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Archive-name: Affairs/younglv2.txt

Archive-author: Huggy Bear

Archive-title: Young Love 2 - One Month Later

I haven't seen Ken, since that fateful day about a month ago.  Deep down

inside, I would like for it to happen again.  It has given me a whole new

outlook on life.  I feel so much more sensuous and have so much more

confidence in myself.  Bob even commented on how attentive I've been to him.

I am on my way home from work and Bob is away on another business trip.  I

really would like to see Ken again.  My heart begins to throb as I round the

curve and see Ken in his yard.  Then my heart sinks as I see another guy in

the yard with him.


When I get out of the car, I wave at Ken and he waves back.  Damn, why did

that other guy have to be there?  We could have had another wonderful


I get a bottle of wine from the fridge and begin pouring.  There is a knock on

the door. It's Ken and his friend.

"Hi, Penny, this is Steve."

Steve is a older than Ken, about 28 or 29, taller, and built just as well.  He

has dark hair, brown eyes, and is about 6'2" and about 200 pounds.  Both are

wearing tank tops and shorts to show off their muscles.  I am a little

apprehensive.  Why has Ken brought this guy here?

"Hello, Steve, it's so nice to meet you."  We shake hands.

"It's nice to meet you, Penny.  I've heard a lot about you from Ken."

I know my face is red as I look toward Ken.

"Steve and I work out together.  We talk a lot while we work out."

"What did you say about me, Ken?"  I say with a stern voice.  I am anxious to

hear the answer to THAT question.

Ken puts his strong arms around me, pulls me tightly to him, and kisses me on

the mouth.


With his arms still around me, Ken said, "It's ok, Penny, Steve's cool."

"KEN, it's NOT ok!  I am a respectable woman and I DON'T go around kissing

young men in public."

"This is not public.  It is in your house."

"I am a married woman and I don't kiss young men anywhere!"  I try to push

away from Ken.

He holds his arms around me and clutches my lower body tight against his.  Why

did he have to bring Steve here?  I would love to have sex with him, but not

with Steve here.

Ken kisses me on the mouth again.  Unable to resist, I put my arms around his

neck and kiss back for just a few seconds.  I decide that he probably has told

Steve about our late afternoon escapade last month.

Steve moves real close behind me and presses his hard body right up against

mine.  I am caught in a sandwich between the two burly young men.  Steve

places a hand on each side of my pelvis and pulls my rear end tight against

him.  Feeling a hard lump at his crotch, I try to squirm free, but I only seem

to excite Steve as my butt wiggles across his crotch.  Each one of them is

holding me tight and I can't move very much.  Steve's hands wander up my rib

cage until he has a hand under each of my armpits.  I can't lower my arms from

Ken's neck because of the way Ken is holding me.  I know what is coming next.

"NO! ....... Stop this right NOW!"  I try to sound firm.

Ken holds me tight against him.

Steve's hands slide forward until he has each one of my breasts covered by his

large palms.  I was afraid this would happen.  He squeezes my breasts several

times.  He pushes them up, then he gropes with them some more.  He finds my

hardened nipples and pinches them through my bra.

"Aarrmmmmmppppppppphhhhh!...........".  I try to protest, but Ken has his

tongue in my mouth.

As Steve continues to fondle my breasts, I feel his groin hunching against my

butt.  He leans over and kisses me passionately on the neck while Ken is still

kissing me on the mouth.  The hair stands up on my neck.

"NO! ............ I will not allow this! .......... This is too kinky for me!"

Steve's right hand leaves my breast, moves to my buttocks and begins massaging

my right butt cheek.  He sucks my earlobe into his mouth, blowing his hot

breath on my ear.  He rubs my breast with his left hand and my behind with his

right for several minutes.  He works my skirt up over my bottom and slides his

hand into my pantyhose as his tongue explores my ear.  I feel his large coarse

hand wander all over the bare skin of my rump and his hot breath on my ear.

"PLEASE STOP ........ I don't want this!"

Getting turned on, I feel like a slut.  Where do these guys get the idea that

they can just come in my house and have their way with me.  I don't want this

to happen, but they won't stop.

Steve gets on his knees behind me and lowers my pantyhose and panties to my


Ken rubs my breast.  He kneads it very gently through my blouse and bra with

his sensitive hand.

Steve lifts my feet, one at a time, off the floor and removes my underwear.

He unfastens my skirt and pulls both it and my half slip to the floor.  Naked

from the waist down, I can feel Steve staring at my bare butt.  He leans

forward and kisses it.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze don't .................................".  I try one more

time to stop them.

While Ken continues to kiss me, he fondles my breast through my blouse and


Wrapping both his hands around my right ankle, Steve moves it about a foot

away from the left one.

Ken is holding me off balance and I can't get my legs back together.  I wish I

were alone with Ken. I would love to have sex with him again.  I am so turned

on, it is unbelievable.  I have never even fantasized about two men at the

same time.

Steve's hands, still both wrapped around my right ankle begin to slowly slide

up my bare leg.  As they slowly work their way up over my calf, I can feel a

palm on each side of my calf, fingers in front on my shin bone, thumbs in

back.  I am glad I shaved my legs this morning.  When he reaches about half

way up my leg, he pauses and tickles the back of my knee with his thumbs.  It

feels very good.  Steve has found one of my erogenous zones!


I start to kiss Ken passionately.  After he unbuttons my blouse and pushes it

off my shoulders, he reaches behind me, unhooks my bra and it falls to the

floor between us.  He takes my newly liberated breast in his hand and gently

presses it.


Steve's hands resume their journey up my leg.  When they reach just below my

crotch, his left hand (the one between my legs) stops and his right hand

continues up to rub and knead my bare butt.  He moves my right cheek all

around and then just slides his hand all over my rear end.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh ................."

It feels good.  I move my bare bottom in circles.  His left hand slides up my

now wet inner thigh and touches my puffy labia.

"Oohh!"  I freeze.

He slides his hand forward, between my legs, up to my pubic bone and toys with

my hairs for a few seconds, then moves his hand back down to the top of my

split and moves his finger down the entire length of my crevice and back up,

never dipping between my lips, just feeling the crack where they meet.  The

feeling is unbelievable.  I want his fingers between my lips.  For several

minutes, Steve explores my lips then ........... finally, he slips a finger

between them and up into my wet and willing pussy.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh .............."  I spread my legs a little wider.

Ken bends over and takes a nipple into his mouth.  He sucks it hard, but not

hard enough to hurt.

Steve slips more fingers up me.  I can't tell how many.  He slides them in and

out ... in and out ...  I arch my back, sticking my butt back to Steve.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh feels soooooooo gooooooooood .........

let's go to the bedroom."

Steve stands up and we walk to the bedroom.  I am in middle and both guys have

their arms around me.  I feel awkward as I am the only one who is naked.  I am

sure both the boys are watching my breasts jiggle as we walk down the hallway.

Feeling proud, I hold them out as far as I can.

When we get to the bedroom, I turn the covers all the way back to the floor

and lay down on the king size bed to watch the boys get undressed.  I have

seen Ken's magnificent naked body before, so I am really eager to see Steve.

He doesn't disappoint me.  His body is fantastic.  Larger and more mature that

Ken's and a lot hairier.  His organ is erect and gigantic.

"One of you go back to the living room.  I want to have sex with both of you,

but only one at a time."

They both get on the bed with me.  One on each side.

"NO!  Only one at a time.  One of you must go to the other room."

"NO, Chickie, we are friends.  We will fuck you together", Steve announces.

"My name is not 'Chickie'.  I won't have sex with both of you at the same

time", I assert as I sit up on the bed.

Steve puts his hand on my breast and pushes me back to a reclining position.

He bends over and kisses me on the mouth for the first time.  My first

impression is of the stubble of his beard on my chin and below my nose.  He

slips his tongue into my mouth.  He takes my left hand and places it on his

incredibly huge organ.

I wrap my fingers around it and begin stroking.  I can barely reach around it.

Ken puts my right hand on his member also.  It feels so bizarre to have a cock

in each hand.  I have never done that before.

As I kiss Steve, and play with both hard dicks, each one of them fondles a

breast.  It feels strange having two people play with your breasts.  Ken feels

the right one gently and tenderly.  Steve, in contrast, is harsh, to the point

of being painful.

"I told you she had great tits!"

Now I know Ken has told.  I wonder how many other people he has told.

"You were right, Dude.  Penny, your knockers are great."

I feel both anger and embarrassment.  Anger at Ken for telling about our

escapade and embarrassment at the two of them talking about my naked breasts.

Ken slides down and begins sucking on the breast he is playing with and soon

Steve does the same.  I have wondered how it would feel to have both breasts

sucked at the same time and it is wondrous.  I feel like a mother dog suckling

two puppies.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh .................. that is ............. fantastic."

I spread my legs as Steve's hand slips down to my most private pubic area.

His finger enters my split at the very top, slides down between my lips to my

clit and begins to harshly rub it.

"Ouch ........ Not so hard ......... it hurts."

"That's ok, Chickie, it'll feel good in a minute when you get used to it."

I don't like being called "Chickie".  I am beginning not to like Steve so

much.  He is much cruder than Ken.  He places both my outer lips between his

thumb and forefinger and pulls.  He crams his finger into my wet vagina.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh ..............."

He fingers me for several minutes while they both continue to suck my breasts.

I get very wet.  He returns to my clit and again coarsely rubs it.  This time

it feels really good.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh .............. yeeeeeeesssssssss"

"Didn't I tell you she was hot!"

I could tell that Ken was trying to impress his older, unrefined friend.

"You found her, Dude.  You fuck her first."

I don't like the way that sounded.  I feel very sleazy, like a whore.  I don't

like the way this is going.

"No ........... not while .......... Steve is ......... in here ......."   Ken

immediately rolls over on me and gently eases his penis into me.  It feels so

good.  As I put my arms around his back, I raise my legs and move in rhythm

with him.

"Oh .......... oh ......... oh ......... yes ........... oh .........yes

...... do it .......... oh .......... yes ........."  I really enjoy Ken.  He

is good, but it is wierd having sex with someone while someone else is in the

bed watching.

Steve takes my left hand from Ken's back and puts it back on his huge cock.  I

pump my hand up and down on his gigantic shaft.  He is still roughly probing

my breast.  Ken continues to thrust his dick deep inside my orifice.

"Oh ........ yes ............. yes ......... I love it ......... yes ...... "

Ken begins to breath very hard and his muscles all tense at once.  I feel his

dick shooting it's juice into me.  He relaxes for a few seconds, allowing all

his weight to rest on me, then he rolls off onto the bed beside me.

In an instant, Steve rolls over onto me and rams his massive dick into my

surprised pussy.


I cry out in pain as his gigantic organ stretches me to the limit.  I feel

like I have been impaled on a baseball bat.  Tears come to my eyes.

Steve slams into me time after time.  After a very few minutes, my pussy

adjusts to his huge size and it begins to feel incredibly good.

"Oh ......... oh ............ oh ........... yes ......... fuck me ........

fuuuuuck meeeeee ........... oh Steve ........... I love it ..........."

Steve is thrusting so hard that my breasts are bouncing all over my chest,

almost hitting my chin.  I pull him to me, kiss him, stick my tongue in his

mouth, and rub my hands all over his back and ass.  Steve is an animal.  I

have never experienced anything like this in my wildest dreams.

"Oh ....... oh ......... oh .......... do it .......... oh ......... oh ......

I love it ........... oh ....... yes ........... fuck me ........"

Ken reaches over and begins to fondle my breast, paying a lot of attention to

my very hard nipple.  He sucks my nipple into his mouth and nibbles on it.

"Oh ....... oh ........ ooohhhhhh......."

I feel my body begin to tingle and feel a fast approaching orgasm.  I reach

down and wrap my fingers around Ken's cock, which has already become hard

again.  I thrust my pelvis as high as I can.


.... oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ................. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh


Steve is still thrusting.  He hasn't cum yet.  He has much more staying power

than Ken.  I am still pumping Ken's organ with my hand.  Suddenly Steve turns

me over very quickly jerking my nipple out of Ken's mouth and my hand away

from Ken's dick.  He reaches around my waist and pulls me on my knees and

elbows before I know what has happened.  He quickly jams his gigantic cock

back into me from the rear and resumes his hard thrusts.

"Oh ............. oh ............... oh ................. oh .......... yes

..... fuck me .............. like a ........... dog ............. yes ......"

"Ken, fuck her in the mouth!"

Ken obeys his older friend and moves around to my head, puts his legs on each

side of me and leans back against the headboard sitting up.  His hard cock is

right in front of my face pointing straight up at my mouth.

"Oh ......... oh ............... oh ............. yes .......... fuck me ...."

I open my mouth and lower it over Ken's excited maleness.  I can taste my love

juices still on him.  I move my head up and down as I suck on him.  I really

like pleasing Ken.  He is such a nice young man.

"Umm ................ umm .............. umm ................. umm ........."

Ken reaches down on each side of my head and finds my wildly swinging breasts

and caresses them both.  Steve wraps one hand around my waist and finds my

clit and kneads it roughly.  With his other hand, he slaps my butt, hard.  It

is very loud and stings a lot.

"..... S L A P ......"

"................ OOOHHHHHH! .........."

Ken sees what Steve did and begins slapping my breasts.  It is painful, but

not excruciating.

"slap ..... slap ..... slap ..... slap .....slap ..... slap ...."

"......oh ....... oh ....... oh ....... oh ....... oh ...... oh ......"

As he slaps the outside of each breast, it swings toward the other and they

slap together.

".... S L A P ......"

".............. OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! ........."

Steve again slaps my butt.  My butt is stinging and both breasts are beginning

to sting.  Steve is still rubbing my clit and pumping my pussy real hard.  I

am engulfed by all the sensations.  I feel those familiar sensations and I

know I am near to an orgasm.

"Oh ........ oh ........ oh ............ fuck me ........ rub my pussy!!!"

I lower my head and take in as much of Ken into my mouth as I can.

Just before I reach the "moment of no return", Steve pulls out of me.

"NOOOOOOO!!!! ........ FUCK ME!!!! ....... PLEASE, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!"

"Hold her arms, Ken."

Ken wraps his hands around each of my wrists.  I am surprised.  I don't know

what to expect.

Steve grabs my legs and jerks my knees out from under me.  I am now flat on my

stomach with Steve kneeling between my legs and my face in Ken's crotch.

Steve takes his dick in his hand and eases it between my cheeks of my ass, to

my anus.


I squeeze my sphincter muscles as tight as I can to keep him out, but Steve is

too well lubricated and he slowly slides into my rectum.


When I open my mouth, Steve pushes my head down so that my open mouth engulfs

Ken's hard dick.

"Relax your butt, Chickie, and it won't hurt so much."

It is so painful, l will try anything.  I try to relax.  Steve is laying with

all his weight on me.  After a few minutes of concentration, I manage to relax

my anal muscles.  It starts to feel good to have Steve sliding in and out of

my ass.

"Oooohhhhhhh ........ you suck ........ dicks real ........ good, Penny ...."

Ken is really enjoying the blow job.  I really enjoy having Steve fuck my ass.

My clit begins tingling again.  Could I be near orgasm?  YEEEEESSSSSS!  I

shutter and shake.  My second orgasm starts!

Steve puts his hand on the back of my head and presses it all the way down on

Ken's dick.  It goes all the way down my throat.  I try to pull my head up,

but Steve keeps it pressed down.  My orgasm continues.  My clit tingles like

someone is rubbing it, but no one is.  I force my head up and catch two quick

breaths.  Steve's body begins to shutter and I feel his dick spurting it's cum

up my ass.  I am still cumming.  Steve is cumming.  I didn't know I could have

an orgasm from butt fucking.  Finally my orgasm subsides and Steve collapses

on top of me.  I am exhausted.  Steve eventually rolls off me.

"Ok, Kid, your turn to fuck her in the ass."

I am too tired to object.

Instead, Ken rolls me over on my back, spreads my legs and eases into my

tired, sore pussy.  I am so glad that it is Ken fucking me now, instead of big

rough Steve.  I open my legs to accept him.  Ken gently eases in and out, up

and down.

Steve begins to fondle my tender breasts again.  I am sore all over.

"Oh ..... not so hard ..... they're tender...."

My pussy again begins to tingle.  I am about to cum again.  My body begins to


Steve moves around to my head and places his limp dick just above my mouth.

My third orgasm begins.  I have to open my mouth to breathe.  Steve lowers his

soft dick into my mouth.  I thought it would be repulsive since it had been up

my ass just a few minutes ago, but it wasn't.  I can taste a little rectum on

it, but it isn't bad.  My orgasm continues.  Steve massages my breasts.  It

hurts, but the pain seems to intensify my orgasm.

Ken's body tenses and he begins to shoot his load into my exhausted pussy.

This orgasm goes on forever.  I am still sucking Steve's dick and Ken is still

fucking me.  Steve plays with my tits.  At last, my orgasm subsides.

Steve's dick begins to swell and I continue to suck it.  It swells so big that

I think my lips will rip in two.  Thankfully, in just a few seconds empties

his jism into my mouth.  He removes his hard dick from my mouth and I feel

like it won't close.

Steve rolls off the bed and begins to get dressed.

"Come on, Dude, we gotta split."

Ken starts to get off the bed.

"Ken, please stay with me for a little while."

"Ok ...... You go ahead, Steve, I'll see you tomorrow at workout."

Steve leave leaves and Ken turns to me.  "I'm sorry, Penny.  I didn't know he

would be so rough.  He's really a nice guy."

"Just come here and lay down."

He does.

"Put your arms around me and hold me for a few minutes."

We turn to face each other and embrace.  Tears roll down my cheeks.  I think

back on what has happened the last two hours.  I was really turned on and had

three orgasms.  It was great. ......... Then why do I feel so bad?

Ken rubs my bare back.  I do the same to him.  He is so sweet and gentle.  It

feels so good to feel his naked body next to mine.

I know why I feel bad.  I feel cheap and trashy like a $5 whore.  I just got

fucked by two men, in the pussy and in the ass, and I sucked them both off and

swallowed their cum.  They played with my tits and pussy.  They fingered me.

One of these men, I didn't even know.

Ken wipes the tears from my cheeks and kisses me on the end of my nose.  He

very lightly touches his lips to mine.  Ken is so nice and

understanding.  I kiss him back.  It is a very soft kiss.  I feel his cock

move against my thigh.  I roll over onto my back and pull Ken on top of me.  I

spread my legs and his hard dick is at my vagina.  It very slowly and gently

slips inside me.

My voice is a whisper, "Oooohhhhhh, Ken ...... I love for you to fuck me."

Ken slides in and out of me very slowly and tenderly, with very long strokes.

It is like watching a XXX movie on the VCR in super slow motion.  With each

out-stroke, he pulls all the way out and then slides the whole thing all the

way back in as far as it will go, very slowly.  It is the sweetest, most

tender fuck I have ever had.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................... Keeeeeeeeeennnnnn!"

This continues for almost an hour and then my clit begins to tingle.  Goose

bumps pop up all over my body.  Ken senses that I am near orgasm and it causes

him to go over the edge also.  Ken begins shorter and faster and harder

strokes.  We cum together for a long time.

Ken lays on top of me for several minutes after it is over.  He gets up and

gets dressed, comes over to the bed and kisses me good-by.

"Thanks, Penny, you're the best in the world."

"Thank you, Ken. Bye."

I close my eyes for just a moment and don't wake up until morning.  I must get

ready for work.


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