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Archive-name: Affairs/share.txt

Archive-author: Dax Man

Archive-title: Wife Sharing

     The purpose of this brief article is to bring those with in-

terests in wife-sharing together via a periodic newsletter. 

Whether your interest is to actually share your wife with others 

or just fantasy, you will enjoy hearing about others just like 

yourself. If this concept interests you, please read on.

                     TAKE MY WIFE... PLEASE !

     What prompts someone to become sexually excited at the 

thought of his wife making love with another man, I'll never 

know. It may be the "variety - spice of life" concept. Maybe it's 

just that I am terribly proud of my wife and like others to be 

jealous or respectful of what I have. I used to think that I was 

alone in this dementia, until I started reading stories by other 

men than indicated that they had the same interests. As time went 

on, nothing would turn me on more than the thought of my lovely 

wife interacting with other men and showing interest in them. I 

am 44 years of age, but I could always remember thinking about 

wife swapping, voyeurism and related topics; anything that would 

bring someone else's cock into contact with Mary. She has a 

remarkable body, and when she's hot, there is no sexier woman in 

the world.

     When we were first married, at the age of 21 and 19 respec-

tively, I was never jealous. Mary was working at a restaurant in 

a tight-fitting, tan-colored uniform, and I used to get a kick 

out of how the men watched her as she would walk by with the or-

ders. She always had a great ass and heavy, perky tits that she 

carried high. Her ass would massage the fabric of her dress as it 

swayed back and forth beneath it. It made you want to pull up her 

dress and throw a cock into her each time you saw that lovely ass 

move. I could actually see some of the men getting hard-ons and 

touching themselves when they thought that no one was looking. 

One truck driver that used to come in to the place once actually 

had a climax while eating his breakfast. I just sat there with a 

hard-on and wished he was fucking her.

     From there she went to work in an electrical assembly plant. 

The plant was evenly divided between men and women. Mary got 

somewhat enamored by some man by the name of Art. Had he played 

his cards right, she would have fucked his brains out and sucked 

every drop of cum from his balls. He turned out to be an drug de-

pendent ass-hole, and Mary didn't want to have anything to do 

with him. 

     Until she found out he was a jerk, she used to come home and 

share their conversations and what she wanted to do with him. 

Even then she knew that I wanted her to become excited by other 

men. She would tell me of her intended adventures, and I would 

fuck her like a wild animal. Her excitement was always enhanced 

by it as well.

     Mary does love to excite some of my friends. She will tease 

them by shaking her firm breasts at them and sometimes rubbing 

her tight, round ass on them. She has necked with a few of them, 

touched their hard cocks and they have touched her with her 

clothes on. Hopefully, this will prompt her on to greater 

heights. I want her to suck on their hard cocks and feel them be-

tween her legs. I want them to squeeze her firm, naked breasts, 

suck her large pink nipples between their teeth and put their 

strong, quivering hands on her tight buttocks.

     She has never actually had the nerve to take another man's 

cock into her until recently. She knows that I want her to do 

this, and she promises that soon she will. She is beginning to 

get excited at the thought of it. I got her a package of rubbers 

that she carries with her now, and she is actively seeking 

someone that she wants to lose her "fidelity cherry" to.

     As excited as this entire scenario makes me, I am sure that 

others would like to hear about it, talk about it, show photos of 

their wife or simply fantasize about it. It is toward this most 

exciting end that I am writing this brief article and hope to of-

fer a newsletter to similar men or women if the interest is 


     For those of you who care to become connected with other men 

or women who want to share their significant others, this service 

will be made available. If you want to show your spouse or friend 

off, you may do so via photograph with their permission. If you 

want to write and share your experiences, you may be the winner 

of a writing contest. You can use your own names or change them 

in the story to protect your anonymity. If you just want to con-

tinue to fantasize, feel free to do it and never go beyond that 

point. The intent of this newsletter is to remain informal and to 

entertain our mutual interest. I guess the bottom line is.... En-

joy !

     We will maintain a list of BBS stories that are exclusively 

related to Wife Sharing and related topics. Send lists, your 

stories, photos and requests to Dax Man on Rusty and Edie's BBS 

(216)726-2620 or mail them to:

Dax German

P.O. Box 3533

Boardman, Ohio 44513

     Material will not be returned unless specifically requested 

and accompanied by a return envelope and correct postage. 

     Feel free to send text in hard copy, 3.5" diskettes or 5.25" 

diskettes. Photos will be scanned and added to your stories or 

advertisements. Suggestions are very welcome. I would like to im-

prove the hobby as much as possible. If you want to be on the 

mailing list for the newsletter, let me know. I don't care to 

make any money on the venture. I just want to increase the ex-

citement for others as well as myself.


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