  Don, unable to control himself any longer, gushes his cum into

my pussy.  The people playing with my breasts pinch my nipples.  The boys

whose dicks I am so violently stroking, begin to release their load and I

point them to my breast and let them shoot their hot stuff on them.  I feel

like I will never stop cumming!

The boy straddling my face rolls over on the bed and is replaced by someone

else.  My eyes are closed in orgasm, so I open my mouth to accept the next big

dick.  I feel fur on my lips, but no dick.  I am still cumming.  I open my

eyes to see a naked young pussy hovering over mouth.

"Nooooooo ............. Mphmphmmmmphmmmmmmmm ........."

She lowers her pussy onto my mouth, stifling my words.  I try to turn my head

to the side, but her knees are too close to my head and I can't move it.  I

feel another dick slide into my drenched pussy.  The girl slides her musky

smelling pussy all over my face.  She lowers her skirt over my head and since

no one can see, I begin to lick her sweet pussy.  When she raises her skirt, I

stop licking and start trying to free my head again.  I don't want anyone to

see me licking a pussy.  She lowers her skirt back over my head and I resume

eating her.  I really like eating pussy.  I used to think it would be very

repulsive, but I found out very different.  Eating pussy is much more

enjoyable than sucking dicks.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ................ I'M CUUUUMMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!!!"

The girl cums while my tongue slides up and down her slit.  It causes me to

have the strongest orgasm I have ever had.  Having a large dick pump my pussy

while a sweet tasting pussy is on my face and having both tits played with is

just too much for me.  I pass out from the excitement.

I wake up some time later.  The bed is soaking wet from sweat and cum.

Everyone has left.  Bobby is naked lying next to me.  He reaches over and cups

my very sore breast in his hand.

"Hi, Mom, how do you feel?"

"Very sore.  That was unbelievable."

"Yea, I know.  I really go off watching you fuck and suck all those people."

"Oh, Bobby, please hold me in your arms."

Bobby rolls over on top of me and slides his hard penis into my sore vagina.

Very slowly, he pumps in and out.  I hope this new relationship with my son

continues.  At this moment, I feel closer to him than I ever have.


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