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Archive-name: Affairs/picnicx.txt


Archive-title: Picnic in the Rain

It had been many months since the enforce split up of Sandy and

Jim.  True they had seen each other for a few moments here and

there and even shared lunch, such as it was, alone together at a

nearby picnic table.  But there was always something lurking in

the background.  Sandy was constantly concerned about being seen

by the wrong people and Jim was afraid that Sandy would

eventually have her fill of him.  Their "affair" (a poor

descriptive word with unfortunate connotations as the

relationship they had could only be portrayed in words of beauty)

was an unequal thing.  Sandy enjoyed the affections and

attentions of Jim, but her real and true love was still her

husband and Jim was totally and heartily in love with Sandy (a

fact she could never conceive of as he still professed to love

his wife, but she could never truly fathom him anyway, such a

strange person).  What made their relationship so special was the

inner and outer beauty of Sandy.  

She was delightfully proportioned, not thin and not full, just

right.  Her perfectly created succulent body was ripe with a

wonderful combination of grace, poise and suppleness with a

delicious and generous helping of stark raving sensuality.  She

exuded passion and seductiveness.  Venus would have been proud to

be reincarnated in Sandy.  

But Jim was most struck by Sandy's face.  She was, simply and

truthfully, gorgeous.  Her lovely face was surrounded by a soft

halo of warm brown locks, recently cut short emphasizing the

radiant charm of her lovely face.  Her deep blue eyes sparked

with ever glance sending daggers of passion everywhere.  A

perfect puckish, yet sexy, nose guarded the most beautiful, full

and voluptuous lips ever created.  When not smiling, a seldom

thing, they still spoke of passionate things to come, but when

they smiled, ah, heaven.  A warm smile from Sandy could raise an

army of impotents to never before achieved heights.  Everyone

fell under the charm of this beauty.  She was seldom alone.

Jim had to admit that she was the most exquisitely beautiful

creature he had ever seen, yet his real attraction to her was her

inner, spiritual beauty.  She gave off an aura of peace and

harmony with Man and Nature.  Her every movement, so natural and

easy, displayed a deep sensual appreciation of live and love.

Most of the rest of Sandy was in Jim's imagination.  True he had

seen hints of her supple, sensual figure through her cloths, but

only what they allowed to be seen.  She was not the wearer of

tight, revealing outfits, but neither did they hide the exquisite

rise of her tempting breasts, delightfully rounded derriere and

elegantly formed legs.  Jim ached to explore what he could only


Before the fateful Black Tuesday, when his life fell apart, he

had be able to perform a delightful massage on Sandy's feet and

hands.  The sensuality was so high for him that he about lost it

several times.  And once, while having lunch in his car in the

rain he had massaged her back and gotten up the nerve to kiss the

nape of her neck.  But no kisses in this strange relationship. 

Sandy had allowed platonic hugs a three times, but her guilt made

them both uncomfortable.  If he had not been made of sterner

stuff... well, that brings us to today.

Their relationship essentially ended on Black Tuesday, a day to

be forgotten, but to them will forever live.  True after a few

weeks they had gotten up the nerve to have a platonic lunch and

once enjoyed a brief outing to the Wonder Bread Outlet store. 

You say, "What?!"  But the significance was not the location, but

the fact that they were alone together.  That was like the first

unaided step to a paraplegic.  This time they decided they could

handle a real lunch together.  

It was for a Tuesday.  They both hoped for a sunny day, as rain

would doom the experiment.  But rain it did.  It took all morning

for them to decide that it was still OK.  The drive was

uneventful, lots of small, weather-type talk.  Pleasantries.  Jim

parked in the deserted lot at the park as the rain streamed down

the windshield.  They unpacked their meager lunches and ate.  The

silence wasn't exactly deafening, but there was much of it.  Then

they were finished.

After the trash was picked up they both sat back and looked at

each other.  "Would that it was the way it was," noted Sandy with

down-cast eyes.  

"Do you remember our talks about how women visualize male

gentleness and dominance, Sandy?"  "Sure, but you never quite

understood what I was trying to say, Jim.  The reason why women

perceive aggression, hopefully mild, as erotic and seductive is

that it cloaks their guilt, guilt fashioned by society's

inhibitions on the sex act, particularly for women."  "No, I see

what you are saying and it is clear in your life isn't it?  You

find me interesting because I am a little different, I call it

gentle, you probably have other words for it.  And then I hear

about your husband and your first husband.  Don't get me wrong, I

think very highly of your husband and even if I didn't, because

he is your husband and you love him I am his Number Two fan.  (My

envy of him will go unspoken!)  It is just that you wished WE

could be back the was it was, "loving" each other platonically

and, of course we can't, because of your guilt feelings and fear. 

But that is not all that is not the same was it was."

At that instant Jim reached over to Sandy and placed his arms

around her shoulders.  Sandy was totally unprepared for this. 

"No, we can't allow this to happen," she said, with some alarm. 

"Don't say 'we', you may not want this to happen, but I do."  

With that he pulled her to him.  The gear shift was decidedly in

the way, but he slid past it.  Desperately he sought her lips. 

"Sandy, I am going to kiss you and you cannot stop me.  I have

longed to kiss you, but I have not wanted violence.  But if I

must force you I will."

Sandy had slid down in the seat trying to get away, but it only

allowed Jim to use his weight to hold her.  His arms were now

firmly around her, pinning her upper arms to her side.  As his

face came near to her, she turned her face away from him.  "No! 

Don't, Jim."  

"Sandy!  Look at me!"  She stopped and turned her head.  She

looked up at Jim with fear and anguish in her eyes, "I can't let

you do it.  I can't live with it.  Suppose someone comes by?" 

"Sandy, I love you.  Those things matter to me, but I do love

you, dearly.  I have tried to express my love for you with

things, with notes, with spoken words.  You acknowledge the fact

like it is a notice on the 6 o'clock news.  'Interesting, but it

has nothing to do with me.'  Well, it does!"  

With that he bent down and kissed her.  She struggled to break

free, but he held her in a vise grip.  Violently twisting her

face away she practically screamed, "This isn't fair!  Let me

go."  "No, Sandy, I have wanted to hold you close to me and kiss

you for longer than you could imagine.  I shall not let this

moment pass."  

He reached up and held her face, twisting it around so he could

look deeply into her lusciously fierce blue eyes.  "Sandy, I love

you, so very much I love you."  And he kissed her again.  

Her struggles began again, but she was virtually helpless under

his weight.  His kiss became a long passionate fulfillment of

months and months of frustration.  She could sense that and felt

helpless.  The kiss was certainly not unenjoyable, just undesired

at that particular time.  "Reason with him," she thought.

But she would not have the chance.  The kiss became even more

passionate as his warm wet tongue forced its way between her

passionate lips.  They circled around her glisteningly smooth

pearly teeth, hastening this way and that.  They snaked along her

teeth into her cheek searching this way and that.  The suggestive

nature was not lost on Sandy, nor was Jim's desperateness.  She

made the mistake of trying to speak and as her mouth opened, his

probing tongue entered unobstructed.  "This is where I belong,"

it seemed to say.  It hungrily searched out her tongue and

entangled himself with her's.  

As their tongues played gaily like little children Sandy became

acutely aware of what Jim had been noticing for a long time.  She

was stretched nearly prone along the seat of the car and he was

covering her full length.  The relative positions of their bodies

was nearly as a couple in the act of intercourse.  The not

unpleasant increasing pressure from him on her loins was not lost

on her either.  

She uttered and nearly inaudible cry, one of anguish, possibly

pain, maybe one of passion.  But her struggles to extricate

herself diminished slightly.  Actually, they had only served to

enflame both of them up to that time.  When she ceased her

struggles, Jim seemed to take over.  

Gradually her snuggled closer to her.  Her loose, flowing dress

allowed him to force his knees between her legs and apart a

little ways.  The bulging mass between his legs desperately

searching for a safe haven.  

Finally the kiss became too much.  As they broke to allow the

breath of life to return, he slid down, quickly unbuttoning her

blouse.  She was slow to recover and did not realize his actions

were more than a clumsy attempt to paw her breasts.  Before she

knew it he had slipped open her blouse and had cupped each

luscious breast in his hands.  His fingers searching for the

crown of beauty atop each lovely full breast.  Her nipples were

unashamedly reaching out for him.  As she tried to reach up to

grab his arms he slipped his hands underneath her bra and lifted

it above her full, ripe breasts.  She clutched his wrists in

desperation and pulled them down, but this only allowed him to

firmly set his hot passionate mouth on one crown.  

An reflex cry left Sandy's lips, but her hands did not release

her grip on Jim's arms.  As his tongue slowly felt its way around

the ruby areola, Sandy's breathing became short and labored.  The

tongue paused on its third circuit and gentle touched the nipple. 

A rush of air into Sandy's lungs lifted the nipple into Jim's

mouth.  It closed over the nipple and gentle sucked as his tongue

massaged.  A few moments there that bringing the blood rushing to

the very tip of the sensitive tip of the nipple was followed by

and equal excursion on the other nipple.  

Gradually, Sandy's grip on Jim's arms faded.  Her arms fell to

her side as she passionately absorbed this energy.

A sudden spasm in Sandy's back caused the both to start.  "I

can't stay in this position, Jim," she said.  He raised himself

off of her allowing her to sit back in the seat.  Her further

words, "Maybe, we had better...," were muffled by his mouth again

as he planted another long deep kiss on her full cherry lips. 

Her arms then went around Jim's shoulders.  He held her slim


His hands felt around her waist and slowly began a sensuous trace

of her delightfully contoured bottom.  He could feel each seam in

her underwear as he cautiously searched.  As they forced their

way under her she involuntarily raised herself up.  But he only

paused as his hands continued on their was down the back of

Sandy's thighs.  Then they returned along her side.  Twice they

followed the same sensuous route.  Then as one returned by the

same road the other crept lower to the hem of her knee-length

dress.  As his hand lighted on her flawless knee, Sandy again

broke away from the kiss.

"No, Jim.  You can't do that."  "Yes, Sandy, I can.  You cannot

do anything about it, except enjoy it.  There is no room in this

car to do anything, but explore, so don't worry."  "I...I don't

think we should."  "All right, just a few brief moments.  It

won't hurt."

Although she tensed up and her hand went down to his, she did not

stop him.  He gentle crept up her lovely turned leg towards the

seat of passion so remote to him until now.  He felt the

impenetrable fortress of under pants, but his tracing of her

furry triangle and delicate rubbing above her mons and labia were

more like a warrior scouting the bastille than a lovers touch.  

Apparently assuming that Jim would be satisfied with this she

reengaged him in another passionate kiss.  After a seemingly long

time, but only a few moments, Jim's, by now, expert hand gentle

crept up to the waste band elastic on Sandy's panties and gentle

pulled them down.  

As Sandy broke free again to prevent a further invasion, Jim

grabbed her with both arms again and rolled her over on top of

him.  As she struggled to regain her balance he quickly hoisted

her skirt up to waste level and deftly lowered her panties in

practically the same motion.  By the time she knew what had

happened, he again rolled her back to the seat.  She could not

reach her panties to get them back, so she had to limit herself

to trying to extract herself from under Jim again.  This just

allowed Jim's hand to again search out the tempting warm spot

between Sandy's legs.  

Jim placed his whole hand gently over her mons and deftly began

probing for her the apex.  With a groan of remorse she tried to

reach for his hand, to stave off the attack.  But just as she

grabbed his arm again the groan tailed off into a moan of delight

as he found the clitoris.  The joy-bud burst into life as he

found the tip; the blood cursed through her veins towards this

seat of exquisite pleasure.  "Oh, my god, that feels good.  I

want you to stop, Jim.  I don't want you to stop.  Don't stop."

"I won't stop.  But you may start."  Her hand, not needed to

allay his advances, fell limply.  Not missing a stroke on her

clit, he gentle picked up her hand and placed it over his bulging

crotch.  Her hand stayed there for what seemed like minutes. 

Whether it was trepidation or fear of the unknown or whether it

was just the rapture at what was taking place in her body, we

will never know nor care, but her hand remained motionless.  

But eventually it moved.  Cautiously at first, and then with

vigour.  The hint as to what dwelt beneath was too much for the

heavily breathing beauty.  As Jim's hand brought forth stronger

and stronger sensations she traced the ever-growing swelling.  It

promised to be of enormous proportions.  She slowly unzipped and

unbuckled his pants.  As he rose slightly to assist her in her

endeavors she pulled down both his trousers and underwear at the

same time.  But before she could seek out the article of interest

the first wave of orgasm enveloped her.  All she could do was

reach for Jim, to pull him to her, to hold him close.  

As the waves passed, a huge sign of relief escaped Sandy's lips. 

"God, that was good."  But before she could say more, Jim slipped

down and stuck his nose into Sandy's moist, warm crotch.  "Come

up here," she said and tried to pull him back.  But he was not to

be dissuaded.  Skillfully his adroit tongue sought out the

blossom of release again.  Her admonishments to join her were

abruptly curtailed when his sensitive wet tongue settled on her

clitoris again.  As he delicately danced all around the passion

stalk occasionally darting up to the tip, then to retreat,

Sandy's passion steadily boiled inside of her.


She groped down to find Jim's exposed, but as yet undiscovered,

penis, but it was too far away.  "Let me have you too, please." 

She cried, but it was not to be.  Just as she lay back a second

flood of love-juice gushed forth in her second intense, massive

and magnificant climax.  

Exhausted, she lay panting as he snuggled up to her, still

carrying the heavenly odor of love with him.  She cringed as he

kissed her.

"Sandy, anything of yours is honey to my lips.  Please share with

me in this delightfully wonderful feast?"  With a smile she flung

her arms about him, pulling him to her bare breasts in a warm

passionate kiss.  "Of course, you can.  Let me taste it, too."  

His, "I shall," was suddenly punctuated with the presence of a

stranger in their midst.  His sturdy and upright penis, crying

for attention, with an urgency previously unknown, saw the way

open to his heaven.  While the attentions of Sandy and Jim were

diverted, he snuggled down between the lovely legs of Sandy,

gently touched her soft brown pubic hair and as if attracted by

the musky smell of her vaginal fluids dexterous poised himself

above the labia.  This delicate and tender searching, presumed to

be probing fingers by Sandy, caused no undue stir, but a quick,

expert thrust, enlodged the gigantic, rosy head of the grand

penis, shocked Sandy.  

As she broke away once again she cried, "That's not your finger!" 

"No, it is something even better," he answered as his swollen,

rigid tool, measuring nearly three inches in diameter steadied on


Frantically she tried to extricate herself from the weight of Jim

and the pinioning effect of the monstrous steel rod, the ruby red

head firmly lodged in place.  Her desperate struggles were easily

contained by the advantage of position and weight and with each

movement to free herself of the rigid pole pulsing with blood and

lust the stark penis seemed to creep in slightly.  A cry of rage

and dismay nearly escaped Sandy lovely lips, but a hastily place,

yet passionate, kiss muffled any further outcry.

This was not what she had wanted or expected, yet there was no

pain.  A friendly and kindly path had been prescribed.  Her

honey-juices, so amiably and free flowing minutes ago, did not

seem to wish to subside.  A strange feeling, nearly released

twice before, moments ago, seemed to be taking over her body. 

Not only was she being forcibly raped by a friend, but her body

was giving up the fight.  Inch by inch the magnificent stallion

of a phallus surged forward to the task at hand as her muffled

gasps became quieter and less violent.  

Sandy felt that the end was near.  He most frantic efforts seemed

futile, her most vehement objections, in vain.  She fought the

idea to relax and enjoy the rape.  But struggling was useless. 

With her strength ebbing, she hesitated.

The turgid and unyielding shaft, mistakenly interpreting the

pause as submission, elatedly with his conquest, stopped his

stubborn laboring.  For a brief second he retraced his path

toward the outside world again, but before completely removing

himself, once again began his relentless fight for home.  

One more quick, strong thrust of Jim's loins and the turgid vein-

studded pole ended his long exotic journey.  Now the fun began. 

Very slowly Jim withdraw his splendid shaft to nearly the point

of loss of engagement, then once again begin the delightful

passage back, each time his staff seemed to renew its energy and

expand and extend, accordingly.  Three or four times this

happened, when, ever so imperceptibly, the age-old dance of love

deftly performed by Jim began to be slowly echoed by Sandy's

lovely pelvis and her stifled cries turned to moans of pleasure.

Once again nature had turned the struggle between two attractive

adults into the cavorting dance created by God for their

pleasure, and His, no doubt. 

The superb rock-hard, yet sensitive penis meeting its passionate

equal in the exquisitely soft and sensitive, gloriously

seductive, warm and lusciously moist cave of love, the female

vagina.  For more than twenty minutes this dance of life

continued, the participating couple oblivious the everything, but

each other, and the amazing activities of their bodies, no longer

in their control.  All they could do was cling to each other in

rapture.  His arms strongly encircled her lovely body, drawing it

closer and closer while she reached out to enfold him. 

Desperately seeking to be one she arched her beautiful shapely

legs around his back alternatingly nearly crushing Jim and

relieving the tension.  All breathing and motion meshed together

as one unit.  Sandy and Jim were one in the eyes of all.  The

only deviation from the erotic rhythm of their pumping bodies was

the ever so slow increase in pulse.  

I will not bore you with further details, except to say that the

end, so exquisitely and wonderfully punctuated with the hot,

surging semen of Jim filling to overflowing Sandy's love canal,

its mixing with her sweet secretions, and further highlighted

with their simultaneous indescribable orgasms, was not

necessarily welcome.  Too soon a good and great thing.  But,

then, their newly discovered pastime need not be a one-time



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