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Archive-name: Affairs/statecop.txt


Archive-title: State Cop, The

     Last year, around Christmas time, I was back on the East 

Coast for Christmas break.  I had borrowed my brother's new 

Corvette, (Brother is a newly licensed physician) and headed out 

to a Christmas party in the Highlands.  This was the first time I 

had been separated from my SO in a year, so I guess I was feeling 

a little unattached.

     I got to the party and it was wonderful.  I had a couple of 

champagnes and danced away most of the night.  At 1 am my ex-

boyfriend from high school came in with his newly acquired 

fiance.  I hadn't seen Danny in 3 years, and I was a little taken 

aback.  I had a terrible crush on Danny when I was in high 

school, he was 3 years older, and into motorcycles, which I had 

no interest in, and I was a terribly inexperienced virgin, by 

choice, so Danny had little use for me romantically.  I went away 

to college hurt and angry.  But college brought a lot of changes, 

I grew out a short haircut, and had back the long length and 

fullness, I started dancing again and got very toned, and I 

dressed more like a woman than a girl, and this woman was very 

comfortable with her body.  I had also become sexually 

experienced, with my now fiance, and I was more confident.  Well 

you are all saying, why am I telling you all of this?  Hold on, I 

am gettin' there.

     Dan looked very surprised and asked me to dance, his 

girlfriend looked PISSED.  He complimented me, and we talked a 

little.  He was most curious about my new found sex life.  Being 

a little more worldly, I was able to make subtle innuendoes which 

soon had Dan aroused and VERY curious.  When he tried to ask me 

out for a late dinner (breakfast?) I declined, but I still danced 

with him.  

     We slow danced, and I was getting a little warm (temperature 

wise), so Dan took off my jacket, he inhaled sharply as he got a 

look at my dress and decolletage.  It was a very snug, sleeveless 

tee shirt dress.  My bare breasts were outlined well, and with 

the champagne and slow dancing, my nipples were very hard.  He 

pulled me close and hissed in my ear about purposely enticing him 

(YEAH, like I knew he'd be there) and ground his hips and hard on 

against me.  Between the dancing, and his breath in my ear, his 

hard on against my stomach, and the champagne, I really wanted to 

fuck, and i wanted to fuck RIGHT THEN.  

     I grabbed Dan and I dragged him into a secluded part of the 

house (Near the jacuzzi) and I kissed him with the certainty I 

hadn't had at 17. He still kissed me like I was a seventeen year 

old virgin, so I moved his hands to my needy breasts and I begged 

him to pinch my nipples. He groaned and obliged me.  I hadn't had 

sex in 2 weeks (remember, my SO was at HIS house for XMAS), so I 

moaned very loudly just from the touch.  I ground my hips against 

him and let my hands fall to his crotch. , I had never touched 

Dan there in high school, and I was very curious.  I quickly 

slipped his hard on out of his pants, it was smooth and hot, and 

I slipped to my knees to have a better look.  

     He was truly beautiful.  He seemed impatient for me to stand 

up again, I suppose he was remembering our innocent make out 

sessions from high school, so I asked him if he didn't like to 

have his cock looked at and tasted.  I took him in my mouth, just 

the head, and lightly licked the head of his gorgeous cock. I 

asked him if he liked that.  I nibbled his thighs and balls, and 

once again took him in my mouth, it was so warm..and I wanted it 

very much.  I started to go up and down and used my saliva to 

manipulate the rest of his cock with my hands.  He gasped and 

pulled me up and told me he wanted to see my tits.  But I 


     He got aggravated and asked me if I was teasing, I said 

"yeah probably, I don't know if you were what I thought you would 

be."  He grabbed me, and pulled up my dress, I heard stitches 

split, and ripped my panties of and started massaging my pussy so 

well I almost gave in.  I shoved him off, and shoved his fingers 

in his face and told him he now had something to remember me by. 

I stomped off before he got mindful enough to stop me grabbed my 

jacket, coat and keys and headed out to some club.

     BUT, as I zoomed down the parkway at 72, (well actually in a 

Vett versus my normal car, I thought I was putting :-) the 

inevitable cop lights came on and I was pulled over.  Great.  

More points on my license.

     He asked me to step outside the car, normal sobriety check I 

guess, and asked for my license.  Well this state trooper was 

very handsome, and I was feeling lonely, I almost asked him out 

after he ticketed me though.  Upon taking out my license, I 

spilled my purse, with it a switch blade my BROTHER gave me for 

protection!!!  that was it, I was told to spread 'em, hands 

against the car, he frisked me, and when he got to my crotch, 

remember now, I lost my panties at the party, he came across a 

bare pussy.  He stopped his hand for a moment, and asked me if I 

always went around in December without underwear,

     I said I did it in case I met a cute cop.  Anyway, he asks 

for registration and insurance, guess what, my BROTHER didn't 

keep them in his glove compartment!!!  SHITHEAD!  So here I am, 

cuffed, apparently for GRAND THEFT FUCKING AUTO, and shoved into 

the front seat of the police car (is that standard procedure?)  

     Anyway I was laughing so hard, it was ludicrous, mom and 

Dad's little Miss Dean's List, and the last good girl arrested 

for GRAND THEFT FUCKING AUTO AND concealment of a weapon!!  He 

didn't arrest me yet, i don't think he ever planned to either, 

and he never called it in, curious, huh?

     But at the time i thought it was for real.  I explained it 

was my brother's car and my brother's knife...Ugh..He asked me if 

I liked being handcuffed, I said sexually yeah, getting arrested 

NO.  So he said I could leave if I wanted, I said no.  he 

rearranged the cuffs to above my head, attached to some handle on 

the ceiling, and asked me to spread 'em again..This time I was 

happy to oblige.  

     He kept fingering me ands rubbing my clit almost to orgasm, 

and then would stop , it was driving me crazy.  He ran his 

fingertips over my nipples till I moaned and begged him to fuck 

me.  He took his cock out of his pants and rubbed it while 

pinching my tits.  All the while exclaiming over my body.  Since 

he couldn't get the dress down because of my handcuffs, he pulled 

the dress up and over my head, around the cuffs.  

     With my arms up, my tits jutted out and he exclaimed again 

about how he always dreamed of doing this with someone like me, 

he loved big nipples and breasts.  He licked and suckled my 

nipples and fingered me till I came.  He jacked off after and 

shot his come all over my tits and rubbed it in, pinching my 

nipples in the process. I didn't think i would like this, but it 

was a turn on.  

     I asked him to eat me out, he hunched down and licked me and 

sucked me so wonderfully, all I could think of was wanting to go 

down on Dan.  He eventually became hard again, rearranged me so I 

could turn around, and entered me from behind.  I love this 


     He had some trouble at first because he had to adjust to the 

size and tension of my pussy, but I was very wet, so it averted 

any unpleasantness.  He pumped me and squeezed my chest, it was 

wonderful.  He came on my ass, and then used the cum to lubricate 

my ass and finger fuck me both ways.  My idea of getting stopped 

by a cop has changed....But alas most state troopers are middle 

aged beer bellied men.....Ah well....It was nice.


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