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Archive-name: Affairs/marguer.txt


Archive-title: Marguerite

     Marguerite stood on her toes and craned her neck, trying to catch

a glimpse of Edouard.  He had just arrived from a long business trip,

and she had been very lonely without him.  The 7 years they had been

together had dulled neither of their passion, and she could feel the

familiar wetness between her legs as she thought of lying next to his

strong, muscular body again.  What exciting times they had had, nights

that had seemed too short to contain their ardor, and sunshine-filled

days.  Although he was a well-respected white businessman and she a

mere quadroon woman, condemned to spend the rest of her life at the

fringes of real society, he had never treated her with anything but

the utmost respect.

     They had met at a quadroon ball, an affair especially designed to

provide young men with a mistress, and young mulatto women with a

provider for as long as her beauty opened his wallet.  She had been

eighteen then, flushed with excitement and terror as she faced the men

in the room.  Edouard had been captivated and so had she.  Had it not

been for each of their positions, she felt sure that he would have

married her, but she was accepting of the fate that they shared, and

she could only feel gratitude in having found such a wonderful


    There he was!  He bent down to give his wife Sylvie a perfunctory

kiss on the cheek.  She demurely dropped her head, and ducked out of

the crowd, but not before intercepting a wink from her lover.  She

hurried back home, anxious to prepare for his arrival that evening.

     He arrived at about 10:00, and immediately swept her in his arms

and began dancing her around the kitchen.  She laughed breathlessly,

feeling his excitement build up, as did her own.  He kissed her face,

her hands, and would have pressed his lips to her soft breasts had she

not pushed him away.

     "But, Edouard, we have not eaten yet!"

     "I'm trying to, but you won't let me."

     "But, Edouard, I spent all night cooking for you! Surely you will

have just one taste of my gumbo, eh?"

     "I know that you make the best gumbo in New Orleans, in the

world." He knelt down and began biting at the soft flesh in front of

him through the silk of her dress.  "Please, I want to eat another

delicacy now."

     She gently pushed his head away.  "Dinner first."

     He sighed deeply, as if some grievous wrong had been done him.

"All right, all right, I eat your cooking."

     She cuffed him affectionatley.  "You make it sound like a

punishment to eat my food."

     "I just wanted dessert first," he said.  "I haven't had any in a


     He sat down at the table and began eating the generous portion in

front of him.  She sat on his lap and began feeding him like a child.

She did this with the gumbo, then with the amaretto pie.  He sucked

the creamy meringue of her fingers hungrily, lighting a spark

somewhere inside of her.  She ran her fingers through his hair and

tried to stop her heart from beating out of her chest, but he looked

at her with such passion in his eyes that she melted under the heat of

his gaze.  Still sitting, he straddled her legs over his and began

rubbing her back gently.  He kissed the hollow at the base of her

neck, and inserted his tongue into it, licking up and down, up and

down.  She moaned softly and held onto his head.  His tongue moved

further down into the deep cleft between her breasts.  Slowly he

traced back and forth in little circles, pausing to suck once on the

inside of her breasts.  Marguerite could feel the heat rising from

between her legs.  All of a sudden she felt overdressed.  She began

pulling at Edouard's shirt, fumbling over the buttons.  He ripped her

bodice open and pulled one of her dark brown nipples into his mouth,

holding it with just the right amount of pressure to make her gasp for

air.  After finally getting his shirt off, she played with his nipples

frantically, feeling them harden beneath her experienced fingers.  She

began grinding against his hips almost subconsciously, enrapturing

them both in a rhythm older than time.  He faltered in his suction,

and whispered gutturally, "Time for dessert, eh?"  She could only nod

her head.

     He carried her to the bedroom and almost threw her on the bed.

His hands reached for her, and pulled her lips to his.  She pushed her

tongue into his mouth, delving deeper and deeper, tasting the depths

of his mouth.  They paused for breath, panting in their exertion, and

he began again, torturously, to suck on her breasts.  He kissed first

one then the other reverently and began flicking at her taut nipples

with his tongue.  She quivered with delight and begged for him to

release her, but the look in his eyes told her that he intended on

driving her out of her mind.  His tongue dipped lower and lower,

tracing little whorls on her stomach, dipping into her belly button,

then wettinh the hairs on her pussy. He teased the area around her

clitoris, inserting his tongue in the soft folds of her pussy lips.

Just when it seemed he would stroke her clit with his tongue, he began

licking lower still, in between her thighs.  Mad with pleasure, she

tried to push his face into her cunt, but he just continued his

ministrations.  Her juices flowed freely between her legs now, and he

began licking them up.  She bucked her hips against his head, and

finally he began stroking her tumescent clit with his tongue, pulling

it into his mouth.  She nearly died from the pleasure, and tried to

push his whole face into her cunt.  He gladly acquiesced, rubbing his

face between her legs until she almost screamed with pleasure.  Then

he withdrew, to her dismay, and began building her up slowly.  He did

this repeatedly, until finally he could stand it no longer and he went

down on her with a fury. She did scream now in the midst of multiple


     It was a long time before she drifted back to earth, but when she

did, she realized that he had removed his pants and was rubbing his

engorged penis back and forth across her slick clitoris.  She allowed

him to enter only the tip, then pulled him out and continued rubbing

him against her.  Then she allowed him to enter a little more, but

again it was only a tease as she pulled him out and continued the

rhythm.  He kept going deeper and deeper until he was filling the

inside of her vagina totally, then pulling back.  He bucked hard

against her, slamming her violently into the bed.  She welcomed each

thrust, and matched it with her own uncontroll- able ardor.  Her legs

twined around his back as he came with ferocity inside of her.  They

lay there panting and sweating for several long minutes as his

erection slowly died.

     Quietly, Marguerite began the path down to his penis with her

hands and her mouth.  She did not leave any territory uncovered, and

when she finally reached her destination, she took all of him into her

mouth, feeling him grow without her doing anything.  She then shifted

him around and began focusing on the tip, pulling and sucking hard on

it.  She then began sucking him slowly, inch by inch, until with one

last hard suck, he went into her throat.  Now it was his turn to grab

her hair and pull her face into his skin.  When she felt him about to

come, she released him and let him subside for a few minutes, then

deep-throated him hard and fast.  She wanted him to experience the

same blend of pain-pleasure that he had given her, and from the look

on his face, she was accomplishing this admirably.  She went on like

this until even drawing back could no longer hold him.  Thick gobs of

sperm squirted the back of her throat, and even after he had stopped

pumping, she sucked the come from his soft penis.

     Exhausted and sated, they lay together in each other's arms until

dawn told them that Sylvie waited at home and he had a business to

run.  They dressed quietly and kissed each other softly, for they knew

that there would be other days.


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