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Archive-name: Affairs/wifedate.txt


Archive-title: Wife's Date

Well it's one thirty AM Friday night and I'm going stir crazy

waiting for my wife to return home. She just called and said that

she would be home around 2:30. You see tonight I gave her

permission to date another man. Not knowing what else to do I

decided to try to write down my feelings. I guess I should start

at the beginning.

My wife Susan and I married a little over six years ago.  They

have been a great six years. Susan looks fantastic.  We walk or

cycle almost everyday. Her body is firmer and tighter, now, than

it was when I met her.  She is 5'6", weighs about 110-115, and

measures in at an eye-catching 36-24-35.  She has deep green eyes,

a great complexion, and bright blonde hair cut in a short, stylish

bob. In a bikini at the beach every man drools when she walks by.

During our love making Susan and I often talk about inviting other

men to have sex with her. We have fantasized about who we might

ask and during those times our lovemaking has been fantastic.

Several times I thought Susan was ready to try a threesome but

backed out at the last minute. At least she did until tonight.

I arrived home at my usual time around 5:30. Susan asked if I

minded if we went to dinner early. She said she had something to

ask me but she didn't want to ask me at home. She seemed somewhat

nervous as we drove to a nearby steakhouse. We asked for and

received a table away from the other early diners.

I had no idea what to expect but I can say that every thought

imaginable was running though my mind. Susan hesitated asking her

question until we both nervously ordered our meal. Even then she

hesitated and it was not until our steaks arrived and were half

eaten did she begin.

"Honey, you know how we fantasize when we make love?" she began.

"You mean about you sleeping with another man?" I asked, feeling

my cock begin to stir. "Yes. Were you serious?" she asked. "Yes.

I think so." I answered. "Well are you sure? Because if you're

not.." She asked. "I'm sure. I want you too." I stopped her

sentence. "Why. Have you met someone you want to sleep with."

well, yes. Yes I have. His name is Rick and he's a salesman from

Charlotte. He's ask me out several times but I didn't know if you

really wanted me to." "What made you ask this time?" "Because.

Because he's sexy and I want to. In fact I think I need to sleep

with him." She said. "What do you mean you need to sleep with

him?" I asked. She told my about ne of her married co-workers that

had dated this man. She had told Susan how great he had been. She

went on to say how she had been told about the size of his cock.

Then she said "And I want him in me. I really want him to fuck


"Well, if you really want to. I want you to go for it." I said,

then added. "Next time he's in town if he ask you to go out.

Accept." "I did." She said. "He came to town yesterday and asked.

I accepted for tonight. But if you don't want me.." Again I

stopped her sentence. "I want you to. I want you to screw his eyes

out." I said as I leaned over and kissed her lips. "There's one

other thing you should know. He's black." 

A vision of my beautiful wife with her tanned silky skin laying

under a black man. Both in a frenzy as they made love flashed

before my eyes. My cock was fully erect now. Straining at my

trousers to free itself. "I won't go if you object." Susan said.

Reaching over I took her hand and guided it to my groin. "What do

you think?" I said. "I think you're going to have sloppy seconds

tonight." Susan giggled.

Susan's hand remained in my lap, slowly massaging my swollen cock

as I paid the waitress. We then walked out of the restaurant.

Susan walking before me so I wouldn't be noticed. Not much was

said until we got back home when Susan said. "I want to make love

to you now but I had rather you wait until I get home. I want to

be fresh for Rick tonight." She then added that she would have to

hurry or she would be late. She had told Rick that she would meet

him by 8:30 or she would not be coming.

As Susan quickly showered she told me that she was going to meet

Rick at his hotel. She said that they did not plan on going out.

She said Rick had told her that he planned on 'cumming in'. I

asked if she planned on using protection with Rick. "We talked

about that." Susan said. "Rick feels like you. That too much

feeling is lost with rubbers and you know how I hate those

things." Stepping out of the shower she added. "Anyway, I want to

feel his hot cum inside me. Then I'm going to suck him off until

he cums in my mouth."

Susan dried herself as I watched then she went into the bathroom.

Through the closed door I heard as she cleansed herself with a

douche. The visions of Susan fucking this black stranger was too

much. My balls were beginning to ache. I needed relief myself and

I knew I would have the opportunity after Susan left.

Susan finished dressing, choosing not to wear a bra or panties. "I

would be taking them off in half an hour anyway." She said. Then

kissing me and saying our "I love you's." Susan drove off. She had

not gotten out of the drive before my cock was out. Within seconds

I exploded. The thick, white fluid shot from my cock with a force

I had not known in years.

That was about 8:00 O'clock. It's just after two now and I've

jacked myself to four other climaxes. It's almost time for Susan

so I'll close now and place this on the BBS for others to read. I

do hope Susan enjoyed herself. She should, after all she's been

fucking or sucking Rick for over five hours now. I know I am going

to enjoy a thoroughly messy, cum filled, pussy as Susan tells me

about her date.



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