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Archive-name: Affairs/younglv3.txt

Archive-author: Huggy Bear

Archive-title: Young Love 3 - The Next Week

It is Friday evening and Bob is attending a week-end trade show and won't be

home until Sunday night late.  Bobby is coming home from college for the week-

end tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing him.  It's been over a

month now.  I am terribly lonesome as I am home by myself drinking my third

glass of wine while watching some stupid program on tv.

The phone rings.


"Hi, Penny, this is Ken....."  My body starts to tingle just hearing his

voice.  I am so glad to hear from him.

"Hi, Ken."

"Is it ok if I come down.  I see Bob's car is not there."

"Is anyone with you?"  I hope he is alone.  I am not going to let him come

down if anyone else is with him.

"Only my girlfriend, Ann."

"Oh..."  I hope I didn't sound disappointed.  I really wish he were alone.

"Sure, come on down."

In a few minutes, there is a knock on the door.  It is Ken and Ann.

"Penny, this is Ann."

"Hello, Ann, it's a pleasure to meet you.  You two come in."  We shake hands.

Ann is very tall.  About 5'11" with wavy red hair cascading over her

shoulders.  She is stunning.  Her skin is very white with almost no freckles.

Ann is wearing a very short black leather skirt and a white blouse.  She is

much older than Ken (I would estimate about 34-35), and one of the most

beautiful women I have ever seen.  I can see why Ken has fallen for her.  It

makes me jealous.

I feel very drab in my sweat pants and sweat shirt.

I fix them each a glass of wine and pour myself my fourth glass of the night.

Ken and Ann sit on the couch and I take the easy chair across the room.  We

make small talk and have several more drinks for almost an hour.

We begin to talk about the dancing lessons I gave Ken several weeks ago.

"I want to thank you, Penny, for teaching Ken to dance.  He is really a good

dancer now.  He was too embarrassed to ask me to teach him."

Surely he didn't tell Ann how that dance lesson ended.

"Why don't we dance now?", Ken suggests

"OK", agrees Ann

"I'll put on some music while you two move the coffee table", I add.

I put on a CD of old love songs.

Ken and Ann begin to dance.  They dance very close, pressing their bodies

tightly together.  They are a very nice looking couple.  I get jealous again

watching Ken hold her so close.

After the first song, Ken asks me to dance and I accept.  I am a little wobbly

from all the wine tonight.  He holds me close up against him and rest my head

on his shoulder.  He does dance very good.  I close my eyes and fantasize.  I

wish Ann weren't here.  I would like to take Ken to the bedroom.

All too soon the song is over.  I don't want to stop.

"Ok, You have each danced with me, but you haven't danced with each other."

"Oh, Ken ..... don't be silly."  I am appalled at his suggestion.

"It's ok with me, if Penny doesn't mind.  I would like to dance with her."

Before I can object, Ann walks over to me and puts both arms around my waist.

The next song starts.  I don't know how to get out of this gracefully, so I

put my arms on Ann's shoulders and we begin to dance.  Ann gently pulls me

against her.  Her body is so soft.  Her beautiful red hair tickles my face.  I

have to lay my head on her shoulder to keep her hair pressed down so it

doesn't tickle me.  I have never danced slow with another woman.

Ann strokes my back with both her hands.  One hand slips under my sweat shirt.

It is incredibly soft and smooth as it glides so effortlessly across my back.

She very lightly slides her soft hand up to my shoulder.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh........", a very low moan escapes my mouth.  I snuggle up

even closer to Ann.  Her soft body feels so good against mine.  I can feel her

breasts pressing on my chest, just above my breasts.  Her legs brush against

mine.  It feels so wierd to dance with another woman.  I have never been this

close to another woman in my adult life.

Her hand drifts down my back, across my bra and unhooks it.

I put my lips on Ann's neck and softly kiss it.

Her hand slips around to my chest and cups one of my breasts underneath my

unfastened bra.


It feels phenomenal!  I have never had such a feeling in my life.  Her hands

are incredibly soft and smooth on my breast.  I look up at Ann and without

thinking, I kiss her on the mouth.  It is my first kiss with a woman.

Ann kisses me back, oh so warmly and tenderly.  Her tongue enters my mouth.

She licks my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my gums, my teeth, my lips at the

same time she fondles my sensitive breast.

The room seems to get real hot.  Goose bumps pop up all over my body.  My

vagina gets wet and my clit tingles.

I lower my arms to the buttons on this beautiful redhead's blouse.  My

trembling hands slowly unbutton the top button ....... I pause to see if she

is going to object ....... then I tentatively move my quivering hands to the

next button.  As I unfasten the second button, I notice she doesn't have on a

bra.  Lingering a few moments, I move to the next button ....... and finally

the bottom one.  My eyes don't move from her cleavage.  I slowly open her

blouse and slide it off her soft shoulders.  I uncover the most beautiful

breasts I have seen in my life!  They are about a "C" cup and contoured

perfectly, with only a very small amount of sag.  The skin on her breasts is

creamy white with large, perfectly round reddish areolas surrounding pencil

eraser size nipples in the center.  I place my hand on one of her breasts.

"Oooooohhhhhh...............",  Ann moans lightly.

Her succulent breast is so incredibly soft and pliable.  I compress it gently

to feel it's softness.  I push it up high on her chest then move it around in

circles.  I tug on her hard nipple.  I am fascinated playing with her breasts!

"Ooooohhhhhh ................"  Ann moans again as she squeezes my breast and

slides her other hand under the elastic of my sweat pants and rubs my bare


"It feels so good", I whisper.  I feel my panties getting wetter and wetter.

I lower my head, take one of Ann's pristine nipples into my mouth and suck on

it.  I lick it and lick circles around it.  It feels so good to suck her soft


"Ooohhhhh ......."  Ann's breathing deepens considerably.

I haven't sucked a woman's breast since I was a baby.  I feel her smooth skin

around my mouth.  I put my hand on her other breast, cuddle it then play with

her hard nipple.

Ann pulls me up straight, raises my hands over my head, slips my sweat shirt

over my head and drops it on the floor.  When I lower my arms, my unhooked bra

slips off my shoulders.  She stands in front of me, inspecting my naked


I hold my stomach in, shoulders black and stick them out.  I hope she likes


She smiles and places a hand on each of my breasts.  She moves them around all

over my chest.  She holds each nipple and shakes my breasts.  Oh, it feels so


I return to her breasts, as I slide my hands all over them and press them

against her rib cage.  I can't believe how good it feels to play with breasts.

No wonder boys were always after mine when I was younger.

Ken walks up behind me.

It startles me because I was so wrapped up in Ann, I forgot he was here!

He places his hands on the elastic waistband of my sweat pants and slides them

down to the floor along with my panties.

l step out of them while still holding Ann's supple breasts.

Ken moves behind Ann, unfastens her skirt, lowers it and her panties.

She never releases my breasts as she steps out of them.  One hand leaves my

breast and finds my pubic region, clasps a handful of my soft hairs and pulls

me close to her.  She kisses me full on the mouth, this time with much

passion.  Her finger sinks between my engorged outer lips, slides to my wet

orifice and enters me.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......................"  I spread my legs

wider so that she will have no trouble getting as deep into me as possible.

She slides her finger out of me, glides it all over my genitals, exploring

every nook and cranny, then back between my lips to my clit.

"Oooohhhh yes ........ yes ...... yes ......... oh YES!"

My hands leave Ann's precious breasts and I wrap my arms around her beautiful

body and hug her tight, pressing our breasts together.  My legs are so weak, I

have to hold on to Ann to keep from losing my balance.

"Ooohhhh yes ............. Please don't stop ....... just a little more .....

I'm going to cum!"

In just a few seconds, I tremble all over, arch my tingling pussy toward her

and begin a huge climax.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh ............. I'm cuuuuuummming ........... rub my


I kiss Ann on the mouth and slide my tongue inside.  I move my hands to her

firm round butt and pull her genitals against mine.  I slide my hands all over

her butt, which is incredibly round, solid, and oh, so smooth.  It feels so

good to have our naked bodies touching.  Our breasts, cuddled between our

arms, are pressing together.  Our lips are locked in passionate ecstacy.

I maneuver one hand to Ann's genital area.  I am shocked to find NO HAIRS!

Not even stubble.  Her pubic mound is just as smooth as her butt!  As I slide

my hand around her pubic bone, I discover the dimple that is at the top of her

crevice.  I slowly glide my fingers over her smooth fur-less lips.

"Oooooohhhh ......... yes, Penny ........ feel my pussy ......."

The beautiful redhead spreads her legs.

Her pussy lips are smooth, wet and slippery.  My fingers slide over them very

easily.  One finger dips between them into her very deep chasm and finds her

hard little knot.


She presses her clit against my finger.  I massage her clit for a few minutes,

but then, my curiosity gets the best of me.  I slide my finger lower and then

up inside her.  Her pussy is so hot.  It is real soft and slippery inside.

She spreads her legs wider.

I slide in another finger, then another.  The heat from her pussy is amazing.

I rub my palm on her soft puffy lips.  Unable to resist any longer, I lower

myself to my knees and gaze at the most beautiful pussy in the world.  Two

beautiful swollen red lips.  Not a hair anywhere.  My wet fingers sliding in

and out.  Her legs are spread.  A cute little clit peeking from between her

gorgeous enlarged vulva.  I pucker my lips, lean over and touch them to her.

I extend my tongue into her valley of passion.

"Ooooohhhhh ........... Pennnnnnnnyyyyyy!"  She presses her pussy against my

mouth.  Her legs spread still wider.  She is having a hard time standing.

"Lay on the floor."

Ann lays on the thickly carpeted floor and spreads her legs wide.  I slide a

pillow from the easy chair under her rear to make her pussy easier to get to.

Her hairless pubic area is unbelievably beautiful as she lays on the floor

with her legs widely sprawled.

I kneel between her legs and lower my mouth back to her drenched musky crotch.

I slide my tongue into her hot opening and lick her inner walls.


I am astounded.  I thought it would taste bad.  It doesn't.  I actually tastes

great!  I lick her between her luscious lips, across her clit, all the way to

the top of her crack and back down again.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh ................... Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I suck her clit into my mouth.  I do all the things to her that I love to have

done to me.  She is going wild.  Her body tenses.  She is near orgasm.

I don't want her to cum yet.  I want to lick her pussy more.  I remove my

mouth and tongue from her.

"Nooooo ........... I'm about ........... to cum ......... don't stop!"

I lick the inside of her incredibly smooth thigh.  I kiss, then suck on her

hairless pubic mound, above her crack.  I kiss her other thigh.  I lick that

narrow area between her outer lips and thighs.

"Penny, Please ........ lick me ......... lick my pussy ........ I need to


I move my head up to her delectable tits and suck on them for a few minutes.

"Please, please ................ suck my pussy!"

I shift my body 180 degrees to a position where my knees are above her head so

she can suck my tits while I suck hers.  I lower my tit into her mouth.  She

gladly accepts it and begins eagerly sucking.  Ann really knows how to suck


I work my way back down her lovely torso, back to her bald pussy.

"Ooohhhhh yeeesssss! .......... don't stop ........ make me cum!"

She spreads my legs and begins to lick my pussy for the first time.

"Yeeesssss! ........."

She slips her tongue inside me.  Her tongue is fantastic!  The way she twists

it, licks my inner walls, and curls it gives me feelings inside my pussy I

have never had before.  She licks up and down my crack several times then

sucks my clit into her mouth.

We both approach orgasm together.



We tense our bodies and scream out together.



We relax and I lower my full weight onto Ann's delectable body.  Both bodies

are wet all over.  After several minutes, I roll off Ann and reposition myself

so that I am laying beside her.  We kiss.  I look up a Ken who is now naked on

the couch, playing with himself.

"Have we left you out, Sweetie?  Come down here with us on."

Ken lays between us.  The three of us are laying on our backs on the living

room floor.   Ken rests one hand on my pussy and one on Ann's.  His finger

dips between my lips and finds my clit.

"Ooohhhhhhh ........"  I moan quietly as my pelvis hunches upward.

"Ooohhhhhh ........."  He must have found Ann's clit, as she moans also.

I reach for his dick.  Ann's hand is already there.  I place my hand on her's

and we both slide up and down his hard shaft.

Ann moves her head down to his shank and places her mouth around it.  She

maneuvers her body so that her smooth pussy is right in front of my face.

I gladly stick my tongue between her scrumptious lips and lick her hard little

knot.  Feeling left out, I steer my pussy to Ken's face and he wastes no time.

He immediately begins licking my most sensitive area.  I guess this is what is

known as a "daisy chain".

After a very few minutes, we all three cum and collapse into a pile on the

floor.  I can't think of two more beautiful people to be in a pile with.

When they leave, I kiss them both passionately and tell them that I would like

to do it again.


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