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Archive-name: Affairs/nitcairo.txt


Archive-title: Night in Cairo


The following story is based on a brief affair I had with a Mid-East

lady in Cairo, 3 years ago. In this story I have considerably embellished

the lady's charms.  Also I have compressed the time of the affair from one 

week to the unlikely period of one day !!!

Your comments about this amateurish work are most welcome.


It was about 3pm in the afernoon and I was sitting in the lobby, skimming

through the 'TIME'. It was not crowded at the time and I relaxed, taking 

in the elegant green marble and chrome facade of the lobby. Looking a little

beyond the glass door leading to the inner courtyard, I could see the 

attractive fountains and well maintained gardens, a welcome sight in this

hot dry climate.

It was then that the little bald man came inside. He was about 50, looked

arab and was dressed in an elegant grey suit. He spoke to the receptionist,

who nearly fell on her knees in respect. He then walked back to the door.

"What's wrong with you, Selma?" he called. He appeared to glower at somebody.

I was observing this gentleman with no great interest and resumed reading

the 'TIME'. Presently the scent of musk announced A Feminine Presence.

I looked up. Standing beside him was this lady, and she was looking around

the lobby. She was about 27, wearing a long skirt and and full sleeved shirt,

with a black muslin scarf around her head. Blood rushed to my groin as I saw

her and my little pecker started getting on his feet. She was about 5'9" tall,

with fair face, straight nose and high cheekbones, cool grey eyes and jet

black hair which reached a little below her shoulders. She had heavy breasts

which jutted out through the thin material of her shirt and full rounded hips

to match. Suddenly I caught her looking at me and our eyes locked for a few 

seconds. Flustered I looked down at the 'TIME' and pretended to read it. 

That night I met her again at the party. I had put her out of my mind and

was reaching for my ninth dose of wine from the low table, kept plentifully


"Hello, eyecatcher..!", I turned around and saw her. She had changed into

jeans and a T shirt and was standing there with her hands on hips.

"I would like an orange juice, would you oblige?" she asked me. There was a

a thin smile on her lips. I gave her the glass, but refused to let go

until her fingers closed on mine. "My, my", she said gently wrenching it

from me. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Somebody bumped into me

spilling wine on my shirt. I looked at him in disgust. "Come on", I smiled at

her,"the garden seems much more civilized."

I lead her to the parks where the crowd was a bit less. "My husband has gone

for the conference, I really should'nt be here, you know", she said. I smiled

and patted her shoulder. We talked a bit, her husband was in the arms dealing

business and making tonnes of money. He usually doesnt take her around with

him. Not unlikely, I thought, with that load of money he can screw his ass

of every night with a bevy of the most desirable girls. 

As we walked our hands brushed each other. After a time we stopped pretending

and my hand was on her elbow, pulling her close to me. Soon her hips ground 

against me, 

"Oops !" she said, but I drew her close, pulling her face to mine. 

We kissed hungrily for a few minutes, my hands running over her thighs, 

cupping and kneading her buttocks. Her heavy breasts rhythmically rubbed on 

my chest.

"I really must go now" she gasped breaking the kiss. 

"Of course.. of course," I said "but where to go is the problem.Yours or mine?".

She stared at me for some time.

"Listen romeo," she pouted, "I want no trouble, ok? He'll be back after....."

My lips were again on hers, and my hands cupped and caressed her delicious

globes. She responded and pressed her pubic mound on my crotch.

"Ooh" she moaned "You really want to eat me!"

I couldnt get her to my room fast enough.


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