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Archive-name: Affairs/hot-door.txt

Archive-author: J. Boswell

Archive-title: Open Door Policy, The

     My wife, Andrea, is still a knock-out at 35.  Dark, flaming red hair,

green eyes, great skin and a fantastic body (36C-24-35).  She is as close

to a nudist as I've ever met.  After we were married, I realized how much

she loved wearing nothing or as little as possible around the house and I

loved it.

     One day, I came home from work and arrived at the front door at the

same time as the paperboy.  He's a nice, good-looking kid around 15 or 16

and we said our hellos and he gave me the paper.  At the same time, Andrea

opened the door and stood there, stark naked!  The paperboy got a huge grin

on his face as his eyes took in my wife's great body.  Andrea slammed the

door and the paperboy left with a big smile on his face.

     When I entered the house, Andrea was still blushing and said she just

wanted to give me a big hello and hadn't realized Tommy was standing out

there.  I was a little excited about the whole scene and as I kissed

Andrea, I let my hand find its way to her pussy.  To my surprise, she was

dripping wet!  Her sudden exposure had turned her on, too.

     Andrea pulled her lips away from mine and said, "David, I'm so hot!  I

want you to fuck me, right here!"  And I did.  Right there on the

livingroom floor.

     A couple of weeks later, the computer system at work went down, and we

all left early.  As I walked home from the bus stop, I could see two

bicycles on my front porch.  I opened the front door and immediately heard

moaning noises from the bedroom.  Trying to be as quiet as possible, I

snuck out and crept around the side of the house to look in the bedroom

window.  When I looked inside, I saw Andrea lying on her back with her legs

spread open.  Tommy, the paperboy, was sliding his large and hard cock in

and out of my wife's cunt, and Tommy's even bigger friend was sliding his

cock in and out of her mouth!

     After they left, I walked back around front and let myself in.  Andrea

was taking a shower.  I walked into the bathroom and told her what I had

just seen.  She immediately begged me not to get angry and promised that it

would never happen again.  I told her to my surprise, as well as hers, that

I was a little angry, a little jealous and a lot turned-on.  After we

fucked out brains out for the next hour, Andrea told me all about it.

     The day after Tommy had seen Andrea naked at the front door was

collection day for the paper.  Andrea had very little on -- only one of my

dress shirts, with few buttons buttoned -- but invited Tommy and his big

friend in, anyway, while she got the money.  She said she was really

enjoying the hard, hot looks her body was getting from the two young guys. 

When she couldn't find anything under a twenty dollar bill, Tommy said he

couldn't make change, but maybe Andrea would like to pay "another way."

     Andrea said, "Thanks for the offer, boys.  But stop by later, and I'll

have the cash."

     With that, Tommy's friend grabbed Andrea from behind and pulled her

down on the sofa.  She was naked under the shirt and was wet from her

little teasing and Tommy pulled out his prick and started to fuck her all

in seconds.  She said it happened so fast, she didn't even scream and that

after a few strokes of his meat, her anger and indignation turned to

passion, and she began begging Tommy to fuck her as hard and as deep as he

could.  When Tommy came, his friend started to undress and Andrea said,

"Let's move this into the bedroom, where we'll be more comfortable."

     She said they were both good and eager and she fucked both of them

twice that afternoon.  And they had been coming back, everyday, since.

     I told Andrea that I was sure I would not be mad if I could stay home

the next day and hide in the closet when Tommy and his friend came by for

their daily fuck.  She happily agreed.

     The next day, I was hiding in the closet when the doorbell rang. 

Andrea answered the door in the same shirt she had been wearing on that

first day.  She had it unbuttoned to the navel and the tail was barely long

enough to cover her red pussy hair.  I could hear some talking and laughing

and then, finally, Andrea invited the boys into the bedroom.

     Andrea stripped off her shirt and lay down on the bed with her legs

spread wide open.  She gave me a perfect view of her already-wet pussy. 

Tommy got on the bed and in one motion, slid the entire length of his cock

into her pussy.  While Tommy was fucking my wife, his friend was at the

side of the bed jerking on his hard cock with one hand and grabbing

Andrea's big tits with the other.  After a couple of strokes, Andrea pulled

him over and slid his cock into her mouth.

     The only break in the fucking and sucking was when Andrea had Tommy

pull out of her and she got on her hands and knees.  She then got the

perfect rhythm going, so that when one cock was filling her cunt, the other

was filling her mouth.  The two boys fucked her several times in admirable

fashion.  On the last time, Tommy was fucking her doggie style and reached

under to finger her clit.  Andrea had such a massive orgasm, I thought she

was going to pass out.

     When they finally left, I came out of the closet and asked Andrea if

she was alright.  She said yes, and begged me to fuck her because she waned

to see what it felt like to have her cunt fucked by three different cocks

in one day.  Needless to say, I gladly obliged her slutty request!  When we

were done, I asked her if every afternoon was that wild.  

     She smiled and said, "Wilder.  I felt a little inhibited because you

were watching!"


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