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Archive-name: Affairs/truelife.txt


Archive-title: Episode with Krista

                              (A True Story)

     Sunny (my wife) and I had been married a year

when we ran into Krista and Craig at the grocery

store one night.  After a few minutes Craig and I

discovered we had alot in common, one being a

mutual love for computers.  The girls already knew

each other from high school, so they were chatting

like crazy by the produce.

After a while we decided to get together and have

supper at our house and Krista and Craig agreed.

     Well the night finally arrived and we had a

great time.  I noticed Craig making cute comments

about my wife's large breasts and so I started

making my own comments about how much I would like

just one roll in the hay with Krista.  Understand,

this was all in fun and everyone knew that these

were no more than jokes.  We were all happily

married and really didn't want to ruin our

friendship by complicating it with any "funny


     As our relationship with Krista and Craig

progressed we spent more and more time together. 

We were all in our early 20's and with no kids

around we would stay up late and just talk or play

board games.  Occasionally as we talked we would

discuss sex and things we liked and didn't like. 

Things we thought were kinky and sexy, but the

topic never got very deep.  I always developed a huge

erection and would have to put my hands in my lap

to avoid the others seeing.  We got to where we

would share fantasies, but they too were very plain

and non-personal.

     Then one night after we had eaten dinner,

Krista said she had a dream that Sunny was in a

suntan booth and that she peeped in and watched her

lay there in the nude as she got her suntan. 

Krista went on to say that she seemed to enjoy

looking at Sunny's nude body.  Sunny was

embarrassed by this, and later told me she felt

very uncomfortable by Krista's dream.  I told her

it was kinky and that most guys would love to watch

two women enjoy each other as only a woman can.  It

was dropped and to this day nothing has occurred

between the women (as far as I know anyway!)

     After many late nights, we decided that we

ought to get together at their house and since they

had an extra bedroom then we could just spend the

night.  Well that night was just as the others as

we played games and talked.  About 11pm we watched

Johnny Carson and talked somemore.  Sunny is not

much of a night person, so she said she was going

to bed.  About 10 minutes later Craig did the same. 

This left me and Krista watching the TV.

     Krista was very pretty, she has short blonde

hair, large pointed breasts that don't sag a bit,

and a sexy tush.  She had been the object of my

fantasies for some time, and I had even managed to

peep through her windows one time to see her as she

stepped out of the shower and walked around her

room in the nude.

     We were sitting about 10 feet apart on

seperate couches facing each other, and I though

Carson was boring so I picked up the romote control

and started scanning the channels.  When I stopped

on HBO there was a scene of a man undressing a

woman and then the scene changed to her laying down

and him making love to her.  It was very graphic,

and then there was a close-up of him licking her

breasts.  I felt my cock starting to get hard, and

I asked Krista if she likes nudity in movies.  She

said she did and wondered if I noticed how hard the

girl's nipples were as he licked them.  I said yes. 

She said "that isn't anything" and she grabbed the

remote and turned on the satelite dish and flipped

over to the Playboy channel.

     The screen was hot now, and since I had had

very little exposure to X rated movies I was

amazed.  Krista mentioned that she never gets to

watch the Playboy channel because Bruce wouldn't

let her.  He said it was wrong.  But the stuff on

HBO was cartoons compared to what Playboy was

showing.  There was a woman on all fours on a bed

and there was a guy with a huge cock fucking her in

from behind while she was giving another guy the

deepest blow job you can imagine.  Needless to say

my cock was as hard as a rock now and I decided I

wouldn't cover it up anymore.  I stared at the

screen and couldn't believe my eyes or ears, the

moaning was unbeleivable.  Then I asked Krista,

"does this stuff turn you on?" to that she

responded "yes, very much".  Krista was wearing

white shorts and a white cotton top.  She had a bra

on but I could still make out her nipples since

they were obviously erect.  I decided to

concentrate more on Krista and less on the TV so I

asked her if I could turn it off so we could talk. 

She said ok, and I turned off the TV and also

turned off the only light in the room.  I told her

we could probably talk more honestly if we couldn't

see each other's face.  Krista agreed.  I asked her

if she had ever looked at Playboy or Hustler

magazine.  She said she hadn't but that if she

could she would have a stack of them.  I told her

that they had fantasies printed in them too that I

found very stimulating.  She asked me to share some

that I remembered.

      As we sat there in the darkened room, our

eyes became adjusted to the light and I could make-

out Krista's body on the couch across the room.  I

could even make-out where her shorts and top

stopped and where her arms and legs started since

she had such a nice tan.  I began to share fantasy

after fantasy that I could remember reading.  I

became VERY turned on, so I told her that I was

getting very horny.  She said she was horny too,

and then I noticed that she started rubbing herself

on top of her shorts.  She didn't realize that I

could see her, so I tried not to let my voice

quiver when I talked.  I asked her if she had ever

had oral sex, and she said that she gives Bruce

blowjobs, but that he doesn't like to lick her.  I

told her he should try it because it's a great

taste.  I noticed her hand increasing in tempo.  I

asked Krista if she ever felt of herself and her

hand stopped mid stroke.  She acted dumb and said

"what?", so I asked her if she ever felt of

herself.  She didn't answer but asked me if I ever

felt of myself.  I immediatly answered yes and I

put my hand over the bulge in my pants and began to

rub lightly.  I hoped she could see me, and she

began stroking herself again.  

     I decided to buy the farm, so I took off my

shirt and unzipped my pants, just far enough to

pull my cock out.  I told Krista what I had done,

and said I didn't see any harm since it was dark in

the room and detail was hard to see.  There was a

moment of quiet and then in the dim light, I saw

Krista unzip her shorts and then I could make out

her hand going INSIDE her shorts and panties.  I

had to stop stroking my cock every once in a while

because I would get close to climax.  After about 5

minutes or so, Krista stopped and pulled her top

over her head and then after a second I saw her bra

fall free from her too.  I could make out very

little detail but I could see her dark nipples.  I

got up from my couch and walked over and sat down

next to her and asked her if this would be ok.  I

told her I wanted to hear her moan as she stroked

herself, Krista then realized that I could make out

what she was doing, and she said "no problem, but

you have to moan too!".  I was in heaven, and I

told Krista that I wanted us to cum at the same

time if possible.  She said "Well you better hurry,

cause I'm wet and not far from it!"

I could hear the slurping sounds as her finger

disappeared in the mound of dark hair that covered

her pussy.  I could even smell her juices and the

desire to get on the floor between her knees and

lick her to orgasm was unbearable.  Instead I

reached out my left hand, and slid it down her

stomach and into her panties.  Krista was right,

she was very wet, and very hot, and as she felt my

hand she moved her own and reached out and grabbed

the head of my cock.  She grunted and came and so

did I, and my cum squirted between her fingers, and

she covered my hand with her own juice.  

     After a few moments, Krista said "That was

great", I said "I agree".  Krista got up from the

couch and walked into the kitchen and washed her

hands, and I licked her juice off my fingers.  I

was right, Bruce was missing a sweet tasting pussy. 

Krista stuck her head into the room and said she

was going to bed, and I said "thanks again". She

said "the pleasure was all mine".


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