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Archive-name: Affairs/nitethot.txt

Archive-author: ErosJer Jerrylv@uottawa.cms

Archive-title: What Does it Feel Like to Be a Girl on the Make?

  Caroline really felt alone that night.. husband Jerry had been out of town

for two days in Montreal, maybe sleeping with his girlfriend, that damned stu-

dent of his who's  so young and gorgeous."I wonder what they do together that

Jerry and I don't; we sure have super satisfying sex, and often. I wish he were

not so highly charged in the sex department. It would be so nice if we could

just relax a bit more and spend more nights together at home and on dates..

  Well, that's enough worrying about it for this evening. I'd better take my

shower, wash my hair and dress for my concert with the orchestra tonight. Boy,

do I have important and challenging solos to play. I wish Jerry could hear this

one - he always appreciates my playing and tells me how much he loves to hear

me in solos I frequently have.

  Mmmmm, this shower feels so good. I needed this warmth to make me perk up..

ahh how nice my nipples feel as the force of the spray wakes them up.. ahhh,

I can feel it in my pussy too! Maybe I'll take down the portable shower spray

and direct it where it can do the most good! Ooooh, that's it, right on little

clit.. just a little bit less direct, there, ahhh  -  wonderful! Mmmmmmm oh

how I like to feel like this.. it makes me so horny.. wish Jerry were in here

with me.. maybe I'll go out with some of the other musicians after the concert;

I haven't gone out for drinks in quite awhile. Ooooooh, I'm nearly coming!

  Now, I'll stand so the spray can trickle down my bum.. I love the way the

hot water stimulates my anus when I get it just right... like NOW! wow, is

that great. Ahhhhhh, coming.. so.... good!  Hair dryer on, right. Now, I'll

get the right look to my hairdo, just like Miguel showed me to do it... that

looks fine! Now to select some lingerie... oh, I love this outfit of cotton

pink lightweight chemise and tap pants, Jerry gave me a few weeks ago. I feel

so feminine wearing them, and I love the freedom down there I feel with the

tap pants. Under a skirt, I can feel the air circulating between my pussy lips

just walking down the street... what a nice sensation! Now, time to put on

my stockings and garter belt.. what color? Black, of course, for my concert

dress, and for apres concert.. my black cocktail dress with V-collar and my

best black half slip.. mmm do I love to wear that! Makeup? Red lipstick!

vamp? vamp!

  Now out to the car, flute in hand and music already at the concert hall.

  (later, after a fine concert).. Boy, that was fine .. the orchestra played

suberbly and all my solos went as I hoped they would. It was nice getting the

solo bow after Scherazade. And now, backstage after the concert, my old boy-

friend before meeting Jerry, Bill! He has invited me with some college friends

of his to drinks at the Bibliotheque bar over at the Beacon Arms Hotel. That

should be fun..

  Well, here we are, Bill's taken my arm just as naturally as he did five

years ago when we had such fun dating. I wonder how this evening will pro-

gress.. I wouldn't mind if we had the chance - to fuck him again! If Jerry

can have a girl friend, I guess I can love another man whenever I want to!

And Bill is just the guy who knows how to turn me on! "Yes, I'd love a

Manhattan, Bill. Glad you remembered my favorite drink." "Of course I'd like

to dance with you. It's been a long time. Oh, you dance so nicely, Bill! I

almost forgot how it feels. Jerry takes me dancing sometimes, but he's not

as red hot as you are.. lover. Oooh, that felt so good when you let me twirl

three times.. I love it!! You are such a great dancer! Thanks so much, Bill.

Let's do quite a few more, and then, could we go somewhere, just the two of

us???  Great!"

  Two manhattans later - Goodnight, all. Bill's nice to drive me home. See

you all soon. "Bill, why don't you just drive me home. Jerry's out of town

all night.. so, there's no problem."   I love your driving, Bill. So smooth.

I remember all the drives we took together a few years ago. "Sure, we can

go over to Rockcliffe Park to look at the river in the moonlight.. you know

I adore that spot.."  Bill, doesn't the river look lovely tonight? Ahhhh,

you kiss me so softly.. I almost forgot what it feels like. mmmmm. Nice...

Bill's kissing my neck now.. he knows how that sends me.. Ohhhh does it

feel great.. I love his aftershave, so subtle, it almost makes me feel

faint, but I love the feeling. Now he's licking my ear, all around it..

and blowing cool air right into my ear..! I can feel that all the way to

my cunt! What a lover, Bill. Just when I needed some attention. You will be

wonderful, I know! His arm feels so nice around my shoulder, now he's reach-

ing inside my dress for my breast, rubbing my nipple through my bra.. oh how

I love the way he teases me.. and, does it feel wet in my panties.. with the

tap pants, my legs are feeling wet from my cunt's dripping.. I feel as if he

could penetrate me already! How great this feeling is.. exciting to be making

out illicitly!!!! His hand is on my leg, just feeling me up at my hem line;

do I love the warmth of his hand I can feel through my stockings! Now he's

reached my garter tab.. he's pulling it out just a little to ... ah .. let it

go again.. I love that.. Now he's getting closer.. touching the edge of my

tap panties leg section.. ohh the waiting is killing me.. I love the way his

tongue is loving mine, and we're breathing so hard now.. can I wait until we

get home?? I don't know..! Ahhhhh his fingers are moving under my tap pants..

he can so easily have access to my clit and pussy. Does he know it.. yes!!!

ahhhhhh that feels so beautiful.. Bill knows just how to push all my right

buttons... ahhhh his finger is so light on my clit.. I have to spread my

legs wide.. ohh what will he think about my modesty..? Who cares, at this

point. "Bill.. let's go to my home Now! Pleassssse?" "Okay, Caroline. It is

so wonderful being with you again. Anything that makes you more comfortable is

what I want for you." "Thank you, darling Bill."

  "Here's the key to the side door. Why don't you open it and carry me inside?

  "Great idea, Caroline! I wish you'd married me instead of Jerry. You know

how I've always loved you." "I know, Bill. Let's pretend for tonight that we

did get married. I'm yours for anything you want to do to me!" Ohh, nice!

You're so strong. You easily lifted me up right in your arms. Where do you

want to take me? To my bedroom..? Okay, the place is ours! Oooh my dress is

coming off.. you don't waste any time, Bill. "No, Caroline my love. I can't

wait to see you naked again, to feel all of you as we used to when we made

love before.  I remember, honey. It was beautiful, and you'll be wonderful

to me tongight, I know!" Oh, he's got my dress off and we're lying on the bed

already! Neat.. now to undo his tie.... there. shirt buttons next... there

goes my bra right on the floor.. ahhh my boobs, he's licking them... how that

makes my cunt ache for his beautiful prick.. how soon will I have it in my

mouth AGAIN? Wonderful long hot rammer and his skill in making me come over

and over and over... great! I've got his pants unbuttoned and am lowering his

zipper.. ah, I can get my hand in and can feel how hot and big he is..! wet

too.. through his underpants. Let's just reach inside here, ahhh does he feel

good! I want to eat him up! Let's slide his cock all the way out here.. now

lick the tip.. I love the taste of his honey.. so different from Jerry's..

I love them both! Now I have this love weapon in my hand up... down, up..

and is he smiling, groaning his pleasure.. do I love to give him this pleasure!

Ahhh, he's just pushed aside my tap pants and he's eating me out.. ooh does

that feel wonderful... I haven't felt like this for years, since Bill and I

last made love. Now, he's undoing my garter tab now the other now he's rolling

off my stockings, so slowly sensually.. God, it feels so nice. He's really

taking his time. And his tongue.. on my clit, rapidly now back and forth like

a butterfly.. ohh my God, I'm going to come... Ahhhhhhhh, darling I love you!!

Ooh he has a finger inside me, reaching upwards and massaging my sensitivist

place, my G-spot. Only Bill knows where this is in me and he will surely get

me off and gushing all my juices all over him.. will he like it? Ahhhhhhh

there it is! I'm oozing out everything I have.. and he's licking it all up.

"Does it taste good, BIll? Yes? Oh, wonderful! I didn't know. Oh, take me

now, fill me with that beautiful rammer and give me all your love. Ohhhh

I can feel you just at the edge of my pussy. I love the way you are just

touching my clit with the tip of your penis and moving it in slow circles..

you know how wonderful that makes me feel! Oh, BIll, I love this! I love you!!

Ooooooooh THAT feels so fantastic! An inch of you inside my warm longing

tunnel of love for YOU! BIll.. come to me.. (I pull him eagerly further inside

me and feel soooo full of him.. now we're moving to our rhythm... wonderful

feeling, fucking my old flame... fuck cock suck come feel great ohh thanks for

rubbing my nipples I can feel it deep inside my womb now! Ohh I love this.

"Thank you BIll, for being there just when I needed you..." Ahhhhh you're

coming, GREAT.... fill me with your spunk, I love the feel of it splashing

deep inside me... you are such a great lover.. I love you! (fade)


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