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Archive-name: Affairs/jimcindy.txt


Archive-title: Jim and Cindy

The following story contains graphic depictions of a man and woman sexually

pleasing one another.  There's no rape, mutilation, alien abduction, 

homoerotica, or sex with minors.  There is, however, adultery.  If that 

offends you, don't read any further.  Feel free to redistribute this story 

any way you want.  I really don't care if you include my name on it, as 

long as you don't try to say you wrote it.  The story, though written in the

first person, is not based on my own experience, or on the experience of 

anyone I know.  It's just a product of my imagination (or lack thereof).

It's too long for a single post, so I will divide it into parts.  Hope they 

all come through.  If not, let me know and I'll try to repost or something.  

Some of you may have seen this story with a completely 

different ending.  I was never satisfied with that ending, which is why I 

rewrote it.  BTW, this is the first time I have ever posted any of MY 

stories to the net (GULP).  I would appreciate feedback and advice.  Here 

ends the babble.  Let the story begin.

                              JIM AND CINDY

                                 PART 1

            It had been about a year since my wife passed away.  A rough year.

Being a single parent is no picnic, but we managed.  I have a 15 year old

daughter and a son who is 13 and they have been very helpful.  One thing they

haven't been able to help me with is meeting my sexual needs.   When you've

been married for 17 years like I was, you come to take some things for

granted.  Like the availability of a willing and able partner to share the joy

of making love.  Like I said, it had been a rough year.  Until last week when

things got better ... and worse.

            I had stayed home from work to do some things around the house

that needed taking care of.  Actually, it was sort of a "mental health" day

rather than a vacation or legal holiday.  The kids were in school, so I had

the house to myself.  About 9:00, I was surprised to hear the front doorbell

ringing.  Putting down my coffee cup, I went to answer it.

            "Hi Jim.  Can I come in?"

            It was Cindy, who had been my wife's best friend.  I couldn't

imagine why she had decided to pay me a visit, but I also couldn't think of a

good reason not to let her in.

            "Sure, come on in Cindy.  Want a cup of coffee?"

            "That'd be great, thanks."

            I got her a cup of coffee and we went to the living room and sat

down.  I sat on the couch, she sat in my easy chair.  It was a warm, late

Spring day and she had on a pair of shorts and a halter top which did little

to conceal the tight curves of her cute little body.  Cindy is 40, but you'd

never know it.  She has the body of a 20 year old and she knows how to show it

off.  It used to bug Lana (my wife) sometimes when she'd come over in one of

her special outfits, but Lana didn't have anything to worry about in the looks

department herself, so it was never a real problem.  Cindy has dark brown hair

and brown eyes, stands about 5-5 and weighs about 115 lbs.  Like I said, she

has tight curves.

            She seemed nervous as she opened the conversation.

            "I suppose you're wondering why I came over this morning."

            "Well, yes, I guess you could say that."

            "I need your help with a problem."

            "Oh?"  I was thinking to myself that she should be having this

conversation with her husband Bob, but she anticipated that.

            "Bob can't help me with this problem.  In fact, he's the problem,

or at least part of it."

            "Sounds to me like you need a marriage counsellor."

            "Bob would never go.  And besides, we can't afford it right now."

            "So, how do you think I can help?"

            "Well, " she paused, seemingly to work herself up to the point of

making some startling statement, "I want you to help Bob perform better


            The temperature in the room seemed to rise about ten degrees.  It

was so quiet that the fly buzzing in the window across the room seemed very

loud.  I looked at Cindy, but she was looking at her hands which were folded

at her knees.

            "In what way?"

            "Bob doesn't believe a man should perform oral sex on a woman,

though he doesn't mind asking me to perform it on him."

            "You're kidding."  I'd heard of guys like that, but I never would

have suspected that Bob was one of them.  Bob and I had always gotten along

well, though I wouldn't say that our relationship had been as close as Cindy

and Lana's had been.   

            To buy some time, I went to get more coffee.  I was feeling a

little light headed.  What a bombshell.  Bob wouldn't give her head.  I

supposed that she just wanted me to talk to him about it, try to convince him

of the error of his ways.

            I returned to my seat on the couch and flinched inwardly as Cindy

moved to join me.  She pulled her long, shapely legs up under her and twisted

to face me.

            "Does he satisfy you in other ways?"

            "Sort of.  He does o.k. in the stamina department and I have

orgasms most of the time.  But it's very frustrating to hear about other women

whose husbands and boyfriends give head when mine won't.  We argue about it

more and more now.  We haven't had sex for about a month."

            "Why come to me about this?  Bob must have closer friends."

            "Jim, Lana was my best friend.  We shared everything with each

other.  She knew about Bob's reluctance and she wanted to tell you about it,

but I wouldn't let her.  She also told me what a wonderful lover you were and

how she had multiple climaxes every time you two got it on.  She especially

used to tell me how much she enjoyed it when you gave her head.  Did you

really do it for an hour at a time ... until she begged you to stop because 

she couldn't stand any more?"

            "I didn't put a stopwatch to it Cindy," I chuckled, a little

embarrassed at Cindy's knowledge of what I had thought to be private matters,

"but I know she liked that, and I used to really enjoy giving her pleasure in

that way.  Damn, I miss that woman."

            I looked down at the carpet and thought about all the great times

Lana and I had enjoyed in the sack.  We both liked to fuck and we did it as

often as possible.  I knew of some marriages where after the kids came along,

the wife would lose interest in sex.  Not Lana.  In fact, the day she was

killed, she was on her way home to meet me for a little "afternoon delight." 

Unfortunately, a drunk driver put an end to my beautiful wife and our

wonderful marriage.  Still, whenever I thought of Lana and the good times we

had, my prick would spring to life and I would get a powerful urge to go and

jack off just to relieve the pressure.  Usually, I resisted.

            I was startled from my reverie when Cindy moved to me and put her

arms around my neck, pulling my head to her chest.

            "I miss her too, Jim.  Can you help me?"

            I looked up into those huge eyes of hers and whispered yes.  I

still can't explain or excuse what happened next, but suddenly our lips met, 

my arms went around her, and we were kissing.  Not the way friends kiss, but 

like lovers.  Soon our tongues got into the act and we each began a slow,

passionate exploration of the other's mouth.  

            Almost on cue, we both broke the kiss.

            "I need you to do more than talk to Bob," Cindy whispered

breathlessly.  "I'm as hot blooded as Lana was, Jim.  A month without any sex

has me just about headed for the loony bin.  Please Jim, go down on me."

            By this time, my cock was about ready to rip through the fabric of

the shorts I was wearing and my balls had taken over my brain.  Not having had

sex for a year, I nearly ripped her clothes off right there and fucked her

brains out.  I did have the self-discipline remaining to escort her to my

bedroom, however, and we were soon naked on my large, lonely, king size

waterbed, where we resumed kissing and each began a gentle anatomy survey.

            "What a cock you have, Jim.  It's even bigger than Bob's."

            "I thought it was my tongue you were after, not my cock."

            "I'm hoping to get some of each."

            "All in good time, Cindy, all in good time.  First, let's have a

look at you," I smiled as I pulled away from her to examine her nude form. 

She smiled back and seemed to enjoy my visual inspection as she moved this way

and that to show her body to its best advantage.  I just loved the way her

tits rode high on her chest, refusing to flatten out even though she was

laying on her back.  Her nipples were large and hard, sticking straight up

from the base of her comparatively small and very dark areolas.  Her narrow

waist and flat tummy lead down to a set of perfectly shaped hips and long,

handsomely formed legs.  I did see one small problem however.  "I think that I

can see one reason why Bob is a little reluctant to go down on you," I said

pointing to the thick, heavy thatch of pubic hair at the junction of Cindy's

thighs, "One of the secrets of good oral sex, in my humble opinion, is a trim 

pubic patch, or better yet, no pubic patch at all.  Don't go away, I'll be 

right back."

            I quickly dashed into the master bath and returned with my

barbering tools, remembering activities which had become almost a ritual for

Lana and me.

            "Didn't Lana tell you that I used to keep her nice and neat down

there?" I asked as I arranged everything to my satisfaction.

            "Yes she did, but I never really believed her.  Are you planning

to shave off all of my pussy hair?"

            "No.  Just the hair that gets in the way of good oral sex. 

Actually, it's not that much more than many women do in order to wear those

string bikinis."

            She was very cooperative as I arranged a towel under her ass and

used a scissors to clip away her thick, dark bush until only a short stubble

remained on the area I intended to shave.  The other area, at the very top of

her pubic mound, I trimmed only slightly for the sake of neatness.  Then,

after using a warm, wet washcloth to moisten the area to be shaved, I applied

a thick coating of a special shaving jell for sensitive skin and went to work

with my razor.  When I was finished, she had a tiny patch of pubic hair left

on the top of her mound, but the rest was as bare and smooth as a baby's butt.

I placed a mirror in front of her pussy and let her have a look at my

handiwork.  I also got rid of the towel and my tools while she conducted her


            "Wow," she exclaimed, "This is the first time I've ever really

taken a look at myself down there."  She worked the folds of her pussy open

with her fingers to examine herself more closely.  Her inner lips were swollen

with excitement and protruded beyond the thick outer lips.  I began to massage

the area with a special, soothing, oil.  Cindy laid back on the bed and moved

her hands out of my way, giving me complete access.  Finishing the massage

with some gentle strokes to both sets of pussy lips, I removed the towel and

shaving paraphanalia and got ready for the job at hand, or should I say mouth.

            I spread her legs as far as they would go, pushing her knees back

a little, and placed myself between them.  She had a beautiful cunt, and she

was hot for a good fucking.  Leaning forward, I planted a light kiss right at

the top of her pubic mound, then, moving down, I bypassed the seat of her

pleasure and began to lightly kiss and lick the insides of her thighs,

switching from one side to the other, bathing my senses in the silken feel of

her skin, the taste of her light perfume, the odor of sexual excitement

pouring from her frothy cunt.

            Placing my hands under her ass, I gently lifted her bottom off the

bed and began to kiss those firm globes, occasionally nipping them lightly

with my teeth.  She was trembling with excitement and, I believe, a little

frustration.  She wanted my mouth on her box.  I wanted her to wait for it so

as to enjoy it more later and so I continued to tease her.

            "C'mon, Jim," she moaned, "don't tease me like that."

            "Like what?"

            "You know what I want ... please."

            "Tell me what you want.  Be specific.  I want to hear you say it."

            She was breathing hard and her hips were undulating slightly as

she sought to press her pussy into my face.  She did not want to say the

words, but I was determined to make her say them.  I continued to kiss and nip

the area all around her now superheated sex flesh with out contacting it


            "Lick me," she moaned.  I licked the inside of her thigh.

            "Nooooo ... lick my .... lick ... lick my ..."

            "Lick your what Cindy?"

            "Lick my ... pussy," she gasped.

            I immediately moved my mouth over her gash, which was now leaking

a steady trickle of thick feminine lubricant which crawled slowly down her ass

crack from the base of her pussy, leaving a shiny trail across her tightly

puckered back door.  The strong, musky flavor of her sex was like a narcotic

for me, and one which I had gone too long without.  I began to slowly, but

very firmly, massage her major labia with my tongue, working first one side

and then the other.  Cindy liked this very much, which she indicated by

pushing her hips up off the bed to increase the pressure.  I continued the

tongue massage for a few minutes and then switched tactics, taking as much of

one of her thick outer pussy lips into my mouth as possible and then sucking

on it.  The thick flesh, so recently devoid of pubic hair, was newly

responsive, and taking it between my lips also caused me to come into contact

with the super sensitive inner surface of her major labial folds with my lips

and tongue which I worked vigorously back and forth as I sucked.

            Cindy began to make an almost pitiful mewling sound from deep in

the back of her throat.  I thought she was going to come right there and I

hadn't even gotten to her clit yet.  The scene reminded me so much of the many

times I had done this to Lana that I almost began to weep.

            Cindy's eyes were shut tight and she had grabbed two handfuls of

bedspread.  Her hips were in almost constant motion now, making it a real

challenge for me to stay with her.  Her breathing was ragged between clenched

teeth as her first orally induced orgasm approached.  

            I was still working her outer lips one at a time, sucking them

into my mouth, pulling them away from her crotch, causing her to lift her hips

off the bed to stay with me, working them with my tongue.  Meanwhile, I was

also using the index finger of my right hand to very gently caress the outer

edges of her inner labia, very carefully avoiding her clit.  Her own juices

and my saliva had combined to make a real swamp out of her pussy.  A small

puddle was forming on the bed beneath her ass.  I was wallowing in the taste

and smell of feminine flesh, and her moans became a symphony of sexual


            She was squealing her pleasure now, her head moving from side to

side on the pillow.  In between squeals she was mumbling about how good it

felt and how close she was to coming.

            Replacing my finger action with my tongue, I switched tactics and

began to run my tongue quickly and lightly all around her inner pussy lips,

brushing her clitoral ridge, without touching the hypersensitive tip, on each

pass.  Occasionally, I would use the flat of my tongue to lick the slick flesh

between those inner lips and the thicker outer lips, using my fingers to

expose the area I was attacking with my mouth.  She began to come, her whole

body tensing into something like the rictus of death, then relaxing, then

tensing again as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her.  As soon as I felt

her start to come, I immediately began to flick the head of her very erect,

very large clitoris with quick strokes of the tip of my tongue.  Cindy

screamed as her pleasure sensors overloaded.  I was glad the windows were

closed or else the whole neighborhood would have been able to hear her.

            My experience as a pussy licker told me when to back off a little

and let her come down, still maintaining contact with my tongue and lips, but

avoiding direct contact with her clit for the moment, noting that it had

retracted back into its folds of skin, though the flesh was still firm and

erect underneath its protective covering.  Her body was still undulating,

though not with the force of a few moments ago.  Her hands were caressing my

head, her fingers running through my hair.  She apparently thought I was done.

            Boy was she ever wrong.

            I looked up at her and discovered that she was looking down

at me from between her high, proud, breasts, a dreamy smile of sexual

satisfaction on her face.

            "Wow, Jim.  That was the most incredible thing I've ever


            "Well, I'm a little out of practice, but thank you anyway.  Now

lay back and relax.  I'm not done eating yet."

            "Not done?  I must have come six times already.  You mean there's


            "Lana wasn't kidding when she told you these sessions lasted a

long time.  I am a man who really enjoys going down on a woman, particularly a

woman who tastes as good as you."

            Without waiting for a response, I began once again to massage her

outer pussy lips with my mouth, but this time, I added something new.  Using

the index and middle fingers of my right hand, I probed the depths of her

vagina, pressing upward, searching for what I knew would be there, and

finally finding it;  the little knot of flesh buried beneath her vaginal roof,

better known as the Grafenburg Spot.  I was sure that she had never been given

a g-spot orgasm before, and I meant to show her what that experience was like.

I was also hoping that she shared a trait with my late wife, who had been a

prolific female ejaculator.  (NOTE:  I am not trying to restart the female

ejaculation thread, at least not in this group.  If you want to argue about it, 

e-mail me instead.)

            Finding her g-spot, I began palpating it with my fingertips,

pressing firmly into the hard knot of flesh.  Meanwhile, I was using my tongue

to firmly, yet gently, caress the area along either side of her clitoral

ridge, thus stimulating her in two powerful ways at once.  

            "Oh, Jim ... that's good.  What are you doing ... I've never felt

anything like this ...  Oh yeah .... finger fuck me ... lick my clit ... make

me come ..."  Cindy began moaning and mumbling snatches of words and phrases

like these as I once again pushed her up the ladder towards orgasm.

            Continuing the finger action inside, I began to lick as much of

her pussy as I could reach outside, pausing to spend a little time at her clit

and a little time probing the opening of her little piss hole right at the top

of her vaginal opening.  Within moments, it seemed, though it must have been

about four minutes or so, she was at the edge of a mind shattering g-spot

orgasm.  I suddenly felt the inside of her pussy clamp down hard on my fingers

just as her piss hole began to push itself inside out, opening wide and

spurting a jet of womanly fluid into my waiting mouth.  I clamped my mouth

over the opening and continued to work her g-spot, milking her of her come,

not a drop of which escaped me.  Spurt after spurt of the thick, opaque fluid

streamed past my lips.  This was a taste I had missed, and once again I nearly

wept at the memories it brought back.  I drank greedily, like a hungry newborn

at its mother's breast.  Working her pussy until I had drained her dry, I

slowly removed my fingers from her still weakly clenching vagina and licked

off the thick coating of her lubricant which had accumulated on them.  Giving

her pussy a last, lingering, sucking, kiss, I moved from between her legs to

lay beside her panting form on the bed.  I placed my hand over her pubic mound

and gently massaged the entire area.

            "I take it that you have never had your g-spot probed?"


            Still catching her breath, she managed both a smile and a

comment," You can say that again.  Jim, I've read about the g-spot, but

reading and experiencing are two different things.  For just a moment I

thought I was pissing into your mouth, but I was too far gone to care.  I

didn't piss on you, did I?"

            I laughed.  "No, you didn't piss on me.  You came.  You

ejaculated, to use the clinical term.  Not every woman can do that.  Lana

could, and I didn't know if you could or not.  You can have a g-spot orgasm

without shooting your come, but I was hoping you would be a shooter.  I just

can't get enough of that stuff."

            She rolled onto her side facing me and began to lick the excess

pussy juices from my face, finishing with a long, deep kiss.  

            "Now it's your turn," she said, smiling mischievously.

                                 PART 2

           "You don't have to do this you know," I said, not wanting to make

her feel like I had gone down on her with quid pro quo in mind.  "I'd be

perfectly happy just to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours."

           But she was already arranging herself on the bed, positioning her

head over my crotch, her eyes taking in the size of my throbbing erection. 

She turned her head to look up at me and she smiled.

           "I want to.  I never said I didn't enjoy giving Bob head, I just

said I wanted him to give me some too.  You're not forcing me to do anything,

and believe me, if I didn't want to, nothing could make me suck this monster

of yours," she laughed.

           Turning back to my cock, she planted a warm, wet, kiss right on

the head, letting her tongue run around the smooth surface and collecting the

shiny dab of pre-come which had collected at the tip.  She let the head of my

cock slide between her lips and worked her tongue into the pisshole.  She

grasped and stroked my shaft with one hand while her other softly caressed my


           Lifting her mouth off my cockhead for a moment, she adjusted her

position so that she was kneeling between my legs.  Then, grasping the base of

my cock just below my balls firmly in her right hand, she pointed the shaft

straight up at her mouth and began one of the most fantastic blowjobs I have

ever received.

           I groaned as I felt her warm, wet, mouth slide back over the head

of my cock.  She stopped there for a moment, scrubbing the smooth surface with

her tongue, allowing saliva to accumulate until it was escaping her lips and

running down the length of my shaft.  Using her spit as a lubricant, she began

to take more and more of my cock in her mouth, working it in with short but

slow strokes.  

           I watched in fascination as more and more of my manhood

disappeared.  Soon, I felt the head of my ten inch dick touch the soft flesh

at the back of her mouth and I saw her change the angle of her head and neck

slightly.  I guessed what was coming next, but it still didn't prepare me for

the sensation I was about to experience for the first time.  Lana had never

taken my entire shaft in her mouth.  She just hadn't been able to do it, no

matter how she tried.  I hadn't minded, of course, because the other things we

did to each other were so pleasurable.  Still, I had always wondered how it

would feel to have a woman swallow my cock to the root.  I was swiftly finding


           She didn't pause once she began the final descent over my cock.  I

felt the head of my shaft pass the back of her mouth and slide, seemingly

without effort, into her throat.  I could just make out the outline of my cock

as its head entered her neck.  Soon, her face was pressed against my pubic

bone and she held it there, her tongue, lips, and throat muscles working

together to cause shockwaves of pleasure to race through my nervous system.  


           Needing to come up for air, she slowly slid back up the shaft

until the head popped out of her mouth, a thick string of saliva connecting it

to her glistening lips.  She looked up at me with a shit-eating grin on her

face; "Did you like that?"

           Not waiting for any reply, she confidently returned the head of my

cock to her mouth swallowed my entire length in one, long, smooth, stroke. 

She was in no hurry about it, her strokes were each exactly alike.  Long

smooth descent, pause at the bottom while her throat muscles worked the head

and shaft of my cock, long, slow ride back to the top until only the head of

my throbbing member remained in her hot oral cavity.  I don't know how I stood

it for as long as I did, but it seemed that the pleasure went on for some time

before I felt the pressure in my balls building up to the exploding point.  

She sensed this too, because she suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock and sat

up on the bed, her hands still holding and stroking my shaft, shiny with her


           "I want you to come in my throat and in my mouth, Jim.  I want you

to fuck my face."

           Once again she did not wait for my response, but quickly moved to

the edge of the bed and sat up, her feet dangling over the side.  It took a

moment for the import of her actions to get through the lust fogging my brain,

but eventually I figured it out and got off the bed, moving to stand with my

cock suspended like a thick, fleshy sword in front her face.  She grasped my

shaft with both hands and pulled it to her mouth, which opened wide to

accommodate the massive head of my cock.  She was leaning forward slightly,

thus creating a straight tube out of her mouth and throat.  Cindy reached her

arms around my hips and pulled me in all the way without hesitation; my balls

resting lightly against her chin as I penetrated her to the base of my cock. 

Her face was buried in my crotch and she pressed her lips hard against my

pubic bone, her throat and tongue working me over all the while.  She moved

her head from side to side like a dog playing with a slipper and wet, sloppy

sounds were coming from the junction of our bodies.  

           I didn't know how she was able to stay down so long without coming

up for air.  It seemed like an eternity before she began to pull back,

revealing the shiny, spit coated shaft of my cock as it emerged little by

little from her oral cavity.  She grasped it by the base as she removed it

completely, once again remaining connected by a thick strand of saliva.  She

looked up at me with a smile, once more.


           "Now, Jim.  When I take you in this time, you are to stroke your

cock in and out of my throat just like you would if you were fucking my pussy. 

I'm going to be playing with my clit and if I'm lucky, we'll both come.  Bob

and I do this all the time and I usually reach orgasm right about the time he

shoots his load.  Don't worry about how I'm doing, just concentrate on your

own feelings, o.k.?"

           Without waiting for a response from me, she pulled my now nearly

aching member back into her waiting, willing, mouth and swallowed it once

more.  True to her word, I noted that one of her hands had buried itself in

her crotch, her fingers working her pussy in time to the gentle stroking I was

giving her mouth.

           I took her head in my hands and started a slow, in and out fucking

motion, not wanting to start to fast, enjoying the sensation of having my

entire 10 inches engulfed on each pass in and out of her sexy mouth.  Pretty

soon, though, my lust took over and I began to stroke faster, which caused her

to speed up her clit stroking as well.  Now she was groaning, as was I, and

her groans caused vibrations to move up and down my cock, adding to my

pleasure.  Saliva was running from both corners of her mouth and dripping down

onto her tits, leaving a shiny trail between them.

           I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew that my orgasm was

close at hand.  It had been a month or more since I had jerked off last, so I

knew that this was going to be a real blast when it came.  She sensed my

closeness to climax as well and she provided one final trick to bring me over

the edge.  Using the ample lubricant provided by the saliva leaking from her

tightly stretched lips, she thoroughly coated the index finger of her right

hand and proceeded to push that finger past the portal of my anal sphincter,

gradually working it deep inside my rectum until she found what she was


           My pleasure had increased as I felt her slide that wet finger into

my ass, but I stayed in control until she found the pleasure button buried

deep inside that forbidden passage.  At the first pressure of her finger on my

prostate, I slammed my cock deep into her throat and began to come; great

spurts of hot, thick sperm gushing down her throat.  I could see her throat

muscles working to swallow the load.  I pulled back to give her a taste as her

mouth continued to work me over.  She was coming too, her left hand a blur as

she stroked her clit.  She had pulled her finger from my ass and was using her

right hand to stroke more sperm from my cock as her mouth continued to receive

blast after blast of my frothy produce.  As our orgasms began to subside, I

slid my still erect cock into her throat one last time, letting her swallowing

action milk the last drops of semen from my rapidly emptying balls.  

           "That was incredible, Cindy," was all I could manage as my now

softening cock plopped from her mouth.  I flopped back on the bed, temporarily

spent by my powerful climax.  "Thank you."

           "You're welcome," she said as she licked a few stray drops of come

from her lips and crawled up to join me on the bed.  "Still want to fuck me,

or did I wear you out?"

           I recognized the playful, teasing tone in her voice and responded

in kind.

           "Just give me a minute and I'll give you all the pussy pounding

you can stand.  Remember, you're talking to a guy who cock hasn't seen the

inside of a pussy for over a year."

                               Part III

           I got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to get us each

something to drink.  As I was getting a couple of cold ones from the fridge I

reflected on what had just transpired.  Reflected in some disbelief.  I had

just exchanged oral orgasms with the wife of a friend.  Not a good friend, but

a friend none the less.  Guilt?  I was feeling some.  

           The next moment I was feeling something else.  A warm, definitely

female, body pressed against my back and two arms reaching around my front to

take possession of my cock and balls with gentle hands.  My cock was almost

instantly erect.  Rational thought quickly fled as Cindy's nimble fingers

swiftly stroked my 10 incher to its throbbing fullness.

           "I got lonely and thought I'd see what you were up to," Cindy

giggled, continuing to caress my cock and balls.

           "Mmmm, I'm glad.  I like what you're doing, but I've got a better

idea," I replied, setting the soda cans on the counter and momentarily

disengaging myself from her pleasurable embrace.

           I turned to face her, planting a long kiss on her upturned mouth.  

"Let's do it right here, right now," I said breaking the kiss.  She responded

by moving to the counter and leaning over it, presenting me with a great view

of her ass and the pouting pussy my cock was so eager to enter.

           And, applying a little spit to the head of my sex sword, I notched

it between those slick, newly shaven pussy lips and inserted the whole thing 

in one long stroke.  Cindy groaned with pleasure as she felt the last inch

push home.  She ground her hips against my belly in a slow, sensuous circle. 

Man... that pussy felt great as she gripped my cock, using her interior

vaginal muscles to work my more sensitive surfaces.  Having gone without for

so long, you might expect that I came close to shooting right on the spot. 

Amazingly enough, though it felt great, I knew that I was going to last a long

time, probably thanks to the terrific blow job I'd just enjoyed.  I settled

down to a nice, easy stroke and prepared to go the distance.  Cindy had other


           "C'mon Jim, fuck me harder.  My pussy's like a firecracker and its

gonna blow any second!"

           Grabbing her hips, I increased my pace and began slamming my cock

to the depths of her soaking wet cunt as hard as I could.  She helped, pushing

back as hard as she could as I stroked to her depths.  We were both breathing

in grunts and squishing, slapping noises filled the kitchen.  I lubbed her

asshole with some butter from the kitchen counter and started finger fucking

her back door, eventually working two fingers all the way to the last knuckle. 

With my fingers buried in her ass, I could feel my cock sliding in and out of

her tight, hot, pussy.  It felt good to stroke myself while I was stuffed in

her to the balls.  She was loving every minute of it.  She had one hand

between her legs stroking her clit for all she was worth, occasionally

reaching back to stroke my slick, wet, cock as I continued to plumb her

depths.  We were blind to everything around us, concentrated on our individual

and combined pleasure, fucking for all we were worth.  Cindy was coming

continuously, her contractions squeezing my cock and fingers like twin vices.

   Wanting to slow the action a little and make it last, and for other

reasons which will shortly become apparent, I gradually reduced the length and 

speed of my stroking both fore and aft until I was only moving slightly, grinding

against Cindy's beautiful ass, my cock and fingers buried as deep in her two tunnels

as possible.

   "Oh, god, Jim, that's wonderful.  I've never felt so full.  You're

the first person to ever put anything in my ass.  I never let Bob even touch

me back there.  You had me so hot I didn't even notice until you had two fingers


   "You liked it then?"

   "Liked it!  I loved it!"

   "I think you'd like my cock back there," I said, massaging her rectal 

walls with my fingers.

   "Ooooo, Jim.  I don't know.  Your cock is bigger than your fingers.

Won't it hurt?"  She turned her head and gave me a look filled with the com-

bination of aprehension and lust.

   "Not anymore than my fingers did.  Not very much at all if we do it

right.  Once we really get going, you'll love it.  I promise.  And if you don't

or if for any reason you want to stop, we'll stop.  I can tell you this, though,

Lana loved it in the ass almost as much as she loved getting eaten."

   "O.k., Jim.  I'm game."

   Very slowly, as a sort of tease, I pulled my glistening cock from the

clasping confines of her pussy, and then did the same with my fingers.  Cindy

groaned as she was relieved of my rigid intruders.

   "I feel so empty," she moaned as I turned her and pulled her to me 

for a kiss.

   "Don't worry, we'll have you filled to the rim in no time," I responded,

covering her mouth with mine, our tongues soon battling and exploring.

   Breaking the embrace, I took her hand and we walked to the bathroom.

   "What are we going to do here?"

   "Just as oral sex takes physical preparation, so does anal.  For 

starters, we're going to give you an enema."

   "WHAT?"  Cindy expressed surprise, but at the same time she was having

trouble supressing a giggle.

   I showed her my fingers, still partially covered with butter, and 

another foreign substance.

   "Oh, yeah.  I suppose it would be a good idea to be clean back there

before you go putting in your cock."  She was still fighting the urge to snicker.

   "What's so funny?"

   "Oh, nothing really, except that my mother used to make us all take

enemas when we were little, and the memory just struck me funny, that's all."

   I quickly made preparations, getting out the enema bag and filling it

with warm, soapy water and hanging it from the shower curtain rod.  I positioned

Cindy on her knees with her torso draped over the edge of the tub, a towel underneath

her chest to minimize the effects of the cold porcelin.

   Carefully spreading the cheeks of her delightful ass, I used a wash cloth

to wipe away the remains of the butter I had used earlier.  "Wow," I thought, 

"I really must have gotten carried away to use butter as an anal lube -- not a 

good idea -- but, I'll have it cleaned out in a jiffy."

   Satisfied that the butter had been removed from her outsides, I turned

my attention to cleaning Cindy's insides.  Applying a liberal amount of KY to the

outside and inside of her anal ring, I did the same to the enema nozzle and began

to slowly, gently, insert it.

   "Hmmmm,  that feels nice, Jim."

   When the nozzle was fully inserted, I began to release the contents of

the enema bag into her rectum, being careful not allow the flow to become too fast

giving her rear cavity time to adjust.

   Judging by the small moans and sighs coming from Cindy, the warm water

was flowing just right.

   Soon, I had given her all the water/soap mixture I was going to.  I 

pulled the nozzle from her now clenched rectal ring and instructed her to lie down

on her back on the softly carpeted bathroom floor, being careful not to release

the contents of her bowel before I gave her permission.

    When she was in position, I gently spread her legs and began to feast

on her pussy once more, cleaning up the excess of juices produced by our previous

encounter in the kitchen and bringing her to a small orgasm in the process.

   After a few minutes, I stopped my oral ministrations and had her sit on 

the toilet and let the enema finish its cleansing work.  She seemed slightly em-

barassed to have me be present as she emptied herself into the toilet bowl, her

fluttering sphincter making a rather rude noise.

   We both laughed, and when she was done, I started the shower.  We 

got in and quickly cleaned one another off, me paying particular attention to 

her backside, while Cindy soaped my cock to a tingling state of rigidity.

   Before long, we were towled dry and embracing on the bed once more.

   "Are you ready, Cindy?"

   "I guess so, Jim.  Just go easy, o.k.?"

   "I'm not going to hurt you Cindy.  Trust me."

   Kissing her passionately for a moment, I proceeded to the task at 


   "Lay on your stomach, Cindy," I said as I positioned a pillow under her

abdomen, "and spread your legs a little.  There, that's it."

   I paused a moment to admire the view of Cindy with her beautiful ass in

the air, her hairless pussy lips puffy and already showing the dew of her arousal.

I was tempted to just fuck her in the cunt, being momentarily afraid of what I

would do if she didn't like anal sex.  This wasn't Lana, no matter how much our

sexual encounter reminded me of my late wife and lover.  This was Cindy.  But

the sight of her squeaky clean asshole nestled between a pair of the loveliest

cheeks this side of Nina Hartley decided things for me.  I had to have that ass,

no matter the risks involved.  And there were risks.  For one thing, I didn't have

any condoms.  As things turned out, nothing bad resulted, but could have.

   I began to plant little kisses on each of those lovely globes spread

out before me, working my way toward the groove which bifurcated them.  My tongue

emerged from between my lips and spread warmth and wetness as it traveled up and 

down the groove of her ass, finally stopping at the entrance to her rear chamber.

   Cindy moaned as she felt my tongue press against her anus.  The enema and 

our earlier sex play had really relaxed her back there and I was easily able to 

slip my tongue past the muscular barrier, thrusting it slowly in and out just as

I planned to do with my cock in just a moment.

   While my tongue was working her back door, my fingers were gently stroking

the lips of her sex, occasionally straying to pay some attention to her clitoris.

Her hips thrust back at me, forcing my tongue deeper into her ass, gathering more

of her musky taste and smell in which my senses longed to wallow.

   I withdrew my tongue and fingers from her nether regions as I reached 

for the bottle of special lubricant a pharmacist friend of mine concocted.  Squeezing

a generous ammount on my fingers, I began to work it into and around Cindy's 

virgin asshole, massaging, relaxing, preparing the tight ring of muscle tissue

for the assault it was about to experience.  Two more applications and I felt she

was as lubricated as it was possible to make her.

   As a final touch, I knee-walked up the bed to where her head was.

   "Cindy.  Look at my cock," I said as I began to cover it with a 

thick coat of the slippery gel.  "Watch me make it ready for you.  Does it make

you hot to know that in just a moment I'm going to be fucking you in the ass with

my cock?"

   "Mmmmmm, it really makes me hot.  I want your cock in my ass.  I want

you to take my ass cherry."

   Applying more gel, I stroked my hand up and down the length of my now

massive hardon, letting her see the thick coating of lubricant which would enable

this large tube of flesh to invade her most private region with a minimum of dis-

comfort, and we hoped, a lot of pleasure.

   "Spread your ass cheeks for me Cindy.  Open yourself for my cock," I 

said as I resumed my position between her spread legs.

   "Yessss, Jim.  Here it is.  Here's my ass.  I want your cock in there."

   She had her fingers right next to her asshole and she was literally holding

it open for me.  I centered the tip of my cock at the opening and began to push.

Gently, ever so slowly, I slid the head of my cock through the sphinctoral plane.

   There was almost no resistance, so thoroughly had I prepared the both of

us.  Relaxation and lubrication.  That combination is, IMHO, the key to good anal

sex.  Inch by inch, with steady but slow movement, my shaft slid into the depths of her

ass.  Cindy had stopped breathing when my cockhead had fully penetrated her outer

defenses.  She didn't start again until she felt my shaft fully seat itself within

her, my pubic hair pressing her ass cheeks, my balls resting on the swollen lips

of her achingly empty cunt.

    "Ooooohhhhhh....mmmmyyyyyy.....gawwwwwddd.  Your cock feels like it's going

to pop out of my mouth any second.  I'm sooooo full."

    "Are you in pain?"

    "No.  No pain.  Just soooo full.  Don't move yet.  Let me get used to


    That, of course, was my plan all along.  Full introduction followed by

a brief intermission before the real fun started.

   Her ass was tight, and I could feel her conducting little experiments

with her internal muscles, massaging the length of my cock, testing her own feelings.

When I felt her hips begin to rock a little beneath me, I knew she was ready for 


   Using the same deliberation I had shown while pushing in, I slowly 

began to remove the glistening instrument of Cindy's pleasure until only the 

head remained inside.  Not quite as slowly, I pushed it all the way back inside.

   "Yessss," Cindy hissed, "that's good.  Sooo goood.  Just go slow like

that for a while.  God, you're so big.  I can't believe it goes inside my ass 

so easily."

   I continued my slow strokes, resting my weight on my arms and knees,

pressing her abdomen hard into the pillow as I bottomed out each time.  If it

felt good to her, it felt INCREDIBLE to me.  Hot, tight, slick, her asshole

sucked my cock almost like her mouth and throat had earlier.  And why shouldn't

it -- after all, it was just the other end of the same system, wasn't it?

   I was relaxed, enjoying the leisurly pace, knowing that I wouldn't feel

the need to dump my sperm in Cindy's ass for a while.  I just let the pleasure

wash over me for a time, maintaining the slow rythmn of my cock in Cindy's ass.

   It was Cindy who decided to pick up the pace.  She shoved her hand 

between her body and the pillow and began to frig her clit and pussy lips, at 

the same time grinding her ass into me as I stroked down into her.

   Almost as if on cue ... "Fuck me harder, Jim.  I love it in my ass.

I never knew it could be like this.  Oh, Lana, you were so right about so much."

Cindy's voice trailed off into sighs and moans as I began to move inside her 

with a little more force.

   When I decided to really turn up the pace, I pulled her to her knees, 

indicating with my hands on her back that she was to keep her shoulders down, and

began to really start fucking her ass.

   I grabbed her hips in my hands and began to slam our bodies together, 

ramming the full length of my cock in and out on each stroke, sometimes even exposing

my coronal ridge on the outstroke.  Each time this happened, Cindy gasped as her

ring was re-opened by my cock.

   "Ohh, Jim.  You're gonna make me're gonna make me come in

my ass."

   Cindy's fingers were working furiously on her pussy and the strength and

rythmn of her pulsing ass muscles clearly demonstrated to me that she was close.

So was I.

   I was really reaming her now, our bodies making loud slapping noises

as we collided time after time.  I was squating behind her, my knees outside her

hips, my hands still pulling her to me, getting maximum penetration on each stroke.

Cindy screamed as her orgasm hit her full force, her anal sphincter clenching 

around my cock with almost painful force.  Then the force was released for a

moment only to return, harder than ever.  Clench.  Release.  Clench. Release.

The waves of her orgasm swept across her overloaded pleasure circuits like a storm


   She wasn't screaming anymore, but she was moaning -- shaking her head from

side to side.  Saliva dripped from the side of her wide open mouth, her eyes 

clenched shut, her whole being focused on our connecting point.

   My own climax fast approaching, I began to jackhammer my cock in her

ass with quick, deep strokes, feeling her ass muscle grip me with each spasm

in a grip every bit as tight as my own hand could provide.

   With a shout of pleasure, I rammed into her once more, burying my 

steaming stalk to the root in her rectum.  A moment later, she was screaming as

she felt my hot man-juice begin to spray the deflowered walls of her back


   After the first spurt, I began to stroke furiously in and out of the

clenching tunnel, my sap adding to the slipperyness already there, until the last

spasms had emptied my balls.  I held it deep for a moment, but it had already 

begun to soften.  I pulled my cock out of her ass -- she gripped me hard one more

time as the head reached the rim -- and stretched out on the bed, pulling her

to me so that we lay like spoons.

   Which is where we were when my daughter and one of her girl friends

came home.  But, that is another story....


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