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Archive-name: Affairs/hotass.txt


Archive-title: Hot Ass

           I'd always known my  wife had a hot  ass; hell, that's  partly

      why I married her. Once, when we were still dating, she asked me to

      meet her on her lunch hour. She kissed me, sliding her tongue  into

      my mouth, and said we had to hurry, because she had an appointment.

      Within fifteen minutes, she was gasping as  I fucked the  daylights

      out of her against the wall of a  stall in a ladies' room. She  was

      wearing a business suit, but had very adroitly pulled her skirt  up

      and her little bikini panties off  so I could get my bursting  dick

      into her. She urged me to fuck  her good, to fill her little  pussy

      with lots and lots of creamy come. Then, without so much as rinsing

      off her cunt, she dashed off to her appointment. That evening,  she

      explained what  that thrilling  little fuck  session had  been  all

      about. She said that two weeks earlier, she'd gotten into a pissing

      match with her gynecologist over  something or other, but that  SHE

      had gotten in the last word.  The appointment after "lunch" was  to

      be her last with  this gynecologist,  and  for this last,  special,

      visit, she had presented  the good doctor with  a close up view  of

      her freshly-fucked pussy, brimming over with my still-warm sperm. I

      think she said  the doctor had  told her  not to have  sex for  two

      weeks, to give her pussy a "rest." I was at first disappointed when

      I found out she was also  fucking other guys while we were  dating.

      At the  same time  though, I  had to  admit I  was excited  by  the

      thought that she was having sex with other men. Then, after we were

      married, and I found  out she was STILL  fucking around, I  finally

      gave in.  I  knew that  I  was the  only  man she  loved,  and  she

      certainly fucked MY ears off,  right regular! Then, one night  when

      she came home  late, and  came to  bed without  showering, I  could

      smell a man's cologne or aftershave on her, but more than that, she

      smelled of SEMEN. It was  unmistakable, and she wasn't even  trying

      to hide it. She didn't object when I slid my hand between her  legs

      and found her  crotch a gooey  mess. "Oops," she  said. "I guess  I

      could've cleaned up a little."

           Then, I told her how I  didn't really mind her screwing  other

      men, I just wish  she wouldn't always let  them come in her  pussy.

      Sucking them off or making them come  ON her was OK with me, but  I

      liked to think the  pussy was mine alone.  She said she was  sorry,

      and knew  that her  fucking  other guys  wasn't really  right,  and

      probably hurt me,  but she really  couldn't help it.  There was  no

      love involved, ever, she  said. Among men, she  loved only me.  But

      the other great love of her life was sex. From now on, she'd TRY to

      keep anyone from coming  inside her. Then she  said since I  didn't

      mind her getting  it from other  guys, maybe I'd  like to  acutally

      WATCH sometime? That did it for me. As I thought about it, my  dick

      started to  stiffen. I  realized  I would  LOVE  to watch  my  wife

      dicking some stranger! What really turns me on is that she  doesn't

      just love being  fucked, she  loves men's  penises, and  everything

      about them. She loves to lick them, suck them, masturbate them; she

      loves to knead a big set of come-filled balls, and she can go  into

      her own squealing orgasm watching strong spurts of semen  squirting

      out of a fat dick.

           She hasn't actually kept her  promise about other guys  coming

      in her pussy, either,  but she usually at  least TRIES to get  them

      out in time. Plenty of times, I've watched her getting porked  from

      behind while on her knees. When she feels the guy starting to come,

      she reaches back and pulls the big, slimy dick out. Usually though,

      the guy's already  started to come,  and as she  pulls it out,  big

      streamers of milky semen are already  squirting out the end of  his

      dick. When  this happens,  she'll  stroke him  off with  her  hand,

      directing the spurts right at the opening of her pussy. Seeing some

      young stud clog up the opening  of my wife's cunt with thick  lumps

      of his creamy-white sperm is enough  to make me squirt my own  load

      up to the ceiling.

           She gets a tremendous thrill just from handling a stiff  dick,

      though. We've joked  that she  could coax a  pint of  sperm from  a

      eunuch. She says the protein in semen is good for her skin and  her

      complexion. God, she wears enough of it! I once watched her service

      four young guys  who had  deliberately abstained from  sex for  TEN

      DAYS before coming to visit us (we advertise in some local swinging

      magazines). On her knees once again, the one with the biggest  cock

      (a good eleven  inches long!), had  her ass propped  up with a  big

      cushion, her legs spread wide, and was long-dicking her pussy  from

      behind (he was black, by the way). She was alternately sucking  and

      jacking the other three guys, who kneeled in front of her,  feeding

      her their swollen dicks. She has an irresistible technique when  it

      comes to sucking dick, too. She'll continually stroke you with  her

      hand, while she  runs her lips  and tongue all  over the shaft  and

      head. Then, when it's  good and stiff, she  just starts nursing  on

      the head. It  can make you  see stars.  When the guy  in her  mouth

      started to  come, it  triggered a  chain reaction.  She pulled  his

      shiny dick out of  her mouth and jacked  it hard, until a  powerful

      spray of milky come  started shooting out of  it. Seeing this,  the

      the other two guys kneeling in  front of her started twitching  and

      hissing through their teeth, and  soon they jacked their own  thick

      loads all over her face, neck and chest. She squealed as the  thick

      spurts of cream  covered her eyes,  nose and mouth.  Each guy  shot

      well over a half-dozen healthy spurts  of sperm onto her. Her  face

      was a mask of pasty, white lumps  of the stuff. It dripped off  her

      chin and her eyelashes.  Several long streamers  were in her  hair.

      Meanwhile, the guy in her pussy started coming, and he must've shot

      a couple  of strong  squirts  into her  pussy before  pulling  out,

      because there was an immediate backwash of semen running out of her

      as he directed the rest with  his hand from about six inches  away.

      This guy was awesome.  He held his big  black salami near the  root

      with one hand, and with the  other, he stroked it right behind  the

      massive purple head with little  tiny strokes. Soon, he was  coming

      again. As  he  watched  and  stroked  his  dickhead  intently,  the

      biggest, thickest, ropes of the creamiest white sperm I'd ever seen

      started leaping out of his swollen dickhead and smacked against  my

      wife's vulva, ass,  and thighs.  The pulses were  not only  strong,

      they were incredibly quick, maybe  two or three every second.  They

      seemed to never stop, and the last was as powerful as the first.  I

      swear I could actually HEAR each squirt of this dude's sperm as  it

      smacked against my wife's backside.

           When he was  done, my wife  was a mess.  Her face was  covered

      with the copious issue of six young, healthy, overflowing balls.  A

      sperm glaze, rivers of it, were running down her breasts, and  some

      dripped off her swollen nipples. It  looked like milk. Her ass  was

      shiny with the black guy's huge load, and a big, white streak of it

      was running over her asshole and pussy, and dripping loudly into  a

      large puddle between her legs. The guy had evidently spilled  quite

      a bit into  her cunt before  he pulled out,  because now it  looked

      like a cream-filled pastry, right where the filling is put in. Huge

      lumps of his thick cream were oozing out from her gaping pussy, and

      joining the river that was coming  from her ass. She told me  later

      that she'd  fucked this  guy once  before (against  a tree  on  the

      campus of a local college!),  and remembered the incredible  amount

      of sperm he'd shot into her. This time, she PAID him to abstain, so

      she could "show her husband some nice come shots." She asked me  to

      get her a  wet washcloth, because  she'd gotten some  semen in  her

      eye. I went to the bathroom to get a towel or two.


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