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Archive-name: Affairs/singapr6.txt

Archive-author: Friar Dave

Archive-title: Singapore Girl - 6

     I rubbed my hands together rapidly and tightly, making them 

warm. Then I began trailing my fingers lightly down her back, 

barely grazing her creamy flesh. She shivered at the touch and I 

began teasing her with it. In moments, this hypersexed young 

Chinese woman was writhing and arching, trying to meet and 

anticipate the touch. 

     Then I began to brush my lips over her back, each time going 

lower. At last I spread her ass cheeks with my hand and began 

licking her tailbone -- with just the tip of my tongue, mind you -- 

and slowly went lower and lower, almost but not quite rimming her. 

The flesh on the inner slopes of her shapely buttocks was more 

sensitive than I'd expected. It wasn't long before she was moaning 

and trying to press her smooth, almost virgin asshole up to my 


     I stopped and held my place, close enough for her to feel my 

breath on the newly moistened flesh. Finally she couldn't take it: 

"Why did you stop?" she demanded.

     "Beg for it."

     "DO it!"

     "Do what?"

     "You know what!"

     "Say it."

     "Lick my asshole!"

     "Say the magic word."

     "PLEASE lick my ass -- unnn!"

     I paused to glance over at the clock. Nine-thirty-two.

     I licked. I licked and probed and tongued. I ate her butt and 

it was as sweet and tasty as the rest of this fastidious Singapore 

girl. I don't think she came, but she sure was close to it.  The 

juices were pouring out of her cunt and after a few minutes, I 

moved my tongue lower and began licking her cunt.

     This time she did come. She started to come when my tongue tip 

grazed her cunt lips. She came harder as my tongue trilled back and 

forth over her swollen clitoris and labia. And when I fastened my 

lips around the engorged bud of her clit and sucked it the way I 

liked having my cock sucked and licked it at the same time, I 

thought she was going to explode with her orgasms.

     She came and came and came. Only one other woman I've ever 

known has come like that. It was almost frightening. Almost.

     When I stopped, my mouth and nose were filled with her juices 

and my beard was positively sopping. I glanced at the clock. Nine-

fifty-eight. June had been cumming for more than twenty minutes. I 

stood and reached down to her cunt. It was so tight I got barely get 

the tip of my index finger inside -- and when I did, her cunt 

clamped down on it and began spasming. She came again and again and 

I couldn't resist. I climbed up on the bed behind her, rubbed my 

dick on her twat and then forced it inside to the hilt -- and there 

it stayed, for she was squeezing and clenching my cock madly. I'd 

never felt such heat and such wetness combined with such stricture. 

I couldn't restrain myself. I pumped wildly, banging her asscheeks 

with my hard abdomen and in less than two minutes I was pouring my 

juice into her. And she was cumming all the time.

     When I pulled out, my limp cock hung up for a moment in the 

viselike grip of her pussy. I withdrew my dick -- already 

restiffening and climbed down off the bed. In the faint light from 

the windows I could see her lubricants and my jism drooling and 

gleaming on her overheated flesh. The sight only accelerated my 

second hard-on.

     I got the contraption I'd built and positioned it. I'd planned 

for just about everything -- except the effect of its weight on the 

mattress. I pressed her down into the bound-bolster with one hand 

and fit the fat tip of the dildo against her cunt. She rolled her 

lithe hips around and tried to suck it into her cunt. To no avail -

- not that this stopped her from cumming still more. I carried the 

remote control of the rheostat with me as I went around to stand 

beside the bed, my throbbing dick in front of her face.

     "You've already had about sixty-five zillion orgasms." I 

thumbed the rheostat higher for a five count. She gasped and then 

shrieked in pleasure.

     Then I turned it off.

     "You're going to suck my cock until I come and then you're 

going to swallow my cum." I turned the rheostat to it's lowest 

setting. She made vague, distracted noises and her eyelids 

fluttered and her jaw went slack -- a condition I immediately took 

advantage of. I pressed my cock forward and into her unresisting 

mouth. After a few pitifully half-hearted sucks, it just lay there.  

I turned off the rheostat. She immediately began sucking harder.

     "You got the idea," I said. "Good. You keep my cock happy, I 

keep your cunt happy." 

     She kept my cock happy. She sucked powerfully and 

enthusiastically, and used her tongue wonderfully. I took all of my 

self-control to restrain myself from fucking her face as if it were 

a cunt. I slowly increased the speed of the vibrating dildo in her 

cunt -- which I could not see in the darkness -- and soon she was 

cumming almost constantly and sucking me all the time. 

     "Suck extra hard to get all of my -- " And then I couldn't 

talk, because the spasms were on me. But she got the idea. She 

got all my juice and then sucked for me and actually seemed 

reluctant to relinquish my finally limpening dick. By the time she 

did let it pop out of her lips, she was cumming incessantly.

     I staggered to the back of the bed and saw that she had almost 

two-thirds of the dildo engulfed in her cunt. I the rubber dick 

must have been two-and-a-half inches in diameter where the bulge 

disappeared -- and reappeared -- between her cunt lips in the 

meagherly lit room. When I tried to withdraw it, her cunt grip was 

so powerful that there was great resistance.

     But withdraw it I did -- and then smeared K-Y all over my 

right hand.

     Despite the withdrawal, her orgasms had barely slackened. The 

clock said 10:40, the glowing numbers telling me she had been 

cumming for more than an hour.

     "Why did you take it away?" she panted when she finally brought  

her voice under control.

     "Because," I said, "now I'm going to shove my hand up that hot 

little cunt of yours."

     She moaned and writhed at the dirty words.

     "Up your hot little Chinese cunt," I said, and she came again.

     This wasn't like the first time, when her cunt had opened so 

widely. This time her cunt was as it usually was: tight and wet. 

The narrowness stymied me at first, but as I worked my pinky inside 

-- I had all four fingers in her -- her eagerness more than made up 

for something as transient as physical law. I had to strain to get 

my thumb in, especially since by this time she ws screaming into 

the pillow even as she tried to force her cunt back onto my hand -- 

despite the bonds that held her. The K-Y was superfluous, in every 

sense of the word; her juices were more than sufficient for what 

was happening and there seemed to be no end to them. More: Her 

juices had actually washed most of the lubricant from my hand.

     Again she screamed: "Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!" Her 

accent had returned and "harder" came out as "hard-hair," perfectly 

synchronized to the movements of her hips. When my hand was all the 

way into her hot oriental cunt and her labia were stretched around 

my wrist, I paused to smear K-Y on my forearm; the last thing I 

wanted to do was cause her permanent discomfort.

     I pumped my hand in her cunt for a long time, it seemed -- 

though the clock told me only ten minutes had passed -- and her 

cunt was opening wide. She had somehow managed to part her legs 

even more. She was totally consumed by the cunt-reaming she was 

getting and I could feel her orgasmic spasms rippling on my hand 

and wrist. When I made a fist and began pumping faster, June lost 

it completely. She collapsed on the pillow, sobbing and screaming 

alternately, cumming and cumming and cumming nonstop. My first hint 

that she had passed out was when I put the tube of K-Y to her ass 

and she didn't react. I called her name softly. "June?" No 

response. That's when I realized that even though she was still in 

orgasm and her hips and thighs moving appropriately, she was quite 

unconscious -- or in such a state of orgasmic detachment that the 

difference was irrelevant.

     I unclenched my fist and withdrew my hand and then she 

stirred. "Don't stop," she pleaded softly, all exhausted.

     "You've had it, kiddo," I said. And it was, sadly, true. 

Sadly, because as much of a turn-on as it was for me, it seemed 

pointless if she was unaware of what she was feeling.

     She tried to raise her head, but failed. She lay her face 

sideways on the pillow and breathed, "Fuck my ass, David."

     I hesitated. 

     "Pleeeease - fuck my tight, hot little Chinese ass!" It was 

almost a moan. I looked down at her, strapped in place as she was 

in the faint illumination that came through the window. The 

makeshift monster dildo still twitched on the bed, glistening with 

her juices, and her thighs, so drawn and taut and graceful, also 

shone with her juices. Her cunt was a darkly shining place in the 

shadows between her bent legs. Her back was sinuous and ever curve 

and muscle was beautifully defined and the line of the back her 

neck was a graceful shadow in the dimly lit bedroom. The air reeked 

of her aroused juices.

     My eyes went to her ass, to the firm, smooth, flawless cheeks. 

her buttocks still flexed as if she were yet cumming, though I knew 

there was nothing to stimulate -- 

     Or was there? I bent and looked. Sure enough, she had her 

immensely swollen clit pressed into tightly rolled bolster to which 

she was bound. As I watched, she flexed her hips forward as much as 

she could within her bonds and rubbed vigorously -- if shortly -- 

and then she was coming again. Despite the lack of light, I could 

clearly see her cunt lips and flex as the spasms went through her.

     When she came her asshole, so tiny and tight and little used, 

pressed in on itself so urgently that it seemed to pucker outward a 


     The sight of her and the thought of feeling that hot ass 

clamped around my dick was too much to resist. I found a fresh tube 

of K-Y, uncorked it and squirted a liberal dose on her asshole. She 

jerked forward, away from the shock of the cold lubricant -- and in 

so doing, pressed her clit against the bolster again ... and came 


     My cock was no more than half-hard, but I couldn't resist. I went 

around to the side of the bed and again presented it to her lips. 

Despite the scanty illumination, the darkness of her flesh betrayed 

her flush. She took the head of my dick readily into her soft lips 

and sucked half-heartedly for a moment, then seemed to doze off. I 

worked my dick in and out of her slack mouth a few times, but it 

was pointless. I reached down and cupped her left breast in my 

hand. Her nipple was as hard as a splinter and as hot as a match-

head. I rubbed my palm across it and she stirred listlessly for a  

moment, then her hips clenched and convulsed and relaxed again. I 

was about to give it up again. I gave her nipple a little pinch -- 

just lightly, pulling on it more than pinching it -- and she 

started cumming again.

     "Ahhhh -- yes, suck my cock with that sexy mouth," I 

whispered. "Suck it hard, like you're thirsty for my cum!" All the 

time, I continued toying with her nipple and she kept pausing in 

her sucking to cum again and again. She kept moaning when I talked 

to her like that and I decided to see just how far gone she was. 

     I pushed forward, farther and farther, waiting for her to gag 

and try to withdraw -- and I was more than ready to back off if 

necessary and move to her hot, puckered ass. But6 she didn't back 


     "Ahhh, yeah, use that hot mouth and tongue and throat. I'm 

going to use you as a vessel for my sperm, I'm going to use you for 

my pleasure and cum and cum and cum in you -- "

     She actually pressed her face forward to take my cock all the 

way into her hot mouth and throat. She was sucking powerfully, 

downright hungrily, and I gave in to my impulse and rocked my hips 

smoothly back and forth, fucking her face till her pert nose was 

flattened in the wiry pubic hair at the base of my cock, then 

withdrawing against the stricture of her hungry sucking.

     I felt the cum rising in my balls --- and then it was suddenly 

on me, erupting, I pulled my cock back and the first shot hit her 

in the face, drenching her lovely, closed eyes. She opened her 

mouth wide and wailed and pushed her head forward and my dick was 

halfway into her mouth for the second spurt -- and she was sucking 

and grunting and cumming and swallowing. After that, I jammed my 

hips forward and buried my prick in her hot mouth and let her drain 

my dick.

     "You like me using you, fucking you -- FUCKing you -- " and 

each time I said it, she sucked even harder and came even harder. 

She sucked even when I was dry and my dick would have been totally 

limp, except for her eager mouthwork.

     When I pulled it out of her lips, she held the knob as long as 

she could, madly sucking and tonguing it. The pleasure waves still 

tingled through me and when she finally released my dick, I dropped 

to my knees and licked my cum of her face and kissed her eyes and 

her gorgeous cheekbones and finally, her lips, smeared as they were 

with my cum.

     I felt incredibly tender toward her at that moment, more so 

than ever before. She gasped with lips parted and when she had 

breath enough, the words were audible:

     "Now, fuck my ass!"

     I staggered to my feet and looked down at her. I had serious 

doubts about this undertaking. She had drained my balls three times 

-- and according to the clock, she'd been cumming almost nonstop 

for more than two and a half hours. I wasn't sure either of us 

were up to it. 

     "Use me!" she hissed. "Use me for your pleasure!" Her tone was 

pleading. "I am so dirty, so bad -- use me!"

     Her face shone with my cum and my saliva. Her back shone with 

her perspiration. Her thighs shone with her seemingly endless flow 

of juice.

     My cock twitched.

     What the hell? I thought. She wanted to be used ....

     I stepped forward, closer to the bed. I had to use my fingers 

to lift my dangling dick to her mouth -- but as soon as it was 

within reach, she fastened a liplock on my penis. I told her what 

I wanted and while she did as I said, I made sure things were 


     She sucked my dick with patient eagerness, gradually returning 

me to full erection. The harder my dick got, the more urgently she 

sucked and tongued it. And all the time, I took advantage of her lack 

of height by reaching back between her ass cheeks and rubbing the 

K-Y into her anus. It was so tight that at first I could even force 

the tip of my finger into it -- but finally I did.

     "And when my cock is hard enough, I'm going to jam it right 

into your ass," I told her. "And you'll decide when it's hard 

enough -- because when it is, you'll stop sucking!"

     She sucked urgently -- and whenever she stopped and I started 

to withdraw it from her soft lips, she resumed sucking with an 

almost panicky urgency. But even June had to come up for air 

sometime, and when she did, I positioned myself on the bed between 

her thighs.

     "Oooooh, my cunt is so itchy!" she cried into the bolster to 

which she was tied.

     I teased the head of my cock against her swollen twat.

     "Un-uh, baby -- you asked for it in your hot, tight little 

Chinese ass and that's where you're going to get it!"

     My dick was hard as a piece of steel -- but her asshole was 

fearsomely tight. I wondered which would give first. But the 

teasing of my dickhead against her cunt was having an effect on me. 

The heat seemed to rise from her cunt in waves. Still, I wanted to 

dump a load in all three openings --

     "Don't use my asshole -- "

     And there was the operative word: "use." I remembered what she 

had said earlier about wanting me to use her. I thrust my cock all 

the way into her cunt and she let out an ear-splitting screaming 

of pleasure. Despite the earlier fisting, despite the earlier 

reaming with the huge dildo, her cunt was now clamped on my dick 

and pulling at it.

     But I had already cum three time and my iron dick was capable 

of resisting. I withdrew and she sobbed in frustration. She was 

still sobbing as I smeared the extra K-Y on my cock and she sobbed 

even louder when I knelt up straight and pressed the goo-slicked 

knob against the tightly puckered ring of her squeezed asshole.

     "Just like you asked," I told her. "Right up your hot little 


     Or down, as the angle might be.

     Let me tell you: At first, my dick went nowhere. Her asshole 

was tight and held tighter, so tightly puckered, in fact, that she 

actually squeezed out a few drops of the K-Y that I had earlier 

massaged inside with my finger. Only my hands kept her powerful 

gluteus maximus from squeezing tight around the furrow, as well. 

     Gradually, my greater strength nd rigidity of my dick 

prevailed. At first, her sphincter seemed to collapse inward. Then, 

grudgingly, it spread and my all-but-numb prick pressed into the 

exquisite stricture. 

     She screamed as the knob went into and then again when I 

rocked on my knees a bit. 

     I paused -- and then plunged down into her.

     Now I have told you that since then I had actually known a 

woman who came more than June did that night. And I have told you 

that I have come more, too. But never, not even with the slim-

hipped blonde seventeen-year-old Midwestern homecoming queen, have 

I known anything as tight and hot as June's asshole was when I 

jammed my cock into her. The powerful muscles at the entrance 

seemed designed to be a fleshy cock-ring for the base of my dong: 

all but cutting off circulation in my dick. But the entire length 

of my prick was caught in a vise-like grip unknown before or since. 

I swear I could have timed her heartrate by the convulsive, seizure 

like clenchings that rippled the length of her anal sheath. If I 

hadn't already cum three times I would have shot the beans right 

then and there. The compression actually seemed to be lengthening 

my cock inside her. 

     All the time, she was -- well, not screaming, but shrieking 

that she could feel my prick in her belly, that my cock was too 

big, that my penis was perforating her. None of which lessened my 


     When I finally mustered the strength to pull back, her ass 

clung to my cock. I think an inch of sphincter muscle lined my cock 

as as the shaft slowly reappeared. When only my knob was still in 

her tight ass, she clenched ferociously -- as she had with her 

lips, as if she was reluctant to release my invading meat.

     I'd intended to hang there for about a ten-count -- but I 

couldn't wait. I plummeted down into her asshole again and this 

time she did scream. I backed of and plunged again -- and something 

odd happened.

     She screwed her ass up and back, grabbing my dick -- and she 

started cumming again. That did it for me; I couldn't stop myself. 

I let my hips ratchet back and forth rapidly, working that 

constricted channel regardless of her response. But her response 

was amazing. She seemed to go limp on her cushion -- limp, that is, 

except for her hips -- and rocked her ass up to meet my thrusts. No 

matter how hard or fast I pumped her little asshole, she kept pace. 

And all the time, I could feel her cumming. Not to mention -- hear 

her cumming ... as I'm sure most of the West Village heard her.

     "Fuck my pussy!" she screamed. "My pussy is itcheeeee --- fuck 


     Even lost as I was in the pleasures of her tight oriental ass 

on my cock, I knew I couldn't just move to the other, more 

conventional hole -- no matter how hungry it was. That was a recipe 

for all kinds of ugly infections.

     But reaching back, my fingers found the other dildo -- still 

slippery with her juices. I somehow groped the nearly empty tube of 

K-Y and clenched the last of it onto the rubber dildo, then fit the 

monstrous thing to her cunt.

     She pressed herself backward, bolster and all, onto the rubber 

dong until she had what seemed like two-thirds of its eighteen 

inches rammed in her cunt. I know this: Her cunt was finally full. 

     "Fuck me!" she screamed "FUCK ME!"

     The vibrating dildo in her cunt was compressing the tube of 

her ass even more around my cock. I reached down and managed 

somehow to find enough excess flesh on her lithe hips to hold her 

and then I became as much a demented fucking machine as the 

mechanized rubber cock filling her cunt, as much of a maniacal sex 

fiend as she wa at that moment. I held on for dear life and fucked 

my stiff dick in and out of her tight asshole as fast as I could, 

fighting the tightness of her tiny chinese ass made even tighter by 

the fat dildo in her cunt and tighter still by her incessant 


     I don't know how long it went on, but I know I came in her ass 

and when I did, she could feel it; she screamed again, something 

almost intelligible about using her for my pleasure. I remember, 

very distinctly, letting myself fall forward on to her, my dick 

shriveling and dribbling last of my cum into her milking asshole. I 

know I passed out for a few moments, because when sensation 

returned, her tight ass was still holding my limp cock and she was still 

cumming with the fat dildo in her cunt -- but she was as 

unconscious as I must have been.

     I pulled out of her ass. I remember that it hurt; my dick had 

been rubbed raw by the tightness of her anal tube. I don't remember 

much else, except -- as if watching another person do it -- I 

removed the dildo from her cunt and cut the silk bonds around her 

wrists and ankle. I remember quite clearly that she she smiled as 

she sank on her back onto the mattress and I bent to take her in my 

arms, to wrap her in my arms and after that, the next thing I 

remember is what she did by dawn's pearly light -- something that 

told me more powerfully than anything else, just how much of a sex 

addict this lusty, sleek, sweet, brilliant little Singapore girl 

really was.

     Because when next I woke, she demonstrated something that even 

I would have to call depravity.



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