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Archive-name: Affairs/singapr2.txt

Archive-author: Friar Dave

Archive-title: Singapore Girl - 2

     Over the course of the next couple of weeks, June and I 

became intimately acquainted, not simply acquainted intimately. She 

was very serious about her job and her work and as much as that 

apartment on Greenwich must have been costing her company -- I have 

to figure about twenty-two hundred a month in 1978 dollars -- along 

with the equipment and her salary, they got their money's worth.

     The setup was ideal for us, as well. My apartment was 

literally a block away and, as I worked at home, we got to spend a 

good deal of time together. We spent a lot of it fucking and 

sucking and we spent a lot of it talking or simply being together. 

A true friendship developed along with the sheer physical passion.

     There was a lot of passion. 

     She called me in the middle of the day, a Tuesday, and 

suggested I come over for lunch. It would be my first taste of her 

cooking -- chicken and (of course) rice with stir-fried vegetables. 

As she cooked, she told me of her home life in Singapore, of the 

poverty and answered all of my questions. We ate at the conference 

room table and after we cleaned up, I slipped my arms around her 

from behind as we looked out the window at the backyard of the 

brownstone. Spring was just beginning, and one of the neighbors had 

a well-kept little garden. Its focus was an ancient oak and the 

birds were relearning the branches, hopping and flitting among the 

little green leave buds.

     I kissed the side of her neck and lightly rubbed her swelling 

buds. She pressed her ass back and up against me, rubbing against 

the swelling. "Oooooo -- I am so itchy!" she hummed.

     I slid one hand down to cup her cunt and squeeze it through 

her jeans, then began to undo her belt. The window sill was high 

off the floor, so no one outside could see when I had her jeans 

opened and had my hand inside her pants and one finger wiggling 

inside her very wet pussy.

     We couldn't wait long enough to get upstairs to the bedroom, 

but there was this terrific desk... I pushed the lower half of the 

shutters closed and led June to the desk. On her typing chair was a 

thick cushion she used to boost her high enough to type comfortably 

and I put it on the edge of the desk. Then I put June's tight hips 

on the cushion, bent her forward as I freed my hard cock and 

pounded into her -- deep and in one stroke. I slammed at her hard, 

telling her how hot her cunt was and how wet and it wasn't long 

before I was pouring my juice into her. She only came three or four 

times, so I wasn't surprised when she told me she was still 


     Neither of us got any more work done that afternoon and I came 

back over that night; June wanted to watch a scary movie on 

television and she didn't want to watch it alone. The movie -- 

Phantasm -- ended at 11:30. June asked me to move something down 

from the top shelf of the closet in the TV room. In the process I 

found some magazines -- some very explicit girly magazines -- which 

I took down.

     Now, June had told me that her first break with the ex-im 

company had come through the intercession of the owner, a 

Scandinavian, with whom she'd been having an affair. She'd 

explained that they understood each other's needs and that they 

weren't going to be monogamous or anything like that, since they 

only saw each other for about a week at a time three or four times 

a year. That was fine with me, since it was fine with her and 

evidently fine with him. The girly magazines were hers, she said. 

     I teased her, telling her I thought they were really hers and 

she was secretly harboring lesbian fantasies for blondes and 

redheads with huge tits. (One, I recall quite distinctly, was 

listed as measuring 48-22-33 -- and the photos of the young redhead 

backed up the numbers.)

     She knew I was kidding and replied with mock anger that since 

she had such small breasts, her boyfriend-boss had to look at these 

pictures when he was visiting; helped him remember the girls at 

home, or some such. 

     At that point I opened June's robe and nightgown and sucked 

her nipples and told her that her breasts were in perfect 

proportion to the rest of her, that anything more than a mouthful 

was wasted, and that any guy who thought she was less desirable 

than the bimbos in the pictures was a goddam fool. Then I got on my 

knees and ate her pussy till she was screaming and cumming again. 

Later, I got her to tell me a little bit about her boyfriend. She 

didn't tell much -- just enough to give me an idea of what kind of 

person he was -- and made me laugh with the tale of her family's 

reaction when she brought him home to meet them. Since he was about 

six-five and June was so short, her sister teased that it looked 

like a skyscraper with a two-story garage.

     Still later, after we fucked yet again, I suggested to June 

that we spend Saturday night at my place. For one thing, my cat was 

forgetting what I looked like. For another, her bed was lumpy and 

noisy and her home was cold; my waterbed was quiet and comfy and my 

apartment was warm.

     She agreed, allowing as how she'd never slept in a waterbed. 

And she confided that she was going to buy a new bedroom set, one 

with a canopy, possibly. What did I think?

     I told her I really disliked canopied beds. She explained that 

the canopy wasn't essential, but the four posts were ... and 

confided that she had a fantasy involving being tied and fucked...

     Bondage had never turned me on. In fact, I was a bit uneasy 

with the idas. But if that was what she fantasized -- and since I 

knew I wasn't about to abuse her -- I thought, What the hell? Maybe 

one of these days, I told myself ... 

    Saturday night was everything I had hoped -- and more. We went 

out to eat at the Waverly Inn, then went back to my place and 

opened a bottle of white wine, a Riesling. We pretty much killed 

the bottle, sitting in my living room and talking. We got pretty 

relaxed and June confided some other fantasies she had, mostly 

involving famous people or deserted beaches. She also confessed a 

fantasy of having a couple of men at once, as she had seen in a 

porno film. She asked me my fantasies.

     I told her the truth: I had managed to experience just about 

every fantasy I'd ever had, except the one involving the midget, 

the fat lady, the mule and the VW Microbus. She laughed and opened 

another bottle of wine. She liked scotch, I knew, but my entire 

liquor cabinet had been wiped out just before I met June. I'd been 

temporarily putting up a sometimes lover, a sleek little blonde, 

who was visiting from West Germany, and found out she was an 

alcoholic when she left and I discovered every bottle in the liquor 

closet was empty. Though I hadn't known she was sucking booze 

almost constantly, I had known she liked a drink and frequently 

would get herself buzzed and then wanted to be roughly fucked. 

She'd even had me buy her a couple of dildos and a vibrator. One 

night, when she was a bit more than somewhat blotto, she put on a 

show. I had explained to June about the booze. Now I told her that 

just a few weeks before I'd met her, one of my fantasies -- to see 

a slim, sexy woman fucking herself to orgasm with a big dildo -- 

had been realized. I didn't have many left unrealized.

     "Do you still have them?"

     "Sure. repetition is fine when it comes to fantasies -- "

     "No, no," she said. I noticed that her face was flushed and 

she was squirming a bit in the low-slung chair. "The dildos."

     It took me a moment -- I'd had about four glasses of wine at 

that point -- to understand the question. I thought about it. "I 

don't think so," I said. "I cleaned out one of the closets after 

she left and pitched almost everything and that's where I usually 

let her keep a lot of her stuff."

     "How big was it?" She had slid lower in the chair and was 

rubbing her thighs together.

     "Oh, you know -- the size of a closet. About ceiling high -- "

     She threw a magazine at me. "Not the closet!"

     "Oh." I held my hands out, about a foot apart. "Twelve inches 

long and about two inches thick, maybe a little more."

     She was rubbing her cunt through the taut, dampened fabric of 

her jeans. "It's making me itchy to think about it ... "

     It wasn't exactly sedating me to watch her at the moment, 


     "Drink your wine, June," I said, standing. "Because I want to 

fuck your hot cunt."

     She shuddered and reached for her glass. She drained it in a 

gulp and when she put it down, she toppled the bottle. It was 

almost empty, but some of it got on the carpet. 

     "Look what I did!" she said. "I'm sorry ... I want to make it 

up to you." She sat up. I was standing next to her. She unzipped my 

pants and managed to work my rigid cock through the opening and 

began sucking it furiously, hungrily, as if she enjoyed sucking 

cock. The sensation was maddening -- and all the more so when I 

locked down and saw this lovely, aroused oriental girl's soft, 

thick lips wrapped around my cock. 

     "Rub your cunt," I groaned. "I have always wanted to be sucked 

off by a woman while she masturbates!"

     She groaned, the vibrations stimulating me even more, as she 

opened her tight jeans and worked her hand inside. I saw the bulge 

of her fingers moving between her legs and watched her hips 

beginning to buck on the chair.

     I reached down and pulled her head back. I looked down into 

her face. She was deeply flushed and her eyes were closed. Her 

hand was still moving inside her jeans. Her soft, luscious lips 

were parted and her nostrils were flaring.

     "Go into my bedroom, take off your clothes and lay down -- and 

keep playing with yourself," I told her. "I have another fantasy -- 

and I think you're going to like it."

     She staggered slightly as she stood. I think it was more from 

arousal and having her movements restricted by the hand still 

thrust into her jeans than any effect of the wine. She headed for 

the bedroom and I stepped into the foyer where I kept miscellaneous 

stuff, like Christmas decorations, boots and the like. I had 

remembered something.

     It was indeed there. I paused in the bathroom for a little 

hygiene exercise, then stepped into the bedroom with the Lufthansa 


     June lay sprawled on the bed. She was naked and had both 

hands between her legs. She had dug the index finger of each hand 

into her cunt and was working the fingers in and out and pulling her 

cunt open and then letting it close again. Her eyes were closed and 

her mouth was open and her nipples, always lovely, looked to be 

even longer and harder and more clearly defined than usual. 

     I stripped and knelt beside her on the bed. The waterbed 

rippled and she looked up at me -- right at my stiff dick. 

     "Your cock is so hard and beautiful."

     "You want to fulfill a fantasy for me?"

     She shivered with an orgasm and then nodded, still frigging 

away. Her eyes were alternately wide and heavy-lidded.

     I upended the bag. Three dildos and a vibrator fell onto the 

waterbed besides the tube of K-Y I'd grabbed in the bathroom. 

     I took the smallest of the dildos and spread some of the jelly 

on the tip. The rubber dick was black and about the same length as my 

cock but only about an inch and a half in diameter.

     "Stick this in your cunt," I told her. "And suck my cock while 

you fuck yourself."

     She shook again and groaned, then took the dildo and slipped 

it all the way into her twat. She moaned again and began rapidly 

fucking herself. I could hear her breath timed to the movements of 

the latex dong in her pussy. I lowered myself over her in pushup 

position -- no mean feat on a waterbed -- and she parted her lips 

to take the head of my cock. 

     This was good and hot and pleasurable, but the awkward 

position was doing little for me. I wanted to watch her do herself 

while she sucked me and I told her so. Also, I noticed that she was 

literally burying the dildo in her cunt -- to the point where she'd 

stick two fingers in behind it to push it deeper, then fish it out. 

Could that lovely Chinese cunt take more?

     I raised myself and lay beside her in a sideways '69' 

position. She turned to match me and as she engulfed my cock again, 

I reached over to the collection of toys and took the next dildo. 

This was flesh colored, about eight inches long and just a shade 

thicker than my cock. I lubed it with the K-Y, then ducked my head 

forward. I displaced her fingers and licked her clit. She opened 

her legs wide, raising one as if she were doing a Workout. I 

reached around from behind with my free hand and fished the 

smallest dildo out of her cunt, all the while licking and sucking 

her clit and labia. She shuddered and hunched her hips forward, 

ramming her pubis -- with its now-soaked mat of fine, straight hair 

-- into my chin. She came and came and sucked all the harder on me 

for her cumming. I tossed the small dildo aside on the big 

waterbed, then put the bigger one in her hand.

     She raised her leg still wider and quickly lined the dildo up 

with her cunt and slid it in until barely a fingerhold remained. To 

this day, I can close my eyes and see her maroon-painted 

fingernails as she gripped the dildo almost daintily and worked it 

rapidly -- and deeper than I'd expected -- in and out of that 

molten cunt.

     She fucked herself hard and even faster with the bigger dildo, 

When I leaned my head forward to lick her again, she stopped 

sucking me for a moment, just long enough to say, "No -- lay back 

and allow me to pleasure you!"

     I didn't think it would be polite to argue. I rolled onto my 

back. She rolled her hips flat on the bed and then propped her 

torso up on one elbow. The waterbed was very accommodating; it gave 

enough that her face was almost perfectly level with my upstanding 

hard-on, a happy coincidence she took complete and immediate -- and 

enthusiastic -- advantage of. And this was the girl who didn't 

particularly like to suck cock!

     In the meantime, I was getting a helluva show. Not two feet 

from my face, this lusty Singaporean lovely was furiously fucking 

her fine cunt with a dildo I'd thought would be too much for her 

to handle comfortably. In fact, she was increasing the tempo and 

again, completely burying the dong in her soaking snatch. And all 

the time, she was rather expertly bringing me repeatedly to the 

brink of orgasm and then relenting just enough to hold me in check.

     I flailed one hand about till it lighted on the K-Y, then 

found the last dildo. I greased it thoroughly and dubiously -- for 

this one was about a foot long and more than two inches thick. It 

was, in fact, as nearly as thick as her forearm and perhaps the 

same length! Feeling its massiveness under my fingers as I lubed 

it, I was again doubtful .... but then I watched her drive the 

medium-size dildo up her cunt and push it still deeper with her 

fingers and decided, What the hell? If it appeared she was 

uncomfortable, I would simply abandon the idea.

     "Take that dildo out of your cunt," I gasped and she used her 

tongue on the underside of my dick -- all the while, sucking me 


     She complied, her hands shaking, and I hefted the big rubber 

dong into place. I reached over with one hand and spread her cunt 

lips while with the other as I placed the dildo's rather realistic 

head at the entrance.

     "If this hurts, you must tell me," said. "Understand?"

     "Mmmmmm-hmmmm," she hummed and I damn near lost the beans 

right then and there, what with the combination of what she was 

doing with her tongue and lips and the vibrations.

     I began pushing the dildo. She revolved her hips a bit, 

working them around in small circles as if searching for the right 

angle. I could feel her tense -- and then the huge head of the 

dildo was in her hot cunt. She flexed her hips down, stretching her 

labia and bringing her clitoris, swollen and pink, almost into 

contact with the slippery latex. I pushed more, steadily and 

carefully, watching for any sign that her limit was nearing.

     I might as well have watched for a UFO. Inch after thick inch 

of that rubber cock slid into her hungry snatch and I finally 

stopped when no more than two inches remained outside.  She had 

more than ten inches of thick rubber dildo jammed into her cunt. 

She not only didn't seem uncomfortable; she seemed positively 


     I worked it slowly in and out of her cunt a few times, 

watching her pussy lips stretch and grip the sides as it withdrew, 

then part, like her legs, as it slid back in. 

     She lay back, surrendering my cock for the moment, and simply 

allowed her cunt to be fucked by the big artificial dick. Her hips 

bucked wildly, eagerly and she came powerfully. 

     "Damn, I never thought anything that big could fuck your 

cunt," I said softly.

     "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me with that rubber cock!" 

     As if impatient with her own instructions, she reached down 

with one hand and began plumbing her own opening with far more 

energy than I had dared; I was restrained by fear of hurting her.

     She again propped herself on one elbow and bent over to suck 

my cock. I lay partially turned toward her, watching her fuck 

herself with this enormous artificial prick. She pumped her cunt 

wildly as she dropped her open mouth onto my cock and sucked 

powerfully. There was no finesse to this fellatio; she was sucking 

and pumping my prick powerfully with her hot mouth, doing a 

genuine hoover number, as she probed her pussy with the prodigious 


     I watched her abdomen tense and relent as she fucked herself. 

I lay my hand on her lower belly and I could literally feel the 

movements of the latex glans with her. I pressed down, carefully 

and experimentally and she immediately came again. She flopped back 

and gasped and I pressed a little harder, then shifted so I could 

compress her abdomen, just above her pubis, with one hand. My other 

hand I put over hers on the end of the dildo, simply going along 

for the ride.

     She came again and again and then she was cumming almost 

nonstop. The only time the dildo stopped moving was when she was in 

the depths of her orgasm and on those occasions, I simply took over 

for her. I was damn near ready to pop just watching her!

     And then inspiration struck.

     I reversed myself so we were head to head. I licked her 

nipples and gave them a light nip with my teeth. (She came again, 

each time; I was not surprised.) I rolled her onto her side, facing 

away from me and decided to give it a shot. I took the K-Y and 

lubed my cock.

     "What do you do?"

     "I am going to fuck your ass," I told her.

     This was the crucial point. On occasions when I had begun to 

finger her ass, she'd expressed great unease -- not pain or 

discomfort -- at having me play with her asshole. But the way 

things were going...

     I pulled the dildo from her cunt. She tensed, as if reluctant 

to surrender it, and then I guided the head of my raging cock to 

her asshole. Again she tensed. "I am going to fuck your hot little 

ass," I said and she shuddered slightly. "And I am going to shoot 

my hot cum up into your bowels."

     This time her shiver was unmistakably arousal -- but with a 

tinge of uncertainty to it. 

     I pressed my hips forward and she rolled away slightly, 

slowly, until I was almost on top of her. I drove my cock head down 

into her ass. She relaxed some at first, but once my glans was in 

her, she tightened up. The sensation was exquisite. Beads of sweat 

broke out on her perfectly proportioned back, but I pushed slowly, 

steadily down into the heat of her tight ass till her buttocks, so 

firm and shapely, were pressed against my abdomen. I reached around 

with one hand and lightly dandled her clitoris. With each brush of 

my fingers across her hot-spot, her sphincter constricted around 

the base of my cock, as if to milk me. After her passionate 

cocksucking and the fabulous show, this made self-control a real 

accomplishment. The alcohol in the wine may have been the only 

thing that saved me at that point -- because I did not want to cum 

yet. There was one more thing I wanted first.

     When I started to pull back, I felt her tense, but not with 

pleasure. Having my cock rammed up her ass wasn't painful to her, 

but moving it much would hurt her or be sufficiently uncomfortable 

that it would not be fun for her. But that was okay, since my cock 

wasn't going to be moving much for what I had planned.

     With the hand that was under her, I gripped her pubis and 

using my forearm, levered her back with me as I rolled on my side. 

     "What are you going to -- to do?" she asked. (The stutter was 

the result of my rubbing her hard little clitoris again.)

     "You are going to put this back inside your cunt," I said, 

placing the giant dildo in her hand. I guided the head of it back 

to the entrance of her cunt.

     "I don't know -- "

     "Try it in your pussy," I growled. "Push it up that hot cunt."

     She pushed. Her asshole compressed about me as the thick 

rubber glans slid into her. She panted and I leaned forward to 

watch her nipples. Her breasts heaved and her nipples looked taut, 

as if their distention was so great that they might shatter -- or 

burst. I licked my palm and rubbed it across first one, then the 


     Her ass convulsed and her hips jerked. "Don't do that!" she 

shrieked, as if cumming again were too much for her. Since she was 

continuing to push the dildo into her, I went along with her 


     "Unnnnnnnnnn....." she groaned and I echoed her as I felt the 

latex dick sliding into her velvety cunt. Felt it, I say, because 

its progress was clearly expressed by the progressive compression 

of my cock in the adjoining channel.

     "I think it's too much -- too much for the system," she half-

sobbed ... and then rammed the dildo almost entirely up her cunt.

     "AHHHH! Ohh --YES!" she screamed and began madly pumping her 

twat with the foot-long dildo. Her asshole, tight to begin with and 

even tighter with the pressure of the wrist-thick dildo in her 

cunt, just on the other side of the thin wall of flesh separating 

the two sheaths, tightened still further as she sobbed and came, 

sobbed and came. Her orgasms were almost frighteningly intense and 

I slid my hand down to her pubis and took her swollen, arching 

clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and carefully played with 

it, brushing the tip of my index fingers across it as lightly as I 

could manage with her bucking.

     She screamed and reached up with her free hand to find and 

pinch and pull one nipple. Her sphincter was pinching my cock 

tremendously; I knew that I was going to cum powerfully and 

enormously pleasurably the moment it relaxed in the slightest.

     "Is this what you've always wanted?" she gasped. "To fuck a 

nice, tight Chinese girl in the ass?"

     And all the time, she was cumming.

     Instead of saying anything, I slid one finger down and wedged 

it into her cunt next to the pistoning dildo.

     "Ha--aaa!" she cried. She pushed her cunt forward, taking the 

finger to the second knuckle as she plunged all but a fingertip's 

worth of the dildo into her snatch. She clenched, cumming, for a 

long time, then eased off slightly.

     I started to cum.

     "Now I'm going to fill your hot little June-ass with my hot 

cream," I whispered -- groaned, actually,

     As soon as I said it, she began pumping her cunt with the big 

dildo, as if she were a tunneler trying to break through to the 

next level.

     "YES!" she screamed.

     "Fuck your ass, fuck your hot fucking ass," I said over and 

over and over again. I thought I'd never stop cumming. The 

convulsive squeezing of the taut ring of her sphincter, along with 

the varying compression of her anal tube on my cock as a result of 

the huge, moving dildo in the adjoining channel, were restricting 

the flow of my semen through my cock. My orgasm was being stretched 

and enhanced and I thought I was going to pass out with the sheer, 

unending pleasure of it.

     "I will milk you," she whispered -- and her sphincter began 

contracting rapid fire, open-close, open-close. This time I was the 

one who screamed. My balls were shivering in my scrotum as I came. 

It felt like pints of cum were pouring into her and when I began to 

roll, drained and exhausted onto my back, she straddled me, keeping 

my cock gripped inside her ass as long as possible, all the time 

moving that big rubber dick in her cunt, getting the last possible 

drop of my semen.

     In the end, of course, even her tight-made-tighter ass had to 

surrender my dwindling, drained dick. She rolled quickly onto her 

belly and emitted a long, loud ... fart, for crying out loud! She 

giggled into the pillow -- and only then did she remove the huge 

dildo from her cunt.

     I had the strength to pull her onto me, to feel her breasts 

crushed against my chest. I had the strength to turn my head and 

kiss her eyes and the side of her nose. But I didn't have the 

strength to do more. I pulled a blanket over us on the juice-soaked 

sheets and fell asleep with her sleeping against my shoulder and in 

my arms. I was spent, she was spent and we were together. I knew we 

would repeat this only infrequently and that it would never be as 

shatteringly good as the first, spontaneous, impulsive time, but 

that didn't matter. There was an enormously powerful bond of 

passion holding us as close as we could be. 

     Sated, she slept. Content, I slept. Entwined, we slept.



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