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Archive-name: Affairs/younglv4.txt

Archive-author: Huggy Bear

Archive-title: Young Love 4 - Bobby Comes Home

It is Saturday about 3 p.m. and Bobby is due home from college any minute now.

It has been about 6 weeks since I have seen him and I am looking forward to


Doing my usual Saturday household chores, I have already changed the sheets on

Bobby's bed, cleaned his room and done the washing.  Bobby always brings home

some clothes for me to wash.

I hear Bobby come in the door and rush to meet him.  I put my arms around his

neck and hug him tightly.  He gives a superficial hug back.  He has never been

one to hug his mother with enthusiasm.

We sit in the living room and talk for a few hours.  It is nice to have him

here with Bob gone.  It gives me a chance to talk to him privately.

Tonight, he goes to a party at a friends house and returns around midnight.  I

am already in bed, but since I am not asleep, I get up to talk to him some

more.  He isn't interested in talking and immediately goes to his room to bed.

I give him a few seconds to get in bed and then I go in.  He is laying on his

water bed with the covers up to his waist.  He always sleeps nothing but his


"Is anything wrong, Bobby?", I ask as I lay on the bed beside him.  I am

concerned because Bobby is usually such an upbeat kid.  We talk for a few

minutes and he offers no clue as to what is bothering him.  I can tell by his

slurred speech that he has been drinking heavily.

Bobby turns on his side and faces me.  I am laying on my back and Bobby's head

rests on my shoulder.  His hand lands on my stomach.  I don't think he even

realizes that it is there.  I drift off to sleep with his fingers moving ever

so slightly on my tummy.

Sometime later I awaken and realize that Bobby's hand is laying on my breast!

It is moving very very slowly around, exploring.  Not knowing if he is awake

or asleep, I am afraid to look in his direction.  His head is still laying on

my right shoulder and arm and I use my left hand to remove his hand from my

breast.  I place it on my stomach and He lets it lay there for a few seconds

then slides it down to my crotch and cups it in his hand!  I quickly cross my

legs and take his hand off me.

"Bobby!  Stop that!  I'M YOUR MOTHER!"

"You did it with Ken and Steve and you will do it with me."

I am stunned!  Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.  He must have found

out at the party.  I guess the whole town knows.  I don't know what to say or


Bobby's hand slips under my gown and boldly fondles my breasts underneath.  I

am too dazed to react.  I just lay there and let him feel me.  His hand moves

from one breast to the other, roughly squeezing and pressing.  My nipples

become erect as he pulls them and rolls them between his fingers.  He pulls my

gown up over my chest, exposing my two white mounds and the pink nipples at

their tips.  First he studies them for several minutes, especially my hard

nipples, then he sucks them like he did when he was a newborn baby.

Why did I let myself get carried away with Ken and then with Steve?  I wish I

hadn't let that happen.  It's all my fault.  I am a slut and now my son knows

it.  I am sure the whole world knows it.  What am I going to do?

Bobby's hand slides across my bare abdomen to my panty-less crotch.  My legs

are tightly crossed, but he fools around with my hairs for a few minutes.  He

dips his finger into the top of my crack and tries to move it further down,

but my legs are squeezed together too tightly.  I hope he realizes what he is

doing and stops.

"Relax your legs", Bobby orders.

Before I think, I do as I am ordered.

Bobby spreads my legs with his hand.  His finger drifts between my lips.  I am

still paralyzed, so humiliated that my son found out about my serious

indiscretions.  His finger drifts over my sensitive lips making my love juices


"Uuuhhh.......", I gasp as my breathing deepens as his finger sinks inside me.

My legs spread slightly wider.  His mouth returns to my breast and sucks my

nipple once again while his finger is slipping in and out of me.  He moves his

finger up to my clit.


My hips involuntarily begin to move up and down.  It is feeling good.  No!

This is very wrong.  I'm not supposed to do this with my son!  He is rough

with me, but I am getting turned on.

"Ooohhhhh ........ Bobby, PLEASE don't ........ I'm very sorry I did what I


"You are going to pay for all the embarrassment you have caused me.  I always

thought I had the sexiest mom around, now I am going to fuck that sexy body of

yours.  I have always dreamed about it.  You owe me."

His free hand takes my wrist and moves my hand under the covers to his erect

penis.  Immediately, my fingers encircle it, but my hand doesn't move.  Tears

roll down my cheeks.

Bobby's hand explores my genital area completely.  His fingers cover my lips

and clit and dip into my wet vagina again and again.  He toys with my hairs.

He returns to my clit and concentrates there for a few more minutes.

"Oooohhhhhhhh!!!!......"  My breathing quickens even more.  My legs spread

wider.  My hand begins to slide up and down Bobby's stiff pole as my pussy

gets soaked in my juices.

Bobby squeezes my pussy lips between his thumb and finger and pulls them hard,

lifting my butt off the bed.  It hurts, but I don't let him know it.  I know

he is trying to hurt me.  I have never been picked up by the pussy lips

before.  He pulls the covers off himself and sits on my rib cage with his hard

penis pointing between my naked breasts.  I had no idea that his cock was so

large.  He takes my hands in his and lays them on the outside edges of my

breasts and forces them together, pressing my breasts around his aroused dick.

He begins hunching his penis between my breasts.  My own son is fucking my

tits!  I am wet with perspiration and his organ slides very well between my

soft mounds.  I realize that he has moved his hands and my hands are pressing

my breasts around his cock.  His left hand reaches behind him and finds my

pussy again.  This time he slides several fingers in.


Bobby stops hunching.  "Massage my dick with your tits."

I remove my hands from my breasts and put them beside me.

Bobby slaps both my breasts hard with his open hands.


I quickly place both my hands on my burning breasts.

"Now......massage my dick with your tits."

I move my breasts around with my hands, massaging his swollen cock.

"Oh, yes ........... that feels good!"

Bobby slides higher on my chest, his penis resting on my face.

"No, Bobby, Please don't force your mother to do this to you.  Don't put it in

my mouth!"

He places one hand behind my head and the other encircles his penis and he

presses it to my mouth.  He forces my mouth open and slides his dick inside.


I can't stop him.  He slides it all the way down my throat.  I have to fight

not to gag.  He slides it back and forth in my mouth.  I reluctantly begin to



He reaches behind and again plays with my pussy as he rides my chest.  I

notice that my hips are again moving up and down with his fingers.  It really

feels good and his cock tastes good also.  I begin sucking him seriously now.

Bobby gets up and turns around on his knees so that his dick is right over my

mouth and his head is at my pussy.  His tongue enters my widely spread crack

and finds my clit.


I have to raise my head off the pillow to reach his dick with my mouth.  It is

embarrassing, but I really want to suck his rigid cock.  Sucking just the very

tip into my mouth, I apply a lot of suction on it.  In just a few seconds it

explodes with a salty mouthful of cum.  I swallow the cum as he lowers his

entire body weight on me, lowering the entire length of his softening dick

into my mouth.

Bobby continues to lick my pussy all over.


He inserts his tongue inside my pussy and laps my juices.


He runs his tongue the entire length of the wide open fissure between my

tingling cunt lips.


He sucks my clit into his mouth.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ............... yyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss ............

I'm cuuuuuuummmmmmmmmminggggggggg! .............. Suuuuuuuck myyyyyyyyy ......


As Bobby shifts his position again, his young penis begins to grow again.  He

kneels between my widely spread legs, takes his dick in his hand and slides it

up and down between my wet lips a few times.  Then he finds my opening and

rams it into me with one fast hard stroke.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH ................GOD!!!!"

He thrusts with very long, very fast, very hard strokes.

"OH ....... OH ....... OH GOD ........... OH ........ OH YES ......... DO IT

....... OH .......... FUCK ME ............... OH ........... FUCK ME .....

....OH BOBBY .......... OH .......... YES ..............."

Bobby's hand finds my sore breast and squeezes it hard.

"Oh Bobby .................. I'm so sorry ........... I hurt you ............

Please forgive ................ Oh .............. oh........

ram it ............. in me ................ yes ............ ram me ......."

Bobby arches his back and I feel his penis jerking inside me.  The thought of

him cumming inside me makes me cum again also.

We both relax as Bobby rolls over on to the bed beside me.

"God Mom, you were great!  I guess you just don't think of your own mom being

so good in bed.  I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I wanted to hurt you, just as

you hurt me."

"I know darling, it's ok.  We've both been hurt.  I'm so sorry I have acted

the way I have.  I promise it won't happen again."

We embrace and fall asleep.


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