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Archive-name: Affairs/picture.txt


Archive-title: Picture, The

What's in a picture?  Well, in the picture I cherish there is more

joy and peace and love than any mere mortal like me should ever

know.  The picture I am speaking of is the imperfect image of the

one I love.  She is one of such exceedingly great beauty that it

cannot be captured on anything by Man's hand, but to me it

represents her, and that is as near to heaven as I am likely to


But the picture, besides being an imperfect symbol of utter

perfection, is exceedingly cloudy.  The incidental fact that this

exquisite creature of God does not love me, but another, sheds

blazing insight into my dilemma - loving one who does not love you

back - an age-old poignant story.  

This is what happens to one who falls in love with a wonderful,

happily married woman.  First, there are the moments of exquisite

joy reveling in the sacred celebration of Love.  All else seems

unimportant and remote.  Then, there are the brief moments of pain

when you are set aside, understandable though it may be, for things

important in her life.  That leads to a rebirth of fantasizing that

you perfected in your youth, where she is an innocent passive party

to your feasts of imagination.  Then, the final straw is when the

fantasy becomes reality.  And as your Love and her lover scale

those endless heights, sadly, you, with tear-misted eyes are left

far below, alone, with that wilted imperfect image clutched in your



The one I love has always, well, I suppose the term is "humored"

me.  I have nothing to offer her that would mean anything to her,

except my love, an exceeding cheap commodity to those receiving it;

and inhumanly expensive to those giving it.  But she has been free

with her gifts, too.  She gave me her picture, my greatest material

treasure; she has given me a few brief moments of platonic joy in

her company; and she has given me an irreplaceable gift, the love

inside of me, something more grand and awe-inspiring than the great


But today, a day in which her nearness is inaccessible to me,

another gift, in absentia, was given to me.  You must follow me and

understand that those moments away from my Love are like daggers

piercing my heart.  The depths of my emotional depression are

resounding and scary.  In moments like this I reach for the

carefully hidden picture.  I reached for a moment of joy.  Come

back with me for a few moments and I will let you view God's heaven

with me:

I gazed downwards with love at your image, the likeness of a

goddess.  You were here with me.  You did not shirk my touch.  You

did not avoid my clumsy attempts to kiss your honeyed lips.  Your

sensuous voice that could arouse a eunuch, did not say those words

that send me into despair, "It is time to go now, Jim."  You sit

submissively, and smile.  I smile back and melt into the close

quarters of the picture with you as the image drifted into reality. 

The nearness of you dissipates the agony in my heart.  I say, "Hi,

Sandy."   You sit there in all of your passionate and sensual

beauty, and smile.

As I anguished in my wallow of self-pity, your beauty radiated up

at me.  There you were, right before me, smiling up at me.  It is

as if you, . . . well, might have been beckoning to me.  As my

emotional "down" subsided another part of me grew.  I gazed longing

into your eyes.  You gazed back.  Then your eyes slowly turned

until you were looking over my shoulder and your smile widened. 

Puzzled, I look over too, and was surprised to see Robert standing

there.  He is quite naked, his pulsing staff throbbing before him

in all its prideful, yet stately, grandeur.  He strode up to you

and enfolded you in his strong arms, his rod preventing him from

full-body contact.  He planted a moist kiss full on your luscious

lips forcing open you faintly resisting mouth with his tongue. 

Just as his one-minded penis would soon search endlessly your warm

cavern of love, his tongue searched your yearning mouth to be more

a part of you, striving to be one.  As he paused for a well-needed

breath he looked over at me and he, too, beamed with a satisfied

smile, "Eat your heart out, Jim."  His hands were everywhere on

you, fondling your firm passionate bottom, pulling it close to him

determinedly telling you he was not going to allow you to dictate

the pace of this encounter, he was.  His free hand found your

lovely firm breasts stroking and caressing them as if each housed

your very soul.  Your breath came in gasps now, but he was not

through.  At that moment you fluttered your eyes and somehow

realized that I was still here.  You cried to him, "No, Robert, we

can't do it here.  We are in public and Jim is still here.  Please

wait."  But Robert had no intention of waiting.  His fiercely

throbbing penis attested to that.  "Sandy, I want you now, more

than I ever have.  I will have you.  And it wouldn't be a bad idea

to show slime what real LOVE is!  I may not be the best lover in

the world, but with you it sure seems like it.  I want to get into

you, to fill you with myself, to sow my very being in you, to make

you climb the wall and beg for more, but to make you realize that

I have JUST what you want.  All that you could ever want is in me. 

I can make you cum to heights never imagined by you and I can make

you cum to greater heights the next time and the next time.  Now

I am going to show you what I mean."  He slowly moved his hand,

which had been gently fondling your breasts throughout this

conversation and grasped your blouse.  With conviction he slowly

pulled it down until it ripped asunder.  He then pulled it open to

expose your delicious, sweet smelling breasts for all to see, even

me.  As he bent down to caress each firmly erect nipple in his warm

unyielding mouth he grabbed your skirt and forced it over your

hips, and off.  Trailing moist warm saliva from your breasts he

followed your skirt down until be fastened his eager mouth to your

loins.  He hungrily found your rigid, sensitive clitoris and traced

it around with his hot tongue, slowly at first then more resolutely

until he slowly sought the exquisite tip, relishing in your

squirming and gasping.  You tried to break him away, to pull him

up, to consummate the passionate beast he had created; but he would

not comply.  "Not yet, my Luscious.  You shall not feel me in you

until I am ready."  "God, Robert, I can't stand it any more.  I am

cumming my life away and your don't care.  I need your cock in me

now before I am used up.  I'm cumming now.  Please, Robert.  My

God, have mercy on me.  Fuck me now!  Fill my cunt with your

gigantic cock and fire your monstrous load in me.  It has never

been like this before."  But Robert's only response was to follow

the tender folds from your exquisite clit to the openly inviting,

flowing vagina awaiting the explore of an expert.  His tongue

sought . . . and found the hungering grotto . . . and entered. 

Although his tongue could not venture far enough to satisfy either

of the two quaking lovers it still traced every lovely sensual and

scented lip and fissure.  Your hips were madly and uncontrollably

pumping trying to lodge Robert's tongue deeper and deeper into you. 

You were mumbling incoherently words like, "Robert, I want you in

me."  and "Robert, fuck the life out of me."  and "Robert, I need

it, I must have it now."  And then he stopped and laid you back. 

Your love-convulsions continued for a few seconds as if he was

firmly inside of you.  Your legs were all askew, your arms grasping

at air, your hips pumping furiously.  As you writhed in passion he

looked down and smiled.  He slowly took his pulsating penis, even

as it was growing with renewed vigor to a bloated size and shape

that amazed even him.  The your eyes opened and saw him, in a blur. 

"God, Robert, cum into me, NOW!  I cannot continue any more.  I am

through."  Robert responded with both words and action.  The words

were, "Sandy, you have not even begun.  This orgasm will blow your

mind . . . and mine.  We shall see heaven in just a few moments

now."  After feasting his eyes a moment longer on you, the most

beautiful and glorious creature in the world, the action was to

gently kneel between your sensuously shapely, out-flung legs. 

Still holding his magnificent penis he lowered himself over you. 

Only then did he relinquish his hold on his staff to you to allow

you to guide him to the open door of God's heavenly garden.  A

myriad of erotic scents were already wafting up to embrace me,

presumably my sole sensual reward beyond sight.  Robert sweetly

embraced you, leading it with a delicate kiss that would have the

envy of even Venus.  You, in desperation, savagely strove to engage

his glorious manhood.  As if a beast in heat your groaning and

grunting reached a feverish level.  Although you obviously relished

being under Robert's weight and kisses, your intense desire to

consummate the embrace nearly heaved Robert off.  "Hold on, Dear

Sandy.  Together we can master this monster we have created.  Hold

still, my Sensual Passion Flower, and I shall endeavor to find our

timid playmate a friend in which to play."  He reached down, much

too slowly for your desires as shown by your obvious impatience. 

Even as you were attempting to enclose his loins with your elegant

sensual legs Robert's sensitive hands were meandering down the

length of your body, slowing to enjoy the nooks and crannies along

the way.  Your body hummed like a violin string reaching a

crescendo as his hands finally reached your desperate hips.  He

purposely fought your flailing hands and grabbed the subject of

interest.  A grunt of satisfaction escaped him and he said, "My! 

Feel what you have done to me.  Aren't you ashamed of yourself? 

I didn't know he would get that big.  Maybe we will have a problem

. . .  No, where there is a will, there is a way, and I sure have

a will now."  Fumbling together, you both succeeded in guiding the

magnificent rod of steel to a point immediately above your hot

cunt.  But as if it had a mind of its own, that magnificent

stallion-cock paused and planted what could only be construed as

an exquisitely delicate, albeit slobbery, kiss on your clitoris. 

He was then whisked away, down to the awaiting crevasse.  The

gigantic, sweating, spongy head preceding the steel-like shaft

throbbed in rhythm to the swaying of your hips.  On one

particularly desperate stroke Robert moved and his head was

enlodge.  At that instant you gave a despondent cry and collapsed

in an all-enveloping orgasm.  Tears flowed like a river as you

clutched Robert with your beautiful arms and legs.  "Forgive me,

Robert, I could not wait for you any longer.  I am only human and

this is beyond me."  Robert, whispered, "Peace, Sandy, the best is

yet to come (no pun intended).  Don't give up."  With that he eased

his immense penis even further into you.  The way was now so

slippery that even this pulsating beast could enter with ease. 

Slowly and earnestly he slid further in.  Your racked body just lay

exhausted, seemingly impervious to the exquisite sensation - a

masterful and sensitive shaft delicate threading and caressing its

way through a chamber made only in heaven and only for this staff

of life.  Neither Robert nor I could see that although the pinnacle

of your orgasm has not been passed a whole new mountain was

appearing before you.  Your eyes opened in amazement.  A fleeting

look of sheer terror passed your unseeing eyes as they looked

toward me, yet beyond, as if I wasn't there.  "Robert, don't leave

me.  Don't let me face this alone.  Help me,  show me.  No, take

me with you."  "Dear Sandy, where I go, you must go also.  We take

this trip together.  Hold tight as it is beyond even my ken.  But

this path before us was not of my doing, or wholely yours, it is

OUR PATH.  We shall take it together.  Hold me, Sandy.  Hold me

forever, Dearest Sandy, my Love, my life, my very soul.  Just as

you give yourself to me I return my whole self to you.  It shall

be this way forever."  At these words he released his whole weight

onto you, Sandy, and his penis slid into you until you could feel

all.  His swelling testicles lay against your perineum, rising and

falling in their own unique way, but surging and expanding more

with each wave.  You both lay there together basking in the warmth

exuded by both of your genitals.  You both gazed deeply into each

other's eyes, savoring the moment like it would never return. 

Then, as if a command was given by the Director on high, the

exquisite Dance of Love began.  Robert slowly withdrew his

beautiful penis until it just rested at the edges of your labia. 

"Once for you, Wonderful Sandy," he said as he slowly and

libidinously slid it back home.  A smile escaped your gasping lips

as your whispered at his fullest extraction, "And once for you,

Dear and Wonderful Robert."  Slowly and laboriously he pulled back,

and joyously reentered.  No further words were spoken as his hot

firm root sought your mons.  At that very instant he kissed your

lips with a passion you had never seen nor imagined, but desired. 

The mumbles of amazement were lost as you returned in kind.  The

gentle stroking of the walls of your vagina by his rigid, yet

yielding, penis, continued to be fueled effortlessly by perfectly

matched motions of your and Robert's hips.  For many minutes this

perfect dance continued with no break except an occasional circular

motion of first Robert's hips and then yours and the gentle

clutching of your flawless legs around Robert's strong and muscular

back.  Probably without your knowledge, your hands gentle meandered

around his back, then down to his chest and up around his face and

through his hair and around his ears.  Then they continued down his

lean body to his rhythmically pumping hips.  They sneakily

disappeared beneath him carefully searching for another "view" of

his magnificent organ.  On an up-stroke you reached in to clasp its

girth as if in disbelief.  When you both moved together you

released your grip or faced crushing by forces beyond your control. 

Imperceptibly, the motions of you and Robert became stronger and

more intense.  No sounds, save an occasional grasping of breath,

escaped either of your lips.  To the casual observer nothing had

changed, but to me, a not dispassionate observer, I say clearly saw

the beginnings of a wonderful phenomenon - two people creating a

feeling of Love reserved for the exceeding rare true Lovers.  This

was not an act of sex, this was not a physical deed at all, it was

the ultimate creation of the mind of two persons totally devoted

to sharing with each other as no ordinary people are, totally

devoted to giving to the other, totally in LOVE with each other -

 LOVE as God intended.  The rhythmic physical manifestation of

their mental state was completely out of their control.  It was

consummately in control of the ultimate Creator.  He provided this

reward reserved for those few yielding to true LOVE.  I saw all of

this and in my embarrassment at being an interloper I looked up and

thanked God.  As I reluctantly turned away I could only imagine

what marvelous end, or rather beginning, would ensue.  So I was not

be to allowed to witness the gradual escalating of Robert's and

Sandy's passion.  The seemingly tender strokes of their hips were

gradually gaining speed and fervor.  Their gaspings were more

frequent.  The energy increased.  The previous appearance of an

inexhaustible pace gave way to a more strenuous and strident tempo. 

Soon their ardor became too much for even they.  They disjoined

their kiss to lay back in awe at what God hath wrought.  They gazed

into each other's eyes as their body's pumped incessantly, almost

ferociously.  Robert cradled your head in his hands to try to

temper the emotions, but all it did was allow each to share more

contact with the other.  You gasped, "Robert, where will this lead? 

I am still in the orgasm from your aggressive foreplay, yet I feel

something unearthly building.  Is this right?  Can we actually take

it without perishing?"  "I don't know, Sandy, but we shall go

together in an exquisite flash of fire if we must.  I Love you,

Sandy.  Never have I lived another as I have Loved you.  We are

one, Dearest Sandy, and I wish nothing else. . . . Nothing!"  Their

loins increased their cadence.  His magnificent cock, fueled by his

heart's blood, now streaming with luscious fluids, pierced and

withdrew the hot, dark channel leading straight to your heart. 

With each stroke his manhood grew, his balls swelled, his

penetration deeper.  The walls of your vagina contracted and

released exactly in time with his fierce rushes.  It seemed as if

all delicateness had fled.  The beating of your hips became savage. 

Harsh, guttural cries billowed up from your very souls as the

passion and intensity reached the ultimate peak.  And then, when

it seemed as if pain rather than passion would overtake you both,

Robert gave a long, drawn-out deep groan of vital lust, unbridled

passion; and you, from some unknown source, exclaimed in an ear-

piercing shriek, like a banshee before devouring a succulent

victim; and you enfolded Robert's taut body within your strong and

shapely legs; and your genital's crushed together in a climatic

percussive reaction.  For a brief instant all seemed motionless. 

Only you and Robert knew otherwise:  Robert felt the pent-up semen

gush forth with previously unknown power and quantity.  And you

felt the shock of his cached treasure as it spewed out to satiate,

to permeate each eagerly anticipating cranny and continue in an

unabated torrent, the overflow streaming from your vagina to the

ground.  On and on he erupted.  His life forces seemingly without

end rushed headlong engulfing you in its warmth and caress not know

before.  But these physical consequences of the Love between you

and Robert were virtually lost on you as the emotional flood of

ecstacy deluged your very souls.  The endless cascade of pent-up

passion, beyond verbal description, inundated both you and Robert. 

So overwhelmed were you both that for the five minutes or so that

it took Robert to complete his spontaneous, shivering ejaculations

you both lay motionless.  Motionless, save a slight quiver in

Robert's haunches delivered each squirt; each met with an precisely

matching ecstatic convulsion; and the quiet fluids flowing freely

from you well-filled vagina, down and around his contracting

testicles.  For many more minutes you and Robert basked in a flood

of Love, Peace and Joy never before imagined.  You were the first

to speak:  "Oh, Robert, I Love you."  "The very words I was going

to speak, Sandy, The Love of My Live, no!  My Very Life."  All else

was silent, in respect, as the two Lovers lay savoring the moment,

the Ultimate Moment.  At long last you whispered, "If it could only

be like this every time, wouldn't that be wonderful?"  "Sure,

Sandy, but why shouldn't it be, now that you have shown the way. 

No more fantasizing in our minds, now we fantasize in real-time. 

Think we could reach the heights again, my Sexy and Lovely Sandy? 

I'm game?"  Your response was to reach up and grab Robert's head

in your hands and plant a kiss to end all kisses on his awaiting

lips.  You could feel his penis, still deep within you instantly

stop its slow trek towards intumescence and jerk in anticipation. 

You trembled in anticipation of yet another unseen and unfelt

emotion as you eagerly welcomed his kiss and returned it in kind. 

Involuntarily you moved your hips under Robert almost like you were

trying to give his ever-growing penis more room to expand. 

Suddenly, you pulled away from the luscious kiss to look Robert

straight in the eyes in query.  The strong surging in his loins and

deep penetrating gaze of adoration should have satisfied your

anguished concern.  Before you could utter a word of doubt Robert

reached down to enfold you, utterly, in his powerful arms.  Not

wanting to challenge any possible limitation, you tried to get away

from his grip.  If you claimed (obviously the furthest thing from

your mind) that you could not take yet another orgasm then he would

not have to subject himself to a potentially humiliating

situation.)  "Robert, please.  I don't think I can handle another

one like that. . . . And besides, remember where we are.  Jim has

left, but we are still out here in the park for all to see. 

Please, let's go home and continue this."  At that you unwrapped

your perfectly-formed legs from around Robert's waist.  "Sandy, we

can go home and 'continue this,' as you say, just as soon as I

relieve some of this pent-up sexual tension I have.  Could you

please, just put up once again with my physical appetite.  It seems

to be outside my control.  Just this once and then I'll give you

a break, please?"  The hesitation was there, but your reactions

were either too slow or they were repressed, as Robert again forced

his lips upon yours.  His hands slipped down to your buttocks and

grasped them in his brawny grip.  As he slowly pulled away from you

his hands held your hips motionless.  You could feel his fully

erect penis slowly withdrawing amid delightfully suggestive

sucking, slurpy and slippery sounds.  Your desire to save possible

emotional harm to your Lover was rapidly overcome by your desire

to have him, once again, cum deep inside of you.  Whether you could

sustain another unearthly orgasm like the last was your furthest

thought.  You moved quickly in what you intended to be an effort

to encourage him in his manly endeavors, but Robert, suffering

under the delusion that your were trying to reject him, grasped

your buttocks in his iron grip and forced them toward his loins. 

His gigantic rigid, but, thankfully, but well-lubed, stanchion

surged towards the hot depths of your vagina.  It seemed to wish

to find your cervix, to search the uterine interior, therein, for

refuge.  A brief shock, more delight, than pain, caused you to

wince and twist away from his passionate kiss.  He appeared to be

in a frenzy.  As his hips steadily beat a rhythm on your tense

abdomen your mons cushioned his mad rushes into you.  His head sunk

down to your neck and he erotic bit it.  A brief spasm of pain

caused a cry, but that only intensified his antics.  He was like

a beast possessed.  He continued his lewd pounding at what he

thought was an unwilling receptacle.  Your every move, attempting

to encourage him and display your approval were construed as

attempted escape, but his loins would not allow that.  He seemed

to be torn between outright lust and unadulterated tenderness as

his tears flowed over your breast and down under your outstretched

arms.  But you could not get the words of reassurance out so high

was your fervor.  His animal antics only intensified, presumably

to end it as fast as possible, his only way out.  His sobs fully

in sync with his heaving brought tears to your eyes, but they were

tears of joy.  When that simple minute fact finally wound its way

through the intricate web of lust and passion in you, you finally

were able to utter two well-chosen words: "Robert . . . More."  As

if a giant weight was lifted from Robert's magnificent shoulders

his head popped up to look at you . . . and his panicked animal

humping stopped in mid stroke.  You were so close to the brink of

another unspeakably fantastic climax that you could scarcely utter

another word, yet, "Robert, I Love you," bubbled from your flawless

lips.  Robert, in absolute disbelief opened his eyes wide, choked

back a last lingering sob and smiled, "Sandy, wait for me this

time, please?"  But he need not have waited for the answer, nor did

he.  Your reassuring kiss said all.  That kiss, so deep, and

tempestuous brought you again to the onrushing orgasm of a

lifetime, the second within no more than an hour.  You were as ill-

prepared this time as the last as the world as you knew it exploded

in a blinding electrical flash.  Then, almost instantly a feeling

of perfect peace settled over you.  As you floated freely in the

space of your own mind-making you were only slightly aware that

Robert was still struggling to complete his appointed task.  With

unembellished salacious lust his haunches continued their

miraculous carnal thrusting into and out of your never-tiring

vagina.  With serene slowness you wound your lovely limbs around

Robert attempting to quell his efforts, but it only succeeded in

heightening his efforts.  The exquisite abyss of your lingering

orgasm only allowed you to vaguely perceive Robert's struggle, but

the feeling of fullness deep within your vagina let you know that

his struggle was not without jubilance.  It was clear to your

earth-bound body, far below, that Robert was approaching the same

ultimate zenith as you.  You took your mind off of the peace and

joy of your persisting passion long enough to sort of flick your

hips during one of his endless down strokes.  A gasp of pleasure

from his lips was all the reward you needed.  You, carefully, and

in-time with his urgent pumping, slowly began a rhythmic circular

motion with your loins.  The motions followed the ceaseless

squeezings of your vaginal muscles on Robert's full-to-bursting

penis.  It wanted another load.  It begged for another load. 

Robert seemed in near panic, but your gentle caressing of his

powerful back eased the feeling.  It was only when you, once again,

snaked your wonderfully sensuous hands down his fantastic churning

manhood, stroking it as it left the comfort of your warm and cozy

vagina, that he cried, "It is upon me, I am joining your.  Oh, Love

of my Life.  Here I am, Sandy."  You grasped when you encountered

his unmercifully distended balls.  Then you felt the surge well-up

in his testicles pass and through his vas deferens and disappear

inside that wonderful tabernacle, the physical body of Robert.  The

first hot impact of his cum hit you.  You were no more ready for

this as you were for the first, for you thought you were still

enjoying the climax of the previous intercourse, but this was

different.  All blacked out.  All you could comprehend was the

endless surges of Robert's penis deep inside of you, squirting his

aromatic semen again and again.  With each ejaculation you felt his

penis jerk, your vaginal walls contracted tightly around as if to

extract every drop and you felt another load of cum stagger up his

vas.  You lay in blissful heaven as his load spewed forth from you

onto the sacred altar.  The physical sensations were clear, the

mental were truly beyond mortal words.  It was not within Man's ken

to actually see God, yet, as the electrical tingling consumed their

earthly bodies they knew that if they only opened their eyes they

would see All.  As the waves of passion swiftly, joyously ravaged

them they looked.  Each saw the same thing, another Being, more

beautiful than their imaginations would have allowed.  Another

Being radiating holy light from eyes luminous with Love - each



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