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Archive-name: Affairs/youngluv.txt

Archive-author: Huggy Bear

Archive-title: Young Love 1 - The Beginning

Chapter 1, The Beginning

I am rounding the curve, almost home.  It has been a long day at work and I am

ready to get home.  My husband, Bob, is out of town on business and my son,

Bobby, is away at college.  It will be a peaceful evening so I can just sit

around and relax.  As I pull into the driveway, I see Ken next door playing

with his dog in his front yard.  Ken, 20, grew up with Bobby and is a year

older.  I have known Ken since he was four years old. He is into body building

and his muscles look hard as a rock.  He is wearing a tank top today, as

usual, to show off his muscles.  He also has on faded cut off blue jeans.  He

is throwing sticks for his dog to fetch.

I go inside and pour myself a large glass of wine.  Now to the bathroom, draw

a nice tub of hot water, get in, and relax while drinking the wine.  It feels

so good to just unwind from the stress of the day.  As sit in the tub drinking

my wine, I reach for the soap and washcloth and begin bathing.  I wash my face

and neck.  When my washcloth covered hand reaches my soft white breasts, my

nipples instantly stand to attention.  Putting the washcloth on the side of

the tub, I take another swallow of wine and my bare hand returns to massage my

soapy breasts.  I try to squeeze my nipple but it is so slippery that it keeps

slipping from between my fingers.  As I lightly trace little circles around

each nipple, I start to fantasize about making love to an imaginary lover.  My

other hand slips between my legs, between my lips and begins to massage my

clit.  I have been fantasizing a lot lately about making love to someone other

than Bob.  We have been married for 22 years and I was a virgin when we met.

I have never really made love to anyone but Bob.  The wine must be having an

effect on me already because I have an orgasm very quickly.

After bathing, I get out of the tub, dry off, and slip into a sexy white lace

bra and white bikini panties.  The doorbell rings.  "Who could that be?", I

ask myself.  I put on my bathrobe and go to the door.  It is Ken.

"Hi, Ken, come on in."

"Hello, Penny.  Is this a bad time?"

"Oh no.  I just got out of the tub.  Care for a glass of wine?"

"That would be nice."

I pour two glasses.  "Come into the living room and have a seat."

Ken sits on the couch and I sit in the soft easy chair across the room.  As I

sit in the chair, my robe slides off my legs, exposing them to within a few

inches of my panties.  Quickly covering myself with the robe, I am sure Ken

noticed.  I know he must have seen my panties.  I am embarrassed, yet, in some

strange way, it's stimulating for Ken to have seen such a private part of me.

My heart beat quickens and I hope I am not blushing.

His muscles look hard as steel.  He rests his leg on the coffee table and I

can see up one leg of his ragged cutoff jeans.  He has on no underwear!  I can

see his balls and the head of his penis!  I wonder if he is doing this

intentionally.  I try to look him in the eye, but my eyes keep wandering down

to his crotch.  I feel my temperature rise and I feel flush.  I have to fight

to keep my eyes in the proper place.

I get up to get a pack of cigarettes from the coffee table in front of Ken.

As bend over to pick up the cigarettes my robe gaps open. I know he can see my

bra and the swells of my breasts.  I wonder if my nipples are showing through

my thin bra.  I hope not.  I am glad I put on my best bra this evening.  He

reaches for the lighter and offers to give me a light.  I have to bend down

again for him to give me a light.  As I start to put my hand on my chest to

keep my robe closed, I decide not to.  I notice his eyes lower to my breasts.

I don't really mind.  I hesitate a few seconds to let him savor the view.  It

gives me a tingle of excitement to have him staring at my soft mounds.  He

really can see no more than he could if I had on a bathing suit.

I still think of Ken as a little boy.  He has been one of Bobby's friends for

years.  His mother is a very good friend and we chat often.  Our families

cook out in the back yard together frequently.

"I haven't seen you around much lately, Ken, where you been keeping yourself?"

"I have a girlfriend and been spending a lot of time with her."

"Who is she?"

"Oh, you don't know her.  My parents don't like her.  She is older than I am."

"How much older?", I ask as I sit down in the easy chair.

"She is 36."

"My god!  She is just a few years younger than I am", I imagine.

"I thought maybe you could help me with a problem I have."

Ken has always been able to talk to me about his problems.  Even when he was a

little boy, he would come to me with problems he felt he couldn't discuss with

his mother.

"Sure, what's the problem?"  I sneak a glance at his crotch.

"She likes to dance slow and I never learned how.  Would you teach me?"

"I'll be glad to.  Do you want to start now."

"Yea, if you don't mind."

"Ok, I'll put on some nice slow music and teach you how to dance."

I put a CD on and motion him to help me move the coffee table out of the way.

Again my robe falls open when I lean over to pick up the table and this time I

couldn't use my hand to keep it closed, if I wanted to.  Ken again gets a long

view of my cleavage.  I am feeling a little self conscious now because I may

be showing him too much.

Ready to give Ken his first dance lesson, I stand in the middle of the floor

and he stands in front of me.  I have to take his right hand and put it on my

waist.  He is very tense as I put my left hand on his muscular shoulder and

take his other hand in mine.

"Just relax.  You will never be a good dancer until you learn to relax."  I

really feel strange standing with my arms around Ken.  I hadn't realized how

tall he was and for the first time I can tell that his muscles really are as

hard as they look.

After a few songs Ken is doing great.  He learns fast.  We sit down for a few

minutes, finish our wine and I pour us each another glass.  By now, I am

feeling a little wobbly.

"Let's dance one more time and then I have to go home."


This time Ken pulls me close to his hard body.  I am a little startled as my

breast presses into his chest.  Not expecting this, I don't know whether to

back away or not.  I decide that I won't embarrass him, and snuggle close.

His body is real solid.  I can feel each individual muscle in his shoulder and

neck.  I can't resist stroking my hand over his solid muscles.

He dances like he has been doing it for years.  I wonder if this whole thing

had just been a plan to hold me in his arms.  He uses his right hand on the

back of my head to press my head against his shoulder.  The sentimental song

and the wine make me feel romantic and for a few seconds I forget who I am

with.  I offer no resistance.  I close my eyes and rest my head on his strong

shoulder.  He hugs me tight for just a second and I hug back.  His young

athletic body feels so good against mine.  My left hand is rubbing the back of

his neck.  Feeling a growing bulge touching my thigh, I know that he is

getting excited.

I must stop this now before it goes too far.  Moving my head from his

shoulder, I try to step back a little.  Ken holds his right arm firmly around

me.  He takes my hair in his right hand and gently forces my head back so that

I am looking up, right into his baby blue eyes.  He looks down at me for a

moment, then leans forward and kisses me on my mouth!  I can't believe it!  I

have known this kid since he was four years old!  He is like a son to me!  I

try to pull away.

"KEN!  What are you doing?"

Ken doesn't answer.  He pulls me tight against him and presses his mouth

against mine again.  I am so startled at his actions that my mouth opens and

his tongue slips inside.

"Mmmppphhhh", I try to protest but the sound is muffled my his tongue in my


I gasp in surprise as his hand finds my right breast and presses it against my

chest!  Ken is touching my breast!  It feels very good!  I hesitate about a

minute and think about what is happening as Ken fondles me.  I want him to

continue, but I know that I can't allow it.  It is wrong!  I use my free hand

and move his hand off my breast.  I wonder if I should tell his mother.

"Penny, you know you like it", his voice is very calm.

"It feels very good, Ken, but this is wrong.  PLEASE don't do it again."

He takes my right hand and holds it with his right hand behind my back.  Now

both my hands are useless.  One is being held behind my back, the other is

over his shoulder and he is holding me so close to him that I can't move it.

His left hand again finds my breast.  He presses and caresses it.  I am

helpless to do anything about it.  My breathing increases and my heart is

pounding so hard, it feels as if it will leap out of my chest.

"Ken, PLEASE don't!"  I plead with him.  My voice is trembling.

He holds me very close.  He is so strong that I can't escape.  He very slowly

slips his hand inside my robe and begins to slide it into my bra!

"NO, Ken, PLEASE move your HAND!  Let me go ........... NOW!"

"Relax, Penny, you know it feels good."  His hand is very warm as it touches

the top of my soft rounded swell.  It feels incredible!  His fingers spread

and just brush against each side of my nipple as his hand dips further into my

bra. My nipple hardens.

"Please don't do this to me!.......I don't want to!"  I still try to stop him,

but he is determined to feel my breast.

The skin at the joint between two fingers bend my nipple down as his hand

slowly slides deeper inside my bra.  My hard nipple springs back into his

palm.  He plays with my breast as I struggle to stop him.

"KEN, I DON'T want to do this."  I am fighting the urge to cry.

I feel the coarse skin on his hand against the smooth soft skin of my breast.

He takes my hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twists it and

pulls on it, not hard, very gently.

"Nooooooooooo .................. oooooooohhhhhhhhh"

It feels great but I must stop this.  I am NOT that kind of woman.  No one has

touched my breasts since I met Bob.  I struggle to get free.  My heart pounds

savagely.  He is so strong that I know that I will never be able to free

myself from his powerful grip.

He maneuvers me back, pins me against the wall and slides my robe off my

shoulder.  He examines my thin white lace bra with the imprint of my hard

nipple protruding through it.  He covers my breast with his hand, now on the

outside of my bra.  He finds the hook in the front.  His hand moves to it.  HE


"NO, KEN, NO......PLEASE don't ....... Noooooooooooooooooo....."

He unfastens my bra and pushes it aside exposing the milky white skin of my

uncovered breast to the bright room light.  He examines my breast as his

finger lightly traces circles around my stiff nipple.

It does no good to struggle.  I relax my body.  I feel so vulnerable.  How did

I let myself get into this?  Ken clutches my breast for several minutes.  It

really feels phenomenal!  I am breathing even deeper now.  I hope he doesn't

notice how much he is turning me on.  I want him to stop, but yet, I don't

want him to stop.  Il feel so strange having someone so young and handsome pay

so much attention to my bare breast.

He lightly presses my soft mound from different angles and watches it move.

He puts his palm over my entire breast and makes large slow clockwise motions,

moving it with his hand.  He flattens it gently and then pulls my nipple


Oh, it feels SO GOOD, particularly when he pulls my nipple!  I am confused.  I

don't know how to stop him and if I did, would I wish later that I hadn't?

He is still caressing my fully displayed flesh and occasionally pinching my

nipple.  "When I was ten years old, I was here playing with Bobby and we

found some Polaroids of you."

I know exactly which Polaroids he is talking about.  It was some nudes that

Bob had taken of me.  I had always hoped that no one ever saw those photos!

"I have wanted to play with your tits ever since that day.  They are just a

soft and smooth as I imagined.  Your tits are even more beautiful than they

were in those pictures 10 years ago and your nipples are fantastic."

He moves his hand from my breast and just gazes at it.  I blush.  I can't help

it.  It feels so very good to have my naked softness petted by a muscular

young man but I know than I cannot allow it and I try to struggle free one

more time.  When I struggle, he grasps my breast very hard.  It hurts bad.  I

stop struggling and relax my body again.

"Please, Ken, You shouldn't be doing this!"  My voice is still trembling.

"You know you are enjoying this.  I can tell by your breathing."

I AM breathing hard, both from struggling and from being aroused.

Ken unties the belt on my robe and opens it, revealing my white bikini

panties.  His left hand leaves my breast and moves down to my waist and then

even lower.  His fingers slide beneath the waistband of my panties.

"NO, Ken, PLEASE PLEASE stop!......PLEASE don't do this to me!......PLEASE

don't put your hand in my panties.  Don't touch me down there!"

I begin to tremble all over and my breaths gets deeper.  My knees are weak.  I

have never been under the control of a man in this way before.  It is both

frightening and arousing.  I can't escape from his strong grip.

His hand slips into my panties and pauses at my thin downy pubic hair.  He

twirls his fingers through my hairs and pulls slightly.  Not to hurt me, but

only playing.  His hand explores my furry pubic mound and every once in a

while he pulls a single hair.  He is taking his time and enjoying toying with


"PLEASE don't touch me there......It's ok to touch my breasts if you just

won't touch me down there......You can do anything you want with my breasts..

....Just PLEASE, PLEASE don't touch me below the waist."  I hope that if I let

him play with my breasts, he will be satisfied and leave my genitals alone.  I

am almost crying.

His fingers touch my puffy outer lips and very lightly examine their shape and

texture.  He slides down my left lip and comes back up the right one.

I try to put my legs together, but his muscular thigh is between my legs and I

can't get them together.  His fingers slowly explore my lips.  I feel myself

getting wet!  I am really getting turned on!  This is wrong!  I move my hips

in different directions trying to get my genitals away from his hand.

"Oooohhhh ................", my voice is almost a whisper, "Ken, Please just

play with my breast.  Suck on them for me.  Please suck my tit.  It feels so

good when you play with my tit.  I love it when you pull my nipple .........

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ............."  His fingers drag my wetness all over

my tingling lips.  "KEN, don't you want to feel of my breasts?  Pinch my


Just as I begin to protest one more time, his finger slides between my lips,

finds my tingling clit and very gently massages it.  The feeling is ecstatic.

Another moan escapes my lips.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh............"  I am helpless.  My breathing gets still deeper.

He is molesting me at will as his finger slowly works it's way down to my wet

vaginal opening.


I gasp and my whole body tenses for a second as he easily slides his finger up

into me.  It is one of the most wondrous feelings I have ever had.

"You are real wet, Penny!"

"Oooohhhhhhhhhh .......... That ......... doesn't mean ..... that I'm ........

turned on .......... Please don't ........... Please remove ......... your

finger ........ Ken, please ......... please ......... stop doing ....... this

to me."  I try to sound like I'm not turned on, but my voice gives me away.

He very slowly slides his finger in and and and out....

Involuntarily,  I spread my legs wider and I rotate my hips forward and

backward in rhythm with his finger.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh ........"

My body gets hot all over and wet as perspiration covers me completely.

Ken is holding his young athletic body against me.  He slides in another

finger, then another, filling my captivated opening with his fingers, slowly

sliding them in and out for several more minutes.  He returns to my swollen

clit and I open my legs wider and press my pubic bone into his palm.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ..........."

Breathing very hard now, my chest is rising and falling with each deep breath.

I have completely surrendered myself to this dominant young man.  My willpower

has disappeared.  My voice is a whisper.

"Oooohhhhh .......... Ken, that.... feels so good ..... Please don't stop

....... I want you ...... so much!"

"You have no idea how many times I have fantasized about fingering your pussy.

When you wear those tight shorts and I can see the outline of your pussy lips,

it drives me wild.  One time when I was about 14, I was laying in the floor in

this very room and you walked by me with a dress on and I saw your pussy

covered only by your thin panties.  I went home and jerked off while thinking

about it."  His voice is still calm and cool.

I look into those blue eyes and with the hand that is trapped over his

shoulder, I bring his head to mine and give him a very long deep passionate

kiss.  My tongue wanders into his mouth.

Ken releases my hands.

Without breaking our kiss, I put one arm around him and reach for his crotch

with the other.  I rub his erect member through his ragged cutoff jeans.  My

hand slips inside the leg of his shorts.  I find his hard dick and eagerly

wrap my fingers around it.  The last time I saw his penis, it was less than an

inch long (he was very young then).  Now it must be 8 inches now and hard as a

rock.  Pulling it out the leg of his cutoff, I begin to pump it slowly with my

hand.  I feel it's swollen mushroom shaped head, it's long hard shaft, and I

feel the tuft of rough hair at it's base.

He slides my robe off the other shoulder and it falls to the floor.  My bra

also falls off letting both my ashen breasts swing free.  Returning his hand

to my pussy, his finger slides between my lips and finds my clit again, this

time on the outside of my wet panties.  His other hand massages my tits,

moving from one to the other and back again, pinching my nipples and pressing

each breast.

We are gazing into each other's eyes while exploring each other's most private

parts.  I really want to feel his cock inside me now!  My mind knows that I

shouldn't and that it is wrong, but my pussy wants his hard dick inside.

Moving my other hand to the back of his head, I pull him to me and again

lustfully kiss him on the mouth.  My tongue wanders into his mouth and he

opens to accept it.  My other hand never stops sliding up and down on his hard


"I want to kiss it.  I want your cock in my mouth.  Do you like to have your

dick sucked?"  I can't believe I am saying those words.

"It's my favorite thing in the whole world."

I kneel down in front of Ken, unfasten his cutoffs and slide them down to the

floor.  I am on my knees admiring his beautiful big hard dick, his hairy

balls, and his muscular thighs.  Taking his massive cock in my hand, I move it

to my mouth, open my lips and slide them over his swollen purple head and

begin sucking it like a popcicle.  I relish the moisture on it's tip.  I savor

the musk of his shaft.  Cupping his balls in my hand, I squeeze them gently as

I lick down his long shaft and then lick each fuzzy ball, one at a time.  I

take a ball into my mouth and suck it.  All the time my hands are massaging

his firm butt.  I place his dick in my mouth again and suck as hard as I can.

" suck so....... good.....I always knew..........that you

could.......suck a dick!", now Ken is moaning and breathing so hard he can

hardly talk.

In just a few seconds his dick begins to swell even more and starts jerking.

His cum fills my mouth.  I forgot that young boys cum much sooner than older

men.  I swallow all his warm salty cum and feel very disappointed that he came

so quickly.

Snapping back to reality, I ponder what has just happened.  I have done wrong.

I have sucked off the little boy next door.  I am so ashamed that I let myself

get so carried away.  What if Bob finds out?  Will he leave me?  I can't look

at Ken.  I hope he leaves quickly.  Will Bobby find out?  Will I be the

subject of neighborhood gossip?  Will Ken tell his friends how he got Bobby's

mom to suck him off?  Will other young boys come over expecting a blow job?

What if a whole group of boys come over and hold me down?  What would they do

to me?  It's all my fault for letting him see the tops of my breasts earlier.

I got him turned on and he couldn't help himself.

But Ken doesn't leave.  He lays me on the floor and kneels beside me.

Feeling terribly guilty, I close my eyes so I won't have to look at him.

He removes my panties.  He spreads my legs and kneels between them.

I am too humiliated to resist.  I just lay limp on the floor.

His hands lightly glide all over my pussy as he examines it visually for the

first time.  I have very thin pubic hair and he has no trouble seeing my pussy

in the bright daylight.  He spreads open my engorged lips and investigates my

slit.  He bends over and kisses my downy pubic area.  His kisses drift between

my outer lips and down to my wet opening.  His tongue slowly dips inside me!

It feels great.  My breathing again is very deep.  I put my hands on his head

and run my fingers through his hair.

His tongue wanders all around inside my hot pussy.  He slides it in and out.  I

feel his tongue work it's way up between my wet inner lips, licking very

quickly as it slowly inches its way up to my awaiting clit.  He licks my clit

several times quickly with his tongue.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!........That feels........wond.......der......ful."

He sucks my clit into his mouth and moves it in and and and

out....squeezing tightly on it each time it passes between his wet lips.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh........don't stop.....please......don't stop!"

My hips raise up off the floor to his mouth.  I am breathing very hard.  My

skin begins to tingle all over.  All my muscles tense at once.

"I'm cumming! ............. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I'm cumming! ............

I'm cumming .............Suck ............. My PUUUUUUUUUSSYYYYYYYYYYYY!"

After several minutes of orgasm, my body relaxes and Ken moves up and lays on

top of me.  It feels so good to have this strong young body laying on me.  I

wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly.  My legs are spread and laying

flat on the floor.  We kiss passionately.

Ken moves his head down to my breasts.  He licks around each sensitive nipple.

Then gently sucks a nipple into his mouth.  He sucks on first one breast then

the other.  His tongue flicks each nipple.  He kisses my neck and sucks on my

earlobe and I feel his hot breath blowing in my ear.  Then he again kisses me

on the mouth.  It is a very long tender erotic kiss.

I wrap my arms around him and stroke his muscular back with both hands.  I rub

his neck and the back of his head.  I feel something move between my legs.  He

is getting hard again!  Something else I forgot about young boys.  Their hard-

ons return very quickly.

Without using his hands Ken moves his hips and his penis is rubbing between my

still wet pussy lips!  We both are breathing passionately again.

"Oh, Ken ..... put it ...... in me ..... I need ....... for you ...... to fuck

me ...... Please fuck me."  I can only talk between breaths.

My legs are spread as wide as I can get them.  I reach down and take his rigid

dick in my hand and guide it to my wet opening.  He gently slides just the

head in.  He moves it around real slow.  Never putting it in very far.  He is

teasing me!  He is driving me wild!

"Ken.........I all..........FUUUUCKKKKKKKK MEEE!"

He drills the whole thing inside in one hard stroke.  It is marvelous.  It

completely fills my pussy.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he begins to thrust.  Up and down, in and

out.  It feels SO GOOD!  I can feel the head and veins of his powerful dick

sliding on my inside walls.  He is great!  Pumping with long powerful strokes,

he thrusts and thrusts and thrusts.  He is driving me wild with excitement.

Lasting much longer this time, he cups my breast in one hand and I grab his

round firm butt in both my hands.  My groin starts to tingle again and I know

I am about to cum another time.  My muscles are tensing again and I have that

wonderful feeling of orgasm.  I feel Ken's dick swell inside me and begin its

jerking motion that tells me he is cumming also.

Ken collapses on top of me with his dick still inside my listless pussy.  He

kisses me again.  Does this man-child never get tired?  I want to put my legs

together but he is laying between them.  His tongue probes the inside of my

mouth.  In just a few minutes I feel his dick, which is still inside me,

swelling one more time.  He starts a very slow shallow pumping motion with his


"Penny, I have fantasized about fucking you since I learned about fucking.  I

used to jerk off so many times while thinking about you after coming over here

to play with Bobby."

"Oh, Ken, I had no idea!"  I had never thought about me being in someone

else's fantasy.

He is pumping very slowly.  One hand is fondling my naked breast.  My pussy is

getting wetter and wetter.  I can feel his cum from the previous time running

down the crack of my ass and getting the carpet wet.  His kisses are tender

and long.  I stick my tongue into his mouth and rub his back with one hand and

the back of his neck and head with the other.  I am breathing passionately


"Oh, gooooood!"  I spread my legs wide apart and

flat on the floor, too tired to wrap around his waist.  My pelvis is moving in

rhythm with his.  His dick is completely hard again and fills my pussy.  My

groin begins to tingle again and I know yet another orgasm is fast


At that moment he pulls his swollen dick out of my pussy.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!........PLEASE don't stop!"

"Turn over, Penny, and lay on your stomach."

I do as instructed.  Ken is in complete control of me as he has been the whole

time.  I feel the soft fur of the carpet against my swollen tits.  It feels

very warm.  I spread my legs as wide as possible to accept his huge dick into

my eager cunt.  He kneels between my legs then lays on top of me.  I feel his

dick between my pussy lips.

He is slides it between my lips then into my tender pussy.

I am laying flat on the carpet on my stomach with my legs spread as wide as

possible.  He slowly moves his full-grown dick in and out, up and down.  I

move my butt up and down in rhythm with him.  It feels soooo good.  My skin

starts to tingle.  I want to hug him but I am on my stomach and can't reach

him.  I am near orgasm again.  He pulls out before I cum.

"Nooooo....don't stop!.....I cum!"

He turns me over and puts his knees on each side of my head.

His enormous dick is right in front of my mouth.  I hold it in my hand and

lick my love juices off his shaft.

He bends over and presses his tongue between my swollen pussy lips and begins

licking my clit.

I open my mouth and accept his dick into it as he does the same with my clit.

I am doing 69 with the kid next door!

He moves his hips up and down.  He is fucking my face!  I love it!

I feel my crotch tingling again.  My muscles tighten, I loose my breath.  I am

about to cum.  I feel his dick swell in my mouth.  I start another orgasm.

Ken continues to lick my pussy and suck my clit into his mouth.  His huge dick

starts jerking and his cum strikes the back of my throat. I swallow every


I am still cumming!

Ken's dick begins to shrink and he collapses with his full weight on me and

his soft dick all the way in my mouth.  His pubic hair is tickling my chin and

his balls on my nose.

I am still cumming!

Ken is still sucking my clit.  I have never cummed this long before.  I have

never cummed this many times before.

I am still cumming!  I can't breathe.  My heart in pounding.  I am still


Ken's soft dick is still in my mouth.

I am still cumming!  I suck strongly on his dick.  My legs are beginning to

cramp from being so tense so long.  I put my arms around Ken and hug him as

tight as I can.  I continue sucking his limp dick.

Finally the waves of orgasm are slowing.  I thought I would die!  It was the

strongest orgasm I have ever had in my life.  My body finally relaxes.  Ken's

dick is still in my mouth.  I suck just a few more minutes and he shoots a

small load in my mouth and he relaxes with his head at my pussy and his dick

still in my mouth.

Ken, so very lightly, traces my sore pussy lips with his finger.  I know he is

examining it and I am happy that he wants to.  I want him to know every fold

of skin in my most private area.

I remove his dick from my mouth an examine it.  I examine his furry balls and

study where they meet his butt.  I feel the nuts in his sacks.  I explore the

veins in his protrusion.

After about 30 minutes of both of us exploring and studying each other, Ken

gets up, gets dressed, walks over and gives me a sweet kiss on the mouth.  I

am still laying naked on the living room floor.

"Thanks Penny, you're the best.  I have to go home now.  Mom will be wondering

where I am."

"Thank you, Ken.  You were wonderful. I must have a submissive streak in me.

I loved being under your control like that.  I hope we keep this little

episode just between us.  If anyone else found out, it could cause a lot of


"Good.  You were great.  Don't worry, it'll be our secret.  Bye now."


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