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Archive-name: Affairs/hot-jam.txt

Archive-author: J. Boswell

Archive-title: Traffic Jammin'

                      Another Hot Wife Tale

     Damn this Beltway!  God damn this stupid Beltway!

     I had just finished a double shift at the hospital.  My

relief was a Dear, showing up a little early, and letting me get

out of there sooner than I expected.  I was exhausted but still

keyed up, and I wanted to get home and shower.  But first, I had

to pick up the girls at my mother's and stop and get something

for dinner.  Of course, the air-conditioner in the car still

didn't work, but it was only about 98 degrees in the shade,


     I debated which way to go and had the bad luck to get on the

Beltway and get caught in a dead-stop traffic jam.

     Usually, at four in the afternoon, the Beltway traffic was

slow, just starting the after-work rush hour, but it moved. 

Today, the traffic was at a complete stop.  My guess was there

was a very large accident somewhere ahead.

     With my foot taking root in the brake pedal, my mind began

to drift.  Still a little buzzed on all the coffee and a couple

of the little red pills I took to help me through the double

shift, my mind began zinging around, thinking about getting the

girls, debating McDonalds or Chinese for dinner, wondering why

Frank couldn't ever pick up dinner on HIS way home, relaxing in

the shower...

     ...all of a sudden, I broke out of my deep reverie to

realize that I was staring at the most beautiful naked chest I

had ever seen in my life.  And it was only two feet from my eyes!

     It was gorgeous!  Tan and glistening in the bright sunlight,

the skin was taut over rippled muscles.  I watched in pure and

complete fascination and delight as a drop of sweat rolled off

the left shoulder, slicing through the patina of dust and pollen,

down past the beautiful, dark rose nipple, over the rib section,

down past the navel, and into the band at the top of the shorts. 

I was breathing fast through my clenched teeth and had trouble


     "Like to take a picture, pretty lady?"

     My concentration broken, I shifted my gaze up to the chest's

face.  He was young, late high school, early college at the

oldest, sitting on a cooler in the back of a pick-up truck with

several other snickering boys -- the truck had some landscaper's

name on the door.  

     The face on top of that chest was beautiful.

     His hair was thick, sun-lightened and matted to his forehead

with sweat.  His large blue eyes shined like they were back-lit. 

Full lips.  Deeply-tanned, prominent cheekbones.  Strong chin,

2-day beard.  This boy-man was any female's erotic daydream.

     Traffic started to move!

     I panicked!  I didn't want to loose this kid!  I wasn't

ready to stop looking at him, yet!

     What was happening to me?  I had never felt like this,

before!  I was excited and desperate for this feeling not to end. 

I had never done anything like this in my life!  I had never

cheated on Frank in our entire married life, and I really wasn't

thinking it through that far; I just wanted more of that chest

and that face.  I wanted to feel him!

     My car jerked to a stop beside the truck, again.

     "I want more than a picture," I said, "can I give you a


     Over the "woofs" and "ooo's" of the other boys, the face

smiled and blushed, "Thanks, I have a ride.  I don't need one."

     "Well, how about a fuck, then?  Do you need one of those?" 

At the same time I was saying it, I couldn't believe I was SAYING


     Traffic started to move again, and the truck lurched ahead.

     "Hurry!" I shouted through the open window.

     To the high-fives of his friends, the face and chest jumped

out of the moving truck, grabbed his lunch cooler, ran back

between the lanes, opened the passenger door, and flopped into

the passenger seat, smiling.  

     He looked at me, in my whites, "A nurse, huh?  My name is


     I smiled back and immediately moved the car over to the

right, cutting off cars in two lanes, and pulling off the Beltway

at the next exit.  

     It was that easy?  Are all men that easy?

     Just off the ramp were several motels, two national chains

and a small, sleazy looking independent.  I didn't have to think

twice about my choice.  I filled out the registration, broke the

hundred-dollar bill I keep for emergencies, and grabbed the key

the old man threw on the counter.  

     The room was three doors down from the office, and I was

turning the air-conditioner up to "HIGH" by the time Doug walked

into the room.

     "I better shower," he said.


     "But I'm dirty and sweaty.  I've been working outside all


     I was unzipping my uniform, "No, I want you just like you

are, right now.  Sweat and dirt and everything!"

     He got the hint and started untying his boots.  I dropped my

uniform to the floor and peeled off my pantyhose.  My slip, bra

and panties piled up at the foot of the bed.  I ripped the spread

off the bed and sat watching Doug.

     He saw me watching and made a little production out of

dropping his khaki shorts and boxers.  The band of clean, white

skin shone in the dark room.  His cock was hard and bobbed up and


     "Great tits.  You sure are sexy," he started, "what's..."

     "Don't talk, Doug.  I didn't bring you here to talk."

     He climbed on the bed, positioning himself between my spread


     "Do it, Doug!  God dammit!  Do it!"

     And he did.  His body fell on top of me and his cock banged

around between my legs, searching for my slit.  One quick

maneuver with my hand and Doug lunged his hardness home.  

     He was fucking me!

     I wrapped my hands around his shoulders and my legs around

his thighs.  I could smell his sweat and feel the gritty dirt on

his skin.  He slammed into me, causing me to gasp from the force. 

     I shifted weight and rolled us both over.  Now, he was on

his back and I was riding his hips.  His hands moved up to my

tits, roughly cupping them, pinching the nipples, and I settled

my hands back on his thighs, pumping him in and out of my pussy.

     He grunted once.  Then again.  He was cumming!  So fast!

     I pumped my cunt up and down until his breathing slowed and

he opened his eyes.  "Oh, wow, Lady!  That was great!  How about


     "Not yet.  Don't move."

     I slid my cunt off his softening cock and then moved my face

over his crotch.  He dick was a mess, covered with cum.  His

sweat smell was strong.

     Then I did something I had never done, before -- I leaned

forward and sucked a wet cock into my mouth.  His cum taste was

strong and the texture was gooey, but I didn't care.  I licked

the soft underside and sucked on the bulb of pink flesh at the

end.  I licked his damp and musky balls.  My finger searched for

his anus (another first!) and I felt his cock begin to harden in

my mouth as I pushed a finger up his ass.  In a moment, he was

hard enough.

     I knelt on the bed and put my head down to the mattress,

wiggling my ass at his face, "Here!  Fuck me!"

     He knelt behind me and shoved it up my cunt.  No talent, no

finesse, no style, attacking me with a blunt instrument -- he was

perfect for what I needed.  In a few strokes, I was lit up and

cumming like a three-dollar whore.

     Doug was young and it now showed.  He slammed his meat into

me for nearly twenty more minutes before he came.  I was on one

steady come, hitting heights ever few minutes.  When he come, he

collapsed on top of me, pinning me to the bed, scratching my

shoulder with his beard.  We were both breathing hard.

     "God!  You are one hot woman!  You really wanted to get

fucked, didn't you?"

     I managed a nod.

     He finally got up and went into the bathroom.  I was dressed

and tying my shoes when he came out.

     "Are we done?  Where are you going?  I don't even know your


     "I have a life, Doug, and I have to get back to it.  You

were great, and just what I needed.  Thanks."

     "Well, wait up.  I need a ride home!"

     I put three twenties on the bureau.  "You can have the room

till tomorrow morning, if you want.  Here's some cash.  Watch a

dirty movie, have a pizza delivered, and take a cab home.  On me. 

I have to get going."

     As I closed the door I heard him mumble, "You crazy bitch!"

     I pulled up in front of my mother's house and beeped the

horn.  My daughters, 12 and 10, came running out and I waved at

their Granny as I pulled away.

     Melissa, the 12 year old, looked over at me, "Wow, Mom, what

have you been doing?  You look a mess"

     Krissy concurred from the back seat, "Yeah, your hair looks


     I asked them about their day and we went through McDonald's

Drive-Thru without incident.  At home, Frank was just getting out

of his car as we pulled up.  He waited and then kissed us all on

the cheeks.

     "Hi, Honey.  You look like you had a tough day."

     "Yeah, it was long and hard.  The girls already told me my

hair was a mess.  They just don't appreciate the effort I went

to, to get it looking this way!"

     He tousled it with his hand, "I noticed, but I thought it

looked sexy.  How was the traffic on your end?"

     I smiled at him, "Well, Dear, the Beltway was a real mess. 

I won't soon forget today's traffic jam.  This one guy was really

zipping in and out, then he got behind me, and he just wouldn't

get off my ass."

     Frank patted my shoulder, "I know, Julie, there are some

real fucking assholes out there."

     "You can say that again, Honey."

     Maybe the guilt would come later.

     Then, again, maybe it won't!

-- 4/92, JB

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