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Archive-name: Affairs/mdcom1.txt

Archive-author: Mind Commando

Archive-title: On the Home Front



1. "Watching the new neighbors move in..." 


I didn't actually see the new neighbors moving into the house in 

back of mine, but I sure hear them.  I had been crashed out for 

about an hour after a night of furious BBSing when the yelling and 

banging began.  I squinted at the clock -- 6:00 am! I staggered to 

my feet to close the sliding glass balcony door.   

   The lights were all blazing in the house across the back, so I 

had a clear view of the chaos.  Three men in brown coveralls were 

racing around carrying boxes and furniture, getting in each 

other's way, doing a lot of yelling, dropping things and banging 

into walls and doors.  I was still in a foul mood, but when I took 

a look down at the pool, I suddenly felt better.  A lot better. 

   Two goddesses were standing side by side at the edge of the 

pool, quietly conversing.  They had their arms around each others 

waists as they gazed into the water.  One was a tall black woman 

who looked like a cross between Grace Jones and Florence Griffith- 

Joiner; the other was a shorter oriental woman with long black 

hair that fell to her ass.   

   The black woman wore an armless t-shirt and some brief running 

shorts which showed off her long, smoothly muscled legs 

beautifully.  She had small breasts, perfect for her lean form, 

but I swear that even at this distance I could see the outline of 

her very large and erect nipples.   

   The oriental woman, who just came up to the black woman's 

shoulder, was wearing an oversized sweatshirt which fell to just 

below her crotch.  Her legs were shapely and quite muscular 

looking and, although it was hard to tell through the bulky 

sweatshirt, she looked like she had a massive pair of tits. 

   Sharing some joke, the two women laughed and looked up.  Their 

faces were even sexier than their bodies!  The black woman had 

wide sensuous features with those full lips which just beg to be 

kissed and sucked.  The oriental woman's high cheekbones, wide 

almond eyes and perfect features combined for an exotic beauty 

that took my breath away. 

   I was standing naked and dumfounded in front of the glass door, 

sporting a monstrous erection, when the black woman caught sight 

of me.  Her eyes widened for a moment in surprise, then a 

mischievous grin crept across her features as she surveyed my 

swollen cock.   

  Even though the momentary shock of discovery had passed, I 

immobilized by the sexual energy flowing between us.  I could feel 

her gaze like a physical touch, searing my skin.  Our eyes locked 

and we both flinched at the intensity of the lust passing between 

us.  The other woman was looking back over her shoulder at the 

house, oblivious what was happening.  The black woman silently 

mouthed "WATCH" and, with her arm still around the Asian woman's 

waist, as if to lead them back to the house.  The Asian woman was 

still laughing as the two moved towards the patio. 

  They had only gone a couple of steps when the black woman looked 

over her shoulder at me, and with that same devilish smile, 

dropped her hand to the hem of the other woman's sweatshirt and 

yanked it above her waist.  I had a brief view of two perfectly 

formed muscular ass cheeks being caressed by an elegant, long 

fingered, black hand before the Asian woman gave a squeal and 

yanked her shirt back down.   

   She turned to the black woman and, still laughing, gestured at 

the house. Suddenly, she stopped laughing, stepped in quickly to 

kiss the black woman softly on the mouth then turned and ran into 

the house.   

   It was too much for me, I grabbed my painful erection, and 

started to stroke it furiously.  The black woman turned and, 

seeing my hand at work, smiled and raised her shirt to her neck 

exposing her lovely apple sized breasts.  The dark rings of her 

areolas covered half her breast while the nipples appeared to be 

an inch erect.  Holding her shirt up with one hand, she started 

squeezing her breast and rolling the nipple between two long 


  Unable to take my eyes from hers, I groaned and shot my load all 

over the glass.  While I was still stroking my softening organ, 

she slowly and obscenely licked her lips, then quickly 

straightened her shirt, gave me a gentle smile of approval, then 

turned and walked into the house.  

   I tumbled back into the sack and spent the next 6 hours 

dreaming of long ebony fingers wrapped around my cock, of burying 

my face between a pair of perfect Asian buttocks and of gooey 

delights.  I was going to like our new neighbors. A lot.   




2.  "Something hot for breakfast... " 


Promptly at the crack of noon, I rolled out of bed.  I picked 

myself up off the floor and staggered into the bathroom to take 

care of business and see if I still had some life signs.  I am 

most definitely not a morning person.   

  After a shave, shower, I came alive enough to recall the early 

morning's events.  There was a certain surrealistic quality to the 

whole sequence of events; two perfect women as new neighbors, one 

of then encouraging me to...  nah... that had to be a dream. 

   I strolled out into the bedroom and started to put on my robe 

when I noticed the dried semen stains on the window.  I stood 

transfixed for a moment as the wonderful realization that it HAD 

happened sunk in.   

   I glanced out the glass door at the new neighbors yard, hoping 

that my latest erotic obsessions were doing anything which 

required a minimal amount of clothing.  My heart dropped when I 

saw two large and well muscled men, one blond and one black, 

lounging by the pool. 

   Shit, I thought, significant others.  Very big and tough 

looking others too.  The black guy was built like Mike Tyson and, 

even I had to admit, was handsome.  The white guy had a "swimmer's 

build", tall and lean with not an ounce of fat on his body and one 

of those Tom Selleck faces that women love.   

   I sighed and went down to breakfast.   

   After managing coffee and toast with only minor smoke damage to 

the kitchen, I grabbed the mail and settled down to read while I 

ate.  The usual technical journals, latest copy of "Swedish 

Erotica" (with an interesting looking double blowjob on the 

front), bills and two envelopes hand addressed to "Mind Commando".  

   I ripped open one of the hand addressed envelopes.  A polaroid 

and slip of paper fell onto the table.  The picture was of a 

middle aged, obese man, resembling Zero Mostel, who was dressed in 

high heels, nylons and a bra.  The note was direct and to the 



   Dear Mind Commando: 

   I know that when we exchanged email on NIXPIXS, I told 

   you I was a 18 year old Chinese girl. I wasn't completely 

   honest.  Can we get together anyway? 


                            China Pearl 


   Right.  I tossed that sucker in the garbage and opened the 

second one.  There was another polaroid, but this one was of a 

gorgeous blond woman, wearing a jean skirt and blouse.   

   Her shirt hung open to expose two fantastic tits with very hard 

and erect nipples. She was standing with one foot resting on what 

appeared to be a bench so that her blond pussy was clearly 

exposed.  She was obviously aroused judging by the look in her 

eyes, the swollen nipples and the glistening of moisture on her 

cunt lips.  This really was somethin special. 

   My cock began to show its appreciation almost immediately, 

forcing its way through the folds of my robe to wave freely in the 

air.  I opened my robe and began to slowly massage my cock while 

admiring the woman in the photo. 

   I was totally engrossed when I felt I was not alone.  I looked 

up quickly and saw the Asian woman from next door frozen in the 

doorway.  She was barefoot and wearing the same sweatshirt as 

before, but had added short white denim skirt.  She was obviously 

entranced; her eyes were glazed over and riveted to my erection.  

Her cheeks were flushed and there was a film of perspiration on 

her forehead as her mouth gaped silently. 

   I quickly dropped the picture and fumbled my robe shut which 

seemed to snap her back to reality.  She looked startled for a 

minute then suddenly started to babble an apology. 

  "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.  I mean, I knocked but 

no one answered and I though maybe you couldn't hear me so I came 

in just a bit and was going to knock again, really I was but, 

then, well..." her voice died out as she looked at the floor.   

   I took a moment to examine this Asian angel up close for a 

moment.  Her skin was a tawny bronze from the sun, her hair a 

silky midnight black and falling loosely to her waist.  Her tan 

legs were incredibly shapely and muscular. I could tell that she 

had very large breasts which had just a hint of sag under her 

shirt. Her face was stunning and exotic; high cheekbones, wide 

brown eyes, a cute nose and a strong jawline.  But her eyes 

captured my attention, something deep inside them aroused me. 

   Then I took a chance, gambling that the arousal I had seen was 

still there.  

   "No problem at all," I said lightly, "it was really my fault 

for being so inattentive."  She seemed to relax a bit, so I added 

teasingly "If you enjoyed it as much as I did, maybe we can do it 


   She didn't say anything for a moment, but looked me right in 

the eye, obviously in deep thought.  She was weighing the 

situation and me, so I gave her my most charming smile. 

   "Coffee?" I asked innocently.   

    Her whole body relaxed as the tension broke.  She laughed and 

held out her hand, her eyes smiling. 

   "I'm Ellen Ng, your new neighbor across the back and I would 

love a cup." I took her hand in mine to give it a nice neighborly 

shake, but she grabbed my hand with both of hers, her eyes 

suddenly intense and searching. "And I did enjoy it as much as 

you." she continued softly.   

    We held that pose for a couple of heartbeats, then she 

released my hand and stepped over to the table where my mail and 

breakfast had been abandoned.   

   "I really would love that coffee."  she said as she sat at the 

table, "We haven't unpacked the kitchen and I can't find the 

kettle."  I fetched her a cup and we started to chat. 

   Ellen, it seemed, was married to Tyrone, the large black man I 

had spotted at the pool earlier.  The black woman was September, 

Tyrone's sister, and the white guy was Ray, who had some sort of 

relationship with September, although Ellen refused to elaborate 

on it, except to say that Ray and September were a bit "unusual".  

I had to keep a straight face. 

   Ellen and Tyrone were bodybuilders, which explained the 

incredible body, who had just bought a local health club which 

just happened to be the club I worked out at.  Ellen made some 

flattering comments about my physique and how I should consider 

training for competition.   

   Just then the phone rang in the other room.  I excused myself 

and went to answer it.  It was my lawyer, and after ten minutes of 

business, I managed to get rid of him so I could get back to 


   I started back into the kitchen, but froze as I caught sight of 

Ellen from behind.  She was holding the Swedish Erotica magazine 

open in one hand and, judging by the position of her other hand 

and motion of her shoulder, was masturbating.  Clearly, this lady 

was very hot. 

  I stepped back into the hall and make a much noisier approach.  

When I walked into the kitchen, she was sitting primly at the 

table, the only telltale sign of her autoerotic activity was a 

peculiar gleam in her eye. 

    "Dave," she asked staring into her coffee, "did you really 

like it when I came in and... well,...." 

    "Caught me jerking off?" I finished for her.  She looked up at 

me and nodded, her eyes pleading.  This was a very critical moment.  

I nodded and smiled.  She smiled back relieved, then turned her 

chair to face away from the table and stretched her legs out in 


   "I liked it too."  she said softly. 

   "I know."  I moved around in front of her so that I was 

standing between her outstretched feet.  She was gazing intently 

at me as I traced her exotic features with my eyes.  I reached for 

the tie on my robe, her eyes following my every move, and slowly 

pulled the knot loose.   

    "Ellen, I want to see you too." I whispered.  She nodded and 

grasped the hem of her white skirt.  As my robe fell open and my 

cock stiffened and rose, she started to pull the skirt towards her 


    "Oh God!" she whispered, "I can't believe I'm doing this."   

    My eyes were glued to the rising hem, drinking in the beauty 

of her exposed thighs.  Just as the silky hair of her cunt was 

just coming into view, she began to falter. 

    "I need to see your cunt." I whispered more harshly as I 

shucked my robe off to stand naked. I grasped the shaft of my cock 

and started to slowly work the skin up and down. 

    Ellen goaded, unable to take her eyes from my erection.  Now 

that the penetrating aroma of her cunt reached my nostrils, I had 

to moan myself.  Ellen's gaze snapped up from my crotch.  

Something had happened to her, all traces of shyness and 

uncertainty had been replaced by glow look of satisfaction. 

    "Here it is lover," she smiled and yanked the skirt past her 

waist.  She spread her legs as wide as possible and smiled proudly 

as she displayed herself to me.   

    "I hope you like what you see, because it sure feels good to 

show it." she said "And right now, its all yours."   

    I dropped to my knees and stared.  Her cunt was delicate, 

sparsely feathered with long silky black hair.  Her swollen cunt 

lips formed a delicate, moist, pink flower that begged to be 

kissed.  Her clit was remarkable, almost the length of my little 


    She moved her hands to her crotch and gently spread open the 

lips with her left hand while slowly inserting the first two 

fingers of her right hand all the was up inside herself, all the 

time watching my reactions intently. 

   "Beautiful!" I  breathed in awe.   

   She winced reluctantly as she slowly pulled her fingers out, 

the lips clinging to them.  She offered her hand to me, holding 

the glistening fingers up to my mouth.  She pressed the tips 

gently against my lips.  I opened my mouth in response, and while 

holding her gaze, sucked her fingers into my mouth, savoring the 

taste of her juices. She sagged back in the chair, mouth open, 

overcome by the intensity of her own lust.   

   I let her fingers slide from my mouth and bent to press my 

mouth to her cunt.  She slid down farther in the chair to 

accommodate me. 

   I nuzzled between her slick lips, licking with the flat of my 

tongue to taste as much of her as I could.  She clutched at my 

head spasmodically, screamed softly and lifted her ass off the 


   I slipped my hands under her butt, cradling those perfect ass 

cheeks while slipping my tongue up her vagina as far as I could 

reach.  She tasted different up there, sharper and with a hint of 

male cum, probably from fucking Tyrone earlier.  I wormed my 

tongue around, trying to trace the vaginal walls with my tongue. 

   Ellen was shaking and moaning.  Her buttocks were clenching and 

unclenching and her grip on my head was like iron.  I slid my 

tongue out and gently took her clit between my lips.  As I started 

to gently flick my tongue against it, Ellen came. 

   Her muscular thighs clamped my head, trapping my face in her 

crotch (I didn't mind), while a series of convulsions wracked her 

body.  I continued to gently suck and lick the sweet clingy flesh 

until the spasms had subsided, and she slid limply onto my lap 

from the chair.  

   She placed her hands around my neck and looked lovingly into my 

eyes. "Thanks Dave." she grinned.  "I've been holding that back 

for a long time."  I looked at her a bit puzzled.  "I'll explain 

some day." she whispered softly and opened her mouth to kiss me. 

   Her tongue forced its past my lips and toyed with mine.  My 

erection pressed into her bare thigh with renewed urgency as her 

sweet saliva flooded my mouth.  She gently rubbed her cunt wetly 

along my leg as she broke the kiss. 

   "Lets take care of you now." she whispered.   

   Ellen quickly jumped to her feet and pulled me up after her.  

Pulling her skirt back down and perching on the edge of the chair, 

she reached out and gently wrapped her hand around my cock, and 

pulled me towards her, my erection aching at the soft touch of her 

delicate hand.  The wedding ring on the hand stroking my cock  

added to the illicitness of the act, intensifing my pleasure. 

  As she leaned forward, her mouth opened and slowly closed over 

the head of my cock.  I watched my shaft disappear slowly into 

that sweet Chinese face.  Her mouth was silken heat, her teeth 

scraping lightly on the top of my cock and her tongue tracing 

maddening patterns on the sensitive underside. 

  My head swam as she gently began sliding her mouth up and down  

my cock in synch with her gentle hand ministrations.  For some 

magical minutes I watched her lovingly suck and lick at my iron 

rod, then, as she gently caressed my balls with her other hand, I 


  She could feel my orgasm building and began to work more 

insistently on my organ as if she could magnify and extend my 

climax.  Her hand left my scrotum and flew to her cunt.  Her eyes 

glazed over as she began to work her fingers in her sopping pussy. 

   When the first spurts erupted into her mouth, she moaned, her 

eyes rolling back as her orgasm swept over her. I could feel her 

swallow hungrily as I spurted again and again into her mouth.  

Finally I was drained, but she kept my wilting organ in her mouth, 

gently milking the last drops of semen from it. 

  Eventually, I reached down and helped her to her feet.  She 

threw her arms around my neck and kissed me quickly on the lips. 

I slid my hands down over her firm ass and up under her skirt. 

  "I have to go now.  Tyrone will be home anytime now." she said 

as I began to explore the sweaty cleft between her cheeks.  She 

broke away from me and straightened her clothes. I was just about 

to protest when she dashed through the door, pausing just long 

enough to blow me a kiss. 


There I stood, speechless and naked in the debris of my kitchen, 

wondering just what the fuck I was getting myself into.  Grabbing 

my cold coffee, the old Mind Commando collapsed into the still 

warm chair, relieved because it looked like things were not going 

to get too boring after all.  At least for a little while.   

Like until September comes. 




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