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Archive-name: Affairs/xmtongue.txt

Archive-title: Christmas Party Tongue Fest

      She's looking at me again. An absolutely delicious blonde;

    leggy, shapely, gorgeous hair, alluring face- she's got the whole

    package alright. And here I am hoping my wife doesn't notice my

    eyes popping out of my head. What I wouldn't give for an hour

    alone with this one...

      Well, at least if I'm stuck at a perennially boring Christmas

    party, I can scope some yummy women. On the sly, of course. The

    wife would hit the ceiling if she knew what I was thinking. I

    smile inwardly and nod my head to give the appearance that I'm

    paying some attention to the conversation. "Can I get you

    something to drink, honey?" I inquire. "Why yes, an eggnog would

    be nice." And I saunter off. Now where'd that blonde go? No

    matter, I'll catch up with her again.

      At the bar, I pour an eggnog and give the bar a once over. I'm

    impressed; they've got everything. I decide to make myself an iced

    tea. Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, some sour mix and a

    dash of coke. Voilą! And a huge slice of lemon. Hoo hah! This'll

    set me straight.

      "Wow, that looks like quite a drink." A sensual voice behind me 

    turned my knees to mush. "It's my favorite, I replied, turning. A

    rather plain brunette owned that incredible voice. We chatted for

    a few seconds before I returned to my wife's side with the eggnog.

    "Thanks, babe. What are you drinking?" "Iced tea." She groaned

    knowingly, "I should have known!" Smiles all around. I sip my

    drink. Yum. It's a stiff one, alright. Tant mieux!

      I can already feel it, and I'm barely half done. Thank God our

    hosts had some large glasses. There's blondie. Christ, she looks

    hot. She's got me talking to myself now. I disengage from my

    wife's arm and start to mingle.

      I make eye contact with Miss Luscious again, and hold it much

    longer than I should have. Sparks are flying, and I'm getting high

    from the drink. Empty already? C'est dommage. Thank you, sir, may

    I have another? I'm back at the bar, making another drink. I see

    something close out of the corner of my eye and turn my head. The

    blonde has appeared at my side. "Hi," she said warmly. "I'm

    Clarissa, Bob and Carol's niece." "Hi, Clarissa, I'm Mark." We

    shake hands, prim and proper, but in my mind's eye I see us

    together in far more intimate ways. My ears start to burn and my

    face is hot and I know I'm blushing. She is so beautiful.

      "What kind of drink is that?" she asks. "It's an iced tea.

    They're very powerful." "Oh really? I prefer champagne." "Can I

    get you one?" "Sure, thanks." I pour some Moėt into a fine crystal

    champagne glass and give it to Clarissa. She touches my hand

    delicately as I give her the glass. A shiver runs up my spine. She

    sensuously sips at the effervescent nectar. I glance over at my

    wife and see she's engaged in an animated conversation. "Come with

    me," I whisper hoarsely.

      We walk into the other room, then down the hallway. A quiet,

    deserted room awaits. I flick on the light, check the hallway to

    make sure we haven't been seen and close the door behind us. One

    look at her and I know she is completely unsurprised by all of

    this. I put my drink down and put a hand on her hip, looking

    deeply into her vibrant blue eyes. I move forward to kiss her and

    she closes her eyes. Our embrace is instant and unrehearsed; our

    kiss is incredibly hot. Firm lips give way to an eager tongue,

    which darts into my mouth and dances with my own. She smells of an

    obscenely priced perfume. We kiss for a solid minute, after which

    she is breathless. The beast within has taken over; I am filled

    with unbridled animal lust.

      "We don't have much time," I say and I kiss her again. She puts

    her champagne glass down on the table. A large, comfortable

    leather sofa invites. "You're incredibly beautiful," I say between

    torrid kisses. In seconds we're on the couch, getting more

    comfortable. I pull her strapless red satin dress down so I may

    attack her breasts. Her nipples are pink and firm, perched high on

    her jutting breasts. I cup them in my hands and feel their warm

    fullness and firmness. Massaging them gently while I french her, I

    am filled with passion. I kiss my way over to an ear and nibble

    gently. I kiss her ear hotly, running my tongue about the lobe and

    along the side. She shivers with delight. I nibble her neck, now,

    and hear her breath begin to deepen.

      I kiss my way down to her heaving breasts, and rub my face with

    them. The softness on my clean shaven face is a treat and I

    luxuriate in them. Her nipples are quite swollen now, and I long

    for a day when I can exploit them fully. But today is not that

    day. I'm under incredible pressure because of the time factor. I

    continue, undaunted. I finally take a nipple into my mouth, and

    caress it gently. I hear a throaty purr from my flaxen haired

    vixen. She likes. I work this nipple over pretty good, giving it a

    thorough tongue lashing before moving over to the other one. Can't

    have any jealousy, you know. I grasp the wet nipple between my

    forefinger and thumb and gently roll its hardness as I lick and

    suck the other. She is moaning now, and I swear I can smell her

    juices already, even though I haven't lifted her dress yet.

      I give her throbbing nipples little bites, and the shock has her

    undulating her hips. She's plenty hot now, but time is running

    out. I place a hand under her dress. She's got panty hose on, not

    stockings. The other hand joins the first as I pull her panty hose

    down to her ankles. I continue to swirl my tongue over a nipple

    as I put my hand to her pussy. She's sopping wet, hot and wide

    open. I push her dress up over her hips, and bend down to kiss her

    hot snatch. She is incredibly fragrant, but not the least bit

    repulsive. In fact her scent really turns me on, and I dive right

    in. I lick her dripping labia lovingly; first one and then the

    other, running my tongue along their length. She puts her hands on

    my head, guiding me to her clit, but I resist. I thrust my tongue

    into her love hole and she stiffens. She's getting pretty vocal

    now, and I am concerned that someone will hear her cries and


      Her hands become more insistent, and I finally stop. I grab each

    hand and place one on each tit. "Play with them," I order. She

    looks at me. "Play with them or I won't let you cum." That does

    it, and and starts to massage her breasts. "It feels so nasty when

    I do that," she says as I resume licking her glistening slit. I

    stop only long enough to utter, "I only hope I can someday SHOW

    you nasty..." then slurp my way to her clit. She begins to shudder

    and I know the time is now. I flutter lick her clit until she

    erupts, then suck it into a frenzy. "Holy shit she's loud," I

    think as I worry about the door opening.

      Finally, as the last spasms subside from her throbbing orgasm, I

    let up. I look into her lust filled but spent eyes and see

    appreciation. "Oh, God, I want more of where that came from," she

    begins, leering at my crotch. "Sorry, time's up," I manage, even

    though my cock is a diamond. It's sooo tough to say no to such a

    beautiful creature, but I must. She whimpers in disappointment.

    "Perhaps some other time." "Please," she pleads. "I can't. My wife

    will already be wondering where the hell I am." "Fuck her." "I

    fully intend to, when I get home," I respond, with a grin. "Merry

    Christmas, you hot luscious thing." "Merry Christmas," she

    answers, "but I want more presents." That pretty little pout makes

    me consider staying, but only for a moment. I've already risked

    my ass.

      "May I call you some time to finish this off?" "You must!"

    "Fine, give me your number." She does and then touches her pussy

    with a finger before wiping it off on the piece of paper.

    "Something for you to remember me by," she sighs. As if I could


      I leave her to finish cleaning herself up and go to the

    bathroom. My God, I'm a mess. My face is covered with pussy juice.

    I quickly wash my face and dry it, careful not to drip onto my

    tie. Rearrange the hair, and I return to the party. "Hey, where

    have you been?" "Er, mingling in the other room." "Oh. Can you get

    me another eggnog?" "Sure."

      I slug down the rest of my iced tea, and get another egg nog.

    And what the hell- so I make another iced tea. Gotta love these

    Christmas parties.

      I see Clarissa across the room, eating it up as another guy drools

    over her. She turns to me and winks. I'll see her again.


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