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Archive-name: Affairs/shirley.txt


Archive-title: Shirley's Party Night

It was Shirley's party night so instead of going out to a bar she

invited some friends over to party at her house. There was quite

a few good looking guys with hot looking dates there. Shirley had

her eye on a few of them. Tony, Brian, Randy, Tom and Eddie. They

didn't know it yet but by the time the night was over she would

have them all. They were the hottest guys there. With the hottest

dates, who thought they  were the most beautiful girls any guy

could lay eyes on. Little did the girls know, the guys were tired

of girls who worried more about their looks rather that having

fun. So Shirley slowly went to work on getting what she

wanted.  First she started on Tony because he was so bored with his

supposedly hot date.  She caught him while he was in the bath-

room, she had a two door bathroom. The second door was from her

bedroom. He was surprised to see her sneak in on him. But he

didn't mind when she slowly started unzipping his pants to show

his growing mass. She took his now growing cock in her mouth and

started sucking it deep.  He slowly let out a moan to show her

how much he liked the attention he was getting. He grew with each

suck she gave him. He was hotter than he had ever been in his

life, as he thought about how good it was suppose to be with

Devra. But it wasn't anything like this. He thought how nice it

would be to fuck Shirley deep in her hot sweet cunt. She was

going so deep on it, he could feel it rubbing her throat.  That

made him all the more hotter.  Devra had never sucked and licked

his cock so well.  He was trying to keep quite, so every one

wouldn't know what was going on. He was about to let her have all

his hot love cum deep in her hot throat, so he told her to get

ready for his hot load.  She slowly pulled away and said,  if you

would like me finish what I started come back later tonight. If

you don't mind having company working me.  Tony told her he would

be back for sure.  He told her goodbye, that he had to take Devra

home so he could come back for more of her.  She knew she had one

down and four to go.  By the time she got all of them together

later that night she would be boiling hot. So she started working

on a way to getting the rest of them to do her bidding. Brian was

the next on her list, so she went to work on him. He was wondering

why it had taken Tony so long in the bathroom. He would soon find

out. Every one else thought that Shirley had to go out for a

while but told them to help themselves to anything that they

might need. But she had went out the door and came back in the 

servants door to Brian's surprise. She put her hot pussy in

Brian's face and ask if he would like to have a taste. He went to

work licking at her ever so sweet clit and cunt. As he thought to

himself [this is the sweetest pussy juice I've ever had]. She

knew she would have all five by the time she was finished. It

took little to nothing to get Brian to  agree to what she ask.

Eddie was the next one on the list for him she put on her teddy

that showed her hot tits and ever so hot pussy exposed for all to

see. When he walk into the Kitchen to get a bite, little did he

know how hot a bite it would be. She walked up from behind him

and started rubbing his cock. He thought it was his girlfriend so

he said do it harder baby. But to his growing surprise he turned

to find Shirley rubbing his growing cock. That got him even

hotter.  She looked at him and said I want to suck all of you, he

gladly agreed, but she said you'll have to come back later to get

you're reward for being sooo hot love.  He went to work on getting

rid of his girlfriend for the night.  Then it came to him, I'll tell

her I have a dinner date that will run late into the night. Randy

went to the bar for a drink and got the biggest surprise of them

all, as he was pouring a drink for himself he felt his pants being

unzipped and his cock grabbed and put in something nice and warm.

He slowly looked down to see Shirley eagerly working his now

growing dick. He was so hot, he thought he would pop, then she just

stop where she was.  And said later, just come back if you want more

sucking and fucking from me.  BIG BOY, nice cock.  He wasn't sure if

he could get rid of his girlfriend for the night but said he

would sure try his best.  The last and hardest to get was Tom,  He

was to shy not use to girls who took charge. She had to work

slowly on him. She started by massaging his shoulders and

caressing his chest.  He really liked that,  made him relax just a

bit. So she kissed his lips and rubbed his cock while they

kissed. He really warmed up to that. He start taking off her

blouse and sucking her big hot tits,  while he stroked her pussy.

Then she got up in front of him and slide her pants down.  She ask, 

like what you see. If so come back later for more fun. So by the

time she worked all of them into coming back she was ever so hot

and ever so ready for them all. The first one to get back was

Randy,  she had just teased him to get him to come back, so while

they waited for the others she told him that she would give him a

sample of what was to come with the night ahead. She slowly took

her robe off, to reveal a teddy under it with her tits and sweet

pussy exposed. She told him that he was now her slave for the

night and if he didn't do as she ask that he would have to suck

one of the other slaves cocks for her. He would have to watch the

others fuck and suck his mistress, without being able to touch her

at all or she could make him beg for a lick of her sweet pussy

while the others watched him beg for it. He eagerly agreed to

what she ask. So she told him to get down on all fours like a dog

and lick her sweet pussy. There came a knock on the door just as

he started licking her clit. He stopped licking her cunt and she

said that is one penalty you will pay for. Then she ask who it

was and the answer was it's Tony. She said come in,  so he came in

to find Randy on all fours licking his mistress's pussy. Now that

you have come back she said,  I will tell you the rules too. You

must do my bidding all night if you want me. He thought to

himself sounds fun to me,  so he agreed to do her bidding for the

night. She made him suck on her tits while Randy licked Tony's

cock for not obeying her orders. Then she made Tony suck her clit

for a while. If you want to have fun tonight with me you will do

as I say. There was a knock on the door she said come in. It was

Brian. He agreed to her rules. She made Brian fuck her hard with

long strokes. They knew her sweet pussy and hot mouth would be

well worth it. The next one to show was Eddie,  he had the hops

for Shirley for a long time. Shirley knew he would do her

bidding. She made him lick her clit and Brian's cock as it came

out of her cunt.  The last one to pop in was Tom. He had got drunk

before coming to see her. He started trying to kiss all over her.

She said my slaves only do what I tell them to do. Unless they

have earned free time. Besides if they didn't like it they have

to do what I tell them to or suck my slaves cocks until I tell

them they can stop. Or any penalty I want to make you do. I could

even make you watch the others do every thing for me. But she

also told them if you don't want do to more than one thing I ask

you must leave then or pay the penalty. She had Tony take Randy's

place between her legs as she laid down on her bed. Then she took

Randy's and Brian's cocks in her hot throbbing mouth and started

working them ever so slowly while she stroked Eddie's and Tom's

cocks in her hand. She made Tony stop licking her sweet pussy,  he

didn't want to let go it was so good. She said let go or pay the

penalty. He took the penalty so she let him lick it for a few

more minutes. Then Brian was told to put his cock deep in her

juicy cunt while Tony licked at her cunt and clit. She made him

lick Brian's cock as it came out and went in between licking her

clit. Then she told him he had to pay for his penalty now. He had

to give her his cock for close inspection,  She put it in her hot

mouth, as she moaned. She told her slaves if they were good she

would give them free time [when they could do what they wanted

with her for mins.]. So they all worked hard to please her.  She

told them that the had earned their free time. So Brian fucked

her sweet pussy while Randy licked her clit. Eddie had her

sucking his hard cock for him. And Tony wanted her hot asshole, 

so he had to pay before he could get his hot cock in her ass. She

made him tell her how much he wanted to fuck her tight asshole, 

he told her he wanted to feel her tight ass close around his cock

like a vise. Since he was such a good slave she let him put it

deep in her ass.  She slowly worked Randy's growing cock in her

hand. Then she put it deep in her mouth for a long suck of his

cock. They all were moaning and working each other as fast as

they could. Tom was fucking her sweet tits they were so big and

warm on his cock. Then she told them Free time was over. So she

made them do her bidding again. This time thought she wanted to

suck their hot cocks while some of them fucked her. She wanted

every one of her hot holes to be filled with their big juicy

cocks. She loved them so. So Tony got her hot asshole while Eddie

fucked her tight sweet cunt.  She wanted Brian's hot dick in her

mouth, so she could take all of his yummy cummm. Which left Tom

without a nice hole to fill. So she told him to put it in her hot

mouth with Brian's juicy cock, she would work them both.  Randy had

been a bad slave earlier so he just got her hands attention. Tony

was the first to try to cum on her, but she wouldn't let him fill

her hot ass with his cum not just yet. He would have to what and

ask his mistress permission first. So he ask her if he may please

cum in her hot ass. She let him. It got her so tight that it made

the others want to try to cum on her.  It squeezed the cum out of

his balls. The next one was Eddie, he tried to cum just after

Tony.  But he had to ask first so he did,  give me all the cum

you've got hot stuff. He  shot his hot load in her tight pussy.

Eddie could feel the cum shot forth into her hot ass as he shot

even more in her wet pussy. She sucked Brian and Tom even hard as

she felt all the cum being shot into her. They had never been

sucked and worked so hard before and tried to  explode soon

after. She made them wait while she sucked them harder than

before. Then they ask if they may give her all the hot cum they

had for her.  She said in a few minutes I'm not through sucking you

hot juicy cocks yet. She took longer and faster strokes on their

cocks and then said fill my hot mouth with all that hot cum. They

filled her hot mouth as she tried to suck it all in, but it was

just to much for her. It ran down her face and on to her

tits.  Then she grabbed Randy's long rod and put it deep in her

mouth to work it, He moaned and said I'm so sorry I was bad

mistress,  please forgive me. She told him only if you shot your

hot cum deep in my throat. Then he begged her to please let him

fill her hot throat with his cum. You must wait because you were

so bad, just before he lost it she said fill me now. But she loved

every minute.  She told them that they would have to meet again

really soon, but for now she had some friends coming over. So they

would have to stop for this night right there. But that there

would be other nights if they were game.


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