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Archive-name: Affairs/nitwatc3.txt

Archive-author: Bernie

Archive-title: Night Watchman

	I have a job as a night watchman at a construction project. It was a

quiet night on the eleven-to-seven shift, when some workers came in to do a bit

of a tile work. They were bringing in their equipment when I noticed that a

beautiful blonde in her early twenties was part of the crew. When she walked

over to me and asked where the nearest water spigot was, I sat there not saying

a word, running my eyes over her tasty young body. She had piercing blue eyes,

huge breasts that bounced wildly beneath a thin, button-down shirt, and a narrow

waist. I finally came to my senses and told her I would show her the spigot in

one of the backrooms.

	When we got there, she introduced herself as Cleo and asked if I would

connect her hose for her. I would love to connect my hose to her, I thought to

myself, but of course said nothing. As I bent down to hook up her hose to the

spigot, Cleo leaned over to watch. I could feel her breasts on my back. I was

pleased by the firmness of her melon-size tits, and would have been happy to

have them pressed against my back for the rest of the night.

	Cleo returned to her work and I returned to my chair, about thirty feet

away from her. She took off her shirt and did her work in a tank top. I got

quite a show as she bent down to mix some grout. My cock began to stiffen. I

had to make my first hourly rounds early, in order to give the poor, throbbing

thing a rest.

	When I returned, Cleo was arguing with her boss. After a few minutes of

this, she dropped her putty knife and walked over to me. She was quiet for some

time, glancing off into space as I wrote in my watchman's log. Finally she

looked at me and said, "Let me make the rounds with you." And before I could

explain it wasn't necessary to do that for another hour, she grabbed my hand

and pulled me from my chair.

	Well, we didn't go on my ususal route. Cleo led me to the back of the

building and up the stairs to a nearly empty storage room. After shutting the

door behind us, she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth and wiggling

it around. It has been a fantasy of mine to be at work and fuck a hot woman

with the risk of being caught by the foreman. And I was about to have my

fantasy fulfilled.

	Cleo gave me a wicked grin as she squatted between my legs and unbuckled

my belt. My holster hit the floor as she unzipped my pants and pulled my

underwear down. She gasped as she laid her eyes on my cock and balls. I'd

shaved my pubic hair off at the request of my girlfriend Gina, and Cleo was

excited by the sight and the feel of this, her first bald cock. She ran her

fingers along the smooth skin, and my cock quickly rose to attention. When it

was at full mast, Cleo took it between her lips. She deep-throated me, resting

her lips at the shaved base of my cock, even sucking my balls into her mouth.

	Then she pulled me out of her mouth and licked my hairless scrotum,

sucking only my balls and stroking my shaft with her hand. The sensation was

indescribable! Then she went back to work on the full lenght of my cock, again

and again taking me into her mouth.

	Cleo bobbed her head up and down, massaging every inch of my love gun

with her lips and tongue. When she sped up her strokes, I couldn't hold back

any longer and filled her mouth with a burst of hot, thick come. She didn't

swallow it all at once, but instead pulled away and looked up at me with her

mouth open, showing me that most of my load was still on her tongue. Then she

kissed me and we both swallowed the remainder of my semen. 


	After licking her lips, Cleo stood upand started removing her clothes,

saying "your turn." She wasn't wearing a bra or panties, and as she stripped I

was transfixed by her naked beauty. She had a full body tan, huge breasts with

tiny nipples and a thin patch of dark hair between her legs. I kissed her, then

continued down her body with my lips, taking one nipple then the other into my

mouth on my long journey down to her wet pussy.

	I was turned on by how every part of Cleo's body was tight. She

obviously worked out regularly. When I reached the magic area, I sank my 

tongue into her pussy and flicked her clit with my tongue. It was then that she

a tremendous orgasm. I drank every drop of her love juices and, returning the

favor from before, let her suck some of her own tanguy come off my tongue.

	Next, Cleo laid down on the cold, hard concrete and fingered herself.

She spread her legs when she was again good and hot and said, "Do it to me."

As if I needed any coaxing! I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and

positionned myself between her legs, and held them in the air as I pumped my

erection in and out of her thight oven. And I mean thight! Her pussy was

clenched around my prick like a fist.

	Her cunt sucked and sucked my cock. I really love my girlfriend Gina,

but fucking a different woman was a great experience. Cleo had her second

orgasm of the night, bucking and squealing all the way through it. I kept on

fucking her, surprised that I hadn't come yet. Great things can't last forever

though, and I could feel my orgasm building. But before I could come, Cleo

pulled me out of her and took my cock in her mouth. My come shot into her

like a liquid bullet, and this time she swallowed every drop.

	When we'd both caught our breath, we picked up our clothes and got

dressed. We were shocked to find out that out clothes were covered with plaster

from the walls and floor. Cleo also had plaster on her sweaty ass and back. We

both laughed, brushed off our clothes the best we could and returned to the

main floor.

	The next time I saw my girlfriend Gina, I told her about that night. She

was jealous, but as we have always been totally honest with each other, she

accepted it. In fact, after I'd explain some of the things Cleo had done, like

making me taste my own come, the next time we made love Gina did exactly that.

Now she tells me she wants to have threesome with Cleo... Maybe we will!!!


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