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Archive-name: Affairs/sally1.txt


Archive-title: Sally the Stewardess

Back in the middle 60's, I owned an apartment complex near

O'Hare field which catered to airline personnel and

expecially stewardesses.  In those days, the stews were young

and perky, not like the grandmothers who fly today.

We ran a courtesy car to the airport every hour and

occasionally when we had more than a full load, either the

building manager or myself would run out to pick up the

overflow in our personal cars.  On the night I will tell you

about, I was ready to leave to go to a night baseball game at

Sox park with my manager when I got the call from our driver

that there was one stewardess at American Airlines he couldn't

pick up.

I hopped in my car and picked up Sally R., a very attractive

freckle faced redhead.  I wouldn't call her beautiful, but she

was cute as hell; average height, 5'-4 or 5", great legs,

lovely ass, and a stunning chest.  Not huge, but you certainly

couldn't miss noticing the curving bulge of her uniform


We had kidded around before and said hello when we met and I

had often wondered if there was anything more there.  I

suggested to her that maybe she would like to go out for a few

drinks and maybe dinner and she thought that would be nice.  I

dropped her off at her apartment and told her I had to make a

couple of phone calls but would be waiting for her in the

office of the building.

My wife already knew I was going to the ball game, so I called

the manager and told him to take his kid to the game instead

of me, and left the tickets on his desk.  Then I called a

nearby restaurant where I knew the owner and asked him to hold

a table in the dark section of the room.  This was a great

sneak joint and he was always getting requests to turn down

the lights.  You could hardly see your hand in front of your

face in the back room.  He said he would reserve the back

alcove for me and wished me luck; I had been there before, you


About 20 minutes later, Sally rang the office buzzer and I

went up to meet her.  She had changed from uniform into a

white silk blouse which displayed her beautiful breasts to

great advantage, a short skirt, dark nylons, and black patent

high heels.  She looked good enough to eat and I was hoping to

do just that after dinner.

When we got to the restaurant, I ordered scotch and soda and

she asked for a double vodka on the rocks.  We chatted about

this and that and then she asked if she could have another

drink.  She had really poured that vodka down and when the

waitress came back, Sally told her to bring two doubles to

save herself the extra footsteps.  I had been sipping my scotch

and wasn't ready for another one yet.

Anyway, she inhaled those two and got two more.  Could that gal

drink?  By the time she finished the first five doubles, she

was pretty well smashed.  She looked at me bleary-eyed and


"Why did you ask me out tonight?  If you just want to get

laid, say so.  Do you think I'm just another piece of ass?

Are you just looking to carve another notch on your cock?"

I was speechless!  Sure, I wanted to get into her pants but I

didn't know quite how to answer her.

"Sally," I said, "I think you're a lovely girl..."

She cut me off and said angrily, "Bullshit.  First, I'm not a

girl, I'm a woman with a 9 year old kid back in California

living with my mother."

That put me on the floor again.  She had a chip on her

shoulder a mile wide and I couldn't figure out why she was

challenging me.

"Look," I said, "We seem to be getting off to a bad start and

I certainly don't want to fight with you, so if you want,

we'll skip dinner and I'll take you home."

Tears welled up in her eyes and she said "I'm sorry I taking

this out on you, but I am so fucking sick being just another

piece of meat to all the men who fly with me that sometimes I

take it out on the wrong person.

"But you're right, I've had too much to drink and if I eat

anything, I might barf it all up, so if you don't mind, I

would like to go home now."  By this time, the tears were

rolling down her cheeks and her mascara and makeup was a mess.

She looked like a little girl who had been playing makeup with

her mother's cosmetics.  When we got in the car, she snuggled

up to me, put her head on my chest and started to cry in

earnest.  I didn't know quite what to do, so I put my arm

around her, pattter her on the shoulder, and said something

stupid like:  "Don't cry, babe, everything will work out OK."

This started her crying even harder so I just drove her home

without saying anything more and took her up to her apartment.

I had a pass key and let her in.  I asked her if she wanted me

to leave but she said I should stay and she would make some


"I desperately need some coffee, don't you think?"she asked

and put the pot on to brew.  "I'll go clean up a bit and I'll

be right back."

I glanced around the room.  The place was a mess.  Stockings,

pantihose, clothes were strewn everywhere.  I could see into

the kitchen where dirty dishes were piled high in the sink.

Sally came out of the bathroom in a few minutes and I was

disappointed to see she had changed into a full length

dressing gown and pink fuzzy slippers.

She had scrubbed her face clean of the smeared mascara and

looked about 13 years old, with her pug nose, dimpled freckled

cheeks, and great green eyes that were tinged with red from

the vodka and tears.

I stood up and she came over to me.  She stood on her tiptoes

and brushed her lips across mine.

"I really owe you you an apology for the way I acted at the

restaurant," she said.  "Let me get the coffee and I'll be

right back."

"Maybe I should go and we'll talk some other time."

"No, please stay," she said.  I really don't want to be alone

right now.  Please?"

I sat back down and she brought out two cups of coffee and put

them down on the table in front of the sofa.

"If I don't know anything else, I know how to serve coffee,"

she said, giggling.  We sipped the hot brew for a few minutes

without saying anything.  Then she leaned into me.

"You're nice," she said.  "Most of the assholes I go out with

would probably have belted me if I talked like that to them,

because they know it's true.  They don't respect me for a

person; to them I'm just a lay.  And most of them are pretty

sad fuckers, too.  I don't think I have an orgasm more than

once out of every 10 or 12 fucks."

I could feel my cheeks burning; I was blushing like a

12-year-old just caught jerking off.

"Sally, you're not like that at all and I don't think of you

like that, either.  I wish you wouldn't talk about yourself

that way."

"Why?" she asked, "don't you like me?  Don't you want to go to

bed with me?  Don't you want to fuck me?"

"I'm only human, Sally, and you are a lovely young woman.

Sure, I want to go to bed with you but I don't if I could do

anything under these conditions."

I had never experienced anything quite like this before and I

wasn't sure how to cope with her.  Was she inviting me to go

to bed with her or just telling me to go to hell?  I

discovered intent when she took my hand and led me into the

bedroom, then turned to face me and kissed me fiercely,

snaking her tongue into my mouth.

She started unbuttoning my shirt.  Her body was lightly

perfumed with a very erotic scent that I couldn't identify at

the time, but later found out it was a very expensive French

perfume, Bal 'a Versailles.  With her hair piled on top of her

head and her freshly scrubbed face, she looked demure,

spotless, virginal.  Suddenly I thought I wouldn't be able to

manage an erection.

After she unbuttoned my shirt, I finished undresing myself and

lay down on the bed next to her.  I kissed her passionately

but still my penis failed to stir.  I felt sure that I

couldn't get it up and mumbled, "I don't know what's wrong.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before."

Here I was in bed with a good looking young airline stewardess

who was begging to get laid and my perverse pecker refused to


She sat up.  "Don't worry," she said matter-of-factly, "It

happens all the time.  Let me take care of it."  She knelt

over me.  I could see the curve of her back and her round firm

ass; her breasts dangled and touched my thighs setting off

sparks in my groin but still my cock slumbered on.

Sally settled her mouth over my flaccid penis but it didn't do

any good.  She pulled on it with her mouth, over and over, but

still nothing happened.  I closed my eyes and felt like a

total fool, and then I felt her tongue.  It was like a jolt of


Her tongue moved in machine-gun bursts, flicking, darting,

jabbing, circling, fluttering.  After a dumfounded moment,m I

felt myself stiffen.  There was a strange, abstract quality

about it, as if my cock was not mine anymore but belonged to

her.  It had never seemed so big and powerful.  I felt as

though a tree had taken root in my crotch as my prick began to


I reached down for her and drew her up to me and got on top of

her.  I started to enter her pussy as gently as I could, but

she was very open and wet, and I slid in easily.  It was like

she was gulping me in, swallowing me whole; later I learned

that she used a lubricating cream.  At first I went in and out

of her slowly, trying to maintain control by pumping in long,

steady strokes.  She came up to me, held me, and then fell


Each time she arched up with greater intensity before falling

back.  I could feel her muscles tighten, her stomach, hops,

and thighs straining against me.  Her nipples seemed to be

boring holes in my chest.  She moaned slightly and pressed

harder, holding it longer.  Her breath expelled in anguished

gasps and I started to lose control.

All at once she placed her hands on my shoulder and pushed me

aside.  "Eat me," she said.  "I can't get off unless you eat

me first.  After that, it's all right.  I don't know why but I

can't make it unless you suck my cunt first."

I really didn't like to go down on women.  Once, when I had

drunkenly gone down on my wife, I found the oder offensive,

the taste rancid, and I had been relieved when she pushed me

away, even though I sensed she really liked it, that if I

tried again, she would not have stopped me a second time.

To my astonishment, I found the smell of Sally mysteriously

delicicious and I wondered what her secret was.  I actually

enjoyed the taste of her.  When I probed her with my tongue,

she shifter her position on the bed slightly, then adjusted

herself again.

"OOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhh, that's it," she said.  That's the spot

right there.  Lick me right there, right on my clit."  She

rotated her ass in tight little circles.  She started to rise

up against me as she before, but less desperately, more

purposefully and rhythmically.

"Don't stop," she gasped.  "Oh, my god, that's so good, Lover.

Do it...Do It...DO IT!!" While she was talking to me, I

couldn't help thinking that was really talking to herself, and

in her excitement, my own excitement mounted.  Stretched out

between her legs, I felt myself stiffen harder than I had ever

been in my life.  I was beyond hope, beyond control, beyond

caring about anything in the world other than her cunt and my


"Oh, sweet jesus!" she cried.  "Oh, do it, lover, do it, do

it, do it to me."  I tongued her harder and faster, running my

tongue around her blood engorged lower lips before once again

attacking her clit.

"Yes, oh yes, oh yes yes yes yes yes," she moaned.  "Now,

right NOW!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god.  Oh, lover, oh god, make

me come, oh, I'm coming, coming, commmmmmmmmmmmmmmming...!

She came up against me in one last, prolonged effort and

shuddered.  She shuddered again and then she screamed, tossing

her head wildly to and fro.  I couldn't help myself either and

I came too all over the sheet.  I could feel the warm fluids

on my belly.

Sally thrashed about momentarily before she fell back limply,

with my resting against the inside of her smooth thigh.  I

moved up next to her to take her in my arms and she ran her

hand down toward my crotch.

"I'm sorry," I said.  "I got a little excited there myself.  I

need a couple of minutes."  She propper herself up on an

elbow.  "Tha's all right," her speech was slightly slurred.

"I can wait."  Her hair had tumbled down over her eyes and she

shook it back, causing her breasts to rise and fall, pinning

my eyes to them.  She had a crooked grin on her face and her

eyes had a faraway, unfocused, glazed look.

She rolled away from me and took some folded tinfoil from a

table by the bed and unwrapped it.  There were half a dozen

marijuana cigarettes in the foil package.  She lit one,

inhaled deeply and passed it to me.  I had tried a few puffs

once before without much effect.

This time, I followed her lead and sucked the smoke in deeply,

holding it in my lungs as long as I could.  We passed the

joint back and forth for about five minutes, but I didn't feel

a thing.

Then it hit me.  At first I felt slightly dizzy and then I

began to feel as though I was floating just off the bed.  I

was still caught up in this marvelous sensation of free flight

when she bent over me and took me in her mouth again, her

tongue working furiously.  When I plugged into her this time,

I wasn't concerned about coming too fast.

She matched my movements, arching higher against me until she

began to writhe and then she shuddered and screamed once more.

I could feel her fingernails raking my back.

Sally dropped back in apparent exhaustion.   After a

moment she opened her eyes.  Her pupiles were dilated and she

had an unfocused look as though she was squinting to see

someing better.  She had the same crooked grin.  "Oh, keerist,

baby," she said.  "I'm so damn hot.  I'm so damn fucking hot.

I remained rigid and started to move in her again.  "No," she

said.  "Fuck me in the ass."

My jaw dropped.  "Where?"

"My ass.  Fuck me in my ass."

All night long I had been trying without success to achieve

some measure of control over her.  Now it looked as though my

efforts were doomed to failure.

"Can you come that way?" I asked lamely.  The truth of the

matter was that I had never done it before.

"Yes," she said.  "Hurry, I'm so hot, so hot..."

She twisted away from me and crouched at the end of the bed on

knees, her ass in the air and her face pressed sideways on a

pillow.  I stood behind her on the floor with my knees against

the bed.

Reaching between her legs, she grabbed my cock and rubbed it

along the crack of her ass.  Her bottom was unbelievably wet

and slippery.  Just the touch of it excited me tremendously.

She guided me to the rosebud of her anus, and the head of my

cock was partly in.  I started to shove foreward and she

cried,  "Easy!  Take it easy!"

She moved slowly against me so that more of my prick went into

her, how much I couldn't really tell because of all the

wetness and the unreality of it all.  Sweat was running down

all parts of my body.   She rocked back and against me and I

was into her even further.

As I rocked back, I could feel her sphincter muscle

contracting.  One of her hands was at her clitoris, massaging

it frantically.  She groaned and grunted and whispered, "Oh,

lover, Jesus lover," and she yelled, "Give it to me, give me

all of it, more, More, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!"

I thrust into her with my hands grabbing the cheeks of her ass

and she moaned in pain but did not stop.  I was drenched with

sweat.  I had never been more inflamed in my entire life.

Suddenly, I exploded in her!  My breath blew out in a whoosh,

like I had been holding it in all day.

Sally did not let me go, actually clamped her muscle tight to

hold me in her, really forcing my cock to stay semi-erect as

she continued to grind against me, rubbing herself at the same

time until at last her entire body convulsed violently and

there was a final piercing scream the filled the room.  Then

she slumped forward, face down, on the bed.

I remained where I was, looking at her trim body.  I had never

had a sexual experience in my life to compare with this.

Sweat was still pouring out all over me and my legs shook.

The room was silent as a tomb.  I asked her if she was all

right but she did not respond.

I withdrew my aching penis from her ass and stumbled into the

bathroom.  The bathroom was crammed with lotions and oils and

creams and shampoos and conditioners and assorted cosmetic

paraphernalia.  In contrast with the disarray of the rest of

the apartment, everything was neatly arranged, precisely


I washed up up, and when I returned to the bedroom, I found

Sally curled up in the bed asleep with her mouth slightly

open.  She was clutching a small rust-colored teddy bear.  She

was still stark naked and I couldn't help admiring shapely

body.  I shut the door quietly and let myself out.

I called Sally late the next morning and she answered in her

breathless, husky, and very sexy voice.  She made no reference

to our evening together, nor did she seem to exhibit any sign

of even knowing who I was.

"Oh, hi," she had said in a neutral tone, and for an eerie

moment I thought I would have to identify myself beyond my

name by saying someing like "I'm the guy who fucked you in the

ass last night."

I asked her when I could see her again and she suggested an

afternoon three days later.  "I'll be flying until then and my

roommate will be home.  She wants to meet you and I'm sure

you'll like her."

When I hung up, I thought about what she had said.  If her

roommate was anything like Sally, this would be the beginning

of a very interesting friendship.


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