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Archive-name: Affairs/mike01.txt


Archive-title: Party, The

Mike is somewhat shy and quiet.  He is married to Betty, a

vivacious, outgoing girl who likes to flirt with other men.  When

they go to parties together, Mike usually winds up being

something of a wallflower while Betty disappears into the crowd.

     Mike was actually enjoying himself.  He couldn't believe it. 

Normally, he didn't particularly like parties.  He went because

his wife liked to go and he usually wound up in a small group

talking while his wife disappeared on the dance floor.  But

tonight Mike was enjoying himself.  He was dancing with the

hostess, June, and he was enjoying every move they made together

in the crowded den.  He caught sight of his wife across the

crowded room, dancing with June's husband.  Even seeing the way

she was molding her body to her partner's didn't upset him

tonight.  It didn't bother him because June's body was glued to


     Mike couldn't believe how he and June were dancing.  She had

her face buried against his neck and he could feel her lips sort

of nibbling at his throat.  Her body was molded to his own and he

could feel her ample tits against his chest through the pullover

shirt which he wore.  He was sure she wasn't wearing a bra.  He

had been pretty sure before he danced with her, because he could

see her nipples pressing against the soft thin blouse she wore. 

Now he was absolutely sure she was braless, because he could feel

her tits pressing against his chest.  He was amazed at the way

she was rubbing up against him as they danced.  He could feel her

crotch against his thigh.  She was actually rubbing her pussy

against his leg!  And her hip was pressing against his crotch. 

He knew that his dick was getting hard in his pants as they

danced.  He wondered if she could feel it.

     "Umm, Mike, you must be enjoying this as much as I am," June

whispered in his ear.  "You're getting a hard-on."

     "I'm sorry, June," he said, "I just couldn't help it."

     "Don't appologize," she giggled.  "I think of it as a

compliment."  As she said this, she boldly rubbed her stomach

against the bulge in his pants.  He gasped with pleasure.

     "Why don't we go out and dance on the patio where it isn't

so crowded?" June suggested.  "Besides, it's cooler out there."

     June pulled away from him and took his hand.  They threaded

their way through the swaying couples and went out through the

sliding glass doors onto the patio.  There were two other couples

dancing in the semi-darkness away from the light which came

through the sliding glass door.

     June led him over to a dark corner of the patio and snuggled

up against him.  He took her in his arms and they began to move

to the music again.  As they danced, he glanced at the other two

couples.  He could see that one couple was the gal who lived

across the street from him and a guy from across town.  He

suddenly realized that the guy had one hand in the woman's

blouse!  He was feeling her tits as they danced!

     If he had thought June was dancing close inside, it was

nothing compared to what was going on now.  She was actually

rubbing her stomach up against his hard dick!  She seemed to be

enjoying the feel of it against her belly.

     Mike caught a glimpse of the other couple and suddenly

realized that it was his wife and June's husband.  They didn't

seem to realize that Mike and June were there.  He saw that

June's husband had his hand down on his wife's ass.  He was

squeezing it and probing between her legs with his fingers from

behind.  Then he realized that she had her hand down between them

and was rubbing his dick through his pants.

     "They really seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they?"

June whispered in his ear.

     "You don't mind?" Mike asked.

     "Oh, no," June chuckled.  "Sam has been wanting to get in

Betty's pants ever since we met the two of you."

     "What?!" gasped Mike.  He drew back and looked down at her.

     "Oh, don't be like that," she told him.  "Actually, I've

been wanting to get in your pants ever since Betty told me what a

big dick you have."  She reached down and boldly grasped his hard

dick through his pants.

     "Boy, she wasn't lying," June giggled.  She slid her hand up

and down the length of his big rod, massaging it through his


     "Come on, forget them," June whispered to him.  She took one

of his hands and slid it inside the bottom of her blouse.

     Mike found himself sliding his hand up over her warm flesh

in spite of himself.  His hand closed on her big tit and he began

to squeeze and manipulate it.  She gasped into his ear.  Out of

the corner of his eye, he saw Sam slide the zipper down in the

back of Betty's pants and slip his hand down inside.  He knew

that Betty wasn't wearing any panties so he knew that Sam had his

hand on Betty's bare ass.  He saw that Sam had his other hand up

inside Betty's blouse, and he knew that she wasn't wearing a bra

either.  He wondered for a moment if Betty knew he was there,

then he realized that she had her head buried in Sam's neck, and

couldn't possibly know who else might be on the patio.  Stangely,

Mike found himself almost as excited by what Sam and Betty were

doing as by what he and June were doing.

     "Why don't you pull my skirt up and feel my pussy?"

suggested June.  "I'm not wearing any panties," she added.

     Without hesitating, Mike pulled her short skirt up in the

back and slid his hand down over her warm bare ass.  When he

reached the bottom of her ass, he just slid his hand right in

between her legs from behind and dipped his middle finger into

her crack.  He found her pussy flowing with juice!

     Glancing at Sam and Betty again, he saw that Betty was

unzipping Sam's pants.  Evidently, Sam was not wearing any

shorts, because his dick sprang right out through the open fly. 

Mike was a little relieved to see that Sam's dick wasn't quite as

big as his own.

     Mike felt June's hand pulling his zipper down.  She pushed

the front of his jockey shorts down and wrapped her hot hand

around his hard prick.

     "Umm," she purred in his ear.  "That thing is huge."

     Mike removed his hand from June's blouse and boldly began to

unbutton it.  When he had it unbuttoned all the way, he pulled it

wide open and palmed one of her big jugs.

     "Why don't we find someplace a little more private?" June

suggested.  Mike didn't resist when she pulled away from him and

took him by the hand, leading him towards a gazebo in the back

corner of the yard.  Boldly, they walked hand in hand towards the

gazebo, with June's blouse hanging open and Mike's dick sticking

out of his open fly.  When they reached the gazebo, June led him

inside and then turned to face him.  She wrapped both her arms

around his neck and pulled his lips to her own.  Mike palmed both

of her tits as he kissed her.  He felt her breath quicken in his

mouth as he pinched her nipples.

     Pulling his lips away from hers, he bent down and took a big

rubbery nipple in his mouth.  He sucked it in between his lips,

gently nibbling on it.  While he sucked her tit, he reached down

and pulled her skirt up, sliding his hand up between her legs. 

He palmed her pussy, feeling the heat from it against the palm of

his hand.

     Gently, Mike inserted the tip of his finger between her

pussy lips, gradually sliding the finger down deeper into her

slit.  He rolled her clit with his finger, then slid his finger

farther down and swirled the end of it around in the entrance to

her pussy hole itself.

     He felt her slowly backing up.  He raised his head from her

tit to see what she was doing.  Then he realized that she was

maneurvering them to a table located over against the wall.  He

followed her, keeping his finger busy in her pussy.  When they

reached the table, June just reached down and pulled her skirt up

around her waist and sat her ass up on the edge of the table.

     She reached down and began to unfasten his belt and unfasten

his pants.  When they were unfastened, she let them slide down

and pushed his shorts down.  She wrapped her fingers around his

massive hard-on and slowly slid her hand up and down the length

of his shaft.  Mike now had his finger buried in her wet pussy. 

He was sliding it in and out of her, fingerfucking her with the

entire length of it.

     Suddenly, whe began to pull on his dick, drawing him close

to her.

     "Fuck me, Mike," she begged him.  "Stick that big dick up my

hot pussy and fuck my ass off," she told him.  Mike pulled his

finger out of her pussy and moved up against her.  He reached

down and took his dick in his hand, sliding the head of it up and

down in her juicy slot.  He could feel the heat coming from her

cunt.  It felt like an oven.  She pulled her legs up and spread

them.  Mike slid the end of his dick down to her cunt hole and

slowly began to push it up into her.  She groaned as his big dick

slowly penetrated her hot cunt.

     Mike couldn't believe how hot her pussy felt as it slowly

engulfed his dick.  He looked down and watched his dick disappear

up between her legs, sliding right up into the pink opening

framed by her black cunt hair.

     When he had it all the way up in her, he stood for a moment,

just feeling the wet heat surrounding his dick.  He reached down

and hooked his arms under her knees, lifting her legs and

spreading them wide.  June leaned back on the table and supported

herself on her hands.

     Mike slowly withdrew his dick until only the end was still

in her, then slowly pushed it back up into her again.  She

groaned as he fucked her, slowly and deeply.

     Mike began to pick up speed now, screwing his dick in and

out of her faster and faster.  She was responding to his thrusts,

pushing herself up to meet him on every thrust.  Harder and

harder he fucked her, slamming his dick in her up to the balls on

every stroke.

     Mike could feel it building up, deep in his balls.  He could

feel the pressure moving up along the shaft of his dick,

indicating that he was just on the verge of coming.  He wasn't

sure he could hold off much longer.

     Suddenly, June let out a little muffled scream, and her legs

began to jerk and spasm.  Her eyes were shut tight, her face a

picture of intense pleasure.  Mike groaned and suddenly thrust

forward hard, burying it as far up in her as it would go.  His

dick jerked and throbbed as it shot squirt after squirt of his

hot cum deep into her cunt.  Finally, the spasms of pleasure

subsided and he just stood there with his dick still buried in

her cunt.

     After a few moments, he slowly withdrew his prick from the

juicy hole.  She kind of moaned a little as the end slipped out

of her.  He lowered her legs and pulled her back up to a sitting


     "Oh, boy," she smiled at him.  "That was really something


     "You can say that again," he agreed with her.  "I can't

remember when I have come so hard."

     "It's that strange pussy," she told him.  "Getting some that

you haven't had before will always do that to you, or so Sam


    " Speaking of Sam, I wonder where he and Betty are," Mike


     "Why don't we find out?" June suggested, sliding down off of

the table, letting her skirt fall back down into place and

beginning to button her blouse.  Mike quickly pulled his shorts

and pants up and got himself fastened up.

     They moved over to the entrance to the gazebo and June

peered out.

     "There they are," she said, pointing into the darkness. 

Mike looked out past her and saw them.  Betty was sitting on a

bench in the semi-darkness, leaning back in much the same

position which June had been in.  Her blouse was hanging open and

her pants were lying on the ground beside her.  Sam was on his

knees, between her wide-spread legs.  His pants were down to his

knees and Mike could see his dick, appearing and disappearing

below Betty's ass as he fucked it in and out of her pussy.  He

could hear her moaning and groaning, saying "Fuck me, Fuck me"

the way she always did when she was really getting her ass

screwed off.  And it was obvious that she was really getting

herself fucked good.  Sam was banging her as hard as he could.

     As June and Mike watched, the other couple suddenly went

into orgasm.  Betty was pulling and clawing at Sam, who had his

dick buried to the hilt in her cunt, pumping load after load of

cum deep into her spasming twat.  Finally, they raised up and

separated.  Mike and June watched them rearrange their clothes

and head back for the house before they themselves left the

shadow of the gazebo.

     Something suddenly occurred to Mike.  "Why didn't Sam bring

her to the gazebe?" he asked June.  "They could have walked in on


     June giggled.  "That happened once," she told him. 

"Actually, I walked in on him screwing the wife of the guy I was

about to fuck.  The guy got very upset and was about to try to

punch Sam's lights out when his wife asked him what he was so

upset about when he was oviously there to fuck me."

     Mike chuckled.  "What happened?"

     "Well, we wound up watching them fuck, then they watched us

fuck, but Sam and I decided that people are too unpredictable to

take a chance on that again.  So we decide ahead of time who is

going to get the gazebo for a particular party and the other one

has to find someplace else.  It has worked fine for us ever

since.  Mike laughed.


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