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Archive-name: Affairs/meeting.txt

Archive-author: Pussy Barber

Archive-title: Meeting, The

     I was intrigued.  I had welcomed a couple onto the bbs that I

frequent, and was surprised when I received an enthusiastic reply from

them.  They'd read and enjoyed several of my stories, and we began a

regular exchange.  As it turned out, it was Linda that did most of the

writing in the letters, while Randy added his comments every once in a

while.  Our letters became more and more intimate, hotter, and sexier as

time went by.  We started out with friendly exchanges, and my giving some

tips about pussy shaving, a favorite "kink" of mine.  Linda's enthusiasm

intrigued me more and more.  I'd known women who like sex, and a few who

really enjoyed it, but damn few who would sit and talk about it openly. I

could feel a certain electricity between us, one that had nothing to do

with computers, modems or phone lines.   


They had sent in some intimate pictures to the bbs and the sysop digitized

them.  As soon as I could I downloaded them.  I was eager to see what

Linda looked like, and equally curious about her husband.  Randy was

enjoying the fruits of our labors at the keyboard.  Linda would read my

messages and reply, then, by her own admission, take out her frustrations

on her husband.  I enjoyed hearing that, if for no other reason than it

was bringing them pleasure and happiness.  I was curious to see what these

people looked like, and see them in intimate positions.  The pictures

didn't show their faces but I was more than pleased.  Linda has nipples

that when erect are long and sexy.  Her figure pleased me too. She is in

good shape, real shape, unlike some of the men's magazine models with

their airbrushed and sculpted bodies.  I was also curious about her

husband, and saw that he wasn't one of those Mr. Olympia clones.  Like I

said, these are real people.   


     I had mentioned in a letter that I would be in their area in Sept-

ember, for a weekend charity event, and suggested it would be fun to meet

at least two of my "fans".  I wasn't making a play to get into bed with

her (or them...and I'm very straight thank you).  I really just expected

to meet them, have dinner, and get to know them, even though I left the

details open-ended.  As time went by, we flirted with the idea of a more

intimate evening, and soon found ourselves setting it up.  My fingers

nervously danced over the keyboard each time I thought about it.  I don't

have any real experience in what is commonly called "swinging", thus the

meeting came down to Linda and I meeting in an Italian restaurant.  


     I arrived about fifteen minutes early and went inside.  I had tried

to leave us both a graceful exit in case neither of us was what the other

expected.  "No expectations" I'd said.  This way, if either of us got cold

feet at the last moment the ego-injuries would be minimized.  I was

sitting at a small, high table on a barstool, positioned so that I could

see both doors, and so that she could see that I was alone.  The bar was

crowded at one end with fiftyish men talking about the last great war, and

old high school days.  A couple sat in a booth not far away, and I looked

them over carefully, trying to see if both of them had come down.   

     A football game was on the TV, letting me distract myself from my

nervous anticipation.  An attractive woman entered the restaurant and

paused by the door.  Dark haired, well dressed, and in her early thirties,

she seemed to match my expectations.  The door opened again, and several

people joined her, laughing as they were led to a table.  Nervously, I

stubbed out my cigarette and told myself to relax.  Texas scored against

Colorado in the college football game, and I let myself relax.  I thought

about another drink, then saw a woman enter the bar through the far door.

I looked at her, noting her hair was light, almost blonde (a real weakness

of mine), and that she was nicely dressed.  It took two heartbeats for me

to realize that this was Linda, her eyes scanning the room as mine must

have done when I entered.  I watched as she walked closer, and smiled when

I saw her light green eyes.  "I can't be THIS lucky." I thought to myself

with a sudden intake of breath.  "Linda?" I asked.  She smiled and her

eyes locked with mine.  Her reply was lost to my long-term memory, I was

held spellbound by her eyes, and her radiant smile.   

     Linda slipped onto the stool next to me and we smiled at each other.

There was a long moment when we didn't need to talk.  Images and ideas

that we'd discussed electronically flashed through my mind quickly, and

now I felt like a giddy teenager again.  I asked her if she'd like a

drink, and went to the bar, ordering for us both.  This gave her time to

look me over, and me time to slow my hearbeat down and get back to earth.

I returned with the drinks and sat down.  Linda was nervous too, and I

recognized it from my own first-hand experience.  We began talking, get-

ting to know each other.  The more we talked, the more I liked her.  I

began relaxing, enjoying her company, smiling and laughing at some of the

things we had in common.  It might have seemed to her that I avoided

looking at her, and I did to some degree.  I kept getting lost in her eyes

and wanting to hold her. 

     We moved into the dining area, being seated in a booth. After all day

in the sun doing volunteer work for a charity event, I was ready for some

good Italian pasta.  We talked more, and the more we talked the more I

knew that there was something else passing between us.  I kept looking at

her eyes, and her smile, having to mentally force myself to listen and not

get lost in those sparkling green eyes.   

     We finished dinner, still talking about life in general, and things

that pleased us, places we'd been or remembered, and trips we'd taken. We

were both relaxing, but there was still that pulse-quickening tension

between us.  The waitress brought the check, and Linda offered to split it

with me.  "No, I'll get it. And there's no commitment involved, remember?"

I said.  It was the least I could do to repay her for her company.  

     "Shall we continue this someplace a little more private?" I asked.

This was the critical juncture, and I took the risks.  I let her know that

I was not going to get cold-feet, and now it was up to her.  Linda smiled

and nodded slightly. "Sure, I'd love to." she said, her eyes flashing.  We

left, driving the few blocks back to my hotel.  The night had turned a bit

blustery, a cool, gusty wind kicking up.  

     We rode the elevator to the second floor, too short of a trip to have

any imaginative fun.  I'm unsure of who was more nervous.  I unlocked the

door and entered, snapping on the lights and holding the door for her.

Linda wanted to call Randy, her husband, and let him know that things were

going well.  I tried to be discreet, but in a hotel room there isn't much

one can do, and I thought waiting in the bathroom would be too strange.   

     Linda sat on the bed next to the phone, and I caught a glimpse of the

lacy tops to her dark stockings under her skirt.  I passed over the idea

of teasing her while she was on the phone.  When she finished, we spent a

few more tension filled moments talking before I took her hands and helped

her stand.  She stood in front of me, close, her green eyes looking into

mine intently.  I bent down to her, our lips met, and it felt as though we

would melt into each other's mouths.   

     The intensity of that kiss ignited fires within me, and I wanted

more.  My hands pulled her closer, her breasts warm against my chest. I

wanted to hold her close, kiss her until Armageddon.  We must have kissed

for nearly a full minute. 

     "I take it you're not disappointed?"

     "Oh, no! Not at all!"

     And our lips met again.  Each kiss became a lifetime of its own, a

library of passion condensed into moments.  Our hands explored, touched,

caressed each other.  My hands slipped under her top, finding a soft,

silky material concealed underneath.  I made a pleased sound, still

kissing her, and felt her press against me more.  Her top slipped over her

head moments later, revealing her sexy corslet (at least I think that's

what they're called. Like a bodysuit but it looks like a corset). I loved

it of course, as it told me that she was looking forward to an intimate

night when she got dressed.  

     I ran my hands over her skin, touching her everywhere I could. We

kissed more and more, our fires ignited, flaring up with each new touch or

caress.  I bent further down and mouthed one of her breasts through the

sheer material, making her hiss softly. How long had it been since we'd

started?  Four, five months of teasing?  Our extended mental foreplay now

came back, and we were enjoying the emotions welling up, threatening to

carry us away. I pulled the fabric down, exposing her nipple, and began to

lick and suck her lovely nip into hardness.  Linda's hands slid through my

hair, pulling me to her chest, her body writhing as I licked her.  

     I knew then that we couldn't stop, not even if we wanted to. Only the

hotel burning down would stop us, and even then I wasn't too sure. Linda's

skirt fell to the floor, revealing a g-string that matched her corslet,

and I knelt, kissing her thighs and her mons.  I was in heaven. Her legs

are soft, sensual, and I could tell that each touch was making her tingle

all over.  

     I stood up again, kissing her passionately, pulling her against me

and cupping her ass. I couldn't wait to spread her legs and lick her into

a frenzy.  Now it was Linda's turn, and she began unsnapping the western-

style shirt that I wore.  Her hands went quickly to my belt, and my jeans

slid down, revealing a pair of concealing boxer shorts (although they

weren't concealing very well right then!).  I kicked off my boots, and

Linda's hand found it's way through my shorts, her hand wrapping around me

as she kissed me with a soul-melting fire.   

     Linda knelt to help me out of my jeans, and shorts. She leaned

forward once my shorts were off,  and began sucking the head of my cock

lightly.  I gasped as she moved down, and again as she flicked her tongue

underneath on her way up. I removed my shirt, tossing it aside, watching

her suck me with a lovely enthusiasm. I pulled her to her feet and kissed

her again, this time the bare skin of our bodies creating a bonfire of


     I laid her on the bed, and knelt on the floor. I kissed and licked

her thighs, moving ever closer to her barely covered pussy. The g-string

concealed little, just enough to entice me closer.  I worked my way up her

legs, until my lips nibbled at the side of her pussy.  Linda writhed and

moved with sensual grace on the bed, telling me over and over how good it


     My fingers moved the g-string aside, exposing her shaved pussy and

the small patch of soft hair just above her clit.  I smiled, knowing that

Linda had shaved herself earlier, just for me.  My tongue snaked out and

touched her, just below her clit, then I let it rise, flicking lightly

over her button.  

     "Ooohh!" Linda sighed, arching her hips upwards. "Ooh GOD! You do

that so well!" 

     I smiled, thinking I'd hardly started. Her flattery worked though,

making me feel good, and urging me on.  I found myself enjoying everything

about eating her pussy. From the soft sighs escaping from her lips to the

succulent warmth of her legs against my ears.  I licked and teased, probed

with my tongue, working it deeper inside her, then quickly changing to

lick her clit.   

     Her first orgasm caught me by surprise.  Quite often I can tell when

a woman is close by the way their hips move.  But Linda is different. Each

time she came, it was like a wave washed over her from out of nowhere,

making her gasp and thrust her pussy towards me, then withdraw.  But not

for long, as either my tongue chased after her, or she returned for more.

And I loved each moment, each undulation of her body, each sigh, each

facial expression.   

     I finally got on the bed and our lips met again. Linda had ignited my

"other side", the side that wants to give and give until the passions

overwhelm us both.  We rolled over, with her on top, and I sucked her

sensitive nipples.  Linda's nipples are long and sexy, and when hard they

stand up over a half-inch.  My tongue flicked each one inside my mouth,

and my lips tugged and pulled on them.  The effect was beautiful, with

Linda gasping and enjoying every moment.  My hands caressed her thighs,

cupped her ass, teasing her all over.  

     "Oh! God! Oh, I want you inside me!" she whispered passionately in my

ear.  Her hips found my cock, pushing it upright against her vulva as she

rocked back and forth.  The soft, sensual texture of her skin, the warm

wetness that moistened my shaft roused part of the animal in me, and I

wanted to stuff myself deep inside of her right then.  

     Alas, more practial matters needed to be considered, and we

restrained ourselves, waiting, putting off that moment we both knew would

come, letting the fires build more and more.  Instead Linda took her turn

licking and sucking.  I must admit, I've always been a bit difficult to

bring off orally, but Linda's playfulness, her teasing and enthusiasm got

me very close twice.  Each time, Linda changed her movements. Each time my

eyes rolled back and I enjoyed the wonderous feelings.  Her tongue explor-

ed the sensitive area under my balls.  She flicked her tongue over the

hard ridge on the underside, teased the head with her warm, darting

tongue.  Linda even sucked on my balls, running her tongue over them while

they were cradled in her warm mouth.  When she did that, then sucked me

again, I could feel the urge building.   

     Linda then did something few women have done to me and too few times.

I felt her lips moving down, down, all the way until her nose touched my

skin. I looked, and in the dimness of the room, I could see that Linda had

all of my cock deep in her mouth. The feeling was exquisite. I was totally

breathless.  She slowly ascended, my throbbing cock aching for just that

unique, special touch that would send my sperm shooting into her mouth.

But Linda had found a new toy, and she eagerly took me all the way again,

bouncing up and down at the bottom of my cock.  

     I couldn't stand just laying there anymore, and begged her to move

over me, so I could suck that sweet, sensitive pussy again.  Linda did

move, straddling over me in a warm, blissful 69 position.  I let my hands

slide over her back, over her ass to spread her open.  I raised up, her

moist fragrance filling my head, I began eating her pussy like I'd been

denied it for too long.  

     There we were, two very oral, very giving people, locked in a long,

sensual, erotic sixty-nine.  Linda sucked my cock, I sucked her pussy. No,

perhaps it would be better to say we gobbled each other up.  I, for one,

wanted to shove my tongue inside her and feel her cum and cum, feel her

pussy clamping down on my probing tongue, feel her shake and quiver on top

of me. 

     My mind blanked. I don't know how long we remained like that. I don't

even know if Linda climaxed more than once.  Her warm, soft, sensual skin

in my hands, my lips, against my face, all combined to float me on a

dreamy cloud of pleasure.  I do know I didn't want it to end, I wanted to

remain there, tasting her, licking her, feeling her writhe on top of me,

feel her mouth on me. Timelessness.  After a long while, we paused and I

reminded Linda of a fantasy that I'd written, about us in the shower. Her

smile told me that she wanted to experience that and we entered the

bathroom, touching kissing and eager for more of each other.  

     In the shower, soap made her skin silky and slippery. We kissed and

touched each other, enjoying the warm water and the warmer fires that

water alone could not quench.  I sat on the floor of the tub-style hotel

shower, letting Linda straddle me and using my hands for added support.

With her sexy snatch just above me, she squatted down, my tongue flicking

and sliding between her legs.  I could watch her face, even though water

splashed into my face and ran down her thighs, I could see her pleasure

reflected in her expressions.  I wanted to gobble her up, eat her until

she couldn't stand up, then do it some more.  After a few minutes, Linda

came, her hand gripping my hair as she cried out softly.  

     I stood up, holding her and letting my hands caress her along with

the warm water.  Our lips met, and we held each other.  I washed her hair

for her, something I like to do, and then Linda returned the pleasure,

sucking me while sitting on the floor.  It was as if I were in paradise,

and it didn't seem to end.  I didn't let Linda suck me off, rather I

wanted to save that a little longer, so that we'd both cum close together.

We left the shower, drying off and returning to the bed.  


     If, dear reader, you get the idea that this was more than a hot roll

in the hay, you'd be right. What made this so special was that we already

had a history behind us.  Our messages and heated fantasies, exchanged

over three or four months, had brought us close together, built up that

electricity.  Meeting her was like meeting a good friend for the first

time in years, yet it also was like a first-date in high school, where

you're both nervous. And during dinner, we found that we really LIKED each

other.  That, to me, made this a very special night. 


     We stopped, taking a break, to cuddle and hold each other.  Holding

Linda made me feel warm and satisfied, even though I hadn't yet come. I

could tell that she was enjoying the things I did, the way I touched her,

and that was what was important.  And we kissed. And kissed.  My hands

caressed her face, her light green eyes sparkling, even in the darkness.  

     Beside the bed was a heap of clothes, and I was in no hurry to see

them used again.  My hands had to touch her, anywhere, everywhere. Linda

was sexy beyond my dreams, and she radiated an aura that captivated me.  

     Once we'd regained a little of our composure we moved into the

ultimate intimacy.  Linda lay on her back, her legs against my sides.

Slowly, gently, I entered her, the rapture of it making us both gasp with

pleasure.  Our loins met, and somehow we both wanted more.  I wanted to be

deeper, closer to her, and Linda arched up, her legs pulling me tighter. I

slid my hands under her arms, leaning down and kissing her with joyful

passion and pleasure.  It felt to me as if we both wanted to cry out our

passions at the top of our lungs.  

     Again, timelessness.  Time didn't matter. It ceased to exist. We were

joined. Oneness.  As we moved, I watched Linda's face, her expressions

arousing me and pleasing me at the same time.  I slowed and stopped, deep

inside her, then flexed my cock as hard as I could.  Linda's eyes opened,

and her gazed locked on mine. Her eyes seemed to flare and shine, then I

flexed again.  Linda squeezed back, and we began moving again, our bodies

united, rocking to a primal beat. 

     We changed positions, several times. Time mattered not at all now,

and the thought hung in my mind that we could well go through every

position in the Kama Sutra before the night was out.  From missionary to

female superior to doggy style, we change positions as someone's limbs

gave out.  I was beyond my own primal urges -- watching Linda ride me or

writhe under me, cumming and cumming was as pleasurable as cumming myself.

I let myself get lost in her slippery, sensual pussy, feeling her spasm

around my cock.  We moved into a scissor position, with me straddling one

of her legs, holding the other high as I thrust in and out.  

     Linda was enjoying it too. Every so often, as she came, she would

begin to cry out, cutting them off because of our being in a hotel. Each

of her cries brought my cock to full hardness, and fanned a burning urge.

Even though we sometimes laughed briefly at her outbursts, it was getting

to me. Had this been a Twilight Zone episode and we'd discovered ourselves

being watched by curious aliens I wouldn't have minded. As long as we were

together, able to touch and hold each other...that was all that I needed. 

     As if the 12 Gods were looking down on us, the sky lit with a flash

of lightning, surprising us both.  Rain began shortly afterwards, with

several more lightning bolts adding to our already passionate evening. It

was as if we were being given applause by nature herself, a dramatic

addition to our passions.  Our movements intensified, thrusting hard

against each other, then slowed, becoming gentle, enjoying all of the

sensations, savoring each one.  

     Somewhen we parted, and I began to lick her thighs, her ass, suck on

her nipples, kiss her all over.  I couldn't get enough of Linda, her

sensual curves, the sound of her sighs, the warmth of her skin, the warmth

of her caress.  I moved up and slid my cock between her succulent breasts,

her hands pushing them together, my fingers rolling and tugging on her

nipples for her.  Linda was enjoying the feeling of my hot-blooded shaft

pressed tightly to her chest, licking the head as I thrust forward.  When

she looked up at me, a wry smile came over my face. 

     Something I'd written about once came to mind, and I moved down so my

balls were over her mons.  I began pumping my cock with my fist, letting

my balls bounce and sway, brushing against her mons, sometimes flopping

against her pussy and sending deep vibrations to her clit. The look on her

face was one of enjoyment, sexy appreciation.  Using one hand to pump the

other played with her nipples, teasing them.  

     I began to fantasize, telling Linda to imagine herself being eaten,

on the floor of a college locker room, a sexy young woman sucking her clit

while I straddled her. Linda's eyes closed tight, her hips rose slightly,

my balls slapping her mons.  

     "Think of that Asian-Pacific woman you told me about." I whispered.

"Her ass in the air, her tongue deep inside you, wriggling, her lips

sucking you, all of us naked on the floor, and you're cumming in her

mouth, just as I'm about to cum in yours." 

     Linda's head moved from side to side, her hips rocking, hands

squeezing her breasts.  I could feel my own welling orgasm, and I knew

that I would be cumming very soon.  

     "Ohh, cum in my mouth." Linda said softly. "You can do it. Let me

taste you." 

     My hand moved up and down with blazing speed, my stomach tightening,

and my legs getting stiff.  Awkwardly I moved up. 

     "I' your...mouth...NOW!" I cried.

     Linda grabbed my cock, raising her head, her lips sucking me as I

began to spurt.  The universe shrank, fading away. The sensation of being

pulled through a black hole coursed through my body, and slowly, very

slowly, I began to sense reality again.  Linda was gently sucking and

licking my cock, my trembling body, breathless, hovered over her. Her

hands caressed me, and my cock slipped from her lips.  I had some trouble

getting my toes to uncurl.  

     I moved down, on all fours over her, and kissed her, thanking her for

that wonderful orgasm.  Thanking her for being such a beautifully sensual

lover, for being her!   

     Grayness, darkness, weary, sleepy. I don't recall after that too

much, save for holding her, teasing a nipple here, kissing her there. I

floated on that soft, hazy afterglow, where nothing is as important as

being close.  It was somewhere around one in the morning, perhaps two, I

don't recall, when we paused.  Something like four or five hours of pure

joy had passed between us, and it wasn't enough to sate my appetite for

her.  Sleep overtook us, arms and legs wrapped around each other.  


     The next morning we knew that we must part.  This was a difficult

time, as neither of us wanted it to end abruptly. The morning was filled

with soft, sensual touches, and my tongue finding her just as sensitive,

just as inviting as the night before.  We both knew that we must part, yet

the urge for one more touch, one more kiss, one more... well, we finally

held each other, close, before dressing to leave.   

     Linda called her husband while I checked out, letting him know that

she was on her way home, on her way back to the love of her life.  We

walked out into the rain freshened parking lot, and said our goodbyes. I

will always remember that.  The rain-freshened air, a slight breeze, the

sun chasing the morning chill away, and the warmth of Linda's kiss, and

her beautiful green eyes. I watched her drive off, already thinking of the

next time.... 


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