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Archive-name: Affairs/photog01.txt

Archive-author: Ralph Williams

Archive-title: Photographer, The - 1

                  I have always had an interest in photography that went

             beyond the enjoyment of looking at nude pictures in Playboy.

             So last fall, I decided to take a course offered through the

             community college in photography.  We did a number of

             different subjects in the course and one of the outside

             assignments was to do a series on a human subject.  I talked

             Nancy, a gorgeous brunette that works with me into being my

             model.  At work, I'm known as a kind and quiet man who is

             "safe" but not particularly exciting.  I have never been

             very aggressive with woman and am sort of plain looking.

             Nancy knew that she was safe and that all I wanted were some

             nice pictures.  She agreed after I promised that she could

             have copies.  She wore a blue evening dress and had her hair

             styled specially (also an expense I absorbed) for the

             session.  It went smoothly with me taking two rolls of film

             of her doing close-up and glamor shots.  After developing

             the pictures in the class, I took copies to work for Nancy

             and she was so pleased she showed them to all our coworkers.

             I got lots of praise for the work from both my coworkers and

             the class.

                  A month later, Christine (another coworker) approached

             me and asked if I would photograph her.  I agreed and asked

             to bring what she wanted to pose in to my house that

             Saturday.  Christine is a tall, very slender brunette with

             an extremely tight body and a small chest.  She is very

             quiet and reserved at work.  I rented some extra lights and

             set up a backdrop in my basement (I hope to add a darkroom

             too).  Christine showed up wearing workout clothes with a

             small bag.  She said that she wanted to start of in that so

             we went straight to work.  I talked her through a number of

             poses.  After I was done with the first roll, she went to

             the bathroom to change.  She came out in a tiny strapless

             orange bikini.  My mouth dropped to the floor.  I regained

             my composure and we went back to work.   I had her pose many

             ways being sure to get a couple closeups for myself and a

             couple with her facing away from the camera (what a hiney!).

             After two roles of film , Christine went back to the

             bathroom and changed back into her work out clothes.  She

             thanked me and told me she was looking forward to seeing the


                  I stopped by Christine's desk on Wednesday (I had

             borrowed a friends darkroom to develop the pictures) and

             gave her the pictures.  She left them in the envelope and

             said that she would look at them later.  I can't blame her

             for not wanting the whole office drooling over her in a

             bikini.  Thursday, she came by my desk to thank me again and

             to ask if I would do some more.  I agreed to have her come

             over again Saturday (who wouldn't!) for another session.

                  Saturday morning, I once again set up my equipment for

             the shoot.  Needless to say I was quite excited.  Christine

             showed up at 10:00 wearing another workout suit and carrying

             her bag again.  This time she excused herself and went

             straight to the bathroom to change.  I played around with

             the equipment wondering what type of surprises she might

             have for me today.  I was hoping that she might have brought

             along another bikini.  She came out of the bathroom wearing

             a skimpy teddy!  I was having a hard time concealing my

             excitement.  Christine explained that she wanted some

             special pictures for her boyfriend to remember her by when

             he was away on business.  She laid down across the set with

             one hand supporting her head and the other running along her

             side.  Her brown nipples were clearly visible through the

             top and I could just make out a small dark patch through her

             sheer white panties.  Needless to say, I started shooting

             away.  Soon, I had her moving all around so I could get a

             better pictures (not to mention a better view!).  When I

             went to change film, she said she was going to change into

             something else.  I was disappointed, figuring that I had

             seen all that I was going to.  Five minutes later she came

             out wearing a black silk night shirt and white stockings.

             It was not transparent as the teddy had been but her nipples

             still cast an interesting contour through the silk.  The

             shirt was slit near the bottom on both sides and I could

             just catch the tops of the stockings.  They apparently were

             being held up by a garter belt!.

                  She laid down belly first on the set and I started

             shooting closeups of her face.  If she had been a little

             better built, I would have had some good cleavage but as I

             mentioned earlier, Christine is slight.  I walked around her

             back and saw that the shirt had ridden up her backside

             exposing part of each cheek.  She didn't have any panties

             on!  My bulge was getting tougher and tougher to conceal and

             walking was getting painful.  I moved back to the front of

             the set and put my camera back on the tripod (help conceal

             the shake in my hand).  She rose up to a semi kneeling

             position and unbuttoned a couple buttons on the shirt.  Then

             she took part of the left shoulder and leaned her head over

             it.  She stared up at the camera and I took some shots.  It

             was one hot pose!  Then she kneeled at a 90 degree angle to

             the camera and worked the shirt to expose the side of her

             thigh (without showing any of her privates) and the garter


                  I was out of film again (I don't know how I noticed!).

             As I was changing film, Christine got up and got a drink (I

             had set out some white wine).  She brought a glass over to

             me and asked me if I would promise to be discreet.  I

             thought it a little strange to ask after she had already had

             the pictures shot but agreed that it would do neither of us

             any good to circulate anything at the office.  She made me

             promise to give her all the negatives but said that I could

             keep some pictures for myself.  Then she said that it was

             time to get back to work (I thought maybe she was done by

             the tone of her conversation).  She sat down on the set and

             undid all but one button on the nightshirt.  One of her

             small breasts peeked out from one side of the shirt.  Not

             knowing if it was on purpose or inadvertent, I quickly shot

             some pictures.  It on purpose as she lowered Christine shirt

             to her lap exposing both tits.  They were absolutely

             gorgeous, small and pert with the brown nipples standing

             out.  I was in seventh heaven.  She unbuttoned the last

             button on the shirt and threw it off the set.  She was now

             sitting indian style with nothing but the white garter belt

             and stockings.  I still couldn't see her pussy because of

             the way she was sitting.  After I shot a couple more frames,

             she laid on her belly facing me.  I caught a glimpse of her

             pussy as she laid out.  She a really tight butt and the

             cheeks looked really firm.  She rolled over and stood up

             with her back facing me and looked over her shoulder at the

             camera.  Finally she turned around and I got to view her in

             all her glory.  She had a neatly trimmed pussy with a thin

             downy looking bush.  I had run out of film again.  I

             practically tore the camera apart and reloaded in record

             time as I didn't want to miss this opportunity of a

             lifetime.  Christine had sat back down when I turned around

             to the set.  She was sitting with her knees up to her chest.

             She said that she wanted some extreme closeups and spread

             her knees partly and put both hands down on both sides of

             her pussy.  I moved in for the closeups as she pulled the

             lips apart showing the pinkness inside.  I couldn't believe

             Christine was such a hot lady under her quiet exterior.  A

             finger entered the slippery folds and she frigged in and out

             a couple times as I shot away (with the camera).  She rolled

             over on her belly and stuck her ass up at me.  I snapped a

             couple more shots of her brown and pink holes as she

             continued to slide her finger in and out of her pussy.  She

             rolled onto her back and I could see that her eyes were

             closed.  The pace of her finger had picked up too.  I shot

             away and found once again that I was out of film.  As I

             changed film, I saw that Christine had not noticed my

             absence (or my presence at that point) and was furiously

             moving her finger in and out and pulling at her nipples with

             the other hand, alternating from tit to tit.  I got back

             just in time to capture her face at the moment of climax.

             As she came down to earth, I snapped a couple more shots

             with her hand laying next to her wide open pussy with the

             juices clearly visible on it.  After a couple minutes, she

             reopened her eyes and looked up at me and blushed slightly.

             She had made very little noise during the whole performance

             (just a occasional whimper and some deep breathing,

             Christine was definitely not a screamer!).

                  She could plainly see my bulge.  She told me she would

             take care of my problem and thank me properly for the

             pictures if I promised to respect her relationship with her

             boyfriend.  She told me that she wouldn't let me fuck her

             but she would give me a blowjob.  She  motioned me over to

             her and reached up for my zipper and lowered it.  She

             reached in my shorts and pulled my cock out.  I have an

             average cock (six and a half inches and a little thicker

             than some) and she complimented me on it.  She guided me

             back to a seat near the tripod and sat me down, taking the

             opportunity to lower my pants and shorts.   As I sat, I

             kicked them completely off.  She kneeled down and took my

             cock in her mouth.  It was unbelievable.  She suck gently on

             the tip and ran it down, a little deeper each time.  She

             pulled it out and licked the underside down to the balls.

             She engulfed the head and went all the way down to the base.

             She raised her head to the tip again and started tonguing it

             while her hand grabbed my base and began to jack it.  I

             reached over and picked up my camera again.  I finished out

             the roll of film taking pictures of her sucking my cock.

             After having been as excited as I was for the last hour (it

             seemed much longer), I didn't have much staying power.  I

             was soon shooting my load down her throat.  She was

             obviously skilled and took the whole load without missing a

             drop.  I sat on the chair totally spent as she gently

             stroked my cock with her small hands.  After I regained my

             power to speak, I thanked her.  Christine made me promise

             that I would tell no one of our session (any part of it) and

             reminded me that I had promised her the negatives.  She got

             up and went to the bathroom.  By the time she came out

             (dressed once more in the workout suit), I had put my pants

             back on and was turning off the lights and cleaning up.  She

             thanked me again and kissed me lightly before leaving.

                  I went to my friends house Sunday to develop the film.

             It took most the day to do it but I wanted to get it right.

             I wanted to be sure that all the pictures came out right

             because Christine had said that I could keep a set of

             prints.  I had to do it right the first time as I had

             promised to return the negatives and would not get a second

             chance.  The results were quite impressive and I did a lot

             of blowups.

                  Monday, at the office, I told Christine that I had her

             prints and negatives out in my car (I didn't want to take

             the chance anyone could get a hold of them in the office).

             After work, we walked out to the car and I gave them to her.

             She thanked me again and I told her that I should be

             thanking her.  I told her anytime she wanted another shoot,

             To just let me know.

                  Thursday, she came up to me at the office.  She said

             that she had given the pictures to her boyfriend as a

             birthday present.  He (and she) were both impressed with the

             results.  She admitted that she hadn't given him the

             pictures of her frigging herself or the ones of her blowing

             me.  She didn't think he could handle that.

                  I still can't believe that this experience happened to

             me.  Not only did I have a great experience, my camera work

             has improved.


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