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Archive-name: Affairs/singapr4.txt

Archive-author: Friar Dave

Archive-title: Singapore Girl - 4

     We wouldn't have been hard to find, even if we'd been quiet. A 

trail of clothes led directly to the bed. And we were not being 

quiet. June wasn't, anyhow. I wasn't making too much noise, since 

my mouth was full. 

     I lay with my head on a doubled up pillow. June was sitting 

on my face and she was cumming a lot. She was facing the head of 

the bed, so I could look up and see her face and her lovely breasts 

-- which, at the moment, I was playing with. She went through a 

particularly intense string of orgasms, rapid-fire, bang-bang-bang, 

and started lifting her cunt off my mouth. 

     "I want to fuck!" she said sharply.

     "And I want to suck more!" I answered. I slid my hands around 

to grip her hard little ass and pulled her back down against my 

mouth. Her clit was hugely swollen and I was sure was 

oversensitized at the moment -- but I locked my lips around it and 

sucked, all the while trilling my tongue lightly back and forth 

across the top of it. Her powerful thighs clamped down over my ears 

and I could barely hear her screams -- but there was no mistaking 

the convulsing of her buttocks and the surges rocking her hips. She 

swayed above me and began to topple to one side. It was so 

unexpected that I barely steadied her. I guided her back and to one 

side and she collapsed on the bed, face down, sprawled partly on 

top of me. I slithered out and stood beside the bed. 

     She was all but unconscious, yet her hips still moved in 

pleasure. What a sight she made -- her smooth, pale flesh, her 

beautifully proportioned back and graceful neck, her slender waist 

and her lovely hips. Her ass cheeks were clenching and unclenching 

and her legs were slightly parted, one drawn partway up. The 

insides of her thighs were shiny with her juices, picking up the 

light from under the door to the bathroom.

     "Dammit, woman -- I want to fuck you in the worst way," I 

said. Her hips jerked at the words. With her face still pressed 

into the disheveled blankets, she arched her ass up at me and 

pulled her knees underneath her. Veterinarians call it 


     The height of the bed wasn't quite right for this, though. I 

grabbed the pillows, stacked them, then grabbed her hips and 

stacked her on top of the pillows at the edge of the bed. She still 

lay limply, with her face down on the bed and her arms 

outstretched, as if forgotten. I could smell her rich juices, the 

aroma bypassing thought and triggering cockthrobs. 

     I stepped up to edge of the bed, flexed my knees slightly and 

pushed my cock against her opening. She was so wet! I slid in and 

groaned, "Baby, your cunt is so hot -- it's like an oven!" Her twat 

tightened. There was no finesse to what came next. I simply flailed 

away at her, battering her cunt with my dick while I pulled her 

hips back and up toward me. "I love fucking you, baby!" I told her, 

struggling for the breath to speak. I couldn't even slow myself; I 

needed to ram her cunt -- and I told her so. She loved it as much 

as I did. 

     My violent fucking was pushing her forward, farther onto the 

bed. I propped one knee on the edge of the mattress to stay with 

her, ten reached under with one hand to rub her clit and squeeze 

her cunt lips. She screamed, "Oh, David, I am cumming and cumming I 

cannot stop -- " Her voice rose in pitch, higher and higher until 

the words may have been English and they may have been Chinese; it 

didn't matter, because they were unintelligible. Her cunt spasms 

accelerated -- and then her entire pelvis seemed to go rigid and 

I felt an incredible warm wetness around my cock. 

     Then her inner cunt seemed to open; I couldn't feel it against 

my cockhead. Even the entrance seemed wider and harder. I reached 

under a bit farther and explored her cunt lips with one finger. 

This reaction was new to me -- and oddly exciting. She was 

definitely still enjoying herself, yet her cunt seemed simply to 

have grown wider.

     I slid the finger in alongside my cock, to increase the 

stricture a bit. She groaned and rolled her hips and I took that as 

approval and added a second finger alongside my cock. "You like 

having your cunt packed like that, eh?" I said and as if in answer, 

she began to cum again.

     I pulled my fingers out, straightened and yanked the pillows 

from beneath her. I pulled her up on her knees and pumped 

wildly at her cunt for a minute or so. Then I reached down between 

us with one hand and slid two fingers into her cunt, above my cock. 

Again, she seemed to welcome it and there was a bit of give, yet -- 

so I added a third finger. When eating her on previous occasions, I 

had sometimes slipped fingers into her, but two fingers seemed 

quite adequate and usually it was difficult to get a third inside. 

She had three fingers in her twat along with my cock and she seemed 

to love it. 

     I pulled my cock and fingers out of her and dropped to my 

knees beside the bed. I pressed my face into her sopping snatch and 

sucked powerfully on her clitoris for a moment. She screamed and 

shook all over. I reached under her with one hand and pinched her 

nipples, then I leaned back and brought my hand up to her cunt.

     How much could she handle?

     Three fingers went in with ease and only when my pinky was in 

her cunt, too, did she seem be getting full. I waggled the four 

fingers inside. The walls of her cunt were rigid. I could feel the 

texture of them -- kind of nubby -- and when I pushed my fingers in 

farther, till the base of my thumb was against her cunt, I 

discovered that my earlier perception had been correct: About three 

inches inside, her cunt suddenly opened much more. I knew a woman 

had no nerve endings that far inside, yet when I waggled the ends 

of my four fingers in that roomier place, she gasped and began 

rocking her torso in long, tense, sensuous waves. She made a deep, 

guttural sound from somewhere in her throat and I knew that nerve-

endings or not, she was aware of the movement in there and she was 

enjoying it.

     "You like that when I stuff your cunt, don't you?" I said. 

"You like being full and stretched, doing things you think are 

dirty." She wailed softly and her hands thrashed the tangled 


     "And you want more, don't you?"

     She seemed to be sobbing -- and cumming.

     I bent my thumb under and carefully insinuated it into her 

cunt lips. Her labia were stretched tight. I used my other hand to 

work her pussy lips clear, to avoid pinching the sensitive flesh. I 

wished I had some K-Y, but she was so wet and slippery that it didn't 

seem necessary.

     With all five fingers folded into her cunt, I began gently 

turning my wrist, loosening her hole and spreading her copious 

lubricants. Then, carefully, I began working my hand forward. This 

was one of those occasions when I did not mind having hands that 

were a tad small for my size -- and I almost wished the years of 

carpentry and karate hadn't made them so thick.

     Still, when my knuckles reached the entrance there was no 

room. She was grinding her hips back and forth against my hand and 

babbling incoherently, hungrily, but I didn't want to force it. She 

was a small girl and it was amazing that she had taken -- and 

seemed to be enjoying! -- as much as she did, but everything has 

its limit, I figured. As it was, I was delighted to have discovered 

yet another way to provide yet another kind of intense and 

satisfying orgasm for this woman. I experimented with moving my 

hand in different ways and at different speeds and her reactions 

were so fucking exciting to see that I almost shot my wad. As it 

was, my cock was so hard it was beginning to ache.

     Then, without warning, with her face and shoulders and tits 

flat on the blanket, she reached back with both hands and pulled 

her asscheeks apart. Her cunt lips eked back a fraction of an inch 

or so from my hand. She began rolling her hips around and 

back, around and back. She pressed against my hand and it required 

a good deal of strength to hold my arm in place. But I did.

     Slowly, bit by bit, the wider part of my hand was being 

engulfed by her cunt. Only the souvenirs of a misspent adolescence 

in a bad neighborhood -- i.e., knuckles that had been broken more 

than once -- enabled my hand to accept the compression of her cunt. 

My fingers were being squeezed awkwardly and it was beginning to 

hurt, but I didn't care. She was determined and I was going to go 

along with it as long as I could -- because it was one helluva 


     And all the time, I was talking dirty to her about what she 

was doing and what was going on -- just the way she liked. "Oh, you 

like that, don't you, impaling yourself on something so big, too 

big for that hot little Chinese cunt, stuffing your pussy with 

something big and fat and warm, filling up your wet twat -- "

     Et cetera.

     My fingers were getting numb inside her and we seemed at last 

to have reached the limit. The thick, muscular base of my thumb was 

pressed against her cunt lips and she simply could not seem to get 

that widest part of my hand into her. She jerked and bucked against 

my hand, but it wasn't going any farther.

     She took her hands away from her ass cheeks and braced them on 

the bed. Her head came up. I could see the shine of sweat coating 

her entire body. 

     She turned her head partially toward me and said, voice 

quaver: "Fuck me with your hand!"

     "It's too big -- "

     "Fuck me with your hand -- all of it -- spread me -- fuck me!"

     "It'll hurt you -- "

     "Do it! Hurt me! Fuck me!"

     I ducked my head forward and licked the base of my thumb, then 

wrapped my free hand around her thighs. "Alright, you weird, 

perverted little cunt -- you're going to get what you've been 

asking for!"

     "Yesssss...." she wailed.

     I twisted and turned my hand, forcing my fingers into rough 

alignment within her pussy -- and pushed. She gasped and I knew it 

had to be hurting her, but:

     "Yes-- fuck -- fuck -- fuck -- " She grunted it rhythmically, 

almost a chant and slowly, the fattest part of my hand slid into 

her cunt. I could feel the ring of her pubic bones through her 

tortured flesh, but she was pressing back against me as hard as she 

could, so hard that her legs and arms shook with the effort.

     Bit by bit, my hand slid into her cunt, until it was almost to 

the wrist. My fingers were well into that wider, open part of her 

inner cunt and her labia were closing on the narrower base of my 


     "Oooohhh yes, fuck me with it, fuck me with it!" she was 


     I didn't know how I was going to get my hand back out, but now 

that it was all the way in, I figured we should make the most of 

it. I worked my hand back and forth in her cunt, no more than a 

quarter of an inch in either direction -- but her pussy was so 

thoroughly packed that the slight motion was having a powerful 

effect. She screamed and came and then began rocking back and 

forth, trying to widen and deepen the movement. She took still more 

of my hand into her, got it right to the bones of my wrist and only 

then did it seem I had touched bottom. With my free hand I caressed 

her abdomen (from the outside -- for variety). It was as hard as 

steel and as I moved my hand within her, her belly rippled and 

flexed and she screamed and came again.

     I flexed the hand within her and she came even more 

powerfully. Carefully, I folded my fingers under, then my thumb and 

slowly made and clenched my fist. I felt the walls of that more 

open place suddenly close about my fist and then she went 

absolutely apeshit. To this day, only once have I ever seen 

anything to rival the way June came with my fist inside her. 

     She was totally out of control, quite berserk. Her lithe, 

firm young body gyrated and bucked wildly, her hips pumping as if 

it were a nice, reasonable cock in her honey hole -- and not a fat, 

hard, thick fist. She pulled forward till my entire fist was 

spreading even the narrowest part of her cunt -- and then rammed 

herself back and impaled herself to the limit on it. She did it 

again and again, all the time screaming and babbling mad, lusty 

gibberish. I reached under to caress her clitoris and when my 

finger found the rudely stretched little nubbin, June completely 

lost it. Her movements resembled nothing so much as grand mal, a 

severe seizure. One leg straightened spastically, and she was on 

one knee on the bed, her torso flat to the covers and her hips 

cocked and her ass in the air. Her well-stuffed cunt was the only 

part of her that wasn't moving; she shook everywhere else.

     And then, abruptly, that condition reversed. She went almost 

catatonic, rigid and unmoving -- except for her hips. They ratcheted 

rapidly, in short, mechanical strokes, her cunt fucking my hand to 

the wrist in a way it had never moved on my cock. And while this 

continued, she began to roll over, first onto her back, then onto 

her side.

     I was astonished at the quantity and quality and thickness 

of her lubrication, to accomplish this movement. Her juices were 

literally dripping down my arm. I eased my free hand under her ass 

to move her so her legs were on the bed. Her face was drawn and 

gaunt, thinner, her mouth open and lips parted and endless soft 

babbling and moans were coming out of them. Her nipples were 

inflated; that's the only word for it. Usually her nipples made 

nifty hard little spikes, but even her aureoles seemed to be 

swollen and raised. I brushed my fingers over them, wonderingly, and 

she groaned like a sleeping dreamer protesting the alarm clock. 

     And all the time, her legs widespread and now bent slightly at 

the knees, her hips were moving - back-forth, back-forth.

     Her eyes opened. They were glassy. She looked almost drugged. 

Slowly, she focused on my face.

     "Nothing ... has ever ... been so ... good ... " she breathed. 

"I can't stop cumming .... "

     My balls were beginning to throb with the prolonged arousal. 

She reached for my cock in slow motion. Her hand rested lightly on 

it, fell back to the bed, then again reached for it. She grabbed it 

and pulled.

     My hand still trapped in her cunt made it awkward, but the 

differences in our size made it possible. I knelt on the bed, bent 

over so my face was near her knees as she drew my cock toward her 


     "I want to drink you, " she whispered, "and as you fuck my 

mouth, take your fist out."

     I began slowly, carefully straightening my fingers inside her.

     "No!" she barked sharply. "Your fist."

     What June lacked in style for cocksucking, she made up for by 

sheer, brute sucking. She took half my cock in her mouth and 

immediately began sucking for oil. Her body was writhing almost 

normally and my balls lurched and I started to cum. I pulled my 

clenched fist back, but it simply wasn't going to work.

     Then the full rush of my ejaculation was on me. I came as if I 

was hemorrhaging jism into her sucking mouth. My hand in her cunt 

unclenched and I began pulling it out. Her twat was fearsomely 

tight, but I pulled anyhow and as June drained the last of what 

felt like an endless stream of cum from my cock, my hand slowly 

began re-emerging form her cunt.

     I rolled away from her slightly, and made a fist of the cunt 

filling hand -- right there, in the narrowest part of her pussy.

     She arched and stiffened, as if electrified, and when I yanked 

my clenched fist out of her cunt, she let out a scream that 

literally hurt my ears. She screamed a word, clearly and precisely, 

but at a volume and pitch that was painful: "DARLING!"

     She remained arched like that for what seemed a long time, 

thought I knew even then it was less than ten seconds. But she was 

so rigid that I was afraid to touch her; she might shatter. Every 

muscle and ligament in her lovely body was taut and clearly 


     Then she sucked in a long breath, with a sound like tearing 

wool. Her hips jerked violently, then her thighs trembled and she 

collapsed back on the bed, shuddering uncontrollably. Her belly was 

rippling wildly and from between the lips of her cunt -- which, 

astonishingly, looked almost as if nothing had happened -- thick 

juice drooled, soaking the sheets, the blankets and the mattress.

     Her eyes closed, she gasped -- no: She panted -- and shivered. 

I grabbed some of the blankets from the floor and threw them across 

us, then rolled her into my arms. I lay on my back, holding her 

against me, on top of me. She was still shivering and her hips 

still flexed and I could feel that juice still dribbling onto my 

thighs. I kissed her lovely eyes and her forehead and her nose and 

her lips, then I licked her lips, still sticky with my cum. I had 

one hand -- the hand -- resting on her ass under the covers, 

lightly caressing. And to my utter and complete astonishment, 

despite the fact that I had just cum in her mouth with gut-

wrenching intensity, I found I had another hard-on. My stiff dick 

was pressing against her constantly shifting thighs.

     June seemed barely conscious, but she parted her legs and 

wriggled her hips and her cunt slid onto my cock. If the fact of my 

hard-on was surprising, the renewed tightness of her cunt was 

downright astonishing.

     Prone atop me, her hips barely moving, June pumped my cock 

slowly with her cunt. Her eyes opened slightly and she pressed her 

lips to my nipple, then raised her head slightly and smiled -- at 

my expression of amazement, I guess.

     "How can you be so tight again?" I whispered.

     Her smile broadened -- and then her cunt suddenly closed 

around my cock. She squeezed, relaxed, squeezed, relaxed -- it 

almost felt like her cunt was sucking me.

     "Do you think you can cum again, my sweet darling?"

     "I -- I doubt it."

     "I don't. I am going to make you cum." 

     I'm not sure exactly how she did it or even what she did, but 

suddenly my cock was pulsating and then I was spurting into her 

again. She pressed her pubis down against mine, grinding her 

clitoris against me. Her mouth went slack and she gave a soft 

little cry of pleasure -- and then she collapsed upon me, as limp 

as my cock.

     "Now we rest," she said, her mouth wet against my shoulder.

     I let myself drift -- as if I could have stopped it -- and I 

remember, quite clearly, that as I fell asleep with this lovely, 

amazing, sweet, depraved woman sprawled atop me, I couldn't imagine 

anything weirder ... or more oddly pleasurable.

     Of course, that was about ten years ago, before I learned to 

let my imagination run amok.


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