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Archive-name: Affairs/patrick.txt


Archive-title: Patrick

   First of all, I am thirty-four years old, married and a schoolteacher. My

home sex life is rather dull, which accounts for the vivid imagination that

I've managed to develop over the years, especially as I work with many gorgeous

young women. My fantasies always revolve around some of my students, who are

aged from sixteen to eighteen.  Being a confirmed "ass man" I am constantly

distracted by the lucious curves all around me at school. I imagine that the

girls are all ready and just waiting for me to make the first move.  I pick out

one girl, and during the class, while the rest of the students are working, I

move over casually to this student and start talking with her about her work.

While talking I will absentmindedly stroke her hair, and she will respond by

resting her head on my hand, carefully so that nobody will notice.  We are both

quickly becoming excited.  She knows what I want, and she wants it too.

   By this time I am becoming hard, and she will notice and push her chair back

a little so that her shoulder is pressing against my erection, where she rubs

it with little movements.  In turn I point to her work in front of her and

manage to brush against her breast "accidentally". The risk of somebody

noticing what we are doing makes it all the more exciting to us.  By this time

we are both so horny that it must become noticeable, so I back off and suggest

that she come with me to a storeroom to get some materials.  The rest of the

class continues working.

   When we get to the storeroom I lock the door and then turn to her.  She is

waiting, roused, but not knowing what to do as I am the first man that has

affected her this way.  We kiss delicately, and then I turn her back to me and

pull her to me.  At first she doesn't understand why, but when I start touching

and fondling her breasts and nipples she sees the advantages of this position

and presses back against me.  Then I slowly work down to her clitoris and the

tension builds up in her until I finally reach under her jeans and panties and

rub my finger between her slit.  It is wet now and juicy with anticipation.

She is frantically pushing and rubbing her ass against my cock by this time,

and I'm almost bursting.  I undo her jeans button and unzip her fly, while at

the same time she has reached behind her and is undoing my zipper and stroking

my erect cock. It's size scares her for a while, and I have to gently persuade

her that she can take it in.  By this time she is really hot, so she pushes is

between her legs and guides it so that I can shove it into her quickly.

   We fuck quietly and excitedly, standing up, with her back still to me, with

an added thrill from the fact that anybody may come into the storeroom at any

time.  She reaches down and fondles my balls while I excite her nipples and

clitoris simultaneously.  We both come together, and it's like the end of the

world.  When we walk out of the storeroom later, both of us are flushed and yet

trying to appear normal.

  While this may appear to be a quite ordinary fantasy, for me it became a fact

about six months ago, and the student and I became lovers (and are still

lovers).  We fucked whenever we could, and there are a suprisingly large number

of places around a school where one can meet and fuck. I was her first lover,

but she became a very willing pupil, and learned all that she could about

fucking, anal and oral sex. We've tried just about everything, and she loves it

all, as I do. We both particularly prefer oral sex, as there is something

really relaxing about just laying back recieving pleasure from a person who is

really devoted to you (just as it is equally relaxing to give pleasure to

another whom you love, without violent movements to distract.)

  So I think that I'm extremely fortunate in being able to live out my

fantasies in real life.  How many others can say that?


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