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Archive-name: Affairs/oldflame.txt


Archive-title: Old Flame

This is a true account of how my wife and I began our current

'Open marriage' lifestyle. We realize that an open marriage is not

right for everyone but it has worked out great of us. Although I

have only been with three other women. Two of those were at a

swing party we attended. Peggy has had over fifteen different

lovers. She is currently involved with two other men and sees them

both almost every week. Sometimes for only an afternoon quicky

while other times spending the entire night with her lover. Anyway

this is how we began.

Peggy and I have been happily married for eight years. Fortunately

I have been somewhat successful in business and this has afforded

us some of life luxuries. We own a condo on the beach and since my

work involves a lot of travel I became a licenced pilot and

purchased a 4 place single engine airplane.  

Peggy spends much of her time at the country club playing golf and

tennis and working out in the gym. She maintains her all over tan

year round at the clubs tanning booths. She has a beautiful face

surrounded by her medium length blond hair and has always enjoyed

teasing men, showing her beauty and by the way men look at her.

Like most couples we have sexual fantasies involving other people.

These fantasies mostly involved Peggy having sex with other men

and we have even discussed who it could be. I especially wanted to

watch Peggy to have sex with a complete stranger. Someone who

neither of us knew or would likely ever meet again. We of course

would meet this individual in another town and would not exchange

names making future meetings unlikely. 

Like most fantasies I felt this was not likely to ever happen but

it gave us a lot of excitement talking about it. I did encourage

her to enjoy sex with other men she became attracted to os long as

she told me the details of her encounters.

On this occasion Peggy took advantage of her sexual freedom. It

all began with a chance encounter with a man who she had dated

briefly while in college. She had slept with this man on their

first date and continued to have sex with him throughout her

senior year. Her college friend had been in town on business and

had been invited to our club by his business acquaintance. He saw

Peggy leaving the tennis courts and invited her to have a drink

with him. She accepted his offer. 

After catching each other up on the lost years their talk turned

to their college days. He mentioned how he remembered those days.

The two of them making love in her dorm room and in the back seat

of his car. Peggy laughed and told him that she had not had sex in

the back seat of a car since then. He teased her by asking if she

wanted to try it once more for old times sake. Peggy replied that

it would be nice but not in the back seat o a car. "Where then?"

he asked. Knowing I had encouraged her and was out of town and

wouldn't be late she offered "Well, I don't have a dorm room now,

but I do have a bedroom." The two walked out of the club to their

cars where Peggy's friend followed her home.

That night I arrived home about 11:30. Peggy was watching TV in a

sexy black nighty. "I've got a surprise for you tonight." she

said. I noticed she was not wearing panties. "Bet I know what it

is." I replied. "You'll get that too but that's not the surprise."

she said. I quickly thought of important dates, it wasn't our

anniversary. Not anyone's birthday I could think of. "I give. What

is it?" I asked. Giving me a peck on the lips she answered.

"You'll just have to wait until you shower and come to bed." Peggy

started for our upstairs bedroom. Our sex life had always been

great so when Peggy said she had a surprise for me in our bed I

became excited and very curious.

I bolted for the stairs removing my shirt along the way. Passing

Peggy near the top of the stairs I said. "Just keep it warm, wet

and ready. I'll be showered in no time." "Its dripping wet now and

so hot it'll burn you." Peggy giggled.

I quickly showered and dried. Entering the bedroom I saw Peggy had

dimmed the lights and had opened a bottle of champagne. My cock

was standing tall as I got between the sheets, ready for my

surprise. I jumped as my leg and ass lay against a large wet place

in the bed "Geez, honey. What did you do spill something in the

bed?" "No, Why do you ask?" she was teasing me now. "Well someone

spilt something here and since you're the only one here..."

Stopping my sentence Peggy said still teasing "Well it's true I'm

the only one here now but someone else could have been here.

Anyway, that wetness is more of a leak than a spill."

My mind raced trying to imagine what Peggy was taking about. The

image of Peggy fucking someone in our bed passed before my eyes

but I was sure it couldn't be that. "What do you mean by it's more

like a leak?" I asked. "Well," Peggy began "you know how you have

been wanting me to fuck someone else." "You mean..." "Yes. Yes, I

did it. I fucked another man right where you're laying and the

wetness is his cum that leaked out of me. In fact it's still

leaking out if you care to check."

Suddenly I became super excited. Visions of my wife laying under

another man, her ass arching up to meet his downward thrust. "You

mean you really did it. You really fucked someone else right

here?" I said excitedly as I maneuvered myself between Peggy's

thighs. "Yes I did it. I really did it and it was fantastic." she


As my face buried into the silky wetness of my wife's pussy I

pleaded. "Tell me about it. Tell me everything." I knew she was

being truthful now. Peggy's pussy was super wet and I could taste

the unmistakable taste of a man's cum. "You eat and I'll tell you


Peggy began telling me of her afternoon. She told me of her chance

meeting at the club and how she had invited her friend to our

house and into our bed. She said that as they undressed each other

she had taken him into her mouth. She said she had almost

forgotten how thick his cock was. He was still uncircumcised and

was so excited that he shot his first load in less than two

minutes. Peggy said that he had so much cum and that it was so

thick that she couldn't swallow fast enough and some of the thick

white semen had leaked down her chin and onto her boobs. Her

friend leaned down and took her boob into his mouth, cleaning her

boob of his own cum. They then embraced and kissed as they lay

back on the bed. 

Her friend continued to kiss her breast and finger her pussy as

they kissed and caressed each other. Soon he was between her legs,

his tongue flicking her clit then darting inside her pussy. Peggy

said he would almost bring her to a climax then change his rhythm.

Sometimes his tongue would find her ass and slowly trace around

and across the opening. 

Peggy loved a rim job and I knew she must have been super hot by

her old friends actions. With his tongue back to her pussy he

brought her to an explosive orgasm. She told me that she was sure

our neighbors heard her screams of pleasure. His cock, erect

again, he had climbed on top of my wife. Sinking his manhood into

her wetness the two of them fucked for what Peggy described as


I'm sure it wasn't that long but she did tell me they had changed

positions several times. Sometimes with her on top fucking him.

Sometimes in dog fashion, his cock slamming into her depths. Peggy

had several orgasms before her friend sent his second load of cum

deep into her. He had been on top of her when he came and she said

this is when most of the bed wetting happened.

Peggy said that both of them were so exhausted from fucking that

they had fallen asleep with his cock still inside her. 

It was already dark when she was awakened by her friend. His cock

was once again hard and he was slowly fucking her. Their rhythm

quickened as both came fully awake and more excited. Peggy told me

of how he had fucked her pussy then her ass then back to her pussy

before cumming inside her pussy again.

She said it was almost eleven before they finished fucking. She

had tried to get him to stay the night so I could watch her fuck

him but she said he was too nervous to stay.

Peggy had two orgasms as I ate her pussy and she told me of her

encounter. My own cock had spent itself on the bed but had

remained hard. I climbed on top of her and sank my cock into her

pussy. Still tremendously excited by sloppy seconds I exploded

within a minute. As we lay still. My cock still inside her, she

said. "Ummm. My pussy feels great. Sore but great. Three hot loads

of cum inside me. Three hot loads still filling my pussy and one

huge load in my belly feels great."

My cock was stirring again. I kissed her passionately as I began

to pump my cock into her pussy. Peggy was meeting my thrust with

her own. Soon it would be four hot loads inside her.


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