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Archive-name: Affairs/jb_watch.txt

Archive-author: J. Boswell

Archive-title: Intimate Sharing

                   The Original Hot Wife Tale

Part One

Happy Birthday, Darling

     I love to watch my wife with other men.  I've read enough

letters in enough magazines to know that I'm not alone, but if

you had asked me, I would have never guessed that watching Jenny

have sex with other men would be my biggest turn-on.

     Jenny was a virgin when we married thirteen years ago, and

was very inexperienced in sexual matters.  I found it hard to

believe that a girl with her looks and a body that stopped

traffic could be so `untouched' and innocent, but she assured me

it was the result of strict religious upbringing, at home and in

school, and living home with her parents until we married.  

     Jenny is now 35 years old, and has never looked better in

her life.  She is beautiful, with pale, ivory skin; full, pouty

lips; huge brown eyes; and shining brown hair in a classic page

cut.  She reeks class.  Aerobics and running have made her firmer

than ever and her 36C-23-35 figure on a 5'4" frame would have to

be termed perfect in my book.  We've been happily married, and

our sex life started slow and has improved over the years.


     I enjoy reading adult magazines and, occasionally, Jenny

would read a letter or two without comment.  One day, she asked

me to point out the letters that really turned me on. 

Invariably, the ones that made me the hottest told tales of

husbands watching their wives have sex with other men, sometimes

with multiple partners.  Jenny asked me if I ever thought about

her screwing another man.  I was honest and told her that I could

sometimes visualize her doing the things in the letters, but I

certainly did not want her to actually do those things.  I

assured her the letters were a turn-on and a fantasy, but did not

mean I had an actual desire for her to fuck another man.  She

said she was glad that I didn't want her to have sex with others,

because she didn't want me to have sex with other women, either.

     We continued to read the magazines, and Jenny would

playfully point out the ones for me to read first.  She was

always right and I was glad she understood about my fantasy.


     Last September, my fortieth birthday fell on a Saturday, and

Jenny said she had the whole day planned for me.  It began with a

wonderful session of making love; then I was treated to breakfast

in bed, and later, lunch on our screened-in back patio. The

afternoon had me on the porch, deep in a chaise lounge, dozing in

front of college football on the portable TV.

     The lawn was in dire need of cutting, my normal Saturday

task, but Jenny said that the lawn was also taken care of.  I

heard a mower start up and Jenny stepped out onto the porch in

her tiniest bikini and said, "Ah, right on time.  See?  All taken

care of."

     Apparently she had hired our neighbor's son, Danny, to mow

the lawn for me.  He was a great-looking kid we had watched grow

up.  Only just starting his Junior year in high school, he was

the ultimate jock, with a sweater full of high school varsity

letters and a wall full of trophies.  

     When he got to the back lawn I was amazed at his physique. 

Six feet tall, he weighed about 175, all muscle.  He was wearing

shorts and high-tops, and his bare chest was tan and gleaming

with sweat.

     Jenny walked past me, out the door, with two large

lemonades.  "Hey, Danny,"  She shouted over the mower's roar.

     Danny cut the engine and turned to see who shouted.  When he

saw Jenny walking toward him in that tiny bikini that perfectly

matched her eyes, I could almost hear him gulp from where I was


     "Hi, Mrs. H.  I thought you were taking Mr. H. out all day,

for his birthday."  He made a valiant effort to look Jenny in the

eyes, but looking at her full, glowing body was too much

temptation.  His eyes rarely looked above her ample cleavage. 

Danny was obviously a tit-man.

     "He's sound asleep, now.  We'll be going out for dinner,

later.  I was just getting the last of the season's sun."  She

sat down on the chaise lounge and looked up at Danny's crotch. 

     Knowing Jenny, I knew something was up.  I wasn't asleep and

she knew it, so I wanted to watch and see what she was up to.  I

knew that if Danny looked into the porch from the bright

sunlight, the shade and screens made it so dark that he wouldn't

be able to distinguish me from the seat cushions, so I felt

perfectly safe as a peeping-tom.

     Danny stepped closer to Jenny and used the opportunity to

stare down between her two magnificent breasts.  The crotch of

his shorts began to swell.  Mine did, too.

     Danny gulped the rest of his drink, "Thanks for the

lemonade, Mrs. H.  I guess I better get back to mowing."

     I'm sure Jenny caught the crack in his voice as well as I

did.  She smiled up at him and said, "There's no hurry, Dan.  I

was just looking at your body.  It looks like all those weights

your mother's always complaining about lying around the house are

having a very positive effect."  

     I guess exercise is a topic jocks always feel like talking

about, because the next few minutes were filled with the details

of lifting weights.

     Jenny stood up and reached out to touch Danny's arms.  "Wow,

Dan, your arms are hard as rocks."  She moved her hands up to his

shoulders and down his chest, over his nipples.  "You are an

Ironman, aren't you?"

     Danny could only nod, and Jenny continued with the slow

torture.  As I watched this scene, I removed my throbbing cock

from my shorts and began to squeeze it.  I had never seen Jenny

flirt like this, and I had never been hotter.

     "I've been thinking about lifting weights, too.  I'm afraid

aerobics and running won't be enough to keep me firm.  I'm

already beginning to sag like an old lady."

     "No way, Mrs. H.!  You look terrific."

     "Well, thank you, kind sir.  Say, if you can keep this

professional, maybe you can give me some advice.  Are there

exercises I could do to prevent my breasts from sagging any more?

Look."  With that, Jenny untied the string behind her neck and on

her back.  She removed the bikini top as casually as removing a

winter coat.

     Danny's eyes actually bulged as he viewed Jenny's round,

full tits and brown, hardening nipples.  He tried to blurt out

something, but all that came out was, "Oh, Mrs. H..."

     "Oh, Dan, it's okay.  I just want your expert opinion on a

bodybuilding question.  If you prefer, I can put my top back on,

but then you can't see as well."  

     I almost couldn't stifle my laughter.  Jenny was obviously

having a good time.

     When she lifted both tits in her hands, I shot a thick

stream of cum across the porch to begin one of the best solo

orgasms of my life.  

     "Is there an exercise I can do to keep these right where

they are, and not sag any further?"  Danny's cock was straining

the fabric of his shorts.  Danny managed a shrug and Jenny sat,


     "Oh, Dan, I did that, didn't I?  I'm so sorry.  I was

thinking about exercise and forgot that you are a red-blooded

teenager.  Here, let me make it better for you."  With that,

Jenny pulled Danny's shorts down over his hips and cock.  He

stood absolutely still as they fell to his ankles.  I felt more

than a little twinge of jealously as I saw that his cock was

obviously longer, thicker and straighter than mine.

     Jenny reached for him, pulling him a step closer with her

hands on his ass.  She kissed the pink head of his cock and then

licked the underside.  She opened her mouth to accept his cock,

sucking and slurping it in and out.  In less than a minute, Danny

began to pant and jerk his hips.  

     Another man's cock was shooting cum into my wife's hot mouth

and I had another raging hard-on!

     Jenny swallowed everything and licked Danny's penis clean

before she released him.  His cock was still semi-rigid as he sat

down on the grass.  

     Jenny smiled down at him, "You taste wonderful."  Danny's

penis jerked a little in response.  "You've made me very hot,

Dear."  It jerked again.  "I think I need more of you."  And that

was it; Danny was hard again, and I cursed his youth.

     Jenny stood long enough to untie her bikini bottom, and push

Danny onto his back.  I had the perfect angle to watch his cock

penetrate my wife's pink, wet cunt, as she lowered herself onto

it.  I didn't know if Danny was a virgin, but even if he wasn't,

I was certain that Jenny was giving him the best fuck of his

young life.  She rode his cock, placing his hands on her bouncing

tits, and showing his fingers how to pinch her nipples as she

neared an orgasm.  I could see his big cock shining with my

wife's cunt juices when she raised herself up on it, only to drop

down with a moan.

     It wasn't long before she began a very intense orgasm.  She

lost control of her rhythm, and was moaning in complete surrender

to the feeling washing through her.  When the orgasm abated,

Jenny slowly lifted herself off Danny's still-hard cock.  He

whimpered a low "No," but Jenny laid down on the chaise, with a

leg off each side, and smiled, "Come fuck me, Dan."

     And he did.  He moved between her legs, and shoved his meat

up her cunt in one fast move.  Jenny grunted at the force of his

invasion and wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around

his neck.  Danny then proceeded to pound Jenny's ass into the

deep cushion of the chaise, ramming his cock into her up to the


     Jenny stayed right with him, urging him on, "Oh, yes, Dan. 

Fuck me.  Pump me hard, Dear.  Oh, yes!"

     By luck, accident or design, they both hit their orgasm

simultaneously.  After their climax, Danny rolled off Jenny.  His

cock was shining with her and his own juices, and they were both

covered with sweat.  Their breathing slowed and Jenny dropped her

hand to Danny's chest, running her fingernails gently over his

skin.  They shared her lemonade and Danny stood to pull up his


     Jenny held out her hand, "Wait.  Let me clean that for you,

Dan."  He needed no further urging to move closer to my wife.

     Jenny took his soft, wet cock into her mouth and began to

suck and lick it clean.  In seconds, it was growing hard yet

again, and I marveled at Danny's recuperative powers.  

     Jenny gave a throaty laugh and said, "Oh, dear!  It's still


     Danny smiled as Jenny let it slip out of her mouth and she

positioned herself bending over the chaise.  Danny walked his

hard cock right up Jenny's cunt. 

     It took a little while for him to come this time, and Jenny

didn't come, but her urging and moaning signified she was

definitely enjoying being fucked again.  When Danny finished,

Jenny told him I'd be waking up soon and he could finish the lawn


     Jenny walked naked across the lawn and into porch and stood

beside me.  "Happy birthday, Darling.  Want to feel someone

else's cum in your wife's cunt?"  

     I reached out and inserted two fingers up her cunt.  I could

feel the mixture of her lubricant and Danny's sticky cum and my

cock began shooting again.  Jenny bent over and caught the rest

of my cum with her mouth.  When I finished, Jenny smiled and

looked down at her body.  Cum was dripping down her thighs, her

tits had red marks on them where Danny had been a little rough,

and she was covered with sweat and grass and dust.  To me, she

had never looked sexier in her life.

     She licked the wetness off my fingers and said, "I need a

long hot bath!"  I was exhausted and fell asleep before she

started to fill the tub.


Part Two

Once Is Not Enough 

     Jenny and I discussed the day's events over dinner.  She

said she had been thinking about it a long time.  Although she

couldn't picture herself ever cheating on me with another man,

the thought of me watching her with another man grew and grew

until it became a full-fledged turn-on for her, too.  She worked

the whole plan through her head for days, before she had the

nerve to actually call Danny and arrange for him to mow the lawn.

     "So, how was he?  His stamina depressed this 40-year old


     Jenny giggled and said, "His stamina surprised this 35-year

old woman!  I thought it would all be over and done in just a few


     I toasted her with my wine, "You are the cause of that,

Dear.  Your beauty, your amazing body, and your pure sexuality."

     Jenny blushed, "The whole time it was going on, I was

thinking about you watching me, knowing I was doing this for


     I raised an eyebrow, "Oh, so then you didn't enjoy it?"

     She laughed, "Of course, I enjoyed it!  If he ever learns

how to really use what he has, there will be a traffic problem in

the neighborhood from all the teenie-boppers lining up and

cruising by.  He's a real stud."

     A serious thought intruded, "You know he'll want more, don't


     Jenny waved my concern away.  "I'm sure he'll ask or try,

but I'll convince him it was a once in a lifetime thing that can

never be repeated."

     Jenny was right.  She told me that a few days later, Danny

stopped by before I got home from work.  Jenny said she sat him

down, held his hand and apologized for what happened.  She said

she didn't know what came over her, that she loved her husband

and could never risk her marriage like that, again.  Apparently,

Danny took it all, with a pout, but finally left.

     If anything, Jenny and I felt even closer than we did before

my birthday.  Left with a quiet moment in work, or distracted

from a book, my mind would wander back to our porch, and I could

see another man's hard, pink/purple cock spreading my wife's pink

pussy lips, fucking her willing cunt.


     On a Friday night in November I was home alone.  A guy in

Jenny's office was being transferred to Los Angles, and she was

at the going away party.  A little after midnight, the phone woke


     It was Jenny, "If I were you, I'd take a chair into the

bedroom closet.  I might be bringing home another birthday gift

for you.  I love you."

     Surprised at the call, I hurried to make the bed and pry a

few louvers in the closet door apart.  I was ready when I heard

the car pull into our driveway.  

     The front door opened, and I heard Jenny, "Thanks for the

ride home, Bill.  I had too, too much to drink."

     Bill was the guy leaving for L.A.  He was about my age and

very good-looking.  "My pleasure, Jenny.  The party was beginning

to drag, anyway.  What do you say we wake Ron up and keep the

party going here?"

     "No can do.  Ron's in Denver until tomorrow, and I've had

enough to drink for the night.  I'm very tight!  How about you? 

Want a coffee or another drink?"

     "Sure, coffee sounds great."

     "Good.  I make a mean cup of coffee.  But, first, let me get

these damn heels off."

     "I'll keep you company."

     Jenny hit the light switch as she entered the bedroom and

Bill was one step behind her.  I had the perfect view of him

reaching around my wife and cupping her breasts.  Jenny leaned

her head back on his shoulder and said, "Ohhhh, Bill.  You aren't

trying to take advantage of my inebriated state, are you?"

     His fingers had found Jenny's nipples, and they were

obviously hardening to his touch.  "Yeah, I want to take

advantage of you.  I want to see how really tight you are, and I

don't mean from the drinks."

     Jenny turned and pushed him back onto the bed.  He was

sitting on the edge, looking up at her.   Her back was to me and

I watched Bill's face as my wife began to strip for him.  Her

dress buttoned across the shoulders, and when open, fell to her

feet.  Jenny slowly lifted the dark blue, full slip up over her

hips and head and stood still.  She was still wearing her heels,

a dark lacy bra, tiny panties, garterbelt and stockings.

     Bill licked his lips.  "I want to see your tits."

     Jenny opened the front of her bra and dropped it to the


     "Your pussy.  I want to see your cunt."

     Jenny stepped out of her wispy panties and pushed Bill back

onto the bed.  Then she knelt on the floor between his legs and

began to open his slacks.  I heard the zipper and watched her

pull his pants down to the floor.  His cock stood up pink and

rigid.  Jenny shifted position to give me a perfect view as she

lowered her mouth over his cock.

     She sucked him for a few minutes and then climbed up and

mounted him.  Bill grabbed handfuls of her ass, "Oh, Jenny, you

ARE tight!  All this time we worked together, we could've been

fucking like this.  You walk around that office like the perfect

lady, but you are really one easy little slut, aren't you?"

     Jenny was responding to his cock and his talk, but before

she could get there, Bill tightened his hold on her ass and

pounded his meat up into her pussy.  He came with a loud groan

and laid still for a few seconds.  Then, he lifted Jenny's wet

snatch off his cock and pushed and pulled her until her cunt was

situated over his mouth.

     Just before he pulled her down, he said, "I want to suck my

cum out of your sweet, easy, little cunt."

     Jenny was more than ready and began her orgasm almost

immediately.  I had been jerking off the whole time and I, too,

came, shooting my cum onto the closet door.

     Bill ate my wife's pussy until she had a second orgasm and

collapsed on top of him.  He pushed her off him, rolled off the

bed and began to undress.

     "I can't believe it, Jenny.  The perfect lady in work, the

perfect whore in the bedroom.  Believe me, if I had only known

you were so easy a piece of ass, I'd've been filling your hole

for a long time."

     Jenny propped herself up on an elbow and watched him

undress.  "I'm not easy, Bill.  The mood was right and I was just

enough tipsy...  You know it's after 1 a.m., don't you? 

Shouldn't you be getting dressed instead of undressed?"

     "But we aren't done, yet, are we?  You want to get me hard

again, so I can fuck you."

     Jenny laughed and pulled Bill onto the bed by his hand,

"Well, if that's what I want, I'd better get started."

     Still in garterbelt and stockings, Jenny, again knelt

between Bill's legs and took his soft cock into her mouth.  She

really put on a great show, with it ending as Bill was pumping

into her, doggie-style, moaning "You slut!  You slut!" as he


     Jenny helped Bill dress and saw him out the door.  I was

standing at the bedroom door with my hard cock in my hand.  We

didn't make it to the bed.  On the floor, Jenny took my hard-on

into her mouth and positioned her soaked pussy over my face.

     "Eat me, Ron.  I really need you to eat me!"

     I looked up and saw another man's cum in my wife's hairs and

couldn't do it.  Instead, I rolled us over, took my cock from her

mouth and inserted into her pussy.


Part Three

...Two for the Show

     I woke up late the next morning to the delicious feeling of

my cock in Jenny's hot, wet, magic mouth.  I loved feeling it

grow rigid as she slurped and sucked and licked it.  I relaxed

back into the pillows and enjoyed her expert cocksucking.  In

just a few minutes, Jenny was fucking me with her mouth, and I

couldn't hold out any longer.  My cum shot out of me and into her

accepting mouth.  

     When I was done, Jenny looked up and smiled, "Good morning,

Lover.  I just want you to know that I have never felt sexier,

hotter, more like a complete woman, than I have since your


     I smiled back at her.  With my fingers I dabbed some of my

cum from her chin and she sucked my sticky fingers into her


     "So, it looks like a foreign cock every now and then is all

we need to keep you happy."

     "Ron, it's so sexy knowing you're watching.  Last night, I

kept thinking about you being five feet away, watching everything

I was doing.  It turned me on so much!"


     And it must have.  Our sex life was wonderful.  Between the

different hours that we worked, and my longer commute time, Jenny

usually arrived home a little after 4 p.m. and I dragged in after

6:30.  Instead of Jenny starting dinner and watching the news

until I got home, we developed a pattern of love-making I really


     When I got home, Jenny was almost always naked or

almost-naked in bed and ready for me.  She insisted that I eat

her already-wet cunt, first, and then she would attack my body

with her hands, tongue, mouth and cunt, ending in a terrific

fuck.  We'd then shower together and enjoy the rest of the

evening together.


     One day in late March, my office went out to lunch to

celebrate a huge sale I had made in the morning.  None of us

returned to work, and, as a result, I turned onto our street at

about 4:15 p.m. -- just in time to see three figures enter our

front door.  

     I stopped the car still a half-block from the house, and

wondered what to do.  One of the figures had obviously been Jenny

-- her car stood in the driveway.  Who were the other two people,

and why were they waiting at the front door for Jenny to get


     As I sat there, our bedroom light went on, and a thought

began to form.

     I parked the car at the curb, walked down to our house and

into the backyard.  I quietly climbed the steps up to the deck

off the kitchen, and climbed from that railing onto the deck off

the bedroom.  I crept over to the french doors, but couldn't find

enough opening in the curtains to observe anything inside the


     Desperate, I climbed up on the railing and peeked into the

top of a window.  Perfect!  The miniblinds were open enough to

see a sight I couldn't believe!  

     Inside, Jenny, Danny and Danny's friend, CJ were undressing!

     When they were all naked, Jenny laid back onto the bed and

Danny moved his hard cock close to her lips.  My wife moved her

head until she could suck it into her mouth.  At the same time,

CJ was kneeling between Jenny's spread legs.  His hands were busy

at her cunt for a few seconds, and then he moved his cock up to

her pussy.  He slid it in it's whole length in one quick shove.

     Jenny let go of Danny's prick and began to really hump CJ,

lifting her hips to take each of his thrusts.  Danny moved down

on the bed and took Jenny's right nipple into his mouth.

     I couldn't believe this!  This was my wife who said she did

it only for me, fucking and sucking the neighborhood schoolboys! 

I also couldn't believe it, but she never looked sexier!

     CJ soon came and quickly rolled from between my wife's

spread thighs.  Danny rolled over and pulled on her hips until

she was kneeling on all fours in front of that big cock of his. 

Danny was not gentle as he shoved his cock in to the hilt and

started to bang away at Jenny.  CJ moved his head under her

swinging tits and grabbed one with his hand and the other with

his mouth.

     Through the windows I couldn't hear a thing, but I could see

how much Jenny was enjoying being an easy piece of ass for these

two young studs.  She had her first orgasm as Danny was pounding

his meat into her, and he came soon after that.

     They all rolled apart, and I expected them to start getting

dressed, but, instead, Jenny took Danny's shiny, wet cock into

her mouth and began sucking it.

     Both kids had erections within minutes, and this time, Jenny

straddled CJ's hips and rode his cock to a hard, fast cum for

both of them.  She played with Danny's prick with her hand, until

CJ shot his load, and then my wife-whore rolled over on her back

and spread her legs, yet again.

     She fingered herself and said something, and they all

laughed.  Bill was right.  She was a slut!  They were still

laughing as Danny slid his pole up her very pink cunt.

     This was the fucking Jenny really got into.  She wrapped her

arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.  From where I

was, I could watch Danny's cock rise out of her cunt, almost its

full length, and slide back in to the hilt, his big bag of balls

slapping against Jenny's ass.  I knew then that Jenny had taught

him how to fuck.  He was giving her exactly what she wanted --

her eyes shut tight, her mouth open -- she was enjoying the

fucking tremendously.

     She began to cum, and it lasted for minutes, until her arms

and legs fell slack and she was still on the bed.  Danny didn't

miss a beat, continuing to pump away at her cunt until he, too,

finally came.


     They rested a few minutes and then dressed.  I carefully

climbed down from my perch and made my way back to my car.  I sat

in it until my normal arrival time and pulled into the driveway.

     As usual, Jenny was naked in our freshly made bed, fingering

herself as I walked into the bedroom.

     I was incredibly angry with her for cheating on me, but I

had never been more aroused in my life then when I was staring

through the window at my slut-whore-wife put out to the


     I stripped in seconds and jumped on top of Jenny, pushing my

erect cock at her pussy lips.

     She smiled at me, "No, Dear.  I want you to eat me, first."

     In anger and sexual frenzy, I held her hands to the bed and

pushed my cock up inside her with all my strength.  I looked down

at my sweet-faced wife and said, "I told you, I don't eat other

men's cum, you cheap little slut!"

     She tensed her body for just a second, and then smiled,

again, "That's what you think.  You've been eating it out of my

pussy every day for months!"

     That second, I shot the juice of the best cum of my life

into her well-used and cum-filled cunt.


     Later, Jenny told me that when Danny came back the Monday

after my birthday, she did tell him what she told me.  Except,

she said he looked so crushed and broken she offered him "one

last time."  By the third fuck in an hour, Jenny admitted she was

really enjoying Danny's attention and youth and stamina, and, of

course, his big cock.

     That day was the first instead of the last.  Almost every

workday afternoon, Danny stopped by the house and thoroughly

fucked my very willing wife.  

     She explained that over Christmas break, CJ's parents went

out of town and he was staying with Danny.  They were best

friends and Danny had already told CJ about Jenny (against

Jenny's wishes), and CJ sat in the livingroom while Danny and

Jenny got their rocks off upstairs.  On the third day of this,

Jenny felt sorry for CJ and his raging teenage hormones and told

Danny to send CJ up when he was dressed.  Only two days later, it

was a threesome, and has been a threesome since.

     Jenny said she thought the whole thing was more than I

wanted to handle, especially everyday, a teenager or two, and a

neighbor, so she kept the whole affair a secret from me.  When I

wouldn't eat her pussy after Bill fucked her, she said it was an

incredible turn-on to have me eat her out almost every day, after

her two young studs had filled her pussy up with their gooey cum.

She always cleaned away any excess drips on the outside of her

pussy, so it wouldn't be obvious.  I told her I honestly didn't

know, and thought she tasted great.  To me, she just tasted like



     So, in the end, I got what I thought I wanted, but more than

I expected.  I knew I'd enjoy watching another man fuck my lovely

wife, but I had never expected my wife to enjoy other men fucking

her so much!

     Are we happy?  

     Jenny certainly is, and I still like to watch -- but she is

certainly fucking a whole lot more than I'm watching.  Just

yesterday, she even mentioned that CJ's older twin brothers will

be home from college for the summer -- and she had a real sparkle

in her eyes when she said it!


(C) J. BOSWELL, January 1989


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