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Archive-name: Affairs/screwed.txt

Archive-author: J. Uris Prudence

Archive-title: Screwed

        J. Uris Prudence is the nom de plume of an attorney who practices in

the Milwaukee area.  Previously specializing in criminal cases, he has confined

his practice to strictly family court matters since this incident occurred.


        I suppose that this is the kind of story that makes us attorneys seem

like assholes to the little guys of this world, but the fact is that the first

thing an attorney learns is to take care of "number one"--because no one else

will.  Nice guys win only in the movies.  In real life, it's selfish pricks

like me that get the cream, the money and the best sex that's out there just

for the asking--as long as you don't let your conscience stand in your way.

        This was a standard non-support case--dirt-ball husband in a nearby

town, remarried, not paying support for his kids--no money, no assets--in

other words, no chance to collect.  But she was determined to make him suffer,

and her money was as good as the next person's, so we spent an unsuccessful

morning in court, then drove back to my office.  We were discussing my fees,

which she obviously didn't have, and it seemed to me that she was hinting at

working out other arrangements for payment.

        I studied her as we talked.  She was 42, black medium length hair and

sexy, flirty brown eyes that crinkled at the edges when she smiled, which was

often.  I liked that.  I've found that women who smile easily spread their

legs easily.  She had huge, firm looking tits, a nice round, full ass and her

legs were slender with shapely calves which were accentuated by her dark hose

and black high heels.  Her moderately full mouth was encircled with bright red

lipstick, and she kept her lips glossy and inviting by running her tongue over

them frequently.  She was dressed in a cheap but stylish black full skirt and

white jacket, ala K-Mart, with a semi see through white polyester blouse.

        I'm 28 years old and have always had the hots for older women,

especially those like my client whose tawdriness was ill-concealed behind an

exaggerated air of respectability.  She repeated often, as though assuring

herself, that she was a hard working, respectable mother of two teens, and

only wanted what was coming to her.  I certainly knew what I thought she had

coming to her, and I promised myself to do my damndest to give it to her

before she left the office.

        I got up and walked around and sat on the edge of my desk, not even

bothering to hide the growing bulge in the front of my pleated pants.

Heredity was good to me, so the protuberance was not inconsequential, nor did

she miss it.  I told her that I was open to suggestion regarding my fee,

whereupon, with a playful smile up at me, she slid her chair forward

wordlessly, and with a practiced hand, whipped down my zipper, took my bloated

sack in her right hand, skinned back my foreskin with her left and plunged my

throbbing cockhead into the hot, delicious confines of her milking mouth

without even the slightest hesitation.  Her right forefinger found the

sensitive little spot right behind my balls, and the scraping of her long red

fingernail almost caused me to lose my load spontaneously.  I could barely

control my voice when, with my spasming cock making its acquaintance with my

client's tonsils, I flicked on the intercom and told my secretary to hold all

of my calls.  I also flicked the switch that activated the video camera and

microphone hidden behind the full length mirror next to my desk.

        I stiffened and took several deep breaths, finally regaining control

just as my prostate gave a hard twitch and forced out part of my load.

Feeling the twitch, she pulled away as the glob of sperm oozed from the tip of

my cock, then just as it was about to run down the underside, she plunged it

back into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, drawing the dregs of the

sperm up from deep inside of me.

        Though my head was swimming, I managed a smile.  Ever the attorney, I

realized that she had said nothing about what she wanted in return for her

oral favors.  We had no contract.  If I wanted to be dirty--and right at the

moment, it felt good thinking about letting her suck me for nothing--I could

set whatever terms I wanted to and be within my legal rights.  After all, the

law is the law.  But practically speaking, I'd have to come up with something

to appease her.  I thought quickly.  I had been going to charge her $200.00.

I mentally upped the bill to $300.00, and gave her a $100.00 discount.  That

way, she'd be happy, I'd get my money, and I'd get the physical and

psychological pleasure of being a double winner in this deal with this living

personification of my recurrent fantasies.

        She was sucking like a milking machine now and the technique was

unlike any I'd ever experienced.  She'd filled her mouth with saliva and with

a slight in and out movement of her head coupled with tremendous suction she

was noisily surging the saliva back and forth around my ultra sensitive

cockhead.  My wife hadn't been taking care of me, and the tremendous load I'd

built up, coupled with the unique sensations put us on the home stretch, and

she knew.  I stared at her in fascination.  This woman was not just giving

head--she was a professional cocksucker--a craftswoman without peer.  And the

surprising thing was that she seemed to be genuinely enjoying what she was

doing--she seemed to be getting off as I approached orgasm.

        As I watched her face with fascination, watching my ever burgeoning

rod sliding between those carmined lips, she looked up at me, and as a thrill

of guilt ran through me, she knowingly winked at me, pulled me out of her

mouth and asked huskily if she was doing it right.  My hips involuntarily

jerked forward, trying to get it back in her mouth as I gave her what I'm sure

was a strained smile and told her she was doing great.  The stimulation of

watching my cock disappear into her smile as I complimented her placed the

entire matter on a right now basis.  As the feeling rose from deep between my

legs, I ordered her to pull up her skirt so I could see her legs, and she did

my bidding without even missing a suck.  A thrill lanced through my loins when

I saw that she was wearing tightly gartered nylons instead of pantyhose.

Nylons had been my secret fetish since I was a kid, and the fact that so few

women wore them anymore added to the thrill of viewing this 'forbidden fruit'.

The thought that she had planned this whole episode from the beginning, right

down to the nylons excited me almost to orgasm.  With my left hand I reached

down and grabbed a handful of tit, and my right hand went to the back of her

head.  I wasn't going to let her pull away at the last minute like my wife

did--but somehow I sensed that my worries were groundless.

        As my prostate began to swell and the feeling began climbing up toward

that heavenly peak, she gripped my ball sack in a gentle but firm grip that

seemed to slow down the approaching orgasm.  Her oral ministrations were

extremely stimulating, but that strong but gentle hand had a calming effect

and the two opposing feelings made the orgasm seem to take minutes to arrive.

My heart rate seemed to slow down and my heart thudded loudly in my chest as

each suck moved me closer to my crisis.  Then suddenly I couldn't stand it

anymore.  I felt like the king of the world.  Looking down at her from my

lofty perch, squeezing the monstrous boob in my left hand, I wound my hand in

her hair and jerked her head back and forth, each time forcing more of my cock

into her mouth until she was almost choking, but she never pulled back.  When

she reached between her legs and began playing with her pussy as I roughly

jerked her head onto my cock, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  She was

getting off on the rough treatment.  I would like to have experimented more,

but the tremendous mental and physical stimulation pushed me over the top, and

with almost painful jets, I shot a copious load of jism right down her throat,

my cock unbelievably huge and purple looking, the orgasm without a doubt the

best I'd ever experienced in a woman's mouth.  And as I rode the crest of the

orgasm, she rubbed her clit vigorously and popped her cork, moaning and

groaning around my squirting rod, making it feel even better.

        I collapsed backward onto my elbows, basking in the after glow, my

cock still twitching in her hand as she licked her lips and swallowed the

remains of my wad.  Then, squeezing up the length of my cock, she forced up a

final dollop of sperm, and looking at me, she told me that this was the best,

because it was the freshest, and she wanted to be sure and taste it.  Then,

squeezing the huge drip onto her tongue, she let me watch her spread it around

her mouth and slowly and with a sensuous grin, swallowed the entire thing.

Then, as though not yet satisfied, she sucked my cock clean of every last drop

of cum, kissed my balls tenderly and sat back in her chair with a smile,

rearranging her skirt, giving me a shot of her unpantied beaver before

dropping the skirt primly into place.

        I let my head drop back onto the desk, eyes closed, trying to regain

my strength.  I'd never had a head shot like that.  The woman was a vampire--

she positively loved cum.  I glanced at the clock and with a shock realized

that she'd sucked me for almost 20 minutes, and that we were almost through

the lunch hour.  Quickly, I refigured her bill.  I'd need to get paid for that

extra hour now, and--what the hell--she'd just had her lunch on me!  I tacked

$50.00 dollars onto her bill.  That would make it $350.00.  But then I

realized that she'd probably dicker with me, so I threw on another $100.00 to

give me something to work with, for a total of $450.00 less her discount.  I'd

just gotten paid $150.00 for blowing my wad down my client's throat!

        As I'd watched her repair her lipstick, I thought about the glimpse of

her hairy cooze I'd gotten as she'd pulled the skirt down.  I was still

excited and the thought of fucking this 'respectable' mother of three made my

cock start to stand up again.  I didn't bother to put it away.

        Well, Mrs.-----, that was great--you certainly have talent--but now 

there's the matter of your bill."

        Well, of course, she'd expected that the entire bill would be forgiven 

based on her performance, but I gave her a lecture on overhead, travel fees, 

etc., then made my pitch for the discount.  But before I did it, a perverse 

streak caused me to quote her $550.00 as my bill to see what she'd say.  She 

seemed taken aback, but I pointed out that I'd done a lot of research before 

we'd gone to court.  I gently explained to her that just because she'd assumed 

that I'd dismiss the whole bill didn't constitute a contract because we'd had 

no discussion beforehand.  Then I asked her what she thought her services had 

been worth.  Just as I thought, she undervalued them--obviously low self 

esteem--and dubiously quoted $100.00.  I could have backed her down, but I had 

another plan in mind.  I accepted her offer, and generously knocked off 

another $50.00 to show good faith.  That term always gets them, even though it 

meant nothing in this case.  Now we were down to $400.00.  

        She had brightened appreciably.  I then offered her a chance to knock 

the bill down another $50.00 if I could fuck her--and I said it just like 

that.  She acted as though the very words turned her on.  But, believe it or 

not, she was getting bolder, and came back with $100.00.  We finally settled 

on $75.00.  I was on a roll, and I could have gotten her down to $50.00--but, 

what the hell--I'm not totally devoid of conscience! 

        She was great.  Sopping wet and as tight as a teenage girl, if she'd 

had two kids, my hat is off to the doctor who took the stitches.  And 15 

minutes later, with her on her back on my desk, me standing on the floor and 

hammering it straight up into her pussy, her nylon covered legs draped over my 

shoulders so I could get maximum penetration--I like my money's worth--with my 

huge rod being swallowed whole by her hairy, milking cunt, my wife called on 

my office phone.  

        Without missing a beat I told her I'd be home early, and that she 

should get the kids ready so we could go out for an early dinner--that I was 

starved.  When she asked if I was having a good day, I almost laughed.  The 

best blowjob of my life, fucking my fantasy--an older woman--on my office 

desk, and having her pay me an extra $125.00 for the privilege--I guess you 

could call that the perfect day, if there is such a thing.  And it became even 

more perfect when I hung up the phone, and with ten teeth rattling (hers) 

jabs, ejaculated what was left of my sperm directly into her uterus, as she 

shrieked in orgasm and clenched her nylon covered legs behind my back, doing 

her best to impale her self on my spurting member.    

        And when I pulled it out and made her lick it clean, she did it 

without a word of complaint--in fact, she tried to suck me off again, and I 

had to push her away.  Hell, she couldn't afford it!

        Oh, yeah.  You'll love this.  It so happens that I play racquetball 

with a doctor and a dentist.  The next day, while we were getting ready for 

the shower, I told them the story of how I'd scammed her, and we all had a 

good laugh over it, though the dentist seemed strangely silent afterwards, and 

when he took his jock strap off, he had a hardon you could have hung a towel 

on.  The doctor and I teased him over it, and I asked him if the story had 

been too graphic.  His response was that she was one of his patients and that 

her kids needed braces, and that she had an appointment for that very 

afternoon to discuss with him how she would pay for them.  It was obvious that 

his mind was running away with the possibilities for creative finance posed by 

my client's willingness to engage in the barter system, as well as her 

ignorance of our flexible 'professional' rate schedules.  

        And that's not the end of the story.  The dentist sent me a check for 

$500.00 for 'professional consultation' so I can just begin to imagine how 

creative his financing must have been.  And the doctor sent me a $100.00 

'referral fee' because the dentist had to consult him for vitamins and 

testosterone shots just to be able to collect his bill.  And the video--it 

came out just perfect--that is, my face couldn't be identified on it--and I 

sold it to a mail-order dealer in amateur adult video for $500.00--except for 

the copy I loan to my buddies when they have a stag party.  

        So--my gross on the entire deal was $1,425.00, my overhead was the 

original $200.00 I would have charged her, and the net on the deal was 

$1,225.00--plus a dynamite head shot, and a passable fuck.  I can't wait until 

the next time she decides to make her ex-husband suffer.  In my professional 

opinion, it's going to be a long, involved case!!!



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