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Archive-name: Affairs/legs.txt


Archive-title: Legs, Legs, Legs!

    I'm proud to say that Monica is the most accomplished leg slut I

know.  I'm proud of that, because she's my wife-slave-slut, but also

because I taught her most of the techniques that she now uses so

wonderfully to tease men and women and make their cocks rock hard and

their pussies drip with juice.

    If you've read any of my stories, I'm sure you're aware that I love

long nipples and nice, tight asses.  But nothing quite gets me going

like a pretty pair of legs and a woman who knows how to use them.

Using them correctly isn't as easy as one might think.  I know lots of

women with nice legs, but many of them have alot to learn about how to

really use what they have.

    One girl I knew who taught me most of what I know about how women

can use their legs to their advantage was a gal named Cindy who I grew

up with.  She was cute as a button when she was a young girl, and that

cuteness later matured into great beauty as she got older.  She was a

lovely woman inside and out, but it was the way she used her legs

through the years that is the focus of this story.

    Believe it or not, it was in Sunday School that I first began to be

enchanted by Cindy's legs.  We were in a class together when she was

fourteen and I was twelve.  She'd begun to wear stockings by that age,

and in those days most mothers made their daughters wear dresses to

church every Sunday.  This was in the pre-pantyhose days when the

"good" girls wore girdles whether they needed them or not, simply to

avoid having to wear the sexier garter belts.  Nothing was much more

frustrating than trying to make it with a girl who didn't want to give

up her girdle, let me tell you.  I spent far too many nights rubbing

hot pussies through the stiff covering of a long-legged girdle to suit


    Cindy was a good girl, too.  But luckily for me, her mother wasn't

about to make her wear a girdle.  Let's face it, the girl was tall and

slim, and it just didn't make sense to make her wear some old girdle.

It would be another 20 years or more before she'd have any need for

anything like that.

    Maybe it came naturally to her, I don't know, but Cindy moved her

legs in ways that other women never even dreamed of moving them.  They

were long and extremely shapely, and to watch her cross them was a

thing of beauty even when she was fourteen.  She would move them so

fluidly, and if you listened hard, you could hear the swish of the

nylon as the upper leg moved slowly and sensuously against the lower


    She would cross them, then turning her foot to the side and tucking

it over to the left, she would place her other foot behind that one,

crossing her ankles as well as her knees.  Invariably when she did that

her dress would stand out a bit at the sides, and sitting across the

room from her, I could almost always steal a glimpse of her garters and

the tops of her stockings.

    The thing about Cindy was that she knew I was watching her and she

knew I was seeing up her dress and she knew I was loving her beautiful

legs and she would just simply smile and continue her show.  I wish I

had a dime for every time I masturbated thinking about her legs and the

sexy shows she put on for me on Sunday mornings.

    By the time I got to high school, Cindy was going steady with

another guy.  We were always friends, but in those days going steady

was the rule, and if you weren't the first guy to get hooked up with

someone, you were just out of luck.  Still, there was never any secrets

between Cindy and I about my desire for her or for her interest in

keeping that desire strong.  I'd walk by her in the congested corridors

of the school and let the back of my hand brush against her thigh so

that I could feel her garter through her dress.  She would simply

pause, letting me feel as long as I dared, then smile and walk on,

helping me cover up our little teasing routine by dropping her books to

cover my hand as I touched her.

    We lost touch after her graduation from high school when she went

to college.  I'd see her occasionally at church when she would come

home to see her parents, and if I was lucky, I'd get another leg show

from time to time.  But those opportunities became more and more scarce

as I went to college myself.

    It was after my graduation from college and my return to my

father's grocery business that I was once again able to see Cindy from

time to time.  She had married her high school sweetheart by this time,

and I had married mine, as well.  But she shopped for her groceries in

our store, and I made sure that I always was the one who carried her

groceries to the car for her.  I wasn't about to miss a chance to see

her swing those long legs into the car.

    The view got even better with the advent of the mini-skirt and the

invention of pantyhose.  No one has ever looked better in a mini-skirt

than Cindy did.  She was twenty five years old at the time and in the

prime of her life as far as her body was concerned.  Her legs had never

looked better, nor had the rest of her body.  When she came in the

store with a mini-skirt on, she was the focus of attention of every man

in the store.

    We continued to play our little teasing game, of course, and when I

would take her groceries out, I'd always be sure to put them in the

back seat on the driver's side so I could hold the door for her and

watch her get in.  I made no secret of my admiration for her legs,

commenting to her on how beautiful they were and how much I loved her

in the short skirts that were the rage of the day.  She ate it all up

and was always very free in the way she swung her legs and let her

skirt ride even further up when she got in the car.

    I eventually grew bolder and bolder with Cindy as our flirtation

continued, and before long I was sliding her dress up with my hand even

further after she had entered the car, so that I could see even more

leg.  She always scolded me and pulled it back down, but not once did

she ever try to stop me until I had slid it up as high as I dared and

had a good look at her.

    She had a small child, a daughter, and before long was expecting

her second child.  It was difficult for her to handle getting out as

often as she liked with the first child so little, and of course, I was

eager to help her in any way I could.  One day she called and asked if

I would mind bringing her a box of pampers on my way home to lunch.  I

didn't mind at all, of course, and I eagerly awaited the arrival of my

lunch hour that day.

    When I got to her house and rang the doorbell, she greeted me in

lovely blue dress that did little to cover the long and beautiful legs

that flowed from her hips to the floor.

    "Oh, thanks!" she said warmly with a big, sexy smile.  "Come on in.

You don't know how much I appreciate your bringing these by for me.

I've just now gotten the little one asleep.  Sit down for a minute, if

you have time."

    I sat in a chair in the living room, watching as she poured herself

onto the couch across from me, crossing her legs in that wonderfully

familiar way.  When she had crossed them, her hand fell to her lap

which unobtrusively resulted in her hem being raised a good four or

five inches more.

    She began to talk to me about the trials of motherhood, and as she

spoke her, hands began caressing those long legs which were mesmerizing

me as she talked.  I was nearly in a trance.

    "You really do like my legs, don't you?" she said with a smile,

awaking me from my reverie.

    A bit embarrassed to be caught staring so intently, I laughed a

nervous, little laugh and replied, "You know I do.  I've never seen

anyone with more beautiful legs than you have.  They've excited me for

at least ten years now."

    "Come here," she said, patting the couch beside her.

    I walked across the room, feeling my cock growing hard inside my

pants.  Much more, and it would be obvious how excited her legs made

me.  I sat next to her on the couch and felt Cindy take my hand in

her's to place in on her thigh a good six inches above her knee.

    "I'm glad you like my legs so much.  I love for men to admire them,

and I love to show them off.  Do you like the way they feel?"

    My cock was now straining at the front of my pants.  I'd never been

harder or hotter in my life.  "Oh, gawd, Cindy.  I've dreamed of

touching them more times than I can tell you.  They feel wonderful!" I

said breathlessly.

    Cindy removed her hand from mine and taking the hem of her dress in

her hands began to slide it upward until she had raised it nearly to

her waist.

    "Touch them all you like.  Touch them anyway you like," she said,

her own breathing now affected by the passion she was feeling as well.

    I slid my hand up her thigh, all the way to her panties, caressing

her soft skin and sliding my hand over the sides to touch every inch of

them.  She watched my hands at first, but soon slid down on the couch

to lay her head back against the back and uncrossed her legs, letting

them fall open slightly.  The blue dress had now ridden up to her

waist, exposing her white bikini panties, as well as every inch of the

legs that had been the object of my desire nearly half my life.

    Sliding off the couch and kneeling in front of her, I began kissing

her legs just above the knees as my hands continued to adore them.  She

let them fall even further open, until her pantied crotch was now fully

exposed to me.  As I kissed her opened thighs, I looked at her panties

and watched as they grew stained from the leaking juice that was now

pouring from her cunt.  What was at first a small circle had widened

until the damp stain now ran completely across the crotch of her

panties.  My nostrils were filled with the smell of my favorite

fantasy: girl's sex.

    The closer I got to her crotch with my kisses, the wider she opened

her legs until finally I began to lick at her cunt through the wet

panties that tried so valiantly to hold in her juice.  Her hips jerked

as my tongue licked across the silky fabric, stroking her hard clit

that pushed against it from the other side.

    Cindy reached down to pull the panties to one side, exposing her

now dripping wet fuck hole to my eager mouth and tongue.  Her left leg

now rose, and she placed it on my shoulders, her right leg following

suit as she pressed her pussy hard against my mouth.   Her hands moved

to my head, and she moaned sexily as she ground her hot pussy against

my mouth.

    I was in heaven.  I loved the feel of her silky, long legs gripping

my head and the smell and taste of her wonderful fuck juice as it

poured out into my mouth.  I could have eaten her for hours and never

grown tired.  But in a very short time, her orgasm overtook her, and

she began coming against my face, hunching her hips at me and

tightening and releasing those precious legs against the side of my

head as she came.

    When her legs had fallen away from my shoulders, I nervously looked

at my watch.  I had to go.  I was going to be too late getting home for

lunch if I didn't hurry.  "I have to get...that was marvelous, Cindy.

I don't know how I can thank you enough for what just happened."

    "Don't go.  Not yet," she said, reaching out for me as I rose from

my kneeling position in front of her.  Keeping her legs open wide and

her dress pulled all the way to her waist, Cindy began unzipping my

pants fishing my still rock hard cock out of its prison.  Leaning

forward, she took it into her mouth and began to feed more and more of

it into her.  Before I knew what was happening, she was fucking her

mouth back and forth on it giving me the best blow job I had ever had.

    As I looked down at her sucking my cock, her beautiful, long legs

were splayed to either side of her head framing the action of her lips

on my dick.  I placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through

her hair and pumped my cum-filled dick into her mouth as she eagerly

continued to suck on it.

    In no time at all I could stand it no longer, and the hot fuck

inside me erupted into her mouth in huge gobs.  She lovingly swallowed

it, and when she had milked me dry, licked her tongue around her lips,

eager to get every little drop of my cum.

    She lay back on the couch, leaving me to put my now limp dick back

into my pants and ran her hands along the insides of her soft thighs as

she smiled at me.

    "You can do that again, you know.  Anytime you want.  My legs are

your's to kiss or touch or see any time and any way you like.  You can

pull my dress up and see them whenever you like, and any time you want

to come by here and kiss them, just call and let me know.  Thanks for

bringing the pampers.  I have an idea I'm going to be needing alot of

them from now on," she said smiling.

    She did need alot of pampers in the days to come.  And I did take

advantage of her offer.  Every time was as special as the first.  To

this day, when I think of legs, I think of Cindy and the way she used

her's to drive me crazy all those years.

    It gave me great pleasure to teach Monica many of the techniques

that Cindy taught me, and when I watch her cross and uncross them and

pull her dress up just the right amount to make mouth's water all over

the room, I breathe a little thank you to the girl of my youth.


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