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Archive-name: Affairs/things.txt


Archive-title: The Things One Does

The tires of her Escort squealed slightly as she took the corner in her usual, 

hurried manner. Squinting against the glare of the late afternoon sun, she 

strained to see - would he be here? A part of her noted coolly that life 

would certainly be simpler if he wasn't. The she could just go home and 

forget all about what her intentions had been while having a normal, quiet 

evening. No one need ever know.

God, she hoped he was here.

At least then she wouldn't feel like a fool for having skipped her interview.

The sight of his car in front of his house evoked from her a sigh expressing 

both relief and a sudden twinge of nervousness. She parked behind him, 

turned off the engine, and then sat silently for a moment, gathering what 

few wits were left her. Breathing deeply, she struggled to achieve an 

appearance of calmness, forcibly repressing the anxiety that caused her 

heart to flutter nervously as she approached the house and rang the bell.

As she waited, it suddenly occured to her that just because his car was here 

did not necessarily mean that he would be. 

A moment later the door opened and he stared at her, slightly surprised. 

Besides the fact that it was early, she was wearing a skirt and blouse, 

something he almost never saw her in. Confused he said, "Hi... Why are you 

dressed like that?"

A half-hearted expression of disapproval on her face, she said, "Because I 

had an interview. You know, it's not fair that you have so much free time 

while the rest of us actually have to work for a living."

He grunted, choosing to ignore her jibe, turned away, and walked back into 

the house. "Come on in," he said over his shoulder. "No one else is home."

I know, she thought to herself as she quietly closed the door.

She followed him into the kitchen, where she found him pouring two sodas. 

They stood in silence on opposite sides of the room as they drank, carefully 

not looking at each other. The dog looked from one to the other placidly, then 

decided that the front window was far more interesting and left them to 

their stand off.

This was maddening.

Her mind raced frantically in the silence. What was she doing here? What did 

she hope to gain? She felt suddenly embarrassed, realizing exactly how bad 

this must appear to him, as if she was terribly desperate.

But wasn't she?

Just as she decided that it would be better to just finish her drink and go 

home, he tilted his head toward the door and said, "Let's go to my room." All 

thoughts vanished, and she merely nodded and followed him, depositing her 

glass in the sink as she passed it. Apparently, her decision had been made 

for her.

Once inside the room, he turned and disappeared, leaving her once again 

alone with her thoughts, which immediately returned to the implications of 

what she was about to do. If she had been asked even a week ago if she 

would consider doing anything even remotely similar to this she would have 

strongly denied it. Yes, she was generally known for her unpredictability, 

perhaps instability, but this... this was going too far for even that.

However, even as she considered the implications, she began to smile with 

anticipation. Yes, she wanted this, no matter what the cost.

She glanced distractedly around the room and found herself remembering the 

times recently that they had wrestled here, playing a game that involved 

trying to remove articles of each other's clothing - a game which on the 

surface, ironically enough, was quite innocent, like children playing doctor. 

But something somewhere along the line had changed, at least for her. Now 

innocence had very little to do with anything... her thoughts and dreams, both 

day and night, had focused exclusively on erotic fantasies that grew more 

explicit and deviant as time wore on. Suddenly, as she gazed at the articles 

that represented the collected impressions and memories of this young 

man's life, she found herself thinking back to the one and only time she'd 

ever "done it" in her own room - the feeling of sheer perversity of doing it in 

the same bed she'd slept in as a child. The mere thought of it now sent chills 

of excitement through her body - just as it had that night. As she sat here 

she wondered - would it be the same for him?

Finally, he returned, and after shutting the door he clapped his hands 

together gleefully and said, "So... shall we?"

She smiled squintingly, and then crossed the room away from him and picked 

up from the desk the first thing her hand found - a desk calendar - trying 

very hard to conceal the flush that had suddenly risen to her cheeks. It 

wasn't as if this was unexpected... and this certainly would not be a new 

experience for her. Why then was she so affected?

As she began to flip through the pages of the calendar, she felt him draw 

near behind her. Outwardly she ignored him, continuing to turn pages. 

Inwardly, however, her mind wandered. His mere proximity had raised every 

hair on the back of her neck and caused her every muscle to suddenly tense. 

After a moment he leaned into her, his breathing lightly audible in her ear as 

their bodies touched. Her chest constricted with the beginnings of the 

familiar ache that he had so often evoked in her recently. Still she pretended 

to ignore him, but she could feel herself begin to waver and could barely see 

the pages of the calendar through her half-lidded eyes. Without warning he 

ran his fingers lightly up the back of her skirt - his touch like electricity 

across the surface of her skin. Suddenly the ache exploded full force in her 

chest, stomach and thighs, surprising her with its intensity and almost 

causing her to drop the calendar. Upon seeing her falter he laughed, but did 

not cease his touch. She, in turn, continued going through the motions of 

flipping the last few pages despite the fact that she saw nothing, her body 

already beginning to respond of its own accord to his motions.

Finally, she put the calendar down, and he tugged insistently at the arm of 

her jacket. She slipped it off, then turned and removed his watch before 

dispensing with all her own jewelry and stepping out of her shoes. Before 

she could do more, he was behind her again, one arm wound around her waist, 

the other stroking around to the front of her skirt, slowly pushing the 

material up until he could slide his hand beneath it, all the while rocking 

ever-so-slightly back and forth. Unconsciously, she moved with him, laying 

her head back upon his shoulder as she relaxed. Slipping his fingers over the 

top of her nylons, he drew them and the panties underneath half-way down 

her thighs, then rubbed his hand back up between them, causing her to moan 

softly. She reached behind and quickly unclasped his belt and jeans, slipping 

her hand inside first around the outside of the hard lean muscle of his outer 

thigh, and then forward to briefly fondle his already arisen flesh. Turning, 

she unbuttoned and removed his shirt as he expertly undid her bra and 

slipped the blouse up over her head. He then grasped the top of her skirt, 

intending also to slide that down over her hips. She shook her head, saying, 

"That would have to go up over my head." He shrugged, perhaps not 

understanding why, then pushed her back toward the bed. She paused briefly 

to push her nylons and underwear the rest of the way off before lying back 

and welcoming his warmth and his weight as he gently lowered himself onto 


They kissed only once, perhaps because he knew that she had in the past 

expressed a dislike for it. This time, however, she found her self wanting 

more. But before she could protest, his hand travelled down her side as he 

nibbled briefly on her ear, then kissed her throat, and then continued down 

the front of her chest to her nipple, which he took gently between his teeth 

and flicked his tongue across. She gasped - this was wonderful! All thoughts 

of the world, even of the room around them had vanished. She closed her 

eyes and enjoyed the sheer sensual experience of him, bringing her hands 

down between them in a tender  exploration of his face, throat and chest. 

His arms, however, blocked her progress, preventing her from continuing 

downward, so she instead rubbed her hands up his back, lightly raking her 

nails across his smooth, hard muscles. In response, he brought his hand down 

under her skirt and once again stroked upward between her thighs, causing 

her to arch her back and sigh with delight as he drew his hand closer. 

Cruelly biting her neck, he inserted his finger without hesitation, sending a 

powerful shock to deep within her. Her breathing intensified as he probed, 

touching where she had so longed to be touched by him and driving her 

inexorably toward the plateau of her expectation.

Finally extracting her arms from his, she quickly brushed her hands down his 

sides to push his jeans and underwear as far down as she could reach, then 

switching her attention to the fronts of his thighs, drawing her hands 

slowly back up, caressing him carefully as she passed. Taking hold of him, 

she gently pulled and pushed along his length, in synch with some unknown 

internal rhythm, causing him to attain complete rigidity as she stroked. 

Once again he moved his finger within her, teasing dangerously close to that 

place that would instantaneously send her to oblivion. Suddenly, selfishly, 

she wanted him inside her, the imminence of ecstasy driving her passions to 

supersede consideration. She wrapped her legs around his and grasped his 

hips, guiding him over her...

Suddenly he shifted his weight and came down on the bed next to her, 

tugging her arm upward. She half-turned and sat up as he lay back, pausing 

briefly to push completely off the clothing still bunched around his knees 

before straddling him. Her skirt billowed out to conceal their act completely 

- shrouding their indecency from a long-forgotten outside world. Leaning 

down, she nibbled his shoulder and ear as she positioned herself over him, 

then slowly came down on him, the muscles of her thighs trembling slightly 

as she was forced to lift slightly and come down again to accept his 

unaccustomed size. She leaned back, taking him fully, and suddenly the 

world was forcibly ripped away as he touched her deepest recess - her 

entire body trembling as her consciousness was unexpectedly, almost 

cruelly, torn away for those few eternal seconds during which all becomes 


Gasping, she fell forward, her mind ablaze with the throes of her own 

personal pleasure. Suddenly, unexpectedly, reality crashed back to the fore 

as the sensations of teeth and tongue at her breast drew her attention. She 

was not yet done.

Shifting slightly, she lifted away from him and rocked rhythmically back 

and forward, firmly grasping his hair on either side of his head as she 

moved. He tentatively drew his fingers down the curve of her back and then 

clawed back up - the sting of his raking nails forcing her to arch her back 

and gasp with the strange combination of pain and pleasure. She pumped 

faster as he clawed again, her every nerve crying out for him to scratch 

deeper and longer, to send her reeling uncontrollably once again into 

delirium. Suddenly, however, his hands stopped and pulled her down 

momentarily, a hitch in his breathing indicating that he had at last found his 

moment. She, however, would not be denied. Resisting his pull, she greedily 

continued her movements, demanding that he once again fulfill her. Her 

excitement peaked, she raised herself one last time and plunged back down, 

driving him to find that place that only he could reach and spiralling her 

awareness down into the depths of her own desperate desire. 

For moments they lie still, embracing one another comfortingly, 

reassuringly - unencumbered by the stifling considerations of love and 

devotion that could only turn this perfect moment of peace into silent self-

analysis and reflection. They were together, but they were free, and neither 

would have had it any differently.

The sound of a passing car roused them, and they separated silently, each 

moving to his or her respective pile of clothing and getting dressed. 

Someone was bound to be home soon - it would be best if things looked back 

to normal as soon as possible. He straightened the bedsheets and opened the 

window, then disappeared to get some soda, leaving her alone to finish 

dressing. Finally putting on her shoes and jacket, she glanced around the 

room once more, realizing that from then on her memories of the place 

would no longer merely be associations with friendly wrestling matches. 

She smiled to herself - would she ever be able to come in here and keep a 

straight face? Not likely. She picked up her engagement ring from the desk 

and replaced it, sighing at the thought of having to spend the next three 

hours on the road to Vermont to spend the weekend with her fiance. Oh well, 

the things one does for love... 


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