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Archive-name: Affairs/mfs_01.txt


Archive-title: Marjorie Gets Screwed in Chicago

It had all started when Ralph suggested the we go into Chicago

and see if we could pick-up someone else on the Strip.  I didn't

really want to, but I knew Ralph wanted to screw someone else

and I was willing to go along with him.  So Ralph had dropped me

off and gone out cruising for some girl to pick up.

I had wondered around, watching people, talking to some of them,

and somewhere along the line I found myself walking arm and arm

with some strange man.  He was pleasant to talk to and I didn't

realize we were going anywhere in particular until we walked

into a parking garage.

"What are we doing here?"  I asked myself as we waited for the


He put his arms around me.  "Would you like to come with me?" 

he said, just before his lips met mine.  My heart began pounding

and I felt his hot tongue probing gently between my lips.  I

knew what he meant.  Come to bed with him.  Let him screw me.

"What am I doing here kissing this strange man?"  I thought

wildly.  For a moment I froze in panic, then I got a mental

picture of Ralph with some other girl.  I saw him fucking her

and suddenly it was my kid sister Millie he was fucking.  I

broke off the kiss and turned my head away.  I could feel the

tears in my eyes as I leaned against the man beside me.

"Are you all right?"  he said as he held me in his arms.  I

turned and put my arms around his neck and kissed him.  His

tongue darted into my mouth, hot and alive, and mine responded

as I tried to loose myself in his kiss.

When the elevator door opened we stopped long enough to get into

the elevator then his lips were back on mine, his hands on my

ass drawing me tightly against him.  We got out on the top floor

of the parking garage and he put his arm around me as we walked

over to a large car parked away by itself in the dark.  I

hesitated when he opened the back door.  I had thought we were

at least going to go to a motel or something.  His hand was

cupping my ass and gently pushing/guiding me into the car.  I

got in and quickly sat down.  He got in and sat down beside me,

putting his arm around me and drawing me close against him.

Our lips met again and I slowly relaxed against him.  His hot

tongue probed my mouth as his hand began to explore my body.  He

gently cupped my breast, squeezing and fondling it, and lightly

pinching the nipple until it was hard and erect.  I felt his

hands fumbling at the back of my dress.  There was the whisper

of a zipper and the next thing I knew my dress was loose and he

was sliding the straps off my shoulders.  The cool air brushed

across my naked breasts for a moment, then his hands were there,

warm and exciting as they gently caressed my sensitive flesh.  I

felt the heat rising inside me, but the panic was also coming

back.  I broke away from him and leaned back against the seat of

the car.

"I can't go through with this," I thought, "I've got to stop it

before it goes to far!"  I saw him lean forward and then I felt

his mouth on my breasts.  I was ready to panic, but at the same

time I was wildly excited.  Involuntarily my arms went around

his head, holding it to my breasts as his teeth gently nipped my

hard, throbbing nipples.  I was aware of his hand on my leg

sliding slowly up my thigh under my dress.  Higher and higher

his hand caressed, until his finger lightly brushed across the

silky, nylon crotch of my panties.  My whole body shuttered at

that light caress and I melted up against him.  The light touch

of his finger became harder, more demanding, until it was

pushing the damp material of my panties into my wet, excited


I felt his hand caress up, across my panty covered mound.  Then

it was pushing into my panties and down past my damp, pubic

hair.  A moment later his questing finger slipped between my

moist cunt lips as it glided deep into my tight, wet pussy.  My

whole body was on fire with my desire, my lust, to be screwed. 

I felt him pulling my panties down, and I didn't stop him.  I

didn't want to stop him.

"No-o-o-o!"  I moaned softly.  "I can't do it!"  My hands were

on his chest pushing him away, only he wasn't going away. 

Instead he took my hand and drew it to him, to his lap.  He

gently closed it around something....something hot, and hard,

and throbbing.  "Oh God!"  I thought, "I'm holding his penis and

it so-o-o HARD."

"No-o-o-o, please NO," I cried, "I'm not this kind of girl, I

can't!" And all the while I was saying "I can't," he was laying

me down on the seat of the car.  I could feel the cool night air

on my exposed crotch.  My panties were gone and I had my legs

apart.  His big cock was in my hand.  So BIG and HOT and ALIVE. 

"He is going to FUCK me," I realized.  This total stranger was

going to take his big, male penis and push it into my body.  I

was crying.  I didn't want it to happen, but at the same time my

body was so excited I thought I would die if he didn't take me

soon.  I felt him moving between my legs, mounting me, his body

wedging my legs even further apart.  Then his hard cock brushed

against my thigh.

"No-o-o-o!"  I cried softly.  I pushed ineffectually against his

chest as he came down on top of me, crushing me down into the

seat of the car.  "Please No," I whispered, but my hips were

thrusting my excited cunt up against his hard, throbbing cock.

"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!"  I wailed in anguish and ecstasy as he

thrust forward and his big, hard cock penetrated me.  I could

feel the head of his throbbing cock stretching the slobbering

wet lips of my cunt apart as it invaded my wetly excited vagina.

 His arms were around me, holding me gently as his lips melded

with mine.  Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, his big cock began to

ooze up inside me.  Deeper and deeper it slithered into me,

stretching my tight clutching pussy open as it filled my

trembling body.  "Oh God," I moaned as his big prick sheathed

itself completely in my pussy.  It was unbelievably,

thrillingly, "wicked", to feel this stranger's cock inside me. 

To feel it filling my body.  To feel it throbbing with his

heartbeat deep within me.

Then he was moving.  His wonderful, hard cock was sliding deep

inside me.  Surging inside my convulsing pussy like some primal

tidal wave.  Back and forth it moved.  Again and again it

withdrew only to plunge deep inside me again.  My hips were

straining upward to receive his downward thrusting cock. "He is

fucking me!"  I thought in wild excitement.  "I can't even

remember his name or what he looks like, but his big, hard,

wonderful cock is inside me and he is FUCKING ME!".

My arms were around his neck and I was kissing him with all my

soul.  His beautiful cock was pounding over and over into my

pussy and I was in heaven. His ravaging cock was driving me

wild.  My body was convulsing in ecstasy as his cock plunged

again and again to the most secret depths of my being.  I could

hear myself screaming out my fulfillment, but it was far away. 

All that was here and now was his deep fucking cock as it

exploded inside me, sending me soaring in a soul-distorting

climax that finally left me weakly shuttering...  in the back

seat of a car with some strange man between my legs.

I pushed at the heavy limp weight on top of me and after a few

moments he sat up.  His prick oozed wetly out of my body,

leaving a damp trail of sticky cum on my thighs.  I sat up and

looked for my panties.  They were a damp, sodden mass of nylon,

but I pulled them wet and cold up my legs to cover my naked

pussy.  He very gallantly helped me zip my dress back up.  I

could feel his semen inside me and all I wanted to do was leave.

 I made my excuses and got out of the car.  He didn't follow me.

 He had gotten what he wanted.  He had screwed me.

Back out on the street I wondered around for a while.  His cum

was still trickling from my pussy, but there wasn't much I could

do about it.  I thought of stopping at a nightclub and using

their bathroom to clean up, but about that time Ralph drove by. 

I waved and he stopped and picked me up.

We drove out Bayshore Drive to the planetarium where we parked. 

We decided not to drive back home since it was so late at night.

 Eventually I got up the nerve to ask if he had picked up a

girl.  He said no, he hadn't had any luck.  Then he asked if I

had met anyone.  That was the question I had been dreading.

I cuddled up to him and softly said yes.  Then he asked me what

had happened.  I told him that I had gone to his car with him. 

He asked if we had done anything.  I told him that we had.  "Did

you let him fuck you?"  Ralph asked.  I just nodded, but I could

hear the excitement in his voice.  He held me in his arms and

kissed me.  Then he said, "tell me what happened."  So I told

him how the man had undressed me.  I described how he took off

my panties.  And I described how his cock had felt in my hand. 

I told him how he had laid me down on the back seat of his car

and gotten on top of me.  And then I described how he had thrust

his big cock into my pussy and screwed me.  Finally I told him

how the man had come inside me, his hard cock throbbing between

my legs until my pussy was full of his thick slimy sperm.

Ralph's hand slipped up between my legs.  He felt my damp

panties.  Then he put his hand in my panties and slid a finger

into my pussy.  I know he could feel the slippery, slimy feel of

another man cum in my cunt, but it seemed to make him even more

excited.  And I found that I was excited too.  In describing the

way I had let a total stranger fuck me in the back seat of his

car, I had gotten excited again.  And Ralph was turned on by the

thought of another man sticking his cock in me.  I freed his

raging cock and a moment later he had stripped my damp,

cum-filled panties off and he was thrusting his hard cock deep

into my flooded pussy.  We were both terribly excited by what

had happened to me.  In less than a minute we were both coming

and Ralph cock was spraying his cum deep inside me to mix with

the cum of the stranger that had fucked me just an hour before.


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