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Archive-name: Affairs/hospital.txt


Archive-title: Hospital

        Men often complain that their wives aren't interested in sex, but my

husband doesn't complain at all---I'm the one with the complaint!

        From early morning to late at night, my husband works as a heavy

equipment salesman. He makes tons of money, but he never makes love to me

except for a half-hearted effort on some weekends. What's even worse, when he

gets home at night he usually falls asleep on the couch. We never see a movie,

go out to dinner, or even just go to the mall to get out of the house. Yes, if

it wasn't for the fact that he gives me and the kids all the money we need,

life would be unbearable.

        The worst thing, though, is that I really loved him before he began to

think of nothing but work. I still do love him, and that's why for 15 years I

never thought of cheating on him. I always thought everything would be

allright if he'd just think of me sometimes instead of how many bulldozers he

can sell to the big account in Idaho!

        Anyway, when I told him I was getting bored and needed something to do

during the day (he doesn't want me to work; he says he makes more money than

we could ever spend, and he might be right!), he said "Why don't you go

volunteer to work at the hospital. That should keep you busy!"

         Although I don't like the sight of blood, I responded to an ad in the

paper looking for hospital volunteers. As I was given a tour of the hospital,

the volunteer coordinator explained that I would basically help the

nurses--make sure ice water bottles in rooms are filled, maybe push a patient

around in a wheelchair, get newspapers for the patients, and so on. It didn't

sound too dificult, so I told them I would begin on Monday.

        Since I'm just 36, I was easily the youngest volunteer in the

hospital. Most of the daytime help consisted of retired gents, or elderly

widows after the retired gents. Still, everyone pitched in and made themselves

useful. After the first week, I was finding the work very rewarding and I

looked forward to my four-hour shift three days a week! I was still frustrated

by my husband's lack of attention, but the volunteer work provided some outlet

and relief from my physical cravings for sex.

        After about three weeks on the job, the head nurse assigned me the job

of filling up the ice water bottles in each room. The wing I was working on

was mostly orthopedic patients. It wasn't very crowded, and several of the

rooms only had one patient in them. As I pushed my cart along, I reached the

last room in the corridor, took a bottle off the car and breezed unannounced

into a room.

        I didn't think before pushing aside the privacy curtains around the

bed, and I soon learned why they were closed!

        The patient, a good-looking male around my age, was sitting up in the

bed masturbating himself while looking at a pornographic magazine! While my

sudden entrance briefly startled him, his reaction startled me.

        "Well," he said, "did you come to just watch, or did you want to give

me a hand!"

        I then realized that instead of putting the ice bottle down and

leaving, I had just stood there staring at his huge prick. Maybe it was

because I hadn't seen an erect cock at home in a few weeks, or maybe I was

just in shock at finding this patient jerking himself off. Whatever the

reason, I finally responded by blushing, mumbling "excuse me," and rushing out

of the room.

        Soon it was time to go home, but that night I could hardly sleep. And,

when I did, all I did was dream about that man holding his huge cock and

pumping his hand up and down the shaft. I soon woke up and, with fantasies of

that big cock floating through my head, I began to caress my clit with my

fingers, moving slowly back and forth until I felt a wetness between my legs.

        My clit was now swollen and responding to the least bit of pressure,

so as I rubbed it around and round, I inserted two fingers into my cunt.

Imagining they were the patient's huge cock, I felt my body began to respond.

But, I knew my fingers were no match for his huge prick. I began to rub my

clit and cunt faster and faster, and a quickening arose in my twat. Faster and

faster I moved my hands, but my own hands could not provide the satisfaction I


        Reaching over I tried to arouse my husband, and I started rubbing my

hands up and down his flaccid shaft. But, there was no response, either from

him, or his limp prick. He was deep in sleep, probably dreaming about the

fuel-saving benefits of a 18,000 horsepower diesel earth mover!

        It was no use! I rolled over, and with my juicy cunt longing for a

good fucking, cried myself to sleep.

        The next day was Tuesday, and because I didn't have a shift at the

hospital until Wednesday, I went to the hairdresser, got my nails done, bought

some makeup, and finished my food shopping. Oddly enough, I didn't think about

the patient, or his huge cock, all day or night. I didn't even think about him

when I reported for duty the next day!

        But, it wasn't long before I was thinking about him. When the nurse

told me to take the newspaper down to Room 101, I felt my heart jump. As I

walked down the hall with the paper in my hand, I didn't know if the lump in

my throat was from fear or anticipation. It wasn't long before I found out!

        This time, I knocked at the door and heard the man say come in. His

privacy curtains were open, so I mustered up my courage and walked over to the

bed and held out the paper to him. He just sat there and smiled, and it was

almost like he was reading my mind.

        "Please put the paper on the table," he said. "I'll read it later."

        I was just getting ready to turn and leave, when I heard him push the

switch that closes the privacy curtains. As the curtains closed around us, he

said "There's something I want you to see."

        With that, he pulled the waistband of his pajamas down to reveal his

huge cock. I realized then that I wanted to see it as much as he wanted me to

see it. It was beautiful, and he must have seen my appreciation of it in my


        "Would you like to hold it?" he asked. Instead of answering, I reached

over and took his organ in my hand. As I began to move my hand up and down the

shaft, I could see and feel it gorging with blood, growing longer and thicker

with each caress of my hand.

        "That's nice," he said. "Your hands feel much nicer on my cock than my

own hands. Pump a little faster if you want to!"

        My hand started sliding up and down his shaft in a fast rhythm, but I

soon realized his prick was too much for one hand. One hand grabbed the base

of his cock, while the other massaged the meaty head of his shaft. He started

to move his hips in tandem with my grasps along the length of his shaft, and

soon I saw the glistening of semen that dribbles out when excitement starts to


        Having been without sex for several weeks, I couldn't control myself

any longer. Leaning over the bed, I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, and

began to run my mouth up and down the shaft so that his tip must have went

halfway down my throat. It was only seconds before I felt his hot cum

squirting in torrents down my throat, into my mouth, and dribbling out onto my


        I sucked and sucked on his prick until every last drop of cum was

gone. As I did, I felt my juices dripping down my thighs as a wave of

satisfaction swept through my body.

        Suddenly, we heard steps in the hallway, and as I quickly composed

myself, he covered himself up like nothing happened. A few seconds later the

nurse came in and sent me on some errands.

        When I came back to work on Friday, the patient with the big cock was

gone. I never saw him again, but from that day on my sex life got better and


        You see, the nurse wasn't coming down to the room that day to send me

on an erand. She had been blowing the guy ever since he was in the hospital (I

don't think anything was wrong with him---he just liked to spend a few days

getting sucked!), and he told her I gave head almost as good as the head nurse!

        Well, she spread the word around the hospital, and soon I was

spreading my legs, my cunt, my ass and everything else for doctors, interns,

orderlies! You name it, I fucked it!

        It's a little easier putting up with my husband's lack of interest in

sex now. I get all the money I want at home, and all the sex (and more) I need

at the hospital.

        And, just yesterday the staff named me "Volunteer of the Year!"


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